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How To Lower Sugar Level Immediately

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How Can I Reduce High Blood Sugar

How to Lower Blood Sugars Immediately | The Ultimate Guide

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Prediabetes Symptoms Causes Treatment Options

Prediabetes is a condition that affects millions of people in the United States and it is defined as having a blood sugar level that is higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. When you have prediabetes, it often leads to type 2 diabetes if it is not treated. In this article, we will discuss what prediabetes is, the symptoms of prediabetes, the causes of prediabetes, and the treatment options for prediabetes among other topics.

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How To Lower Blood Sugar Quickly And Safely According To Doctors

Use these endocrinologist-approved strategies to recover from a blood sugar spike.

More than 34 million people in the U.S. have diabetesa condition that requires constant blood monitoring, careful consideration of every meal, and being prepared for unexpected drops or spikes in blood sugar. I try to impress on my patients all the time that there’s a curse and a benefit to diabetes and both of them is that you have so much control, saysBeatrice Hong, M.D., an endocrinologist and assistant professor of medicine at Duke University. She says if you have a good understanding of the condition and put effort into managing it, you can do wellbut a lot of responsibility is in your hands.

No matter the type of diabetes you have, for your body to function at its best, blood glucose levels must be kept in check. If they go too low or too high and you dont address it immediately, the effects can be detrimental. In the short-term, if you let your sugar stay too high, you run the risk of it getting worse and becoming something serious like diabetic ketoacidosis orhyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndromeboth of which could land you in the hospital, says Dr. Hong. On the long-term side, the longer your sugars stay high, the more likely you are to have long-term complications. Diabetes is such a systemic disease that having high blood sugars can be cumulative over time so you run the risk of eye problems, kidney problems, nerve problems, foot problems, or heart problems.

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Take Your Insulin As Prescribed

High blood sugar occurs when your body has too little insulin, or your body cant use insulin properly. Administering insulin can bring your blood sugar levels down.

Talk to your doctor about how much rapid-acting insulin you should administer when your blood sugar is high.

You may want to check your blood sugar about 1530 minutes after taking insulin to make sure your blood sugar is going down and that its not dropping too low.

Does Gabapentin Cause Weight Gain Learn More About The Side Effects

Best 25+ Lower insulin levels ideas on Pinterest

Gabapentin is a prescription drug that is used to treat various medical conditions such as seizures, restless legs syndrome, and nerve pain and it belongs to a class of anticonvulsant medication. Gabapentin works by decreasing the number of seizures you have, relieving pain, and improving your sleep among several other benefits. If you take gabapentin you also may experience weight gain as a side effect. In this article, we will discuss how gabapentin causes weight gain, how to stop it, and other potential risks associated with taking this medication.

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Why Does Blood Sugar Go Up In The Morning What Is The Dawn Phenomenon

There are a few main reasons why your glucose levels may be higher in the morning. One of these is known as the dawn phenomenon.

The dawn phenomenon occurs early in the morning between 3 am and 8 am while you are still asleep. As morning approaches, the body naturally signals your liver to produce glucose, giving your body the energy it needs for the start of the day. Caused by changes in hormonal levels, the dawn phenomenon happens to all people, with or without diabetes. However, for those without diabetes, insulin levels increase and they do not experience hyperglycemia.

Another reason you may experience higher morning glucose levels is because your injected insulin wears off. If your body has insufficient insulin during the night, your glucose levels may start to rise. To combat this, you may consider trying a new basal insulin, adjusting the timing and amount of your basal dose , or changing your nighttime basal rates .

The last reason you may experience higher morning glucose levels is known as the Somogyi effect. This occurs if your glucose levels fall too low during the night, caused by too much insulin or medication. To respond, your liver produces more glucose to try to maintain your glucose levels, which may result in hyperglycemia. The Somogyi effect is not as common as the other reasons described.

Peanut Butter Celery Sticks

A popular way to enjoy celery sticks is by dipping them in peanut butter. Its another healthy snack option for people with diabetes.

First, celery sticks are very low in calories, providing only 14 calories . This can help you manage your weight, which helps control type 2 diabetes.

Furthermore, celery contains antioxidants called flavones, which have been studied for their role in lowering blood sugar levels.

Adding a tablespoon or two of peanut butter to celery sticks adds some extra

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Take A Pass On The Bread Bowl

Its obvious that sugary stuff leads to an increase in blood sugar, but starchy foods can do the same thing. Your body processes simple carbs quickly and turns them into sugar, and it needs a lot of insulin to absorb them. That means a bag of Doritos is as likely as a candy bar to cause a spike.

If youre in the middle of a blood sugar spike, its best to curtail your carb intake. Check the glycemic index if youre not sure about a food.

Surprisingly, popcorn and white potatoes are worse than ice cream, according to the index. If you stick to low-carb/low-glycemic-index foods, your blood sugar will return to normal much more quickly.

Ultimately, its best to limit your carb intake. A 2004 study found that a diet of 20 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, and 50 percent fat lowered fasting blood sugar and kept blood sugar from spiking after meals.

This was a very small study, but the results suggest that lower carb intake can lead to generally lower blood glucose. In general, most people with diabetes eat 40 to 45 percent of their calories in the form of carbohydrates. Choosing nutrient-rich sources of carbs is best.

Another promising study found that after two years on a low-carb diet, many participants with type 2 diabetes were able to manage their condition without medication or resolve it entirely.

The occasional baked potato isnt a problem, but frequent trips to the drive-through are not a good idea. Find a few veggie-and-protein-heavy meals and make them your go-tos.

Maintain Regular Meals & Healthy Snacks

Do This And Bring Your Blood Sugar Down Quickly

Eating regular meals at the same time each day will help you maintain consistent energy throughout the day and avoid highs from skipping or overeating between meals. Plus, healthy snacks are vital in preventing high blood sugar since they also keep you fuller longer than sugary snacks would, so its less likely that youll indulge again soon after eating them.

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Take Any Missed Medications

Your doctor may have prescribed other medications to help keep your blood sugar in a normal range. Check that you havent missed a dose.

If you have missed a dose, take it as soon as possible, as long as you dont double up on your medication. This means that if your missed dose was several hours ago and your next scheduled dose is in 1 hour, you shouldnt take both doses so close together.

Taking two doses on top of each other can cause adverse reactions with some drugs. Instead, just take your next scheduled dose now.

If in doubt, consult the guide on the packaging of the medication or contact your medical team.

When To Avoid Exercise

People with blood sugar levels above 240 mg/dL should check their urine for ketones before engaging in physical activity. If ketones are present, do not exercise. Ketones are the result of stored fat being broken down for energy. Your liver starts breaking down fat when theres not enough insulin in your bloodstream to absorb blood sugar into cells. When too many ketones are quickly produced, they can cause DKA. In this state, ketones may actually make your blood sugar level go even higher and you may need intravenous fluids to rebalance.

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How To Naturally Lower High Blood Sugar Quickly Insulin Therapy For Type 2 Diabetes

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Correcting High Blood Sugar Levels With Insulin

How did I reversed my Type 2 diabetes without taking Metamorphin?

If you take insulin, one way to reduce blood sugar is to inject insulin.

However, be careful as insulin can take 4 hours or longer to be fully absorbed, so you need to make sure you take into account how much insulin you may already have in your body that is yet to be absorbed by the blood. Insulin that is yet to be absorbed by the blood is called active insulin.

If you decide to correct with insulin, watch you dont over correct as this can lead to hypoglycemia and can be dangerous, particularly so before bed.

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Take A Correction Dose

For those who take fast or rapid-acting insulin Novolog, Humalog, Apidra, Fiasp, Admelog, Afrezza you can take a correction dose to bring a high blood sugar down.

A correction factor is determined with support from your healthcare team. This number tells you how much 1 unit of fast or rapid-acting insulin will lower your blood sugar. For example, a correction factor of 1:50 means that 1 unit of insulin will lower your blood sugar by 50 points.

Its important to keep in mind how much insulin you may already have on board in your bloodstream before taking an additional dose of insulin.

Most fast and rapid-acting insulin stays in your system for approximately 3 to 4 hours, which means taking an additional dose of insulin to correct a high could lead to a severe low blood sugar if you already have a significant amount of insulin from your most recent dose still in your bloodstream.

Also, remember to give that correction dose of insulin at least two hours to make an impact on your blood sugar before getting frustrated and taking another injection. You wont see a significant improvement in your blood sugar until its been in your system for at least 2 to 3 hours .

Why Are Ketone Levels Important

When there is a lack of appropriate amount of insulin in the bloodstream, the liver starts breaking down the stored fat to generate energy.

When that happens, too many ketones are produced which may then lead to Diabetic Ketoacidosis which is a medical emergency.

You may experience shortness of breath, fruity-smelling breath, nausea, vomiting, and extreme dryness of the mouth.

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What Are The Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar

A dangerously high amount might cause dizziness, lightheadedness, and trembling. If the condition worsens quickly, you can also experience shock or breathing issues. As soon as feasible, call 911, start an IV in the arm , and give insulin intravenously until the patient’s blood glucose level falls below 200 mg/dL.

The most typical signs of hyperglycemia include:

  • Increased hunger or thirst
  • Gum and tooth infections

Work With Your Health Care Team

How To Bring Blood Sugar Down Quickly

Most people with diabetes get health care from a primary care professional. Primary care professionals include internists, family physicians, and pediatricians. Sometimes physician assistants and nurses with extra training, called nurse practitioners, provide primary care. You also will need to see other care professionals from time to time. A team of health care professionals can help you improve your diabetes self-care. Remember, you are the most important member of your health care team.

Besides a primary care professional, your health care team may include

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How Diabetic Control Blood Sugar

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Go For Whole Fruit Over Juice

A glass of orange juice is not the same as eating a whole orange. “People generally drink more juice and therefore consume more calories and sugar than they would by just eating fruit,” says Wylie-Rosett. Plus, you get more fiber from the whole fruit. For instance, there’s about 4 grams in a large orange, compared to less than 1 gram in 8 ounces of juice. A small amount of juice is OK, but it shouldn’t be your go-to beverage, she says. When you do drink it, make sure you’re serving it up in an actual juice glass rather than a large cup.

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When Eating Carbs Choose Complex Carbs

While complex carbs are an important part of a nutritious diet, refined or simple carbs dont usually contain a lot of fiber or micronutrients and are digested very quickly.

Refined carbs include simple sugars as well as grains that have had the fibrous parts removed. Some examples are cereal with added sugar, highly processed fast foods, foods made with refined flour like certain breads and pastries, and white rice .

Regularly consuming refined carbs can lead to several health problems, including high insulin levels and weight gain (


Replacing refined carbs, which are digested quickly and can sharply raise blood sugar, with slower-digesting complex carbs and whole grains may help lower insulin levels.

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