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How To Introduce Sugar Gliders

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You Can Never Ever Ever Trust Them Alone Together

How to Introduce Sugar Gliders

Even if your dog and glider form the strongest bond in the world, understand that you will never be able to leave them alone unsupervised. Ever. Gliders are itty-bitty, weighing in at a grand total of about 6 ounces. Thats not even half of a pound. All it takes is one mistake- one snap second- for devastation to occur.

Supervise them any time they are together. If youre going out or cant watch the duo for any other reason, put your glider back in his habitat. Even if your dog has never shown a single sign of aggression to your glider, accidents can happen. Something as simple as a paw coming down at just the wrong time and on just the wrong spot can end in tragedy.

Do Sugar Gliders Smell

Not really, at least not to a significant degree and not under the right circumstances. Typically, a sugar glider willhave a mild musky odor but unless youre incredibly sensitive toward smells it shouldnt be anything unpleasant.

But, if this worries you, wed advise you to first check out your future sugar glider in person and see if yourecomfortable with its odor before you bring it home.

That being said, there are some circumstances when a sugar glider will stink a bit too much for most peoplespreferences and thats when its male and unneutered. As with most other mammals, unneutered sugar gliders willnaturally stink more its just a part of their physiology.

The solutions here are easy either neuter your male sugar glider or go with a female. If you dont plan on breedingyour males or they are not registered as purebred theres just no need to keep them unneutered.

Now, say youve got female sugar gliders and even their mild odor is a bit too much for you what can you do aboutthis?

There are several possible fixes for that with Sugar Glider Diaries explaining some of the best ones in her YouTubevideohere In short what you can do is:

How To Bathe Sugar Gliders

Sometimes sugar gliders will get a bit stinky. This can be a problem, but you can solve it by giving your gliders a bath.

Bathing sugar gliders doesnt have to be difficult. Simply start by filling a large bowl or a sink with warm water.

You want the water to be warm, but it shouldnt be hot. Itll be easier to clean the glider if you put it on an elevated surface in the bowl or sink.

Grab a bottle of baby shampoo and apply some of it to the sugar gliders body. You want to rub the shampoo into the gliders fur to clean it.

Once youre done rubbing the baby shampoo on the glider, itll be time to rinse it off. Rinse the glider using warm water.

Be thorough when rinsing the glider so that no shampoo lingers. When the glider is rinsed properly, you can begin drying it using a dry cloth.

Note that most experts agree that sugar gliders dont need to be bathed. Sugar gliders are capable of keeping themselves clean without needing to be bathed.

Regardless, its okay to bathe sugar gliders so long as you do so carefully. If you follow the advice above, it should be easy to bathe the gliders and keep them happy.

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Sugar Gliders Can Transmit Diseases To Your Dog

While fairly uncommon, sugar gliders can transmit certain diseases to your dog. Although youre far more likely to catch them than Fido is, to be honest. Giardia, for example, can jump from your glider to your pup when Fido drinks from water contaminated with your gliders fecal matter. Cryptosporidiosis also spreads through contaminated water or food.

Others include salmonellosis, leptospirosis, clostridiosis, and toxoplasmosis. Not only can these diseases spread to your dog, but to you as well. As mentioned above, though, its not incredibly common. Still, definitely something to know before introducing a sugar glider to your dog, especially if Fido has a preexisting medical condition that could make one of these diseases even more devastating.

In the end, most dogs can do just fine living with sugar gliders. Emphasis on most, as hunting dogs and breeds with high prey drives really arent a good mix with tiny pets. However, even if you have the mellowest dog on the planet, you will have to put in the work to make sure they get along.

What do you think? Do you have both a dog and a sugar glider? Do you think sugar gliders are even ethical to own?

Can Any Veterinarian Work On Them

Complete Guide to the Red Sugar Glider

Although Sugar Gliders arent normally susceptible to many illnesses, if anything should ever happen to one, almost any local Veterinarian who works on small animals will already be familiar with them.Since theyve been domesticated as pets here in the U.S. for about 15 years now, Sugar Gliders are nothing new to most Vets. However, the reason why most people in the general public have never actually seen one in person is simply because they breed SO slowly.For example, as you can see in this photo , the mother has a pouch just like a Kangaroo. In this case, the mama actually has TWIN babies in her pouch and on average shell only have 2-3 babies a year. In other words, its nothing like the responsibility of having rodents as household pets which can often have dozens of babies in a single year.Incidentally, this is also the reason why you will almost never see Sugar Gliders in pet shops. Because they breed so slowly its not really lucrative to breed them commercially.

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How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live

You might be wondering how long sugar gliders live as pets. This is good to know because you want to have an idea of how long youll be caring for your new cute and cuddly friends.

Its common for sugar gliders to live between ten and twelve years as pets. This is assuming that youre doing a good job taking care of them.

When you put in the effort to keep them safe and happy, theyll live for quite some time. A sugar glider could just as easily die young if you dont care for it right, though.

Wild sugar gliders dont live quite as long on average. Its said that wild sugar gliders usually only live for nine years.

Can The Sugar Gliders Fight For Food

Sugar gliders are one of the cutest animals in the world. Theyre small, have big eyes, and look like theyre always smiling. But dont let their cuddly appearance fool you sugar gliders can be fierce when it comes to fighting for food.

When food is scarce, sugar gliders will fight tooth and nail to make sure they get their share. So be sure to provide your sugar gliders with plenty of food.

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How To Feed Your Sugar Glider

Since they are nocturnal, experts recommend feeding your sugar glider in the evenings. This helps your sugar glider maintain its natural rhythms and feel more at home.

Sugar gliders can also be messy eaters. Because of this, some sugar glider owners place food in a shoebox or tray. This helps contain the mess and makes cleanup easier.

How To Feed Sugar Gliders

How to introduce sugar gliders to each other

Feeding sugar gliders isnt too tough, but you must feed them the right things. It isnt the same as feeding dogs or cats.

Dogs and cats simply eat pet food that you buy from the store. A sugar gliders nutritional requirements are somewhat more complicated.

These animals are omnivores that eat many things in the wild. Youll find wild sugar gliders snacking on things such as insects, eucalyptus leaves, fruit, and more.

They need to get enough protein, calcium, and vitamins in their food. You can buy special sugar glider supplements and food from pet stores, but you still need to give sugar gliders other types of food.

Many experts say that you want the sugar gliders diet to consist of 50% protein, 25% fruit, and 25% veggies. For protein, you can feed the sugar gliders live insects such as crickets and mealworms.

You can feed your sugar gliders many different types of fruits and veggies. They love eating kale, spinach, bananas, apples, papaya, carrots, broccoli, and more.

To ensure that your pets get enough calcium, you can feed them plain nonfat yogurt. Papaya is another good source of calcium.

Its generally wise to mix things up and feed your gliders a variety of different foods. This ensures that they dont get bored, and it also helps them to get many different types of nutrients.

Most sugar glider owners feed their pets twice per day. You can give your gliders a small meal in the morning and then a larger dinner in the evening.

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Training Sugar Gliders To Do Tricks

  • 1Purchase a clicker to use for training purposes. A clicker is a small device that makes a quick clicking noise. Clickers work well because they provide a consistent noise that you can make immediately after the animal does something you like.XResearch source
  • You can find pet clickers at pet stores or online.
  • In a pinch, you can also use a clicking ballpoint pen.
  • 2Pick a small area for training. You don’t want your glider to be roaming all over while you’re trying to train it. You can use a bathroom or even just the bathtub as a place to train, though make sure to plug the drain.
  • Also, put down a non-slip mat in the tub.
  • Give your glider a chance to explore the area before you start training, so you’ll have its full attention. Once it starts looking interested in you again, you can start training.
  • If you use the whole bathroom, plug the sink drain, too, and close the toilet lid. Also, shove a towel under the door as gliders are escape artists.
  • 3Establish that a “click” is good by offering a treat. Using a clicker or a ballpoint pen, make a clicking noise. Immediately follow that with a small treat. Repeat the process until the glider understands the “click” is good. You’ll know because it will start looking for a treat as soon as you click.XResearch source
  • For healthy treats, try small pieces of dried fruit or freeze-dried vegetables. You can also use freeze-dried meats with no additives, which you can find online.
  • How To Stop Sugar Gliders From Fighting

    • Date: January 20, 2023
    • Time to read: 6 min.

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    If your sugar gliders are constantly fighting, the best way to stop them is physical separation. This method is often the fastest way to end the fight, but it can be dangerous because an irate sugar glider could injure you if you try to separate them physically.

    Use gloves to avoid injury from the sugar gliders, and spray the pair with water from a spray bottle to motivate them to separate. Alternatively, you can pick up one sugar glider and gently separate them.

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    Do Sugar Glider Bites Hurt

    Since sugar gliders might bite you before theyve bonded with you, its best not to handle them too much at first. You dont have to worry too much about sugar glider bites, though.

    These animals can hurt you a little when they bite you. However, they cant seriously injure you.

    Its unlikely that sugar glider bites will break the skin. They can be painful, and theyll often feel similar to a pinch.

    When sugar gliders bond with you, they will only bite you if you do something wrong. If you scare a sugar glider, it might bite you defensively.

    Sometimes sugar gliders will nibble their owners affectionately. This doesnt hurt, but it might not feel pleasant either.

    Why Do Sugar Gliders Fight With Each Other

    Baby Sugar Gliders!

    Sugar gliders are social creatures. As such, they should be introduced in pairs. You should introduce them slowly so that they do not fight or lunge at each other. If you do notice aggressive behavior, separate them immediately and try introducing them again tomorrow. If you do see aggressive behavior, it may be time for another type of pet.

    If you are unsure of the cause of aggression, you can try to identify the triggers for the problem. Here is such a list of triggers:

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    What Is A Good Number Of Companions

    There is no special number they prefer since its all up to how many you want to take care of. If you want half a dozen, raise half a dozen of them as you like. But be sure to separate those that arent neutered, since sugar glider breeding is another ballgame altogether.

    In general, the basic number is two or three as a group. Two females and one male is good, so you dont have two males fighting for the only female. They will find ways to entertain and interact with each other when they are awake at night.

    Sugar Gliders Need Large Cages

    You need to make sure that you have enough room for a large cage when you want to keep sugar gliders in your home. Sugar glider cages need to be fairly wide and tall.

    This is because these animals like to have room to move around and play. A good sugar glider cage should allow these pets to glide a little bit.

    Theyll also like being able to climb around and have fun. A small cage simply wont do, and the sugar gliders will get rather stressed if you try to put them in a cage thats too tiny.

    The minimum cage size is 24 x 36. This will give the sugar gliders enough room to exercise while also being spacious enough to fit a food dish and nesting locations.

    Sugar gliders like to sleep during the day, and they need little hiding spots. So you have to put nesting boxes or other types of shelters in the cage.

    Measure the rooms in your home to make sure that you can accommodate a cage that is at least 24 x 36. If you have enough room, you can buy sugar gliders with confidence.

    Note that buying an even larger cage would be better. The 24 x 36 cage should be good for two sugar gliders, but youll want a larger cage if you plan to keep more of them.

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    The Complete Guide To Sugar Gliders

    By Sviat Oleksiv | Updated on Aug 21, 2021

    Sugar gliders are tiny, omnivorous, nocturnal, and arboreal marsupial possums. Native to the moderate-temperature areas of Eastern Australia and New Guinea, these cute little animals are expert climbers and even better gliders as they can use the skin flaps between their limbs to zip from one tree to the next.

    Are they suitable for your home, however? Are they smart, social, and interactive enough to make for good pets? Is thereanything specific you need to know about them? Well cover all that and more below.

    Things You Need To Know Before Introducing A Sugar Glider To Your Dog

    How To Bond Sugar Glider Cage Mates

    Note the word before up there. Thats important. Were not talking about the steps to take during those first introductions. Thats really something you should discuss with an expert. Rather, these are the things to consider before you even start to research sugar glider breeds and colors to choose the right one for your family.

    Also, Im not endorsing adopting a sugar glider. Theres a lot of debate on whether theyre ethical to own. Like I said, my cousin has one, but she rescued him from a neglectful home. I think they can be ethical IF youre willing to devote the time to learning how to properly care for them. Today, were strictly talking about sugar gliders in dog-centric homes. So, lets take a look at what you really need to know.

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    Should You Let Your Sugar Gliders Out Of Their Cage

    Yes, but always with supervision and in a controlled environment. Sugar gliders are physically active and playfulanimals so keeping them locked in a cage 24/7 even if its a big cage will make them depressed, lethargic, and willeven lead to physical issues due to the lack of proper exercise.

    So, you should definitely let your gliders out from time to time.

    However, you should also make sure that youve taken the following precautions:

    • Only let your glider out of its cage in the evening as they are nocturnal animals and thats whenthey are most active.

    • Always make sure that the room is secure and all doors and windows are closed. If your glider gets out of a windowyoull likely never see it again.

    • Take all other pets out of the room as any cat or even some dogs are almost sure to mistake your sugar glider fora treat.

    • Remove or hide all electrical cords and other dangerous objects your sugar glider may choose to chew on.

    • Always stay with your sugar glider when its out of its cage.

    • Take that time to interact and play with your sugar glider. These animals love playing with their human roommatesas long as theyve got to know us and were careful and gentle with them. For a good relationship between you and yourgliders you want to play with them outside of their cage at least once per day for at least half an hour or more. Geta snuggly blanket or a piece of clothing with pockets, for example, and your glider will love hugging with you too.

    Which Usa States Are Sugar Gliders Not Allowed In

    Sugar gliders are categorized as Exotic pets so there are certain restrictions on them that others pets dont face. Asper the Code of Federal Regulations that means that thesugar glider is a species that that is native to a foreign country or of foreign origin or character, is not native tothe United States, or was introduced from abroad.

    As such, there are a few states and cities that prohibit the keeping of sugar gliders as household pets. There is noreal federal law on the matter but the states and counties laws apply with full force.

    Also, keep in mind, that the information below is only true at the time of writing this article. Well do our best toupdate it in the future but if youre reading this later on you may want to check for any changes in your states law.

    So, as of 29th May 2021, there are three states that completely outlaw the possession of sugar gliders as householdpets. Those are:

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