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How Much Sugar In Chardonnay

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Sugar Levels In Wines

How Much Sugar Is in a Glass of Wine?

Whether you prefer red over white wine or go for a glass of bubbly, there are certain types of wine that have lower levels of residual sugar. An important fact to note is that the drier the wine, the lower the sugar content since most of the sugar has been removed during fermentation. Next time you are wine shopping or ordering a glass at the bar, keep these tips in mind.

  • Dry Wines: Both dry red wines and dry white wines will tend to be lower in residual sugar levels, weighing in at 0.1-0.3 percent sugar per liter .
  • Semi- or Off-Dry Wines: These wines are in the middle, with sugar amounts falling between dry and sweet wines. Typically, these wines have a residual sugar range up to 1 to 3 percent sugar . Because of this, semi- or off-dry wines are a little sweeter on the palate.
  • Champagne: When it comes to sparkling wines, opt for extra dry, brut, or extra brut sparkling wine and Champagne. The residual sugar levels will be in the 0.6 to 2.0 percent sugar per liter range , with extra brut being the driest wine and lowest in sugar content.
  • Fortified Wines: Fortified wines can weigh in as high as 15 percent residual sugar but often run a little lower in the 5 percent range.
  • Late Harvest Wines: While certainly known for being a sweet treat, and often served as dessert, late harvest wines can run as high as 20 plus percent residual sugar with a whopping 200 grams of sugar per liter.

How Much Sugar In White Wine

White wine can have as little as 1.5 grams of sugar, again dependent on the brand and amount you’re drinking. White wine is the lighter, crisper, sweeter wine. You likely began your journey as a wine drinker with a glass of white wine. It is the most accessible wine, and thanks to its sweeter flavor profile, more sugary. This isn’t a negative thing in itself, but white wine also lacks some other benefits of red wine. Why? Fermentation.

White wine is made from white grapes. How surprising! Unlike red wine, these grapes are peeled prior to the fermentation process. This means that the antioxidant and other benefits associated with grape skins are less pronounced. Don’t confuse antioxidants with oxidation, though. Oxidized wine still has the same properties as normal wine. Removing the skin also means that white wine is lower in calories and alcohol content.

It’s a mixed bag in regard to benefits, but what about the sugar in wine?

Cupcake Lighthearted Pinot Grigio

California-based Cupcake Vineyards is well-known for producing award-winning wines from established regions at surprisingly reasonable prices. In 2020, the company introduced Cupcake Lighthearted, a collection of low-calorie, low-carb wines with less than one gram of sugar per five-ounce serving. The collection has a little something for everyone, including chardonnay, pinot noir, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc and rosé.

For me, the Pinot Grigio was love at first sip. With zesty lemon notes and a clean finish, its a food-friendly wine you can enjoy anytime. Better yet, thanks to the modest alcohol volume of 8 percent, you wont wake up with a headache after downing a couple of glasses.

Courtesy of FitVine.

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Crumsa Terres Rares Sauvignon Blanc

This crisp, elegant Sauvignon comes from the rolling hills of the Cotes du Tarn in south west France, and contains zero sugar and just 89 calories per 125ml glass. This vegan friendly wine undergoes a cool fermentation and some lees ageing in the cellar creating lovely fresh, juicy white wines. We recommend trying it with pesto pasta or fish and chips. You can find it on the DrinkWell website for £10.99 per bottle.

Your Perfect Holiday Low Carb Cocktail

How Much Sugar Is In White Wine?

Every year I swear up and down that I will have everything scheduled and ready to go for the holidays. This is so I can concentrate on cooking and baking but every year I find myself sitting here rushing to finish up so I can get my special goodies done. Generally it takes a couple of deep, cleansing breaths and a glass of dry white wine to calm my racing thoughts.

This light dry white wine spritzer is one of my favorites. I like to float frozen cranberries in it to keep it cold, give it just a touch of flavor without the carbs, and make it look âholiday prettyâ. If I happen to have a sprig of rosemary Iâll add that in too. Light and sparkly, itâs a full 8 ounces of a keto cocktail with just 2 carbs. And letâs face it, finding a keto alcohol cocktail that you can have on a keto diet is hard to find.

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Is There A Lot Of Sugar In Wine

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a five-ounce glass of red table wine typically contains about 0.9 grams of total sugar, while a glass of chardonnay contains about 1.4 grams. A sweet dessert wine, typically served in a smaller two- to three-ounce glass, contains as much as 7 grams of sugar.

How Does The Sugar In A Glass Of Wine Compare To Other Popular Snacks

Unless you are counting the exact grams of sugar you are consuming, knowing how many grams of sugar are in a glass of wine might not be that useful to you on its own. For that reason, we have created this handy comparison table so that you can see how a glass of wine stacks up against other popular snacks.


Medium sized glass of red wine


Medium sized glass of white wine


A slice of white bread


A medium pot of fruit yoghurt


Of course, there are many other factors to take into consideration when assessing the overall health impact of drinks and snacks, but we hope this table will be helpful to you if its sugar you are interested in.

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Sugar Sugar: How Much Is Too Much

All sugars are carbohydrates found naturally in most foods and their main nutritional value is in providing energy.

However, sugar is also added to lots of foods – known as “free sugars” – such as sweets, chocolate, cakes, and some fizzy and juice drinks.

As part of a healthy balanced diet, you should eat fewer foods and drinks that are high in sugars.

Many foods that contain added sugars also contain lots of calories, but often have few other nutrients.

Eating these foods often can contribute to you becoming overweight, which can increase your risk of health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

It can also cause tooth decay, especially if you have them between meals.

Added sugars shouldn’t make up more than 5 per cent of the calorie intake you get from food and drink each day.

This is about 30g of sugar a day for those aged 11 and over.

Helen said: “New recommendations state that so called free sugars added sugar, as well as natural sugar you get in fruit juice, syrups or honey shouldnt be more than 5 per cent of your daily calories for adults thats roughly 30g or seven teaspoons.”

NHS guidelines say that eating too much sugar can lead to weight gain, which in turn increases your risk of health conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

But Helen adds: “Sugar is needed in the diet, that’s why we have it.

“However people should be aware of free sugars, from a calorie point of view but also a dental health point of view.

How Much Sugar Is In A Glass And Bottle Of White Wine

How much sugar is in wine? One expert from Tanners in Shrewsbury explains all

Expect anywhere between 4 to 30 grams of sugar per bottle of white wine or 0 to 6 grams of sugar per glass. These ratings do vary depending on the wine type you purchase and its overall sweetness.

For instance, Sauvignon Blanc has about 3.75 grams of sugar per bottle or 0.75 grams per glass.

Other white wine sugar content to consider include:

  • Chardonnay: You get around 4.5 grams of sugar per bottle or 0.9 grams per glass, which makes it one of the driest options available.
  • Moscato: This sweeter white typically has 10 grams of sugar per bottle or 2 grams per glass, which is inching towards sweetness.
  • Gewurztraminer: Each bottle of this wine should have about 25 grams of sugar or about 5 grams per glass.

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Does Chardonnay Have More Sugar Than Red Wine

These are the wines with the least amount of sugar in them. Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah/Shiraz are examples of dry red wines with less than one gram of sugar per five-ounce pour. Whites with a pH of one to one. Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Viognier have at least five grams of sugar per five ounces.

Increased Stress And Loneliness

Feeling lonely or stressed may put you at higher risk for alcohol use disorder by increasing the desire to overdrink. But drinking too much during times of stress may lead to increased stress and potentially increased loneliness.

Researchers also know that long-term, heavy drinking can cause increased anxiety and a decreased ability to deal with stress due to the release of higher amounts of certain stress hormones.

According to the NIAAA, a long-term heavy drinker may experience higher levels of anxiety when faced with a stressful situation than someone who never drank or who drank only moderate amounts.

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Bellissima Zero Sugar Sparkling White

Even a dry prosecco can pack 17-32 grams of sugar per liter, which is almost a teaspoon per glass. But Bellisima, which happens to be legendary supermodel Christie Brinkleys wine brand, developed a state-of-the-art technique to eliminate all the sugar from their sparkling wine without compromising the taste.

This sparkling wine, which is made from 100 percent glera grapes from the Treviso-Veneto region of Italy, is vegan, organic, carb-free and only 92 calories per serving yet its velvety smooth and perfectly balanced. Its also frothier and lighter than your typical champagne, thanks to lower pressure used during the carbonation process. Sip it straight or use it as a base for mimosas at brunch.

Courtesy of Avaline.

What Colour Wine Has The Lowest Sugar Content

How much sugar is in your wine?

Generally speaking, red wine has the lowest sugar content, with an average of around 0.9g per serving. White wines will usually have around 1.4g of sugar per serving, although this varies by type. Given its sweet nature, it will come as no surprise to learn that a glass of rose could include a huge 21g to 72g of sugar.

However, you shouldnt base your choice purely on sugar content. There are many other factors to consider when evaluating the health implications of different wines. Take red wine, for example. Whilst it may have the lowest sugar content, red wines tend to have a higher overall calorie content than other wines, partly due to its higher alcohol content. Its best to understand the whole picture when determining which wine is right for your needs.

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How Much Sugar Is In White Wine

Depending on the type you drink, white wine can contain anything from less than 1g of sugar per glass right up to 6g per glass. Below I’ll go through how sugar makes it’s way into white wine, along with the best and worst offenders if you are trying to cut down your sugar intake.

Low sugar and low carb diets, like the Ketogenic Diet and the Dopamine Diet have gained huge popularity among people in recent years for a whole host of reasons. Many people follow them to lose weight, but reducing the sugar in your diet has also been shown to be beneficial for a multitude of health problems.

The thing is, for most of us trying to reduce the sugar in our diets, we don’t want to lose the little pleasures in life – like having a glass of white wine when you come in after a long day at work. The good news is, you don’t have to! Keeping the little joys like indulging in some of our vices can help make any diet sustainable and much more likely to turn into a permanent lifestyle change. This promotes long term success and can encourage change to some of the eating habits that may have gotten us in this position in the first place.

So keep reading to find out how you can stick to a low sugar diet and still enjoy a glass of white wine with a meal or to help you relax in the evening.

So can I still have white wine on a no or low sugar diet?

Obviously, the type of grape that the winemakers have used to begin with will also dictate how much sugar ends up in the wine as well.

The bottom line

Which Varieties Of Wine Have The Lowest Sugar Content

Most winemakers dont tend to include the precise sugar content on the labelling of their wines, so it can be difficult to know how much sugar is in each bottle. Weve created this handy guide to the average sugar content in popular wines from around the world to help you out:


0.75 per glass


1.5g per glass


1g per glass

Pinot Grigio

1g per glass


0.9g per glass

Pinot Noir

1g per glass


1g per glass

White Moscato

2g per glass

White Zinfandel

1.5g per glass

Helpfully, labelling terms have been set up that are based on the amount of residual sugar that wine contains:

  • Dry/Sec: Up to 4g/l
  • Medium dry/demi-sec: 4 g/l 12 g/l
  • Medium : 12 g/l 45 g/l
  • Sweet/Doux: More than 45 g/l

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Australia And New Zealand

Like many grape varieties, Chardonnay first came to Australia in the collection of James Busby in 1832, but it only really took off in the 1950s. It is most significant in South Australia, New South Wales especially the Hunter Region – and Victoria. One of the first commercially successful Chardonnays was produced by Murray Tyrrell in the Hunter Valley in 1971. Tyrell’s vineyard was planted with Chardonnay cuttings that he “borrowed” from Penfolds‘ experimental plantings by hopping over their barb-wire fence one night and pruning their vines. The export driven Australian wine industry was well situated for the Chardonnay boom of the 1980s and 1990s and Australia responded with a unique style of wine that was characterized by big fruit flavors and easy approachability. To compensate for the very warm climate, richness was enhanced by the use of oak chips and acid was added during fermentation. During this period the number of Chardonnay plants increased fivefold and by 1990 it was the most widely planted white wine grape in Australia and third most planted overall behind Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Early in the 21st century, demand outpaced supply and there was a shortage of Chardonnay grapes which prompted Australian winemakers to introduce new blending partners like Sémillon and Colombard.

How Many Alcohol Units In Prosecco

How Much Sugar is in Wine?

Understanding the number of units you are consuming helps to keep a check on your alcohol and sugar intake and therefore your calorie intake.

According to Drinkaware, we shouldn’t “drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis.”

A 125ml glass of 12% Alcohol by Volume Prosecco contains 1.5 units.

A standard bottle of Prosecco holds 9 units of alcohol.

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How Much Sugar In A Bottle Of Wine

The amount of sugar in a bottle of wine can vary from as little as 4 grams to as much as 58 grams. We’ll be sticking to the standard 750ml bottles for all of our calculations, but feel free to buy the biggest bottle you want. The average bottle contains between four and five glasses worth of wine if youâre drinking six ounce pours.

Of course, the type of wine matters here as well. This is a very big spread and shows that you should think about what you’re drinking. We advise not to drink an entire bottle of dessert wine unless you want 2x the daily recommendation of sugar. Bottle shock in wine also doesn’t affect the sugar content, so don’t worry about that.

Most winemakers don’t explicitly list the sugar content of their wine. It’s still a good idea when shopping to look for a label on the bottle. With the growth of healthier lifestyles in the US and abroad, these labels should begin appearing more often. This can help you make more informed decisions about the content of your wine.

The data below contains only estimates, but should be fairly close to what you’re drinking.

How Many Calories Are In A Glass Of Wine

The amount of calories in a glass of wine depends on the type of wine and how many grams are in the glass. A standard glass of wine with 12 percent alcohol has about 126 calories.

According to the nutrition center, a wine, whether it is White wine of Red wine is, usually 25 calories per gram of sugar. In a standard wine glass goes in about 100 ml of wine. In many restaurants, however, they often serve in a larger wine glass This is how a restaurant can wine glass contain 125 calories.

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