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How Much Sugar Does Shakeology Have

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Why Do People Drink Shakeology

What Does Sugar Actually Do To Your Body?

Shakeology is a nutrition shake made from quality ingredients. I think of it as a meal replacement shake, rather than a protein shake, though it does contain protein.

It contains protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients, adaptogens, pre- and probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

Many people, myself included, drink Shakeology to get the nutrients that our diet might not normally provide. Even healthy eaters might be missing nutrients, or would benefit from some of the fruits, veggies, and good things in Shakeology.

When I drink Shakeology regularly it satisfies my sweet tooth and helps reduce food cravings which has always been my biggest diet “issue.” I just feel more balanced and at peace around food.

Some people use Shakeology as an after-workout recovery drink, some use it to replace breakfast, and others for a yummy and healthy snack.

Is There Sugar In Shakeology

You probably know by now that if you want to get healthy and fit, Shakeology can play a key role in helping you hit that goal.

This superfood supplement shake works by filling some of the nutritional gaps in your diet with ingredients that can benefit your overall health, help support healthy energy, and support your digestive health.

When you drink a daily Shakeology, it can help you build the strong nutritional foundation you need to take on bigger challenges like a fitness program or a healthier diet.

Shakeology includes a variety of nutrients, including protein, carbs, fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, pre- and probiotics, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals.

But youre probably thinking to yourself, OK, that all sounds great, but what about sugar?

Thats an excellent question because theres ample evidence that sugar doesnt do sweet things to your health. So, yes, its a good thing to keep an eye on how much sugar youre consuming on a daily basis.

Heres the 411 on sugar and Shakeology.

Note: This article is intended for the U.K. audience. Click here for the U.S. version.

Shakeology And Weight Loss

If you replace one meal each day with a Shakeology shake, you may lose weight as a result. Each shake provides about 160 calories. A typical meal can range from 400-700 calories and may not provide key nutrients that make weight loss easier .

So if you reduce your calorie intake by 250 to 550 calories and still benefit from the hunger-busting benefits of fiber and protein, you may lose weight. The company recommends adding ingredients to the shakes to fill out your meal. If you add high-quality ingredients such as nuts, seeds, milk or non-dairy milk alternatives, vegetables, and fruits, you can increase the nutrient profile of these shakes .

If you use the wrong portions of high-calorie ingredients, you may end up with a shake that is higher in calories than a well-planned, well-rounded meal. Additionally, chewing whole foods aids in satiety and some people may not feel full just from drinking a shake.

Your weight loss may be short-lived if you become dependent on the shakes. If you eventually stop buying and using the shakes, you may gain the weight back when you return to your old eating routine. For that reason, it’s important to learn how to adjust your eating habits while you use Shakeology if you want the pounds to stay off for good.

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Does Shakeology Contain Dangerous Chemicals

A while back someone calling herself Food Babe wrote an article titled: Is Your Protein Shake Safe? Food Babe, or Vani Hari, is not a registered dietitian, nutritionist and has no formal nutritional training. In fact, Ms. Hari has a B.S. Degree in Computer Science and a background in the financial services industry. However, she quickly made a post without much research about Protein shakes that raised questions about what really goes into the ingredients in Shakeology. Well set the record straight right now

Does Shakeology Contain Lead or Heavy Metals?

Back in June 13, 2013, Consumer Labs made a Shakeology review and declared that the Shakeology Greenberry flavor has lead contamination, as well as several other protein powders that are available on the open market. Beachbody stated the following when the review was released:

A glass of Shakeology has far less lead than a serving of organic spinach or Brussels sprouts, and in fact, you could drink 15 glasses of Shakeology a day and still be under the guidelines established by the FDA and World Health Organization.

However, on March 17, 2015, Consumer Labs retested Greenberry Shakeology and found it passed their Quality Certification Program on all measures, including heavy metals. Beachbody also had the following to say about all Shakeology and other Beachbody supplements:

Should I Be Worried About Shakeology Using a Whey Protein Isolate?

Does Shakeology Contain Refined Sugar, Fructose, Erythritol , or Stevia?

Why Is The Sugar In Shakeology Different Than Sugar In Most Foods

Crazy how much you would have to eat for what is in one ...

When you look at a high price tag and an ingredient list that has what we all fear, SUGAR you want to call shenanigans.

But if you do your research, this is not really what we think of as sugar at all.

This is a combination of pure organic cane sugar still containing its essential nutrition, and a bit of sugar sourced directly from fruits.

You body is going to use it up and wont get a sugar rush, blood sugar spike, OR fat from it at all.

There really should be more detail on ingredient labels. They are deceptive in many ways.

Originally, it wasnt in the plan to add sugar to Shakeology at all. But due to having such a plethora of health foods in it, some sugar had to be compromised into the ingredients to create a pleasing taste.

And they did not disappoint!

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Which Is Better For Women

If a female athlete is looking to cut calories, then Shakeology gives you around 90 fewer calories per meal.

Thats about the only advantage that we see for women who want to use it, over KaChava.

But most athletes would look beyond the calorie count these days.

KaChava clearly has a better nutritional profile. It contains a bit more of everything that Shakeology offers for the same price.

The answer is a no-brainer really.

Go for KaChava. Its a much better meal replacement shake that gives you complete value for money.

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Helps Control Various Health Conditions

Consult your doctor or nutritionist before you start taking any kind of Shakeology drinks but reports from users are that drinking the shakes has them with these five health conditions:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Diabetes
  • Auto-Immune Disease

The FDA has not approved Shakeology, and it should not be used to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any of these diseases.

All we say in this review is that Shakeology is a healthy nutritional boost that can help you magically.

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Shakeology Review: Who Shouldnt Drink It

Over the years, my health has evolved from a beginner to an advanced healthy eater.

If it wasnt for the taste of Shakeology, the post-workout benefits we get from it, and the peace of mind we have from drinking the rainbow and filling our nutritional gaps, we would probably stop buying it.

I know some pretty healthy people who started drinking Shakeology and it didnt last because they just didnt feel the difference. This could be you.

1. The Advanced Healthy Eater

You are an advanced healthy eater if you fit the below:

  • Eats a balanced diet of least 85% healthy, whole foods
  • Gets results from fitness and feeling natural energy from nutrition
  • Has healthy hormone, nutrient, and mineral levels
  • Has a healthy body weight

Well done. Youre in a good place and youre very in-tune with your body and health. Thats important because with that awareness you can continue to optimize you healthiest life.

If youre an advanced healthy eater, you might not need Shakeology. If you try Shakeology and dont feel or see any differences in 1-2 months, then maybe its not worth it for you.

2. Experience Negative Side Effects

Shakeology contains some exotic ingredients. Therefore, some people have allergic reactions to Shakeology. Its very rare, but any sudden negative reactions are a sign that its not right for you.

Just make sure you check the expiration date on the bag before you conclude that it was an allergy instead of rotten Shakeology.

3. Cant Stand the Taste

Is Shakeology Safe For Pregnant And Nursing Mothers

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By now you have already looked into everything thats in Shakeology. You know what is really in Shakeology and what is not. We have answered What is Shakeology by going over the healthy nutrient groups in Shakeology and have found that Shakeology does not contain anything artificial and is aiming to stay as pure as possible.

However, people still have the question Is Shakeology safe to drink while youre pregnant or breast feeding? Interestingly, many people will not ask the same about eating junk food thats packed with artificial chemicals and men made chemicals. Yet, the question is asked about Shakeology so well answer it now

Pregnant and Nursing Mothers from and have stated that they have been drinking Shakeology with no problems whatsoever

Beachbody has answered the following question: Is Shakeology safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers?:

Shakeology should only be taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers under the direction of their physicians.

As with all of our supplements, we recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking medication, or have a medical condition.

Rather or not you drink Shakeology while breast feeding or nursing is really up to you and your healthcare profession.

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Healthy Alternatives For Meal Replacement Shakes

If you are really interested in trying meal replacement shakes, trying these healthy alternatives would be a good choice.


Green smoothies are suitable alternatives for shakes. They contain powerful antioxidants that can fight inflammation and provide the essential natural vitamins and minerals to fulfill nutrition. Green smoothies can be made by adding a cup of spinach and a cup of water in a blender. Blend this mixture well until all the clumps are blended evenly. Next, add some fruits of your choice such as pineapple, mango, and banana. Now blend this mixture well until you get a creamy smoothie.

Pureed soup

Pureed soup can be one of the best ways to get fiber and nutrition at the same time. They are easy to digest and can even be stored in a freezer for later use. There are numerous varieties of pureed soup that you can make. Some of the healthy pureed soups include black bean soup, sweet potato, and carrot soup, butternut squash soup, chicken tortilla soup, tomato soup, mixed vegetable puree soup, etc. You can prepare this pureed soup by boiling the ingredients and next blending the ingredient in a blender along with the broth. Add salt to taste. Next, simmer this mixture on slow flame until it reaches a puree consistency.

Bone broth

Day Breakdown Of The Shakeology Cleanse

Upon Waking: 1 cup of green team

Breakfast: Shakeology with water, ice, optional: ½ cup of fruit

Snack: 1 piece of fruit

Lunch: Shakeology with water + ice only follow up with 1 cup of green tea

Snack: Shakeology can be had here or after dinner

Dinner: Salad

  • 3 Cups of leafy greens and vegetables
  • 4 oz of lean protein
  • 2 Tablespoons of non-dairy dressing

Youll also want to drink plenty of water. We aimed for 64-128 oz a day.

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Beachbody Shakeology Ingredients: Nutrition Groups

What is in Shakeology? All this good stuff! The Beachbody Shakeology shakes offer so many different ingredients that we need to break it up into nutrient groups in order to understand what Shakeology can do for you. Below are the Shakeology nutrition groups with their benefits to follow

  • Premium Protein and Amino Acids
  • Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Fiber
  • Adaptogenic Herbs and Botanicals
  • Vitamins and Minerals

Scroll to the bottom of this section to download the Shakeology Nutritional Info Label for every Shakeology flavor

Premium Protein and Amino Acids

Protein helps curb cravings by helping you feel fuller longer, reducing the urge to snack. Protein can also promote muscle protein synthesis and help maintain lean muscle mass as you lose weight.

Example Shakeology ingredients: Whey, Pea, Chia, Quinoa, Flax, Sacha Inchi, Rice, and Oat Protein.

Vegan Shakeology Note: The protein blend in the Vegan Shakeology flavors do not contain whey protein or any other animal products. Instead, the Vegan Shakeology flavors include high-quality plant proteins from brown rice, pea protein and other sources.

Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Fiber

Help support regularity and healthy digestion. Probiotics and prebiotics help support good bacteria in the gut. Good bacteria helps you properly digest food and absorb nutrients.

Example ingredients of prebiotics and probiotics: Yacon Root, Chicory Root, Bacillus Coagulans

Phytonutrients and Super-Greens

Phytonutrients help support health and vitality.

How Much Sugar Is In Shakeology

Shakeology Vs. Herbalife! Price, Calories, Carbs, Sugar ...

You probably know by now that if you want to get healthy and fit, Shakeology can play a key role in helping you hit that goal.

This superfood supplement shake works by filling some of the nutritional gaps in your diet with ingredients that can help support digestive health, provide healthy energy, and reduce cravings, and also help you just plain feel better.*

When you drink a Shakeology every day, it can help you build the strong nutritional foundation you need to take on bigger challenges like a fitness program or a healthier diet.

Shakeology includes a variety of nutrients, including protein, carbs, fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals.

But youre probably thinking to yourself, OK, that all sounds great, but what about sugar?

Thats an excellent question because theres ample evidence that sugar doesnt do sweet things to your health.

For reference, the American Heart Association recommendations for daily added sugar intake is no more than six teaspoons for women, and nine teaspoons for men .

So, yes, its a good thing to keep an eye on how much sugar youre consuming on a daily basis.

Heres the 411 on sugar and Shakeology.

Note: This article is intended for the U.S. audience. Click here for the U.K. version.

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Shakeology Tastes Great Even With Water

This is important to me. When I was working full time, I did not have access to a blender to make blended shakes every afternoon. But luckily Shakeology is incredibly delicious even with water. Its even better blended up with additional flavors but its pretty amazing on its own. My favorite recipes are Chocolate Shakeology blended with 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 banana and a handful of spinach and Vanilla Shakeology blended with 1 cup almond milk, 2 tsp peanut butter and a half a banana . Ive tried nearly all the flavors and Ill honestly say I dont love the fruity ones . I prefer good ol vanilla and chocolate . If you try flavor and dont love it, try another one! Thats what the sampler pack is for.

A Shake You Can Trust

Not all shakes are created equal. In fact, not every company cares as much as we do about quality. So why are we so dedicated to finding premium ingredients and rigorous quality testing? Because we believe this level of commitment sets Shakeology apart and makes a difference in your health and wellness.

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Its Healthier Than Other Nutritional Beverage Products

Its fair to say that Shakeology is healthier than some other protein shakes and meal replacement beverages available on the market.

Many products are loaded with added sugar, artificial colors, unhealthy oils and preservatives. Although Shakeology does contain added sugar, its a lower amount than some other shake products.

For example, a serving of vanilla-flavored Shakeology contains 7 grams of sugar, while a serving of Slimfast original vanilla shake has 18 grams of sugar .

Shakeology is also free from artificial colorings, flavors and preservatives.


Shakeology may be convenient for people with limited time and is a healthier choice than many other meal replacement and protein shake products.

Although there are some health benefits associated with drinking Shakeology, there are potential downfalls as well.

How To Buy Shakeology Cheap

My Drink Has How Much Sugar?!

As you probably know, Shakeology is a premium health shake with a premium price True, its cheaper to buy Shakeology than to buy multiple supplements to make a Shakeology alternative However, people still want to save money on Shakeology!

The best way to buy Shakeology cheap is to order Shakeology with Monthly Auto-ship This will save you over $12!!! Dont worry with monthly auto-ship you can cancel at any time or you can change your Shakeology flavor at any time with one simple call to Beachbody.

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Why Are Ingredient Amounts Not Disclosed

Shakeology lists proprietary blends of ingredients on the bag. Therefore, their exact formula for the Shakeology recipe is confidential. This frustrates some people, according to the Shakeology reviews that I read.

I love transparency, but, as an engineer who formulated plastics and adhesives for many years after college, I see the benefit of keeping a formula confidential. Whats more important, in my opinion, is transparency about where the ingredients are coming from.

According to the creator, Darin Olien, he describes the ingredients in his book as a high-end with no compromises that are fair trade, direct from the farmers. Shakeology improves their lives too, he says.

While the exact amount of each ingredient cannot be shared, Beachbody does share this information:

The ingredients are listed in order of predominance within the Proprietary Blend. Meaning, ingredients listed first are in a greater quantity with respect to the total Proprietary Blend weight than ingredients listed last.

Additionally, Shakeology was tested by, the leading provider of independent test results to identify the highest quality health and nutrition products. Vegan chocolate and vanilla Shakeology were the flavors tested and both were approved.

This means the label claims for total calories, total carbohydrates, total sugars, total protein, total fat , sodium, and cholesterol are all accurate.

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