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Does Blood Sugar Cause Dizziness

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Is It Low Blood Sugar

Can High Blood Sugar Cause Dizziness?

People with diabetes need to check the amount of sugar in their blood often. You can get dizzy if it drops too low. That also can cause hunger, shakiness, sweating, and confusion. Some people without diabetes also have trouble with low blood sugar, but thats rare.

A quick fix is to eat or drink something with sugar, like juice or a hard candy.

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How Can I Prevent Hypoglycemic Episodes

The key to preventing hypoglycemic events is managing diabetes:

  • Follow your healthcare providers instructions about food and exercise.
  • Track your blood sugar regularly, including before and after meals, before and after exercise and before bed.
  • Take all your medications exactly as prescribed.
  • When you do have a hypoglycemic event, write it down. Include details such as the time, what you ate recently, whether you exercised, the symptoms and your glucose level.

The Power Of Consistency

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Medications For Diabetic Foot Ulcers

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Digestive Endocrine And Circulatory Systems

Do You Get Dizzy When Your Blood Sugar Is High

After you eat, your digestive system breaks down carbohydrates and turns them into glucose. Essentially, glucose is your bodys fuel source.

As your sugar levels rise, your pancreas releases a hormone called insulin, which helps glucose get taken up and used by cells throughout your body. If you have insulin-dependent diabetes, you must take the right about of insulin to get the job done.

Any excess glucose goes to your liver for storage.

When you go a few hours without eating, blood sugar levels go down. If you have a healthy pancreas, it releases a hormone called glucagon to make up for the absence of food. This hormone tells your liver to process the stored sugars and release them into your bloodstream.

If everything works as it should, your blood sugar levels should remain in the normal range until your next meal.

Insufficient blood sugar levels can cause a rapid heartbeat and heart palpitations. However, even if you have diabetes, you may not always have obvious symptoms of low blood sugar. This is a potentially dangerous condition called hypoglycemia unawareness. It happens when you experience low blood sugar so often that it changes your bodys response to it.

Normally, low blood sugar causes your body to release stress hormones, such as epinephrine. Epinephrine is responsible for those early warning signs, like hunger and shakiness.

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Low Blood Pressure After Standing Up

Postural or orthostatic hypotension is a condition in which your blood pressure briefly drops when you get up quickly from sitting or lying down, causing nausea, dizziness, unsteadiness or blackouts. This is common and can be caused by dehydration, standing still for too long, becoming too hot and not eating enough or regularly enough .

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Type 2 Blood Sugar Drugs

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Dont Have Time To Read

  • Dizziness is a feeling of being lightheaded, weak, or unsteady. Dizziness itself is not a disease and is rather a symptom of another condition.

  • Dizziness can be one of the symptoms of diabetes that can occur as a result of the condition itself, due to other health issues alongside, or as a side effect of certain medications.

  • Diabetics may experience dizziness due to hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension, dehydration, certain medications , or vestibular dysfunction.

  • When you feel dizzy, avoid sudden movements. Sit down or lie down with your eyes closed until you feel better. Have more fluids and avoid the use of caffeine or alcohol as it can worsen the condition.

  • If the dizziness is due to low blood sugar levels, doctors may recommend that you follow the 15:15 rule. In cases where your blood sugar is severely low, you may need a hormone called glucagon.

  • Dizziness due to high blood sugar can be managed by regular physical activities, a healthy balanced diet and proper medications. If certain medications are causing dizziness, make sure to talk to your doctor about it and do the needful.

  • Monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly, taking your medications as prescribed, following a balanced diet and regular exercise are some ways to prevent symptoms such as dizziness associated with diabetes.

How Fast Does Peanut Butter Lower Blood Sugar

How Can I Treat Dizziness Caused By High Blood Sugar?

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What Is Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is an abnormally low level of blood sugar . Because the brain depends on blood sugar as its primary source of energy, hypoglycemia interferes with the brains ability to function properly. This can cause dizziness, headache, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating and other neurological symptoms.

Hypoglycemia also triggers the release of body hormones, such as epinephrine and norepinephrine. Your brain relies on these hormones to raise blood sugar levels. The release of these hormones causes additional symptoms of tremor, sweating, rapid heartbeat, anxiety and hunger.

Hypoglycemia is most common in people with diabetes. For a person with diabetes, hypoglycemia occurs because of too high a dose of diabetic medication, especially insulin, or a change in diet or exercise. Insulin and exercise both lower blood sugar and food raises it. Hypoglycemia is common in people who are taking insulin or oral medications that lower blood glucose, especially drugs in the sulfonylurea group .

True hypoglycemia with laboratory reports of low blood sugar rarely occurs in people who do not have diabetes. When it does occur outside of diabetes, hypoglycemia can be caused by many different medical problems. A partial list includes:

How Is It Treated

If you often have symptoms of hypoglycemia, you should see your healthcare provider. Your provider can help you determine the cause. Your provider will also give you guidelines for treating low blood sugar when you are having symptoms.

When you see your provider, be sure to take your notebook or glucose meter with all of the results of your recent blood sugar checks. This helps your provider know whether you are on the right medicines and are taking the right dose at the right time of day. Without this record, it is harder for your provider to help you figure out the cause of your symptoms.

Here are some examples of guidelines your provider may give you:

  • If you have diabetes and you think your blood sugar may be too low, check it with your home meter before treatment, if possible.
  • Always carry some form of sugar you can eat as soon as you have any symptoms of hypoglycemia. The following amounts and types of foods will bring your blood sugar level up:
  • 2 to 5 glucose tablets
  • 1/2 cup fruit juice
  • 6 to 8 ounces of skim milk
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup of raisins
  • 5 to 7 pieces of hard candy like Lifesavers
  • a tube of glucose in gel form
  • 1 tablespoon of molasses, corn syrup, or honey
  • If you still have symptoms 10 to 15 minutes after eating or drinking one of the foods listed above, you may need to eat or drink another portion.
  • If you are about to eat a meal, eat the fruit or drink the juice first and then eat the rest of your meal.
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    Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar

    How you react to low blood sugar may not be the same as how someone else with low blood sugar reacts. Its important to know your signs. Common symptoms may include:

    If youve had low blood sugar without feeling or noticing symptoms , you may need to check your blood sugar more often to see if its low and treat it. Driving with low blood sugar can be dangerous, so be sure to check your blood sugar before you get behind the wheel.

    You may not have any symptoms when your blood sugar is low . If you dont have symptoms, it will be harder to treat your low blood sugar early. This increases your risk of having severe lows and can be dangerous. This is more likely to happen if you:

    • Have had diabetes for more than 5-10 years.
    • Frequently have low blood sugar.
    • Take certain medicines, such as beta blockers for high blood pressure.

    If you meet one or more of the above and you have hypoglycemia unawareness, you may need to check your blood sugar more often to see if its low. This is very important to do before driving or being physically active.

    A Low Blood Sugar Level And Driving

    Everything You Need To Know About Hypoglycemia

    You may still be allowed to drive if you have diabetes or you’re at risk of a low blood sugar level for another reason, but you’ll need to do things to reduce the chance of this happening while you’re driving.

    You also need to tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and your car insurance company about your condition.

    For more information, see:

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    How Can Dizziness After Eating Be Treated

    The treatments for dizziness after eating usually depend on the underlying cause. For example, if postprandial hypotension is causing the problem, some treatments can include these options:

    • Choose foods that take longer to digest, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. High-sugar foods and refined carbohydrates digest rapidly and increase the risks for postprandial hypotension.
    • Drink plenty of water, especially before a meal. Drinking a glass or two of water can increase the amount of blood volume in a persons body so that their blood pressure is less likely to drop.
    • Eat several small meals in a day instead of a few large meals. Because the body uses more energy and blood flow to digest a large meal, eating small meals can reduce dizziness after eating.
    • Get up slowly during the first hour after eating as this is the time when dizziness after eating is most likely to occur.
    • Avoid foods known to trigger dizziness such as caffeine, alcohol, and high-sodium foods.

    If your dizziness is the result of eating a certain food or having a food allergy, you should avoid that food. If youre uncertain exactly which food is causing the problem, talk to your doctor about an elimination diet to pinpoint the exact underlying cause.

    Kidney Disease And Diabetes Pain Medication

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    Does The Halki Diabetes Remedy Work

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