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How Fast Can You Lower Blood Sugar

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When To Seek Care

3 Ways to Lower Blood Sugar. Fast and Safe.

Its essential that you get immediate medical attention if your blood sugar drops and you have severe symptoms, like seizures or loss of consciousness.

If you have diabetes and your blood sugar drops, and the usual quick-fix treatments dont help raise your blood sugar above 70 mg/dL, its also important to get medical care as soon as possible. This happens more commonly with taking too much long-acting insulin or sulfonylurea diabetes pills.

Also, be sure to get medical care if you dont have diabetes but have symptoms of hypoglycemia that dont go away or get worse after youve eaten at least 15 grams of carbohydrates.

Which Foods Were Study Participants Asked To Eat Or Avoid

This randomized clinical trial considered the gold standard in scientific research enrolled 150 older adults with untreated prediabetes or less severe diabetes. All were overweight nearly three-quarters were women and 59% were Black. Over the course of six months, half were randomly assigned to a low-carb diet and frequent dietary counseling, while the other half continued eating their usual diet.

During the first three months, low-carb participants needed to keep carbohydrate levels below 40 grams a day thats roughly the amount of carbs in an English muffin and an apple. During months four through six, their carb limit was below 60 grams a day.

The researchers recommended that participants veer toward proteins and healthy fats by eating non-starchy vegetables, fish, poultry, lean meat, eggs, olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds, Greek yogurt, low-carb milk, and small amounts of cheese. They were advised to limit or avoid other dairy, fruits, legumes, beans, and grains. The low-carb participants were provided various foods throughout the study, including olive oil, green beans, tomatoes, tuna, non-sugar sweetener, nuts, and low-carb bars and shakes.

How To Track Blood Sugar Spikes

A continuous glucose monitor is an easy way to monitor trends in your blood sugar levels. The CGM device is worn on your arm and transmits data from the sensor to the Signos smartphone app.

All this personalized data gives you a crystal clear picture of how different elements in your life are impacting your blood sugar and possibly contributing to spikes.

The other method of checking your blood sugar is using a fingerstick device. You prick the end of your finger and use a glucometer to assess the sugar content in your blood. In contrast to CGMs, fingerstick glucometers only provide point-in-time blood glucose data.

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Reduce Your Sugar Intake

The average American consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugar per day. That translates to around 350 calories .

While some of this is added as table sugar, most of it comes from processed and prepared foods, such as candy, cookies and sodas.

You have no nutritional need for added sugar like sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup. They are, in effect, just empty calories.

Your body breaks these simple sugars down very easily, causing an almost immediate spike in blood sugar.

Studies show that consuming sugars is associated with developing insulin resistance.

This is when the cells fail to respond as they should to the release of insulin, resulting in the body not being able to control blood sugar effectively .

In 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration changed the way foods have to be labeled in the US. Foods now have to display the amount of added sugars they contain in grams and as a percentage of the recommended daily maximum intake.

An alternative option to giving up sugar entirely is to replace it with sugar substitutes.


Sugar is effectively empty calories. It causes an immediate blood sugar spike and high intake is associated with insulin resistance.

Be Proactive With Food Choices

foods that quickly lower blood sugar

Try to limit your intake of foods with a high glycemic index . High-glycemic foods are low in fiber and high in sugar, making them very likely to rapidly increase blood sugar.

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Including high-fiber foods in your meals will help slow down digestion and decrease the impact sugar has on your bloodstream.5 High-fiber foods include:

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Protein also helps to slow down digestion and should be included in snacks and meals.6 You can vary your protein sources by switching between animal-based or plant-based options.

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Some artificial sweeteners have been linked to increased blood sugars. Sucralose, which goes by the brand name Splenda, has been shown to raise plasma blood glucose levels.7 Limit your intake of sucralose products as much as possible to decrease the risk of blood sugar spikes.

Studies have found that vinegar can have beneficial effects on blood sugar, so choosing a vinegar-based salad dressing over ranch may be helpful to avoid a spike.

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Why Blood Sugar Spikes

After eating, the digestive system breaks down carbohydrates into simple sugar molecules called glucose, which are absorbed into your bloodstream. Certain foods are digested more slowly than others and will cause a gradual increase in your blood sugar.

On the other hand, meals that are low in fiber, and high in refined carbs and sugars cause a rapid increase of sugar molecules in the bloodstream. This influx of glucose leads to a sugar spike .

High blood sugar levels prompt the pancreas to release insulin, a hormone that regulates blood glucose levels. Insulin clears glucose from the bloodstream and moves it into cells where some is used for energy. Excess glucose is stored in the liver, muscles and fat tissues as energy reserves.

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What Are The Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

A dangerously high amount might cause dizziness, lightheadedness, and trembling. If the condition worsens quickly, you can also experience shock or breathing issues. As soon as feasible, call 911, start an IV in the arm , and give insulin intravenously until the patient’s blood glucose level falls below 200 mg/dL.

The most typical signs of hyperglycemia include:

  • Increased hunger or thirst
  • Gum and tooth infections

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How To Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Nearly 10% of the U.S. population has diabetes, and globally rates are expected to double by 2030. Significant evidence shows you can lower your blood sugar quickly, and even reverse diabetes by adopting a healthy lifestyle:

  • In the United Kingdom, researchers successfully lowered blood sugar and reverse diabetes by implementing a combination of a lifestyle change and weight loss.
  • In urban locations in Africa, scientists have found educational programs help prediabetic adults alter their lifestyle to effectively lower blood sugar levels.
  • The most extensive study was completed in the United States and was called the Diabetes Prevention Program Randomized Trail. The study observed 3,234 men and women with pre-diabetes over a three-year period. The researchers found a healthy lifestyle was more effective than medication in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes. One third of the adults took a placebo, another took metformin , while the final third of the adults adopted lifestyle changes that were similar to the Pritikin Program . Adults who adopted a lifestyle change were twice as likely to reduce the progression of their pre-diabetes into type 2 diabetes than the control group.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as the Pritikin lifestyle, is twice as effective as medication in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Eat Fewer Refined Carbs

How to Lower Blood Sugar Fast

Refined carbs, otherwise known as processed carbs, are sugars or refined grains.

Some common sources of refined carbs are table sugar, white bread, white rice, soda, candy, breakfast cereals and desserts.

Refined carbs have been stripped of almost all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Refined carbs are said to have a high glycemic index because they are very easily and quickly digested by the body. This leads to blood sugar spikes.

A large observational study of more than 91,000 women found that a diet high in high-glycemic-index carbs was associated with an increase in type 2 diabetes .

The spike in blood sugar and subsequent drop you may experience after eating high-glycemic-index foods can also promote hunger and can lead to overeating and weight gain .

The glycemic index of carbs varies. Its affected by a number of things, including ripeness, what else you eat and how the carbs are cooked or prepared.

Generally, whole-grain foods have a lower glycemic index, as do most fruits, non-starchy vegetables and legumes.


Refined carbs have almost no nutritional value and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and weight gain.

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What Foods Bring Blood Sugar Down Fast

When looking for foods that help to quickly bring down blood sugar, it is important to remember to include plenty of fiber, protein and healthy fat. For a fast and effective way to reduce blood sugar, some of the best foods to consider include:

1. Nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, and pistachios: These are a fantastic source of healthy fats and protein, along with plenty of fiber.

2. Dark green leafy vegetables, like kale, spinach, and collard greens: The fiber content of these vegetables is fantastic for slowing the absorption of sugar.

3. Berries, such as strawberries and blueberries: Berries can provide a great hit of antioxidants and fiber that can help to stabilize blood sugar.

4. Greek yogurt: This is a great source of protein and calcium, which can help to reduce spikes in blood sugar.

5. Beans and legumes: Beans and legumes are a great source of protein and fiber, plus they can provide complex carbohydrates that can help to reduce blood sugar levels quickly.

6. Avocado: Avocado is filled with healthy fats that can help to lower blood sugar levels.

7. Flaxseeds: These seeds are filled with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to reduce blood sugar levels.

List Of Medication For Type 2 Diabetes

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How Long Does It Take For Blood Sugar To Go Down

Multiple factors, such as dietary patterns, health, and medications, can influence a persons blood sugar levels. A person can seek a doctors advice on the best strategies to manage their blood glucose. As an individuals blood sugars can fluctuate and go down quickly, it is important to monitor them closely.

Typically, medications such as insulin can help reduce blood sugars quickly. Different types of insulin exist, and each type has a different onset and duration meaning how long it takes to work and how long the effects last, respectively.

For example, rapid-acting insulin typically begins to work within about 15 minutes , has the strongest effect in approximately an hour, and lasts for a few hours.

Other methods, such as exercise, can help lower blood sugars for up to about 24 hours by making the body more sensitive to insulin. Generally, it is advisable to exercise 13 hours after eating, as this is likely when blood sugar levels will be highest. However, it is important to check these levels before exercising and to check them regularly, particularly after any grueling activity.

If a person takes insulin, their risk of experiencing hypoglycemia may be highest 612 hours after exercising. Additionally, it is worth noting that health experts advise caution if exercising with high blood sugars, as physical activity may cause them to rise even higher.

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The Downsides Of High Blood Sugars

How To Lower Blood Sugar Quickly

Hyperglycemia can cause immediate side effects, including thirst, frequent urination, headaches, hunger, and blurry vision. It can also make you feel tired.

Very high blood sugars can cause serious and potentially life-threatening conditions such as diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome . These conditions require emergency medical treatment.

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The Story Of The Pima Indians

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But physically, the two groups today could not be more different.

What To Do To Lower Blood Sugar

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How Can You Tell If Your Blood Sugar Is High

If you dont have a glucometer , there are some physical symptoms that indicate high blood glucose. Usually if blood sugar is very high, the kidney is trying to eliminate all that sugar and in order to eliminate all that sugar, we need water to get rid of things, says Dr. Wright. That causes increased urination. You might also experience thirst as your body gets more dehydrated from the loss of fluid. Other patients, they describe that they might feel dizzy or sometimes they feel like their hands are tingly and that’s when they know that the blood sugars are high, adds Dr. Wright. Unfortunately, diabetes affects nearly every body part so symptoms can vary greatly. Other signs could be fatigue, just really not having the energy that you would expect you should have at that time, says Dr. Hong. And then more severely, things like nausea and vomiting or even abdominal pain can be signs of hyperglycemia.

Causes Of High Blood Sugar

How to Lower Blood Sugar (FAST!)

Keeping your blood sugar levels in the optimal range is very important. If your blood sugar levels are too high or too low, they can lead to health problems, like kidney diseases, vision loss, and heart disease.

There are many quick and natural ways to lower your blood sugar levels. However, youâll have to make some lifestyle changes to ensure your sugar levels donât go above or below the standard range.

Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels can be due to many reasons. If you have type 2 diabetes, your body lacks the ability to use its natural insulin properly. As a result, there will be a high concentration of sugar in your blood since the bodyâs insulin is not breaking it down at the required rate.

Likewise, if youâre eating too many carbs and your body isnât producing enough insulin, you may experience hyperglycemia. If youâre not as active as you used to be, that can also be the reason behind high blood sugar levels.

Besides this, physical and emotional stress can also lower your bodyâs sugar levels. For instance, if you have an infection or the flu, your blood sugar levels may be lower than average. Likewise, emotional stress from personal problems or family conflicts can also impact your blood sugar levels.

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Whats Considered To Be A High Blood Sugar Level

A fasting blood sugar is considered to be high if its above 130 mg/dl. Fasting hyperglycemia is common. A high postprandial, or post-meal, blood sugar is one that is above 180 mg/dl two hours after eating. Keep in mind, too, that your blood sugar goals may be different, so talk with your provider about your own goals.

Of course, blood sugar levels can go much higher for example, diabetic ketoacidosis may occur when blood sugars are above 250 mg/dl. Some people even have blood sugar levels in the 400s or 500s or higher.

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