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How Much Sugar In Regular Cheerios

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The Bottom Line On Cheerios

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios (2017)

Well, are Cheerios good for us or not?

The bottom line is yes and no. If you eat a moderate amount of regular Cheerios with nonfat or non-dairy milk, then yes, Cheerios can be beneficial in your diet.

However, any other flavor of Cheerios will come with a ton of added sugars, and you may as well eat Cocoa Pebbles or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Add whole milk into the mix, and youre dealing with a meal high in sugar and fat the perfect cocktail for obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

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Instead Id Like To Talk About Peanut Butter And Honey

Peanut butter and honey are two of my favorite things, and theyre what take these Healthy Cheerio Bars over the top. Dont forget about the dash of cinnamon too that compliments the peanut butter and honey perfectly. All three add a pop of flavor to these creamy, dreamy bars.

Along with the crunch of the cheerios, you have a creamy, crunchy, sweet, delicious snack.

How Much Cheerios Can I Feed To Birds

Cheerios are like fast food to birds. Too much of it can be harmful. Only feed a small amount, as much as you would feed to a baby. Cheerios that are manufactured for babies are the healthiest option for birds from the other types.

For small birds, do not feed more than 4 to 5 cheerios.

Do not feed too much at once and do not feed cheerios on a daily basis. Once a week as a treat should be fine.

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Whats The Difference Between Cheerios And Honey Nut Cheerios

In appearance, regular Cheerios tend to have a rougher and slightly grainier texture when compared to Honey Nut Cheerios. Honey Nut Cheerios have a glazed surface which adds extra sweetness. Honey Nut Cheerios will look shinier than regular Cheerios.

In taste, regular Cheerios tend to be a healthier choice than Honey Nut Cheerios as they are less sweet than Honey Nut Cheerios. Regular Cheerios do still have a slightly sweet taste but are much less sweet when compared to Honey Nut Cheerios. Honey Nut Cheerios also have a slightly nutty flavor.

Cheerios Are Considered A Processed Food

35 Regular Cheerios Nutrition Label

Cheerios are a processed grain product, meaning that the ingredients used to make Cheerios undergo significant processing to create the final product.

Although Cheerios are made with whole grain oats, which sets them apart from other cereals made with more refined grains like corn flour or white rice, many Cheerios varieties are packed with unhealthy ingredients like cane sugar, corn syrup, and preservatives .

Whats more, due to the processing that the oats undergo to make Cheerios, eating a bowl of Cheerios is not the same as enjoying a bowl of whole oats.

One study in 30 adults found that eating Honey Nut Cheerios resulted in a much larger blood sugar and insulin response compared with the consumption of equal portions of less processed grain products including steel cut and old fashioned oats .

Although Honey Nut Cheerios are high in added sugar and thus much more likely to increase blood sugar than unsweetened grain products, studies have shown that the processing of whole grains in general significantly impacts blood sugar response, with more refined products yielding larger blood sugar and insulin spikes .

Although occasionally enjoying Cheerios wont harm your health, its best to choose less processed options whenever possible, especially if you regularly consumed sweetened Cheerios varieties.

For example, instead of your morning bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, try a bowl of rolled oats topped with berries and a dollop of natural nut butter instead.

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What Kind Of Cereal Can Birds Eat

Birds love cereal but they cant eat all kinds of cereal. You can feed stale or leftover cereal to your birds but make sure they have low sugar content. Whole grain cereals that are low in sugar are the ideal choice for birds.

Look out for artificial dyes as well. Pick a cereal that contains fewer artificial flavorings and colors.

Cereals with marshmallows are also not acceptable for birds because they only contain sugar and fat. Chocolate cereal is also bad for birds. They provide no nutritional value but sometimes cereal can be fed as a tasty treat.

  • Bran flakes

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Which Cheerios Is Healthier

This shouldnt be a trick question. But sadly, it is.

As your children are well aware, there are many many many varieties of Cheerios and when were all racing through the store in our eight minutes of allotted time to pick up groceries, reading SIDE labels may sound like a waste of time. Especially when theres all that information right on the front of the box. But skipping over the side label would be a big mistake. Heres why.

Which of these would you think is healthier based on the FRONT LABEL

Multi-Grain of course, right? I mean just look at those healthy grain colorsand the big words MULTI and GRAIN. Must be the better choice.

But if you looked closely at the side labels, heres what youd find.This is the label for plain old Cheerios. One grain. Oats.

This is label for Multi-Grain Cheerios, which does indeed have MULTIPLE GRAINS and THATS where it gets the name.

However, what this healthy sounding variety doesnt include is any more fiber than Original Cheerios. None. Baffling when you realize thats what you think youre getting with all those grains!

Instead, it has considerably more SUGAR. The purple box weighs in at 6g sugar per serving while Original has < 1.

So, is it a disaster to buy Multi-Grain Cheerios? Certainly not. But with no more fiber and 5 extra grams of sugar, Id stick with the big yellow box if youre buying this brand!

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Cheerios Honey Nut Frosted Flakes Which One To Choose

Breakfast of champions. This phrase might make you think of a hearty, greasy bacon platter. Or even a martini if youve read the Kurt Vonnegut book with the same title. But it was first coined by General Mills to describe Wheaties in the 1930s while sponsoring baseball games the slogan is used to this day. The popularity of Wheaties has waned and new champions, namely Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Frosted Flakes have emerged.

If youre a cereal eater, like nine out of ten Canadians, you may be wondering which is really the best cereal? Leaving taste aside, lets focus on nutritional value.

For starters, we need to differentiate between the classic Cheerios and its spin-off, Honey Nut Cheerios. Its no secret the Honey Nut flavour is sweeter, but this comes at a cost 1 cup of regular Cheerios contains 1 gram of sugar, 1 cup of Honey Nut has approximately 12 g . Some additional ingredients that appear in Honey Nut Cheerios are golden syrup, canola, sunflower oil, almond flavour, and of course, honey. Kelloggs Frosted Flakes has 12 g of sugar per cup, which is comparable to Honey Nut.

Clearly, nutrition-wise, the best option of these three popular cereals is plain Cheerios. But lets face it, these products arent popular because of their health benefits, they are popular for their taste. If you really cared about nutritional value, youd be eating porridge with berries instead.


Just How Healthy Are Cheerios Really

Cheerios, Frosted Cheerios & Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal Review

It seems like everywhere you look in the grocery store, products are masquerading as healthy options.

  • Low-fat cheese.
  • Low-sodium crackers.
  • Hearth-healthy cereal.

But are any of these products actually good for you? Lets be honest, just because something is less bad doesnt mean its good. For example, Lean Pockets are still highly processed meats and cheeses in a white flour package.

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What Is The Number 1 Healthiest Cereal

Top 10 Healthiest Breakfast Cereals

  • One Degree Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps.
  • Naturex26#39 s Path Smart Bran.
  • Naturex26#39 s Path Flax Plus Raisin Bran.
  • Kashi Go Rise.
  • Kashi Go Play Honey Almond Flax Crunch.
  • Alpen Muesli.
  • Bobx26#39 s Red Mill Gluten Free Muesli.
  • Barbarax26#39 s Original Morning Oat Crunch Cereal.
  • Regular Cheerios Are Better For You Than Honey Nut Cheerios

    When comparing the two cereals, regular Cheerios are better for you than Honey Nut Cheerios. This is due to the nutritional value of both cereals when compared to one another.

    Regular Cheerios not only contains less sugar but also contains more key vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for the body, such as iron. Although, even though regular Cheeriosare a bit better nutritionally than the Honey Nut variety, the latter still has its own uses.

    Honey Nut Cheerios are better than regular Cheerios when baking sweet treats as it contains ingredients, such as honey and almond flavoring which gives Honey Nut Cheerios a different flavor.

    Even though regular Cheerios are better for you nutritionally, Honey Nut Cheerios and regular Cheerios both share the same main ingredients that make the Cheerios classic crunch and taste. Both cereals are very similar when comparing but if you are looking for a healthier option, we would recommend going for regular Cheerios.

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    Highest Sugar Content Per 100g

    Using the list below for the 11 different cheerios nutrition entries in our database, the highest amount of sugar is found in Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CHEERIOS, Chocolate which contains 34.4 g of sugar per 100g. The associated percentage of RDA is 38 %. For this 100g serving the Calories content is 379 kcal, the Protein content is 5.7 g, the Fat content is 5.1 g, the Carbohydrate content is 83.4 g.

    The lowest amount of sugar in 100g is in Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, CHEERIOS which contains 4.36 g. This gives as percentage of the recommended daily allowance 5 % of the RDA. For this 100g serving the amount of Calories is 371 kcal, the amount of Protein is 12.09 g, the amount of Fat is 6.73 g, the amount of Carbohydrate is 73.23 g.

    The difference between the highest and lowest values gives a sugar range of 30.04 g per 100g. The range for the other nutrients are as follows 8 kcal for Calories, 6.39 g for Protein, 1.63 g for Fat, 0 g for Carbohydrate.

    Are Cheerios Made With Wholesome Grains And Oats

    30 Regular Cheerios Nutrition Label

    Originally called Cheerioats, the Cheerios name was selected so the cereal would be associated with the taste and wholesome appeal of oats. One of the main nutrition angles that General Mills exploits is the use of natural oats in Cheerios, however, in seven out of the twelve Cheerios varieties currently sold in the U.S. marketplace, oats are not even listed as the first ingredient .

    All Cheerios cereal varieties are made with whole grains and do have at least 8 grams per serving, but whole grains ground into flour, do not have the same health benefits as unprocessed whole grains. On the Cheerios website they say that their process is simply mixing, cooking, forming, and toasting. While that sounds nice, the final product uniform and indistinguishable Os bears little resemblance to whole oats or any other whole grains. Cheerios are indeed made with whole grains, but processed whole grains would be a more appropriate listing.

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    What Sells More Cheerios Or Honey Nut Cheerios

    Regular cheerios were first released in 1941 and were originally named CherriOats. This name later changed as it was already being used by a competitor company. Therefore in 1945, regular CherriOats changed its name to Cheerios.

    Honey Nut Cheerios were released after regular Cheerios, much later in 1979. Honey Nut Cheerios were actually the third version of Cheerios to hit stores and were extremely popular.

    Both regular Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios are in the group of most popular cereals across both the United States and United Kingdom. Regular Cheerios have been the leading cereal in sales in the United States for 52 weeks in 2018. Honey Nut Cheerios was the second most popular in sales after regular Cheerios.

    Regarding price, generally both regular Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios cost the same amount. In some stores Honey Nut Cheerios will be slightly more expensive than regular Cheerios but this is rare.

    Are Cheerios Healthy Nutrients Flavors And More

    Since they were introduced in 1941, Cheerios have been a staple in households across the United States.

    They remain one of the most popular breakfast cereals on the market and are now available worldwide.

    Although theyre marketed as nutritious, you may wonder whether Cheerios are a healthy choice and how the different varieties compare.

    This article explores Cheerios nutrients, flavors, and downsides to help you determine whether theyre a good fit for your routine.

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    Cheerios Can Be Included As Part Of A Balanced Diet

    Cheerios can be a healthy and nutritious part of almost any diet, but its important to balance your diet with other nutrients and practice moderation if you prefer the higher sugar varieties.

    For more protein, consider serving your Cheerios with high protein dairy or nondairy milk plus a scoop of nut butter or handful of nuts. Hard-boiled eggs and omelets also make excellent sides.

    Topping your cereal with berries or sliced fruit can boost your vitamin and mineral intake while flax meal, hemp seeds, and chia seeds can add fiber and healthy fats.

    Just make sure you include a diverse selection of whole foods throughout the day to meet all of your nutrition needs.


    While Cheerios can be part of a healthy diet, you may want to pair them with a source of protein to make a more balanced meal. Its best to avoid or limit your intake of the high sugar options.

    Multi Grain Vs Regular Cheerios

    Are Cheerios with Protein a Healthy Choice?

    Does anyone know which are better. I dont have any boxes in front of me and am going to get some more for DD. I get the feeling there is a lot of sugar in multi grain cheerios⦠is this true?

    which do you prefer for LO?

    i like giving josiah the multigrain. it makes me feel better. whether or not they are a significantly healthier cheerio i do not know.

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    Cheerios Vs Honey Nut Cheerios Is There A Difference

    Both regular Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios are some of the most popular cereal packets that fly off the shelves in our local stores. You may be wondering how Cheeriosvs Honey Nut Cheerios compare and what makes them so different from one another when their ingredients are very similar.

    Hey there! This site is reader-supported and I earn commissions if you purchase products from retailers after clicking on a link from this site.

    In this article we will explore the main differences in taste and appearance between regular Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios. We will also explore the nutritional values of regular Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios and see how they compare to one another.

    What Is Best Cereal For Diabetics

    My favorite breakfast cereal recommendation for people with diabetes is a high-fiber, low-sugar option such as bran flakes, says Palinski-Wade. With 5 grams of fiber per serving, this type of cereal contains 19 grams of net carbs per ? cup serving, making it lower in carbohydrates than many breakfast cereals.

    Thousands of people suffering from erratic blood sugar has been using this ground-breaking solution

    To help them burn away dangerous fat from their vital organs and bellies

    While stabilizing their blood sugar levels naturally and effectively.

    And starting today

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    Can A Diabetic Eat Cheerios

    Cereal isnx26#39 t a good breakfast choice for everyone with diabetes, but it may be better than eating nothing at all. In fact, the right cereal can add vitamins, minerals, and fiber to your diet and also prevent low blood sugar. The key is to read ingredients, stick to one serving, and watch your add-ons.

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    Content Per Typical Serving Size 1 Cup

    31 Regular Cheerios Nutrition Label

    To give 100% of the RDA, 100.0 servings of the typical serving size 1 cup give the complete RDA. In terms of the gram weight and total content for this serving the Calories content is 103.88 kcal, the Protein content is 3.39 g, the Fat content is 1.88 g and the Carbohydrate content is 20.5 g. The percentages are shown below in the sugar chart, for the typical serving of sugar and the related and important nutritional values.

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    How Many Varieties Of Cheerios Are There

    Cheerios come in an assortment of flavors. In fact, there are at least 15 varieties with seasonal ones appearing on occasion.

    Most are made from a base of whole grain oats, but some varieties include other grains, added sugars, and extra ingredients.

    Some of the most popular Cheerios flavors are:

    • Plain. These are the original Cheerios and most basic option. The first ingredient is oats. They contain just 1 gram of added sugar and no extra flavorings.
    • Honey Nut. One of the top selling varieties, these are sweetened with sugar and honey, plus a hint of almond flavor.
    • Chocolate. This kind is made from corn and oats, as well as cocoa powder and sugar.
    • Apple Cinnamon. Made primarily of whole grain oats and sugar, this type also includes apple purée and cinnamon.
    • Frosted. Made with whole grain oats and cornmeal, these are sweetened with a vanilla flavored sugar coating.
    • Multigrain. This variety combines whole grain oats, corn, and brown rice. Its sweetened with slightly less sugar than other varieties.
    • Ancient Grains. This type is sugar-sweetened and made from whole grain oats, quinoa, and rice.

    You may notice that many of the flavored Cheerios varieties harbor added sugar. If youre trying to reduce your sugar intake, its best to limit your intake of the sugary flavors or simply opt for the plain variety.


    Cheerios are available in a wide variety of flavors. While most comprise a base of whole grain oats, some include extra ingredients like added sugar.

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