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How To Make Sugar Free Dairy Free Ice Cream

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Dairy Free Ice Cream Recipes

Sugar Free/Keto Ice Cream THAT STAYS SCOOPABLE No Machine Needed (Dairy Free Options)

After you experiment with the base recipe above consider giving these additional recipes a try.

One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream by That Clean Life

Whether youre turning towards dairy free ice cream for allergy reasons or simply to give something new a try, our hope is that these fun and tasty recipes have inspired your sweet tooth and encouraged you to get to the kitchen and get mixing!

Have any favorite dairy free ice cream recipes you like to create? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below. Were always on the hunt for nutrition packed and delicious desserts.

From all of us at Bobs Red Mill, happy ice cream eating!

What Makes This Keto Ice Cream Creamy

Keto ice cream can sometimes turn out rock solid, but this recipe has a great secret ingredient! Just add 2 tablespoons of vodka or any other white distilled spirit, and your ice cream mixture will soften. You can even use rum, gin, or tequila, although we still recommend vodka since gin or tequila may give off a slight gin or tequila flavor.

So Lets Make Some Ice Cream

Just a handful of simple pantry ingredients is all you need for this dairy free, egg free, gluten free ice cream recipe! I like to use simple canned coconut milk. And dont skimp on the fat get the full fat version of whatever can of coconut milk you can find. The kind of fat in coconut milk is so good for your childrens growing brains and ever changing hormones! I dont mind using the kind that has a little guar gum in the ingredients because when it comes to making ice cream, I find it helps with a creamier texture. The basic cans of Thai Kitchen coconut milk are very budget friendly, and work well for ice cream making. If you have homemade coconut milk, or just plain coconut milk without any thing added in, that will still work too! And of course the star of the show dates! These dried fruits are packed with natural sweetness and once you soak them a little bit in some water, they blend up super smooth into your ice cream mixture. It really is as simple as putting all of the ingredients into your blender and buzzing it all up until its smooth.

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Is The Cookie Dough Required Can You Make Other Flavors

No, but I think it makes this the best almond milk ice cream.

You could just make it as a plain vanilla almond milk ice cream recipe, but then I highly recommend that you at least add the ChocZero chocolate chips . They are just so good! If youre not a fan of dark chocolate, they also have milk chocolate chips and even white chocolate chips.

I havent tested it yet with other flavors, so let me know how it turns out if you do!

How To Store Homemade Ice Cream


This dairy free almond milk ice cream recipe will make enough for about 6 large scoops of ice cream. So, if your family is around after it freezes, odds are you won’t have any leftovers.

But if you do, you can store the ice cream in an airtight container in the freezer for about 1 month. After that, it will be good to eat a little longer but can get freezer burned.

Now, this ice cream stores super well, and if you’re making it, I definitely suggest doubling or tripling the recipe. It’s so worth it and once the ice cream is gone, you’ll wish you made more.

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Coconut Ice Cream Flavors:

  • Coffee Ice Cream: Use the basic coconut ice cream recipe below, adding 2 tsp regular or decaf instant coffee to the liquid ingredients.
  • Peanut Butter Ice Cream: Stir 1/4 cup peanut butter into the liquid ingredients, and add some mini chocolate chips if desired.
  • Cookie Dough Ice Cream: Use the basic ice cream recipe, and stir in spoonfuls of this Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip or pieces of your favorite eggless cookie dough into the ice cream after blending.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream: Add 1 cup strawberries, stems removed, to the basic recipe before blending and omit the extra 1/2 cup milk of choice.
  • Salted Caramel Ice Cream: Swirl in homemade Coconut Caramel and add a quick sprinkle of sea saltand maybe some shaved chocolate!to the top of each serving.

Above Watch the video how to make coconut ice cream!

Is This A Diabetic Ice Cream

While this ice cream has no sugar in it, please understand that I am not a medical professional. While I am very knowledgeable about diabetics , every persons carbohydrate and sugar needs are different.

While this ice cream has no sugar in it and would be considered suitable for diabetics, Id still seek professional medical advice

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Sugar Free Cinnamon Ice Cream

If you’ve never tried a creamy, but dairy free cinnamon ice cream before, you are in for a real treat! Fall is the perfect time to enjoy cinnamon ice cream over a delicious low carb apple dump cake dessert!

While most homemade ice creams require dairy and eggs to make them creamy, this easy cinnamon ice cream will surprise being that it has neither of those ingredients, yet it is one of the creamiest sugar free ice creams you’ll ever have!

How To Make Sugar Free Ice Cream

Raw, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Soy-free Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

1.) Split the vanilla pods lengthways with a sharp knife. Scrape out the seeds.

2.) Pour the cream and almond milk into a saucepan. Add the vanilla seeds and the scraped pods and bring to a low boil.

When you see the edges start to bubble remove from the heat and allow to cool for about 30 minutes. Stir regularly so it doesnt form a skin.

3.) While the cream mix is cooling, put the egg yolks in a mixing bowl. Add the erythritol or sweetener of choice and a tiny pinch of salt and using an electric whisk beat until palein colour. This takes about 2 minutes.

4.) Remove the vanilla pods…..

5.) …. and slowly whisk the cooled cream mix into the eggs using a hand balloon whisk.

Now pour your sugar free ice cream mix back into your pan. Keep the heat on low and stir regularly for about 8 -10 minutes until it thickens.Do not boil!!!

At the first sign of bubbles, remove from the heat. Pour into a bowl, cover with cling film and allow to cool for about an hour at room temperature.

Transfer to the fridge and chill for at least 2 hours .

6.) Churn as per the manufacturers instructions on your ice cream maker. Mine took about 20 minutes.

For a soft serve enjoy it straight away. For a scoop-able ice cream, pour into a loaf pan, cover with cling film and freeze for 1- 2 hours, or until fully set.

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Coconut Lime Ice Cream

Another cone-worthy dairy-free recipe is this coconut lime flavor. The mix of coconut and lime sort of tastes like a Key lime pie in ice cream form.

Oh, and if youre looking for a no-churn ice cream recipe, youll be happy to hear an ice cream maker is not necessary.

Looking for a unique, irresistible ice cream flavor to try? Well, your search is over because this is it.

Cashew butter, dairy-free half-n-half, and coconut milk make up the super creamy base.

This gets even better with a drizzle of lavender-blueberry simple syrup.

Grab a good sized bowl because this ice cream is worth a triple scoop.

Homemade Dairy Free Ice Cream Maker Recipes

How to Make Homemade Almond Milk Ice Cream & Cashew Milk Ice Cream

Say hello to the BEST homemade dairy free ice cream ever made! If you want a genuinely creamy, rich, scoopable ice cream, you have got to try these homemade almond milk ice cream and cashew milk ice cream recipes. Use either cashew or almond milk, whichever you prefer, and the result is the same: AMAZING.

Seriously, this isnt just a oh, its pretty good for ice cream without dairy kind of tasty. No, thistastes just like REAL ice creameven better than store-bought! With both the homemade almond milk ice cream and cashew milk ice cream, our entire Mind Over Munch team couldnt believe our taste buds.

No chunks of ice, no dairy, no coconut, no banana, and you only need 3 main ingredients for the base recipe! The secret? Its all about the eggs. Learn how its done in the 5 homemade dairy free ice cream maker recipes below. They all follow the same essential process, but with a few flavor twists: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream, and peppermint!

Or, for a totally vegan and no machine option, try my no churn homemade vegan ice cream made with coconut milk!

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Let The Frozen Bananas Sit In The Food Processor For Five Minutes Before Turning It On

When youre ready to make your banana ice cream, break your bananas into 2 to 3 chunks and place them in the food processor and then wait for five minutes. Its critical to let the bananas thaw a little before you process them otherwise, things just get too crazy in the food processor.

To make a single serving of banana ice cream, one-and-a-half to two bananas makes a good amount.

If youve frozen super ripe bananas, you shouldnt need any additional sweetener, but if youd like, you can toss in a pitted date or a pinch of stevia. I also like to add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract at this point.

Tips For The Best Ice


Use ripe, spotty bananas for best natural sweetness .

Peel and freeze the whole banana on parchment paper this prevents sticking to the pan. This method is much easier and quicker to do. Do bunch of them so you have it for future nicecream.

Once frozen for a few hours or overnight, take them out and let them sit on the counter for about 5 minutes and then slice into 1-inch slices instead of large chunks, which can be more difficult to blend. I like to store 4 frozen sliced bananas in individual bags for easy access. Store it in a glass container or zip lock bag.

For best results let the banana thaw for a few minutes before blending. This will allow it to soften a bit and become easier to blend without any added water.

If you’re using frozen bananas straight from the freezer you could add 1 Tbsp at a time of water to encourage blending if using a high speed blender. But be careful with this method as its the fastest way to get runny ice cream.

To get the texture of true ice cream vs. soft serve, simply spread into a loaf pan or tupperware and freeze for 2 hours. Then scoop with an ice cream scoop. If it’s too firm, let thaw for 15-30 minutes.

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Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream

I am the person who could eat ice cream every day no matter what the weather is doing or what may be going on in my life at the moment. As a result, finding a way to make my ice cream without adding sugar to it was very important to me. This recipe does remind me of my Sugar Free Chocolate Ice Cream recipe.

While both recipes are for sugar free ice cream, that recipe was all about the chocolate kind, not to say that is a bad thing however.This recipe is for sugar free vanilla ice cream, which I believe also has its place on the dessert table.

This recipe for homemade ice cream does not necessarily require that you use an ice cream maker. You will need a freezer-safe container for ice cream which you can find here.

Alternate Between Pulsing For 20 Seconds And Running For 20 Seconds

Start by pulsing for 20 seconds . Then turn to on for 20 seconds then back to pulsing. After you do this sequence for 60 seconds, open up your food processor, scrape down the sides with a spatula, and break up any large chunks with a fork.

After a few rounds, your bananas will start to look like this:

At this point, you might be questioning this whole thing and thinking that this will never turn into ice cream. You might also be tempted to add liquids to speed up the process. Trust me on this one: do not add liquids ever! I cringe when I see banana ice cream recipes that include liquids. You dont need it and it just messes up the consistency. Trust the process!

Also, and this is very important, do not be afraid to walk away for a few minutes if you feel like your food processor is heating up too much. You should be okay if youre doing it the way I prescribe and you have a good food processor , but sometimes even the best food processor needs a little break.

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Extra Creamy Sugar Free Ice Cream

Another tip to make your sugar free ice cream even creamier is to add MCT oil. This is a high grade coconut oil that remains liquid even when cold. I have not tried it in this particular recipe, but ¼ cup should do the trick.

Eating raw eggs has been declared as safe in the UK, as long as they carry the “lion stamp” . If you live in a country where salmonella is still a worry, you can pasteurise your eggs at home.

Here’s how to do it: Heat water in a saucepan to 60 Celsius / 140 Fahrenheit. Lower the eggs into the saucepan and make sure they’re submerged in water. Leave them in there for 3 minutes. Make sure they’ve cooled down before you use them in the ice cream recipe!

Vegan Vanilla Cheesecake Ice Cream With Caramel Sauce

How To- Make 50 Calorie Ice cream! Dairy and Sugar Free! Low Fat and Low Carb!

Sometimes, the best decadent desserts are even better in ice cream form. This is one of those desserts.

Its amazing how the blend of coconut milk, cashews, and vanilla extract takes on a flavor reminiscent of cheesecake.

While traditional caramel has dairy, this homemade sauce is completely vegan-friendly., so everyone can have a lick of this tasty frozen treat.

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Keto Cinnamon Ice Cream

I’ve shared about it before but if you’re new around here, you might like to read about my 6 week Keto Results which also goes into detail about the differences between low carb and keto if you’re unfamiliar. Basically you want good healthy fat for satiation on a keto diet or it won’t be sustainable. This recipe is the perfect after dinner treat that gives you satisfaction in a small amount, especially if you’re anything like me and may have a slight sweet tooth LOL!

Need more Dairy Free Recipes? Check out these Low Carb Orange Creamsicles, or this Creamy Coconut Pudding.

Since it’s September, it’s also Apple Season where I live! You might enjoy some of these recipes:

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But Can You Make Ice Cream With Coconut Milk

Yes, you absolutely can! If you have dairy allergies or are vegan, or even if you just want to try something new and delicious, coconut milk is the perfect ingredient to make rich and creamy ice cream without any actual cream.

Many big brandssuch as Haagen Dazs, So Delicious, Ben & Jerrys, and Halo Topare even getting on the dairy free coconut ice cream bandwagon.

However, by making your own ice cream at home, not only do you control what ingredients go in , you also get to choose what flavors to make! You can even make multiple flavors from the same base. Have fun experimenting!

*Side Note: If you want a lower-fat ice cream alternative that is also dairy free and vegan, check out the following recipe: Banana Ice Cream 10 Different Flavors!

The recipe was adapted from this Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream.

So Delicious No Sugar Added Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert

Creamy, Easy To Make, Sugar

For about a decade, this was a favorite product among sugar-free consumers. And it was pretty darn impressive. It ranked #2 on this list, and hit the sweet spot for softness and close to normal flavor. But then, they messed with perfection. No one really knows why, because the new formula is just terrible. The consumer reviews on our site plummeted, so I bought a pint to see if it really was that bad. We had two dairy consumers and two dairy-free consumers in our taste test, and all of us made a horrible face on first bite.

  • Sweeteners: acacia gum, erythritol, monk fruit extract, stevia
  • Calories per 1/2 cup: 120 to 156
  • Sugars per 1/2 cup: < 1 to 2 grams

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Faqs About This Almond Milk Ice Cream Recipe

Which non dairy milk is the best for ice cream?

The unsweetened vanilla almond milk by Blue Diamond is my favorite one to use to make ice cream. But really any non dairy milk you want will work well!

You can also use oat milk, cashew milk, and even hemp milk to make this dairy free ice cream recipe in place of the almond milk.

Is almond milk ice cream healthy?

This almond milk ice cream is super healthy!

It has no sugar and is made with all-natural ingredients. It’s also dairy free too – so, if you’re lactose intolerant you can enjoy almond milk ice cream without hesitation.

Is this a keto friendly ice cream?

Since there is no sugar and only 1 net carb per serving, this is absolutely a keto ice cream recipe!

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