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Does Apple Watch Check Blood Sugar

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How To Use An Apple Watch To Monitor Your Diabetes

Apple Watch displaying your blood sugar readings

On its own, an Apple Watch cant check your glucose levels you need to pair it with a continuous monitoring system such as Dexcom or FreeStyle Libre

You could also use a manual testing system such as One Drop . Whichever method you prefer, having a device like an Apple Watch, which can display your glucose readings, could be vital.

If youre trending up or down, or heading towards a change in blood sugar, you can get your rescue before you feel the symptoms, Emmi Petti, a nurse at Duke University Hospital and one of Gillians trusted resources for diabetes information, said. This is especially helpful in situations when you dont have immediate access to your phone like when youre working and driving.

Dexcom, Gillians glucose-monitoring system of choice, offers a dedicated Apple Watch app that pushes notifications from a users wireless insulin pump to their wrist via their smartphone. The Dexcom app also shows a users current glucose levels and general glucose trends at a glance. It even supports custom watch face complications for the utmost convenience.

With type 1 diabetes, you might need to know exactly what your glucose is doing at any given point, Dexcom CTO Jake Leach, who oversees the development of next generation glucose monitoring products, said. The value that continuous glucose monitoring brings is your current glucose level and how its changing so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Is The Apple Watch Ecg Accurate

The ability of the ECG app to accurately classify an ECG recording into AFib and sinus rhythm was tested in a clinical trial of approximately 600 subjects, and demonstrated 99.6% specificity with respect to sinus rhythm classification and 98.3% sensitivity for AFib classification for the classifiable results.

The Benefits Of Blood Glucose Readings On Your Wrist

Samsung is actively working on Raman spectroscopy, a method which employs a laser to help identify the chemical composition of glucose through the skin. As developed by Samsung researchers, the laser reportedly offers high prediction accuracies. Fitbit probably isnt far behind with its own studies and implementations, either. It announced a blood glucose-monitoring tool for the Fitbit app earlier this year.

Last year, I documented the Apple Watchs benefits for users with diabetes pumps when I helped one of my best friends decide which smartwatch model she should buy. While I cant claim to understand the responsibilities of constantly managing a major metabolic body function, Ive seen how advancing technology has eased and improved my friends relationship with correcting her blood sugar levels.

An Apple Watch cant check your glucose levels alone you need to pair it with a continuous monitoring system such as Dexcom, which offers a dedicated Apple Watch app Dexcoms protocols push notifications from a users wireless insulin pump to their wrist via their smartphone. The Dexcom app for Apple Watch mirrors the information available on the smartphone app, showing a users current glucose levels and general glucose trends at a glance.

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New Apple Watch Sensors

The Apple Watch already uses colored light-emitting diodes and optical sensors for health monitoring. Its heart rate, electrocardiogram, and blood oxygen sensing solutions are all based on this technology. Since it is actually a tiny computer, and has access to the additional processing power of the iPhone when needed, it has become a very capable and accurate way to keep track of various health metrics. Given that the patent application reference to substances was very vague, it opens the door to various other tests. Blood contains a plethora of molecules, many that offer health insights, but are unknown until a blood test is analyzed. If Apple can successfully identify various molecules in the blood via the Apple Watch, this could truly be a health game-changer.

Noninvasive glucose monitoring has great value and has been pursued for several decades, but the size and cost of the technology and the time required for accurate analysis prevented this from becoming a usable solution. That may be changing soon thanks to the more powerful processors and advanced sensors found in modern smartwatches. Whether the Apple Watch Series 7 will have blood glucose testing or not is unknown, but it is certain that Apple will continue to move further into health monitoring and analysis.

The Next Apple Watch Will Miss Out On A Blood Pressure Sensor But Future Generations Will Be Capable Of Monitoring Blood Sugar And Blood Pressure Levels

Apple Watch gets blood sugar sensor in Series 7

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Earlier this week, reports emerged that quality issues had delayed the Watch Series 7, Apple’s next set of smartwatches. However, the Watch Series 7 could miss out on a feature that has been rumoured for a while.

According to , there is ‘no chance’ that the Apple Watch Series 7 will feature a blood pressure sensor, contrary to Nikkei Asia’s point of view. As it stands, the Apple Watch Series 7 appears to offer hardly new health-related features compared to the Watch Series 6. By contrast, the Galaxy Watch4 series can already measure blood pressure and body composition, with some software-related caveats.

However, The Wall Street Journal asserts that Apple will set up in this regard from next year. Apparently, Apple is developing a way to measure body temperature to aid fertility planning, and is revising how its smartwatches monitor irregular heartbeats.

Blood pressure monitoring is on the way too, as is the option of tracking sleep disorders via a SpO2 sensor. Similarly, Apple hopes to integrate a blood glucose sensor in future Watch Series devices, but this could be a few years away from being commercially viable.

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Can An Apple Watch Check Blood Sugar

Health and technology form a stronger relationship each passing year. New medical devices paired with technological platforms create amazing opportunities for patients with diabetes. Dexcom is a company that creates glucose monitoring systems for patients with diabetes in order to manage diabetes in a simpler, more convenient way. This relatively new technology is being pursued by the giant tech company, Apple, to create a watch that monitors blood sugar.

Apple and Dexcom collaborated to use Dexcoms CGM technology and Apples information systems platform to collect, display, and send glucose monitoring data to the Apple Watch. Once displayed on the Apple watch, the patient can easily view blood glucose levels in real-time. This is an amazing advantage for patients with diabetes who can now respond in a proactive way instead of reacting to a negative situation. This is an exciting time in healthcare technology where medical devices are being created and distributed to the masses at lower costs.

Features of the Dexcom Tool

The Apple Watch uses an app that can monitor blood glucose levels. The watch itself does not have a sensor on it to monitor blood glucose levels, but rather collects the data from the Dexcom device and displays it on the watch for convenience, safety, and around-the-clock monitoring. Patients must only look down at their watch to see current blood glucose levels. Amazing!

Will Medicaid Pay for a Dexcom?

Should I Get An Apple Watch With Lte

Gillian wondered if having an Apple Watch with LTE would mean she could get glucose readings from the pump on her body even when her iPhone is dead or out of reach.

Unfortunately, thats not the case, as the Dexcom needs to be linked via Bluetooth to her smartphone. But, for those with diabetes or other health conditions, having an Apple Watch with LTE has other benefits. In situations where her phone dies, or worse, is stolen, shes still connected for getting help.

For what its worth, LTE support on the Apple Watch SE only costs $50 more than the standard $279 entry price. Meanwhile, it costs at least $499 for an Apple Watch Series 6 with Cellular, on top of the monthly service fee.

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Could Your Apple Watch Check Your Blood Glucose Levels The Technology Is Closer Than You May Think

Keerthi Vedantam is a bioscience reporter at dot.LA. She cut her teeth covering everything from cloud computing to 5G in San Francisco and Seattle. Before she covered tech, Keerthi reported on tribal lands and congressional policy in Washington, D.C. Connect with her on , Clubhouse or Signal at 408-470-0776.

Wearable technology has come a long way.

The Apple Watch often touted as a way to help people monitor their steps and sleep may soon be able to check your blood sugar levels, making it more akin to a medical device.

Rockley Photonics, a photonic sensor company based in Pasadena, has been quietly working on small blood sensors that can be affixed to wearables and parse alcohol intake, blood sugar and glucose levels. Its biggest customer according to a story from the Telegraph is none other than Apple.

The technology reportedly uses sensors on the back of a smartwatch to shine light through the skin in order to assess blood. Apple and another unnamed company account for as much as 100% of Rockley Photonics’ revenue, according to SEC filings.

Neither company replied to requests for comment.

Glucose monitors, once used primarily by diabetics, are reaching the masses. Increasingly companies are offering glucose monitoring services as the obsession with micromanaging one’s health grows.

Apple Shifts Focus To Fitness And Away From Health Monitoring For Apple Watch Series 7


The biggest health news for the latest model is fall detection during bike rides, faster charging and a more durable watch face.

Apple Watch owners interested in tracking blood sugar levels did not get any satisfaction at this week’s product announcement event. The company has been talking about adding a blood glucose monitor to the Watch for at least five years. The wait continues as Apple’s biggest health news from today was about fall detection for bike riders wearing the watch.

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Apple May Be Adding Blood

Your Apple Watch may tell you when you’ve had too much to drink or if your blood sugar is too high.

In recent SCC filings, UK medical tech company Rockley Photonics listed Apple as its ‘largest customer,’ which could add its non-invasive sensors to the devices to measure a number of markers in the blood.

The sensors would hide with Apple’s device, laying on the wrist, and monitor blood pressure, blood sugar and alcohol levels.

The tech giant’s Apple Watch 6 is the first to read blood oxygen levels, but if the new technology makes it into the upcoming Watch, it could be a game changer for the more than 436 million people worldwide with diabetes.

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Rockley Photonics’ products track various health functions non-invasively with infrared, including body temperature, blood pressure and glucose, alcohol and oxygen levels in the blood.

‘We are addressing the visible range and extending it into the infrared range, getting much more accuracy using laser technology compared to LEDs, which opens up a whole range of things,’ Rockley CEO Andrew Rickman told Gazette Byte.

The company shrunk a benchtop spectrometer down to the size of a chip, allowing it to go ‘a lot further than watches today,’ Rickman added, ‘a lot deeper, but not as deep as a blood draw.’

The mini-spectrometer can detect glucose, urea, lactate and other chemical biomarkers in the blood that are indicators of disease.

Dexcom Cgm System Measuring Blood Glucose Levels 24 Hours A Day Compatible With Apple Watch And Fitbit

This FDA approved CGM system is capable of determining levels of blood glucose in diabetic kids age two and above as well as adults.

The Dexcom CGM system comprises of the following components:

  • A tiny sensor for glucose levels measurement justbeneath the skin.
  • A transmitter that fixes on top of the sensor andperforms wireless sending of glucose data to your display device
  • A supporting smart device or little receiver displayingreal-time information regarding glucose.

Over and above that, the CGM system offers customizable alerts for warning the user of approaching the rise and falls of glucose.

Dexcom CGM System can be integrated with other supporting electronic interfaces as well as medical devices. This is what sets it apart from its competitors. In this regard, other supporting devices can possibly be insulin pumps, automated systems of insulin dosing as well as blood glucose meters. In addition, it also includes some other electronic devices intended to manage diabetes.

Here is a short video demonstration on how to replace the sensor of the latest generation of Dexcoms CGM device the Dexcom G6

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Blood Glucose And Smartwatches

Many smartwatches already claim to help monitor blood glucose levels, but it’s not quite as straightforward as it might sound.

For example, the Fitbit app can keep records of your glucose levels and give you reminders when it’s time to take a measurement. However, the Fitbit watch itself doesn’t take the readings.

Instead, the app imports data from OneTouch Reveal, which connects to the Verio Reflect smart blood sugar meter. Like most blood glucose monitors, this works using a drop of blood from a finger-prick test.

“The Blood Glucose feature is not a replacement for medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition,” Fitbit says.

“It is intended to simply help you monitor and keep track of your information. You should talk to your healthcare provider for more guidance on blood glucose management. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.”

It’s possible to check blood glucose levels on your Garmin watch too, but again this uses data from a separate monitor rather than the watch itself, and is only intended to help athletes plan their nutrition strategy, not for medical purposes.

The Supersapiens app for Garmin watches connects to the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor. This is a continuous glucose monitor an adhesive patch that uses a small sensor just under your skin to measure glucose in the fluid around your body’s cells .

Pondering Over How Does Cgm System Work

Wearable Technology Vital to Digital Health Industry ...

In order to make a CGM system work,you need inserting a tiny sensor beneath your skin, on your arm or abdomenusually. The sensor then performs the measurement of your levels ofinterstitial glucose. Adding to it, the sensor performs testing of your glucoseevery few minutes. To a monitor, a transmitter relays the informationwirelessly.

Possibly, the monitor is a separate devices part such as a smartwatch or an insulin pump. Other than this, some CGMs directly send information to a tablet or smartphone as well.

In case that you are looking for a Smartwatch that can monitor blood pressure, here is a post that I have written about the Best Android Smartwatches with ECG Monitoring.

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Apple Watch Series 8 Will Likely Come With Blood Glucose Monitoring Feature

Apples suppliers are currently developing components for next-gen sensors that will enable blood glucose level monitoring on the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch.

The report from Digitimes reveals that Apple and its suppliers have already begun working on short-wavelength infrared sensors a commonly used sensor type for health devices. The suppliers in question are Ennostar and Taiwan Asia Semiconductor. The new sensor will likely be installed on the back of the watch, allowing it to measure the sugar and glucose content in its wearers blood.

Apple has continued to add useful health features with its iteration of its Watch Series, the most recent being blood oxygen monitoring with the Apple Watch Series 6. As a result, Apple Watch Series 7 can now measure/detect a slew of health-related variables including ECG, falls, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and much more.

Blood glucose levels are typically measured through a finger-prick test which requires a glucose monitor to come in direct contact with blood. But the Apple Watch Series 8 can turn out to be a game-changer for diabetic patients if it does indeed come with accurate blood glucose monitoring.

That said, the implementation of the feature hasnt come without its challenges. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, turning a typically invasive medical practice into a non-invasive one isnt exactly a walk in the park.


Amazing New Apple Watch Features Just Leaked But Not For The Series 7

A couple of reports earlier this week said that the Apple Watch Series 7s complex design might lead to manufacturing delays. One of them indicated that the 2021 Apple Watch models will feature a blood pressure sensor, although an insider said theres no chance for that to happen this year. However, Apple is working on adding more sophisticated health features to the Apple Watch. This includes monitoring hypertension, checking temperature, detecting sleep apnea, and performing blood sugar readings. Such health-tracking features require more research, and some of them might need FDA approval before rolling out into a commercial device like the Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch In Itself Is A Comprehensive Health Monitoring Device While It Can Monitor Owner’s Heart Rate And Blood Oxygen Level It Has Other Features Too


Apple has just launched Apple Watch 7 and details about Apple’s next smartwatch model have already started appearing on the internet. Most recently, Apple and its suppliers are reported to be working on developing short-wavelength infrared sensors. While there are a lot of sensors on the Apple Watches, the short-wavelength sensor, in particular, is used to measure blood sugar levels. The report indicates that Apple’s upcoming smartwatch, which might be launched in 2022, will have the capability to measure users’ blood sugar levels.

The Apple Watch in itself is a comprehensive health monitoring device. In the past, there have been reports about the Apple Watch notifying its owner about improper heartbeats and a plausible health issue that might be causing it. Then there have been cases when Apple Watches’ fall detection feature has notified about owner’s accident to emergency contact just in the knick of time. It is able to do so with the help of advanced sensors.

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