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How Much Sugar In Nicorette Gum

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Before Taking This Medicine

How to Use the Nicotine Lozenge

Ask a doctor or pharmacist if it is safe for you to use Nicorette if you have:

  • heart disease, heart rhythm disorder

  • untreated or uncontrolled high blood pressure

  • if you have recently had a heart attack

  • if you are on a low salt diet or

  • if you are using any other smoking cessation medicine .

Do not use Nicorette if you are pregnant unless your doctor has told you to. Use effective birth control, and tell your doctor if you become pregnant during treatment.

Nicotine can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. Do not use Nicorette if you are breast-feeding unless your doctor has told you to.

Smoking cigarettes during pregnancy can cause low birth weight, miscarriage, or stillbirth. Using a nicotine replacement product during pregnancy or while breast-feeding may be safer than smoking. However, you should try to stop smoking without using a nicotine replacement product if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Talk with your doctor about the best way for you to stop smoking.

Nicorette lozenges may contain phenylalanine. Tell your doctor if you have phenylketonuria .

Do not give Nicorette to anyone under 18 years old without medical advice.

Isn’t The Gum Addicting

If you’ve ever felt as though you were becoming hooked on nicotine gum, you might not have been imagining it. Even though the nicotine levels in the stop-smoking product is lower than in cigarettes, there could be an addictive component to its use in some individuals.

“In the Lung Health Study of about 3,100 users of nicotine gum, some of whom used it for five years, all had been daily cigarette smokers when they entered the study,” says Robert Murray, PhD, professor and director of the Alcohol and Tobacco Research Unit at the University of Manitoba, Canada. “So through cigarette use, these people had established a physical addiction to nicotine, and the gum may have perpetuated that addiction.”

Some people experience withdrawal symptoms when they toss out their nicotine gum, according to Murray. These withdrawal effects can include headaches, as well as irritability, depression, and difficulty concentrating.

Nevertheless, a recent study by Hughes concluded that only a small number of long-term gum users truly meet the definition of addiction or dependence, which includes an inability to control their use of the gum. Many more could stop, he says, but are choosing to use the gum for months or years because of their fear of slipping back into cigarette use.

“If the gum were something we knew to be harmful, I’d get upset about its chronic use, and insist that they get off it,” adds Hughes. “But it doesn’t seem to be harmful.”

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What Is The Duration Of Nicotine Withdrawal

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms often manifest themselves after a few hours of your last smoke. They are often at their peak during the first week. For the majority of individuals, nicotine withdrawal symptoms subside and disappear after roughly two to four weeks. Consult your physician or a Quitline counselor if you notice that nicotine withdrawal is lasting longer than anticipated.Nicorette contains artificial sweeteners.Nicotine lozenges, like nicotine gum, are mostly devoid of undesirable compounds and sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame-potassium , and sucralose. Ive discovered that the safest one is the Nicorette mini-lozenge, which is really little and has no aspartame.

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Success Quitting With Nicotine Gum

Although nicotine gum can help you quit smoking, it’s not a miracle drug. The possibility for success lies within you, not any product.

Develop your will and determination to quit smoking one day at a time, and be patient with yourself.

Time, patience and support will help you beat nicotine addiction. Believe in yourself and be willing to do the work for as long as it takes for you to quit smoking.

Various Other Health Problems

Nicorette Freshmint Sugar

Nicotine gum also causes various other health issues that develop after long-term use.

Ive been on the gum for about three years, after quitting smoking 20 years ago. My left eye has gotten worse and worse in the last few years and has resulted in my getting glasses and Ive had four teeth pulled. I use up to 20 pieces of gum per day.

These health problems may not be connected to the gum, though most seem to appear once the gum is used as a long-term therapy.

Chewing nicotine gum can also cause complications on your skin and make it very uncomfortable and unattractive. A 58-year-old software engineer claims that a year ago he quit smoking and relied on nicotine gum instead:

My face had become horribly dry during the last year. At various times I would get pimples on my face which would leave scars I now have 11. I now have reddish skin with white dots upon the rash.

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Does Nicotine Gum Affect Blood Sugar

  • Does nicotine gum have artificial sweeteners?
  • Nicotine replacement products such as gum, patches, and lozenges are some of the best tools to help you stop smokingthey can double your chances of quitting for good. Products with nicotine raise your blood sugar, so be sure to talk to your doctor about using them if you have diabetes.

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    What Kinds Of Nicotine Gum Are There

    There are lots of types of nicotine gum, with the most popular brands being Nicorette, Habitrol, Nicotrol, and Prostep. These are the most popular brands that you can buy in stores for the lowest price.

    The gum mostly comes in packs of 10, with a dosage of at least 2 mg per one piece.

    Is Nicotine Gum Safe?

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    How Much Should You Chew

    Nicotine gum should not be used all the time. Nicotine gum may contain more nicotine than a cigarette, but this depends on the type.

    You should not chew more than one 20-24 pieces of nicotine gum per day, and each piece will contain at least 2 mg grams of nicotine, but mostly 4 mg.

    You should try to decrease the amount of nicotine gum you are using each day, and chew it slowly until you feel a small tingly burn in your mouth and on your tongue.

    This means that the nicotine is working and reacting to your body.

    What Happens If I Overdose

    Nicotex Nicotine Gum Sugar Free in hindi Anti Smoking chewing Gum

    Seek emergency medical attention or call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222. The amount of nicotine in a used or unused lozenge or piece of gum can be fatal to a child who accidentally sucks or chews on it. Seek emergency medical attention if this happens.

    Overdose symptoms may include severe dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and fast heart rate.

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    If Nicotine Is The Problem Why Should I Use Nicotine

    Quitting smoking may be one of the hardest things youll ever do, but the benefits of quitting are worth it. Cigarette smoke delivers nicotine very quickly into the body along with over 7,000 chemicals, 69 of which are known carcinogens. The active ingredient in Nicorette is a low dose of therapeutic nicotine thats gradually absorbed by your body to help reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms, such as a cigarette cravings, depressed mood, insomnia, irritability, frustration, anxiety and restlessness. The goal of using Nicorette is to slowly reduce your dependence on nicotine by following a schedule where you use less and less over the course of a 12-week program. NRT, along with behavioral support, can double chances of success.

  • You can start immediately. Choose a start date for your quit and begin to use Nicorette that day.

    Consult the users guide for complete directions and other important information.

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    How Can I Stop Receiving Notifications From The Myquit App

    In order to stop receiving notifications from your MyQuit App you can simply adjust your settings within the app:

    To deactivate them, go to your Profile > Settings > Notifications. In this section of the app, three options can be deactivated: Tracking Reminders, Motivators, and General Notifications. Please note that the first time you access The MyQuit App, notifications are automatically activated.

    You may also deselect Show notifications in Android > Settings > Apps > MyQuit. Or you can deselect Allow Notifications in iPhone > Settings > Notifications > MyQuit

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    Can You Get Too Much Nicotine From Nrt

    Nicotine overdose is rare, but possible. Nicotine replacement therapy products are labeled to match the amount of nicotine you get from NRT to the amount you got from tobacco. If used this way, you should get a nicotine dose fairly close to what youve been getting. You dont want to get more than that, because higher doses of nicotine can cause harm. To avoid this, follow dosing instructions carefully. Also, dont use heat on the skin near your nicotine patch you could absorb more nicotine due to the increased blood supply.

    Nicotine absorbs through the skin and mucous membranes, so you must store and dispose of your NRT safely. Nicotine overdose can be fatal, but this is rare and requires taking in very high doses of nicotine. Overdose is more of a problem in children and pets because of their smaller size. Keep NRT and used gum, patches, empty cartridges, bottles, etc., safely away from children and pets. Never drop them on the street or in open trash cans where kids and animals can reach them.

    How Do I Change My Profile Information

    Buy Nicorette Icy Mint 2mg Gum15

    To edit your profile information, Go into > Profile in the navigation at the bottom of your screen.

    If you would like to change your personal details , click on > Edit Profile. Click the Save button to save your information.

    If you would like to adjust your start date, click on > MyQuit plan and select a new date and adjust the product you are interested in using. Click on the Help Me Choose button if you would like to access the suggestion tool. Click on the Submit button when you are done.

    In your Profile section, you can also access and change your amount of cigarettes you smoked per day , your Whats your why? , take a tour, and access the FAQ.

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    A Complete Guide To Nicotine Gum

    Chewing gum is a surprisingly ancient human behaviour, dating back at least 6,000 years. The ancient greeks even chewed gum with antiseptic properties to freshen their breath!

    In the 1980s, researchers came up with the clever idea that gum containing nicotine could help people quit smoking.

    Nicotine gum is a type of nicotine replacement therapy â a group of products designed to provide you with a small amount of nicotine, without the tar and other harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.

    Itâs a medically-proven way to help you quit smoking, by dealing with the physical side to your nicotine addiction. So, by continuing to receive low levels of nicotine after stopping smoking, cravings and withdrawal symptoms are significantly reduced, and people often find that this makes the quitting process a lot less challenging.

    As a result, NRT is one of the most popular ways to quit , and nicotine gums are both commonly used and widely available as quit smoking aids.

    Types Of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

    The US Food and Drug Administration has approved 5 forms of nicotine replacement therapy :

    Note that the patch, gum, and lozenge can be purchased over the counter, while the nasal spray and inhaler require a prescription.

    The most important thing to do with any form of NRT is read and follow the package instructions very carefully.

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    Who Should Not Use Nicotine Replacement Therapy

    The US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality states that nicotine replacement therapy is safe for all adults who want to quit smoking except pregnant women and teens. Still, its best to discuss NRT use with your health care provider before starting it. You may have medical problems that should be considered. When deciding whether to use NRT, the benefits of quitting tobacco must outweigh the potential health risks of NRT for each person.

    People who are still smoking or using any other form of tobacco should not use NRT. The companies that make NRT products warn that you should not use them if youre still using tobacco, and the FDA has not approved them to be used in this way. Get the advice of a health care provider if you want to use NRT while continuing to smoke or chew.

    NRT has not yet been proven to help people who smoke fewer than 10 cigarettes a day. But many tobacco treatment centers do use NRT for people who are “light smokers.” Talk with your health care provider about a lower dose of NRT if you smoke less than that but feel you need nicotine replacement.

    How Do I Know What Nrt Dose To Use Based On My Smokeless Tobacco Use

    OTC: Nicotine Gum

    NRT products are supposed to roughly match the amount of nicotine you typically took in through tobacco. It can be more of a challenge to get the dose right for smokeless tobacco users, since NRT products are labeled for people who smoke.

    Certain types of NRT may help more than others. If you look at the way the tobacco is used, nicotine gum and lozenges are most like using smokeless tobacco. They also let you control your dose to help keep nicotine cravings down. To avoid withdrawal symptoms, you want to aim for a nicotine dose fairly close to what you got from snuff or tobacco use.

    These are general guidelines:

    • A heavy user is a person who uses more than 3 cans of snuff or 3 pouches of tobacco a week, and would typically use the higher doses of NRT .
    • Those who use 2 to 3 cans or pouches per week would usually try the moderate doses.
    • Those who use less than 2 would start with the lowest doses of NRT.

    If youve decided to try NRT, discuss your dose with a health care provider before you quit tobacco.

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    How Do I Store And/or Throw Out Nicotine Lozenges

    • Store at room temperature.
    • Keep all drugs in a safe place. Keep all drugs out of the reach of children and pets.
    • Throw away unused or expired drugs. Do not flush down a toilet or pour down a drain unless you are told to do so. Check with your pharmacist if you have questions about the best way to throw out drugs. There may be drug take-back programs in your area.
    • Wrap any part not used all the way in paper before you throw it away.

    How To Use Nicotine Gum

    Nicotine gums are available in two strengths. The specific nicotine dose that you require depends on the number of cigarettes youâre used to smoking.

    The Quit Genius app contains a helpful quiz to decide what type and dose of gum would be most helpful to you. In general however, if you smoke less than 25 cigarettes per day, opt for the gums containing 2mg of nicotine and see how you get on. If youâre a heavy smoker, you may be better off starting with the 4mg gum.

    You should wait at least 15 minutes after eating or drinking before using nicotine gum. Like regular gum, this product should be chewed, although there is a bit of a technique required to ensure a steady and complete release of nicotine.

    How to use nicotine gum

    Repeat this cycle until chewing no longer produces the tingling sensation, meaning that all the nicotine has been released. This can take up to around 30 minutes.

    Take care not to swallow the gum and do not chew more than one piece at a time.

    You can chew up to one piece of gum per hour, with a view to reduce the frequency of use as your smoking cessation program progresses. Do not use more than 24 pieces in a day.

    If you miss a dose, do not use 2 pieces to make up for it. Either use a piece of gum as soon as you realise, or simply wait until the next dose is due.

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    What People Are Saying

    Nicorette gum is the only product that helped me quit smoking.

    I was a three pack a day smoker for 25 + years. I tried to quit many, many times, but always started to smoke again. I was able to quit with the help of Nicorette gum and a support group. Thankyou, Nicorette!


    4 Years Smoke Free

    I smoked for 21 years without ever attempting to quit. My husband decided to stop, and began chewing the 4mg Nicorette gum. The gum was really working for him! He was a 4 pack a day smoker, and here he is chewing gum instead? So after a good two weeks of watching him succeed, I put down the cigarettes, and picked up the gum. 4 years later I am completely smoke free.


    Life Changing!

    Nicorette allowed me to live a different life. Never again do I have to take breaks from work to go outside, smoke, wash my hands etc. Now, I just pop in a piece and it is business as usual.

    Customer Review

    What Are Some Things I Need To Know Or Do While I Take Nicotine Gum

    Nicorette Gum 4mg Freshmint 105
    • Tell all of your health care providers that you take nicotine gum. This includes your doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists.
    • Get counseling to help you quit smoking.
    • Do not use more than told. Unsafe side effects may happen.
    • Tell your doctor if you are taking another drug to help you stop smoking.
    • Avoid driving and doing other tasks or actions that call for you to be alert until you see how nicotine gum affects you.
    • If you have high blood sugar , you will need to watch your blood sugar closely.
    • When you stop smoking, other drugs may be affected. Talk with your doctor.
    • Tell your doctor if you have not been able to quit smoking after using nicotine gum for as long as it says to use it.
    • Gum chewing may cause problems with dental work.
    • If you are on a low-sodium or sodium-free diet, talk with your doctor. Some of these products have sodium.
    • This medicine may cause harm or be deadly if used or swallowed by children or pets. If a child uses nicotine gum or if nicotine gum is swallowed by a child or pet, call a doctor or poison control center right away.
    • If you are 65 or older, use nicotine gum with care. You could have more side effects.
    • This medicine may cause harm to the unborn baby if you take it while you are pregnant. If you are pregnant or you get pregnant while taking nicotine gum, call your doctor right away.
    • Tell your doctor if you are breast-feeding. You will need to talk about any risks to your baby.

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