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How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels Without Medication

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High Blood Glucose: Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Ways to reduce fasting blood sugar levels other than medications – Dr. Sanjay Panicker

If your insulin level is too low, your blood glucose could become so high that it is unsafe. You might develop a serious problem called diabetic ketoacidosis . This usually happens in people with Type 1 diabetes and those with glucose levels over 500.

If you have DKA, chemicals called ketones start to make a lot of acid in your body. The acid and high blood glucose can make you very sick. You might also become dehydrated . You can prevent DKA by carefully giving yourself the correct insulin dose every day.

If you have any of the following symptoms of DKA, get to your local emergency department right away. You need to be treated with insulin and fluids that are given to you through an IV :

  • Dry mouth, eyes or skin
  • Feeling very weak or tired
  • Fruity-smelling breath
  • Stomach pain, nausea or vomiting

How To Lower High Blood Sugar Naturally

People living with certain health conditions, such as the autoimmune disorder Type 1 diabetes, cant lower their blood sugar naturally.

With Type 1 diabetes, your pancreas doesnt make insulin, a hormone that helps regulate your blood sugar levels. After being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, you need insulin injections or insulin pump therapy for the rest of your life in order to stay alive.

But if youre diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes meaning, youre at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes you can try to lower your blood sugar using natural methods.

Here are seven effective strategiesAsterino-McGeean recommends if you fall into the latter category:

What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Before we get started, letâs review some definitions of what ânormal blood sugarâ means for people without diabetes:

  • A normal âfastingâ blood glucose taken first thing in the morning after waking up is 99 mg/dL or lower.
  • A random blood glucose test taken anytime of the day without regard to the last time youâve eaten should be under 200 mg/dL.

If you have diabetes , your doctor will discuss specific blood sugar goals with you. These goals can vary based on a variety of factors.

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In This Article Well Take A Closer Look At What Foods Can Help Lower Blood Sugar Both Immediately And Over Time

While there isnât one food that will magically protect your body from developing diabetes, there are some foods that research has proven can help promote healthy blood sugar levels over time. Keep reading to learn what foods help lower blood sugars, and which foods to eat in the moment when your blood sugar is higher than youâd like.

*This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services. This article and the links contained in it provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this article is not a substitute for medical care. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or registered dietitian.*

What Is The A1c Test

Pin on Diabetes

The A1C test is a simple blood test that measures your average blood sugar levels over the past 2 or 3 months. The test is done at a lab or your doctors office in addition tonot instead ofregular blood sugar testing you do yourself.

A1C testing is part of the ABCs of diabetesimportant steps you can take to prevent or delay health complications down the road:

The A1C goal for most adults with diabetes is between 7% and 8%, but your goal may be different depending on your age, other health conditions, medicines youre taking, and other factors. Work with your doctor to establish a personal A1C goal for you.

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  • Best Diet For Blood Sugar Control
  • What Should Your Blood Sugar Be When You Wake Up

    Whenever possible, aim to keep your glucose levels in range between 70 and 130 mg/dL in the morning before you eat breakfast, and between 70 and 180 mg/dL at other times. For some people, including older adults or pregnant women, a slightly looser or tighter glucose range might be best, and you should discuss with your healthcare provider what your goals may be.

    Managing your glucose levels is key to preventing short and long-term complications. Though the occasional high blood glucose wont put you in immediate danger consistently high glucose levels over a long period of time are associated with complications of diabetes such as heart disease and stroke, chronic kidney disease, nerve damage, eye disease and more.

    Additionally, high glucose levels especially in people with type 1 diabetes can put you in immediate danger. These high levels, if combined with high blood ketone levels, can cause diabetic ketoacidosis , a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when a person has high blood ketones and not enough insulin. Symptoms of DKA include shortness of breath, fruity-smelling breath, nausea and vomiting, confusion, or loss of consciousness.

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    Techniques To Manage Your Blood Sugar In The Morning

    Based on your glucose levels and trends, there are a few things you can do to manage your glucose levels so they dont run high in the morning. Some of these strategies focus on adjusting medications to better suit your needs. Other strategies include adjusting your exercise routine, as well as what and when you are eating before bed.

  • If your glucose levels are in range before bed, they may rise throughout the night without enough insulin. This can be especially true for people who take long-acting insulin in the morning, since it may be wearing off before your next dose.

  • Consider changing the time of day when you take your long-acting insulin. You may also benefit from switching to either twice-daily basal insulin or ultra-long-acting insulin, or from starting on an insulin pump. Read our article, Are You on the Right Kind of Insulin, to learn more.

  • Check your blood glucose during the night between 3 am and 8 am. If you are running high during these hours, you may be experiencing the dawn phenomenon.

  • Talk with your healthcare team about finding the best nighttime insulin regimen for you. If you take basal insulin, you may need to delay the timing of your dose to as close to bedtime as possible. Another option is to try an insulin pump or automated insulin delivery system. AID systems will automatically adjust your basal insulin doses throughout the night to help keep your glucose levels stable.

  • A Brief Overview Of The Ketogenic Diet The Real Type 2 Diabetes Diet

    Easy ways to reduce blood sugar level without taking drugs – reduce blood glucose level

    For those who dont know, the ketogenic diet restricts daily carbohydrates to around 20-30g of net carbs . Restricting carbohydrates to this degree forces your body to burn fat for fuel a process called ketosis. Once your body is in ketosis, your blood sugar levels will decrease and your A1C levels will drop.

    For more information on how to start a ketogenic diet to lower blood sugar read our beginners guide to the ketogenic diet.

    Here is a brief list of what you should and should not eat on a ketogenic diet:

    Do Not Eat:

    • Meats fish, beef, lamb, poultry, eggs, etc.
    • Leafy Greens spinach, kale, etc.
    • Above ground vegetables broccoli, cauliflower, etc.
    • High Fat Dairy hard cheeses, high fat cream, butter, etc.
    • Nuts and seeds macadamias, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.
    • Avocado and berries raspberries, raspberries, and other low glycemic impact berries
    • Sweeteners stevia, erythritol, monk fruit, and other low-carb sweeteners
    • Other fats coconut oil, high-fat salad dressing, saturated fats, etc.

    If youre new to keto, you can always see our more detailed ketogenic food list >

    Before you start, it is important to know that your blood sugar wont drop instantly. Some studies suggest that you may have to stay on a ketogenic diet for 16 weeks before your blood sugar is under control.

    However, this doesnt mean that you will have to wait that long. You can lower your blood sugar today especially if you eat the ten foods that lower your blood sugar naturally.

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    Eat Less Sugar/refined Carbohydrates

    The best way to keep blood sugar levels down without medication is to eat less sugar. The less sugar you consume, the smaller the metabolic response will beâkeeping your pancreas and insulin levels healthy. You can cut back on sugars by limiting your intake of processed foods, sauces, fruit juices, candy, and soda, and paying attention to nutrition labels.

    In turn, boosting your intake of fruits and veggies can have major benefits. Instead of sauces, opt for sugar-free seasonings and rubs, and try to drink water in place of other beverages. All of this can have immediate benefits for lower blood sugar.

    Check Your Blood Glucose Levels

    For many people with diabetes, checking their blood glucose level each day is an important way to manage their diabetes. Monitoring your blood glucose level is most important if you take insulin. The results of blood glucose monitoring can help you make decisions about food, physical activity, and medicines.

    The most common way to check your blood glucose level at home is with a blood glucose meter. You get a drop of blood by pricking the side of your fingertip with a lancet. Then you apply the blood to a test strip. The meter will show you how much glucose is in your blood at the moment.

    Ask your health care team how often you should check your blood glucose levels. Make sure to keep a record of your blood glucose self-checks. You can print copies of this glucose self-check chart. Take these records with you when you visit your health care team.

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    Ways To Control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally Without Medicine

    Updates: 05/19/2022

    Keeping the blood sugar levels well and balanced is necessary for everyone to help maintain energy levels as well as avoid complications which are associated with diabetes. All you need to do is to make some dietary changes, including certain foods and concentrating on others, also lifestyle changes, containing exercise and stress avoidance. This article will provide you with 20 tips to control blood sugar levels naturally without medicine you should do to get blood sugar under your control. Check them out right now!

    How Is It Determined If The Dawn Phenomenon Or Somogyi Effect Is Causing The High Blood Sugar Levels

    How To Lower Blood Sugar Without Medication

    Your doctor will likely ask you to check your blood sugar levels between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. for several nights in a row. If your blood sugar is consistently low during this time, the Somogyi effect is suspected. If the blood sugar is normal during this time period, the dawn phenomenon is more likely to be the cause.

    Some additional clues that the Somogyi effect may be the cause include nightmares, restless sleep and overnight sweating as these are all signs of low blood sugar levels.

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    What Are Blood Sugar Targets

    A blood sugar target is the range you try to reach as much as possible. These are typical targets:

    • Before a meal: 80 to 130 mg/dL.
    • Two hours after the start of a meal: Less than 180 mg/dL.

    Your blood sugar targets may be different depending on your age, any additional health problems you have, and other factors. Be sure to talk to your health care team about which targets are best for you.

    Pair Carbohydrate With Protein

    Have you ever grabbed a banana for breakfast and taken off? Have you ever packed a big bunch of grapes for a snack? Fruit is a wonderful source of healthy carbohydrate because it is loaded with nutrients like potassium and vitamin C as well as antioxidants that help fight off forms of cancer and keep you looking young. However, these carbs are broken down into sugar fairly quickly and some types of fruit can raise blood glucose rapidly.

    This doesnt mean we should avoid fruit! When you hear messages to remove an entire food group, you must question the validity of that statement. Recommendations MUST be backed by science and quality research. There are very few health conditions that require an individual to remove an entire food group and that should only be done under the guidance and supervision of your healthcare practitioner.

    BUT, the key to incorporating fruit and other healthy carbohydrate foods into your diet is to pair it with protein or healthy fat. By doing this, it slows the release of glucose into your bloodstream so that you avoid the sugar spikes and lows.

    Some examples of pairing carbs with protein and healthy fat include:


    • Low fat plain greek yogurt with ½ cup of fresh or frozen berries
    • Low-fat cheese stick with 1 serving of whole grain crackers
    • 1-2 tablespoons of peanut/almond butter with 1 medium apple
    • ¼ cup of guacamole/avocado with 1 serving of whole grain crackers or veggie sticks

    **This article has even more snack ideas!!!


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    Stay Hydrated At All Times

    When you are dehydrated, the body produces a hormone known as oppressiveness. This hormone, in turn, makes the liver to produce more and more sugar. Hence, the level of blood sugar in the body naturally increases. Therefore, it is very important to drink lots and lots of water so that the body remains hydrated.

    However, in the process of remaining hydrated, you should not forget to avoid sugar-sweetened drinks or other beverages which contain a lot of sugar and artificial flavors.

    How To Reduce Blood Sugar Immediately

    How to Lower Blood Sugar Fast WITHOUT Medication: Eat Complete Protein!!

    How to lower blood sugar fast in the moment can depend on a variety of factors, but the following strategies are almost always helpful.*

    • Go for a walk**
    • Drink a large glass of water
    • Take rapid acting insulin if directed by your doctor

    *Extremely high blood sugar can be a life threatening situation if ketones are also present. Diabetic ketoacidosis can develop when blood sugars reach this level. Discuss your plan of action with your doctor if/when this happens. This includes knowing when itâs ok to stay home and treat your blood sugar and when you need to head to the emergency room.

    **Exercise may not be appropriate if blood sugars are > 250mg/dL. Discuss this with your doctor before trying to exercise when your blood sugar is this high.

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    Take Your Insulin As Prescribed

    High blood sugar occurs when your body has too little insulin, or your body cant use insulin properly. Administering insulin can bring your blood sugar levels down.

    Talk to your doctor about how much rapid-acting insulin you should administer when your blood sugar is high.

    You may want to check your blood sugar about 1530 minutes after taking insulin to make sure your blood sugar is going down and that its not dropping too low.

    Ensure A Good Nights Sleep

    Never underestimate the power of a good nights sleep. A single night of inadequate sleep makes our body react in a manner similar to insulin resistance. It can lead to raised blood sugar levels. A good nights sleep can improve glucose metabolism. It will also keep you motivated to follow through with your diet and exercise routine.

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    Follow Your Diabetes Meal Plan

    Make a diabetes meal plan with help from your health care team. Following a meal plan will help you manage your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

    Choose fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, chicken or turkey without the skin, fish, lean meats, and nonfat or low-fat milk and cheese. Drink water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages. Choose foods that are lower in calories, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, and salt. Learn more about eating, diet, and nutrition with diabetes.

    What Else Can I Do To Help Manage My Blood Sugar Levels

    Preventive Diabetes: how to maintain sugar level without medicine

    Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, and getting regular physical activity can all help. Other tips include:

    • Keep track of your blood sugar levels to see what makes them go up or down.
    • Eat at regular times, and dont skip meals.
    • Choose foods lower in calories, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, and salt.
    • Track your food, drink, and physical activity.
    • Drink water instead of juice or soda.
    • Limit alcoholic drinks.

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