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How To Find An Online Sugar Daddy

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Apply Search Facilities And Make First Steps

How to find a Sugar Daddy on Instagram (THE LEGIT WAY)

Sugar websites are full of potential candidates, but theres no need to scroll through the whole user base. For finding a compatible sugar daddy interested only in online chatting, do the next:

  • Define your preferences
  • Enter the search criteria
  • Choose the preferred area.

You may select another country or city for a search, but it isnt necessary when the site permits to list the preferred sugar relationships type. Some venues ask to enter the dating goal which may include real dates or not. When you dont know how to find a sugar daddy that doesnt want to meet, the best advice is to be initiative in search. Dont wait until guys start messaging you, make the choice first!

How Much Do Sugar Babies Make

This is the most important thing that potential sugar babies want to know. After all, the whole point of sugaring is to make money!

Sugar baby earning potential can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars a month. In many countries, the average monthly allowance is around $3,500. In the US, sugar babies are paid an average of $2,000 a month.

Of course, what you earn as a sugar baby will depend on the agreement you make with your sugar daddy.

When I asked about sugaring online, I got a bunch of responses, here is what some of the sugar babies said about making money:

We arent intimate. I provide companionship, care to him and like his personal assistant. He has gifted me over 80k in the last 6 months, plus he has paid for plastic surgery on my boobs, given me my own credit card and a new car. He has added me to his will and stocks. I quit my job and am with him daily besides weekends. I recently traveled to Jamaica and Paris and heading to Italy in a couple weeks because of his love/support. Love this man and the world he has given me and my kids.

Im sure its all different. I only gave mine companionship, nothing else. He paid my bills, bought me things, and left me money whenever he was visiting. It worked great for both of us. Then he started falling for me so I ended it.

Who Is An Online Sugar Daddy And How Does This Type Of Relationship Work

Online sugar dating is pretty much like regular sugar dating except for one thingthe partners never meet in person. If so, what really connects them?

Its online communication, online friendship, online support and companionship, and yes, in 99% online sex. The reasons for starting such a relationship may be differentlong distance, desire not to cheat on a spouse in real life not to lose a lot of money in a divorce, COVID fears, and many more, but the fact is such type of a sugar relationship that emerged during the worst phases of the global pandemic are now more common than ever.

People choose online relationships for various reasons:

  • To try something new
  • To cheat on their real partners
  • To casually relax from time to time
  • To feel desired
  • Recall the feeling of a new exciting relationship that involves that hot texting we used to have at the beginning of most real relationships
  • Simply to play with someone arousing games, etc.
  • Some people choose online relationships, and some cannot have other ones because of fears or other psychological reasons. However, often such a start transforms singles and they start to meet in real life. But it rarely happens in the sugar bowl: there, people should either clearly understand what they want and what they get or they may experience nothing but disappointment.

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    Are Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby Sites Free For Women

    Theres no universal standard when it comes to women getting in free on dating apps.

    However, some sites do say upfront that women can join free and get a premium subscription just for talking to some of the guys online. Some sites like Seeking claim that women can always join and chat for free.

    Other sites like SugarDaddyMeet may have a criteria you have to meet before you get a free membership. Dont assume every site offers free perks for women, because some do, some dont.

    Is It Really That Simple To Meet A Sugar Baby In Person

    Where To Find A Sugar Daddy Online &  How To Date Them

    While it may be tough for newbies to approach young ladies in real life, we discovered that it was the most efficient way and met people who had created some of the greatest sugar relationships this way.

    Finding real-life sugar babies is always much easier in big cities like New York, but you can discover amazing women anywhere.

    It may take a little longer, but believe me, its worth it. All that is required is for you to have some self-assurance and to view yourself as the ideal sugar daddy material for any woman.

    How can a sugar baby meet a sugar daddy in this way is something that you will undoubtedly wonder. Its quite simple they usually have experience dealing with sugar daddies and know-how to identify a man who could be a potential sugar daddy right away.

    This is also a considerably safer choice for them than meeting someone from SeekingArrangement since the men they contact are often well-known in that location.

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    The Best Sugar Daddy Sites And Apps In 2022

    Best sugar app for babies

    1. Best overall site is one of the most reliable sugar daddy sites around and has been around for quite some time. The site is hailed as one of the greats because it verifies all of its members and there are almost 10 million members and counting. At any given time, the site is active with several thousands of users and nearly 2/3rds are babies looking for someone to take care of them.

    Free members can actually enjoy tons of features , but a membership is well worth it and pretty affordable compared to its competitors. Its a credit-based system and costs around a quarter per credit. Privacy is a top priority on, making it easy to discreetly enter into relationships.

    What its like for daddies:

    70% of the users on are babies looking to be spoiled. With millions of users, this makes being a daddy on the site extremely easy and entertaining. Credits can be used to get in touch with the babies and they wont cost you much. Because privacy is taken so seriously on this website, theres no need to fear your identity being revealed. Furthermore, daddies can rest easy knowing they wont be scammed by any members given that they are all verified.

    What its like for babies:

    2. Secret Benefits Best gender ratio

    What its like for daddies:

    What its like for babies:

    3. Our Secret Best for confidential sugar dating

    What its like for daddies:

    What its like for babies:

    How Much Does The Average Sugar Daddy Pay A Sugar Baby

    The answer to this question is that it depends and its always going to be different. On the low end, the sugar daddy might spend a few hundred dollars a month on some extras to help pamper his sugar baby. From there, the sky is really the limit, with some sugar daddies spending thousands monthly and even higher sometimes buying girls things like cars, trips, lavish gifts, and even houses!

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    How To Be A Sugar Daddy

    Dont worry. If youve never been a sugar daddy before, this brief tutorial will teach you how! Your job will be to give a weekly or monthly allowance to your sugar baby in return for their companionship. This sugar baby will be the friend you never had, go places with you when you need them, tell you sweet nothings in your ear to keep you feeling warm inside. The skys the limit. They are on call for your every need. Its pretty simple. Your job as a sugar daddy is to always treat the person with respect. Take them out on dates often just like a girlfriend or a chick on the side. The little things that you do, such as getting her hair done or telling the truth about something, matters a lot and will take you a long way.

    Sugar Daddy Meet Best Upscale Sugar Dating App

    how to find a sugar daddyðµð¤ (become a cyber sugar baby)

    Also calling themselves the number one upscale sugar daddy dating app is this gem thats been around since 2007. Whats amazing about this app for sugar daddies is the ration of women to men.

    Currently, there are over 5.4 million total members1.1 million+ men and 4.4 million+ women! Yea, if youre a sugar daddy looking for options, this is the go-to for you. And to help, weve put up a free trial link for you right here.

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    Tip #: Get On Chaturbate

    This is where the magic happens, and its the best-kept secret in the sugar community right now. Many cam girls are also sugar babies , or theyre at least willing to give it a try, and its the same with cam site members being sugar daddies.

    The reason you want to use Chaturbate in particular to find those guys is because that site has a huge amount of traffic from North America, which is a very wealthy part of the world. Its become the top cam site in the camming world.

    That means there are more well-off men on Chaturbate, no question, than on any other cam site on the web. The income levels of the top Chaturbate models easily proves that fact. Most of them usually have their own reasons for wanting to keep things online, too, so getting a sugar daddy with no meeting is much easier there.

    Chaturbate seems to attract a great deal of wealthy men, many of whom are interested in becoming online-only sugar daddies.

    In most important ways, the process of finding an online sugar daddy on Chaturbate is the same as the process to be a successful cam girl generally: Cam every day and stick to a schedule to build regulars, engage with the audience, and go out of your way to make friends with your best tippers.

    Presenting yourself as more intellectually minded can help attract the kind of sugar daddy youre interested in. A basic knowledge of current events helps a lot.

    Dating Apps Like Tinder

    Regular dating apps you have probably used at least once or seen your friend use are also sometimes used for sugar dating. Some wealthy men may look for potential sugar babies on Tinder-like apps however, their number is very low. Most dating services users are looking for casual or serious relationships, which doesnt bring what sugar babies are looking forfinancial support.

    Using premium memberships to access more elite members will also require spending, while membership on specialized platforms is free. We are not saying that its impossible to find a sugar daddy on Tinder-like apps, but using websites that specialize in such types of relationships, like Secret Benefits, is far more effective and less time-consuming.

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    How To Find A Safe And Legal Sugar Daddy Site

    Safety online is of utmost importance, especially if you share your personal information and the process includes payments. To ensure your positive experience with joining the most suitable and secure SDs, we gathered some useful tips!

    • Never join a site that doesnt look right
    • Explore other sites before committing to one
    • Read reviews and use the advice of trusted resources
    • Mind what you share online

    Some SD and SBs prefer to have a certain level of discretion and make up separate personal for their sugar life.

    Online Sugar Daddy Search


    Another option you have is sugar daddy websites. Its very hard to find a sugar daddy in real life without using a sugar dating site. We sadly dont live in a world where people are willing to state their true intentions.

    But thankfully, several options can help you find a sugar daddy online. Lets explore all pros and cons of each dating site.

    Traditional dating sites

    Regular dating sites can help you meet established men who can become your sugar daddy. But as those platforms were not designed for sugar dating, many younger men are interested in more romantic relationships. Still, they may not want to provide financial support, luxurious gifts, and help you with tuition or bills.

    To meet a sugar daddy on traditional dating sites is harder. If you decide to use this option for sugar dating, you need to communicate that in your profile bio. You dont need to write directly because some top sites ban certain words. Instead, you can hint by writing something like:

    Adore established men who know what a woman wants.

    Searching for a sugar daddy on Social media

    Another way many sugar babies use is searching on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Frankly, its the least effective way, as a sugar baby needs to put a lot of time and effort into developing her Instagram page before she can attract at least someone interested in sugar dating.

    Specialized sugar daddy sites

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    Do I Have To Have Sex With My Sugar Daddy

    The second question and the follow up to the first is whether or not you are required to have sex with your daddy. As weve already covered that you are required to do nothing, lets rephrase so we can have a nice discussion. Should you choose to have sex with your sugar daddy?

    The answer is that it all depends on you, what you want, and what your particular sugar daddy is looking for. We arent going to sugar coat this . Many of the men youll meet in this dating niche will be looking for some degree of intimacy with their babies. A lot of times, though, this is not as much about sex as you might think. A lot of these men are looking for a relationship type experience. They not only want to experience your company, but they want to feel wanted and like you want to be with them. For a lot of men, this is validated through sex.

    Thats the long way of saying this. If you feel connected to your sugar daddy and genuinely want to have sex with them, go for it! There is nothing wrong with that. We can probably guess that its going to make them want to continue the relationship even though that shouldnt be your motive. If you dont feel like having sex with them, thats ok too. Just make sure that youre upfront and clear about this from day one. The worst thing you can do in this sort of dating relationship is to be unclear about your intentions and lead someone on.

    How To Attract A Sugar Daddy Online And Traditionally

    Your charisma and appearance are the first things that will attract a man. However, you can increase your chances to charm a sugar daddy if you follow these simple rules:

    • If you’re using dating sites, upload your best photos and create a great profile you need to stand out from the crowd to attract them online. You need to always look your best, no matter online or offline.
    • Manners are important. Some SDs are only focused on sex, but lots of them are looking for an interesting person, not for a sex doll. You’ll probably be expected to talk about art, politics, and about all these things rich men talk with their women. Do not screw up when it comes to “high-level communication”.
    • Positive = attractive. A positive woman is what many sugar daddies need. Even if your SD may need a bold lady, a rude or pessimistic one is not the right person for sugaring.
    • When it comes to offline dates, always be on time. Sugar daddies value their time, and you can’t just waste it.
    • Don’t act like you need his money in the first place. Yes, money is among the first reasons to start a sugar relationship, but your sugar daddy will definitely appreciate it if you make him forget about it during the date.

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    Pay Attention To Every Detail

    Writing potential candidates, pay attention to details like place of work, family, or kids. Busy guys with endless work projects or those who have a constant partner come to sugar websites just to relax after a hard day. Some sugar daddies are married, but they dont mind having a fun time online with a charming cutie like you. They dont consider it a familys betrayal until you get a physical contact. And there are some sugar daddies who never meet seductive sugar babies in real life not to ruin their family.

    Sugar dating

    Top 6 Sugar Daddy Websites That Rich Men Use To Find Sugar Babies Online


    Sites you’re considering sugar dating solely for the money, it will be much more stressful, since it’ll become a second job. Sugar dating amplifies the faults of regular, or “vanilla,” dating. You may receive messages from, go on first dates with, and be ghosted by far more men than in websites dating. And it’s a bad websites to depend on sugar sugar a primary source of income, because there’s never really any guarantee of stability.

    Additionally, financial desperation makes you vulnerable to malicious men who have no intentions to provide sugar, or it might influence you to date men babies otherwise wouldn’t consider having a relationship with. It’s common practice to adopt a sugar london separate from your real-life identity. My online profile uses a generic name, and I do not disclose my real identity even after I meet my sugar daddy in person, in some cases. I’m glad I do that, since every sugar daddy I’ve met has similarly guarded his identity. I suggest creating an alter ego for anyone considering trying any sort of internet fringe dating, especially sugaring. Along the same lines, I signed madison for a few anonymous messaging apps, travel well as a fake number. Popular messaging apps for “moving the conversation off the website” babies WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, WeChat, and Sites, but a phone number is often the money method. I suggest getting a Google Voice number attached to an anonymous email account.

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