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How To Make Sugar Scrub

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How To Make Homemade Sugar Scrub Only 2 Ingredients

How to Make DIY Sugar Scrub | Exfoliating Body Scrub

In the winter time my skin feels like it is on fire.

It is so dry, red and itchy. I just cant stand it.

So, I did some research to find something I could use and all natural plus good for my skin.

A sugar scrub was just the thing I needed to help relieve my sensitive skin.

Do you suffer from dry, itchy skin in the winter time too?

Diy Sugar Scrub Ingredients

This recipe takes about two minutes to make, and its so much less expensive than store-bought brands! Its made from just two main ingredients. There are a ton of add-in opportunities here, since the base of this recipe smells neutral and is very simple. If you know someone with sensitive skin or extreme allergies, though, the classic sugar scrub without add-ins would be so appreciated!

  • Coconut oil Use unrefined coconut oil at room temperature, so its either very soft or completely liquid and easy to stir in.
  • Sugar Yup, just regular sugar that you can buy at any grocery store! I use Organic Cane Sugar, but you can use the white granulated sugar thats already in your pantry.

You Can Make This Scrub In Any Fragrance

Another thing that is great about this sugar scrub recipe is you can make it ANY fragrance you want with essential oils. Weve been HUGE fans of Young Living essential oils for years because they really help with our anxiety. So we have a big box of essential oils. We decided to make a batch with lemongrass essential oilwhich smells AMAZING. But other essential oils that would be fabulous are lavender,peppermint,orange,grapefruit, or they also have essential oil blends that are wonderful and save money because they have different essential oil combinations in one vial. Some of my favorite essential oil blends are the Christmas Blend and the Citrus Fresh blend. You can also diffuse these instead of candles and your home smells wonderful.

This is a fun craft to make with teens or tweens. They can whip up a batch of sugar scrub and give it to their friend as a birthday or holiday gift! Its really fun to make!

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Homemade Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils

In the recipe below I provide an option to add citrus zest or essential oils to the sugar scrub for scent, but it is still wonderful on its own. This is a great basic starter set of essential oils that I love. Each of those scents would make a wonderful addition to the scrub and add extra benefits.

  • Citrus is said to boost your mood and energy.
  • During cold and flu season I like to add OnGuard essential oil.
  • For more of a spa vibe I use eucalyptus and lavendar essential oil for a really soothing blend.
  • If you dont want any fragrance or benefits other than the scrub you can simply leave the essential oils out.

I also provided the option of adding vitamin E oil for an extra moisture boost. This is not required and the sugar scrub is wonderful with just the coconut oil and sugar, but Ive found the extra nourishment from vitamin E is so nice for super dry hands!

What Is A Sugar Scrub And Why Should I Use It

How to Make a Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe the Easy Way

A sugar scrub is pretty much self-explanatory. Its a body scrub made primarily of sugar. The sugar is typically paired with a humectant for moisturizing and a botanical or essential oil for fragrance and aromatherapy.

There are a number of benefits to exfoliating with sugar scrubs, including that they can slough off dry skin and help with acne, explains celebrity aesthetician Joshua Ross of SkinLab. The sugar granules gently buff your skin as you rub it across your body while the oil moisturizes.

One caveat: Ross adds that its important to use very fine-grain sugar, as using coarse sugar can lead to small microtears on your skin.

Skin care expert and founder and CEO of Beauty Kitchen Heather Marianna delves deeper into the benefits of using sugar scrubs.

Not only are they luxurious and smell delicious, but sugar scrubs are also made using common, natural ingredients in your home and therefore less expensive than other exfoliating products. Unlike microbeads, sugar dissolves easily and is also safe for the environment.

Using the proper ingredients in your DIY sugar scrub can hydrate the skin and create a dewy glow as well by exfoliating dirt and dead skin cells, unclogging pores, stimulating blood flow, and lightening the appearance of scars and unwanted marks, she adds.

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The Coarser The Sugar The More Exfoliating The Scrub Will Be

I used a combination of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove to get that yummy pumpkin pie fragrance, but you could use any combination you like.

I decided to use glass hinge top jars to store my sugar scrub. I like the idea of being able to easily open the jar and then sealing it tight when I am done.

As I was experimenting, I realized I had more than I could use, so I decided to package up a few extra jars to give as gifts. This got me thinking that these would be great hostess gifts or teacher gifts! You could literally make a huge batch, fill jars and add a pretty tag in less than 30 minutes!

I decided to tie a wooden craft spoon to my jars for easy scooping and added a stick of cinnamon to reflect the fragrance.

Instead of a paper tag, which is not very practical in the shower, I made a metal tag stamped with sugar scrub.

Isnt that the cutest thing!? I found this super easy metal stamping set at Michaels which got my creative brain going and now Im thinking of all kinds of thinks I could stamp onto metal! Haha!

In the end, I ended up with a delicious sugar body scrub that is ultra exfoliating and moisturizing. This is such a simple yet beautiful scrub and I will definitely be giving it to many friends in the coming months! If you have a great recipe for a homemade body scrub, please let me know or if you try this, I would love to hear how you like it!

Have a beautiful day!

Sugar Scrub Facial Recipe

There are a few extra considerations to take when you are making a scrub to use on your face. Firstly, make sure to use a light oil that doesnt clog pores like grapeseed oil or even the more expensive jojoba oil which closely matches skins own sebum.

Then, add just 1-2 drops of essential oils like geranium, chamomile, carrot seed oil, or lavender, depending on what your skin concerns are.

Make in small batches of 1/2 cup or less and replace it often, as you do not want any bacteria scrubbed into a delicate area like the face. Also, use a very fine sugar so that the grains dont damage delicate facial skin.

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How To Make Diy Sugar Scrubs At Home

Learning how to make DIY sugar scrubs at home is easy and is also important if you want to avoid the use of chemicals that are harmful to the skin.

Below are 5 awesome essential oil sugar scrubs recipes that smell great. They are simple to make, and the ingredients are easily available at convenience stores. I buy mine online at Amazon, and thats why I recommend them.

One of the many benefits of using a sugar scrub is that it leaves the skin feeling smooth and with a glowing appearance.

The sugar scrubs you are going to find here are DIY eucalyptus scrub, DIY lavender lemon scrub, DIY rose and hibiscus scrub, honey lip scrub, and delicious vanilla sugar scrub.

Ive also included a bonus section for you on the best essential oils for DIY beauty products.

Perfect gifts and fun to make!

This post might contain affiliate links. In the event of a sale, I get rewarded a small commission, at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

NOTE: Dont use these scrubs if you have broken or very sensitive skin. Also, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the recipes. Oils are slippery so be cautious if you use them in the shower. Use a bath mat and wash the bath or shower tray to get rid of the oil.

How To Use Your Diy Sugar Scrub

Making Creamy Whipped Sugar Scrub At Home EASY | HOW TO MAKE SUGAR SCRUB
  • Scoop a small amount of the Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub in your hands with a spoon.
  • Scrub all over your hands or feet or wherever youd like a little extra softness.
  • Allow your scrub to sit on your skin for 3-4 minutes. Enjoy this time to rest and relax.
  • Rinse well, and then pat dry with a soft towel.

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What Is A Sugar Scrub For

Sugar scrubs are perfect for exfoliating dead skin off of your body. Sugar scrubs are my BFF for my knees, elbows, and feet. I also love to use them on my tummy, back, arms, legs, and lips. And when you make your own sugar scrub, you can customize your ingredients so that you are able to exfoliate and moisturize in one step! Woot woot!

Diy Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub

Homemade Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub is an easy DIY to pamper yourself or give as a lovely gift. Its an all-natural beauty product you can use on your face or body that smells wonderful!

Banish dry, rough skin with this Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub. Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes are an inexpensive way to pamper yourself and feel like you spent a day at the spa.

We L-O-V-E them! Plus, theyre an easy DIY that anyone can do.

Seriously, this Lemonade Sugar Scrub smells so darn good and softens and moisturizes your skin beautifully without any harsh chemical ingredients.

Its a favorite. Well, its a toss-up between Pink Lemonade and Vanilla Lavender Sugar Scrub!

However, we have tons of Easy Sugar Scrub Recipes for you to try!

  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil
  • 15 drops lemon essential oil
  • 1-2 drops red food coloring

The lemon essential oil gives this scrub such a wonderful and clean lemon scent. Everyone wants this recipe as a gift!

Tip: to get the most therapeutic benefit from your coconut oil, we recommend using non-fractionated coconut oil.

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Ways To Use Lavender Sugar Scrub

  • Makes a very special hostess gift.
  • Perfect as a favor for bridal or baby showers.
  • Use as a teacher giftteachers always have dry hands!
  • Tuck in Christmas stockings or Easter baskets.
  • This lavender sugar scrub makes a beautiful, homemade Mothers Day gift.
  • Give this to your best girlfriend and she will love you forever.

I used Rocky Mountain Lavender Essential Oil for this post because I had it on hand. My honest opinion is that a less expensive oil would work just as well. As I have become more comfortable with essential oils and their uses, Ive tried brands other than Rocky Mountain, although its still my favorite. Rocky Mountain Oils are wonderful, and I can purchase them through my Prime membership on Amazon. Rocky Mountain falls in the middle when it comes to the price of essential oils. There are more expensive, and less expensive brands, and many times I cant tell the difference. I have listed a few different lavender oils at varying price points, so you can decide for yourself what you want to use.

*Affiliate links included. Click HERE for my disclosure statement.

Homemade Sugar Scrub Shelf Life

Sugar Scrub Recipe You Can Make at Home

How long does homemade sugar scrub last? If made with new ingredients, these sugar scrub recipes can be stored for up to a year. Sugar and coconut oil have a long shelf life of several years, but some essential oils last shorter than that. So use the best-before date of the essential oils as a guide.

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Homemade Body Scrub For Glowing Skin

Im so excited to share this post with you! Homemade body scrubs are my thing. I absolutely love creating fun sugar scrub recipes and play with different scent and colour combos. And today, I have not 1, but 6 different exfoliating scrubs for you!

Each recipe is made with natural ingredients and doesnt take longer than 5 minutes! What I love most about making DIY sugar scrubs is that you know exactly whats in your homemade body scrub. Creating sugar scrubs at home also allows you to customise the recipes to your skincare needs and preferences.

The Best Essential Oils To Make Diy Sugar Scrubs

  • Lavender It is probably the most popular essential oil known to man. Lavender is loved because of its sweet aroma, and its ability to soothe the skin. It goes well with frankincense and almost all carrier oils.
  • Citrus based Apart from the invigorating and refreshing nature of citrus-based oils, they have mild antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. These oils are of great help to damaged skin. Tangerine is effective in battling acne in both men and women.
  • Frankincense An extract of the Boswellia sacra, this ancient oil has been found to be effective against uneven skin tone caused by aging or sunburn.
  • Tea tree Tea tree essential oil has strong antiseptic properties. Its an excellent choice for products made to treat common skin infections.
  • Geranium Thanks to its ability to balance sebum secretion, this essential oil is ideal for use on all skin types. Geranium also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm itchy skin.

Check this great collection of essential oils for all your DIY beauty recipes.

If you have a question about how to make DIY sugar scrubs leave a comment below.

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Do Homemade Sugar Scrubs Work

My legs are especially dry during the winter and I am scratching them all the time. However, since I started using this every time I take a shower, my skin is not nearly as itchy. The sugar acts as a great gentle exfoliator and the coconut oil really moisturizes your skin. After using this sugar body scrub, you will have soft and smooth skin.

Watch the YouTube Video and subscribe to my channel for more DIY beauty items.

How To Use Sugar Scrub

How to Make Sugar Scrub Recipe DIY Kit

I use 1/2 tablespoon on both my hands, rub them gently together for 20 seconds, then rinse with water. I pat them dry, and my hands feel like silk! Its incredible for the dry winter months when your skin needs a bit of extra love. It doubles as the perfect DIY holiday gift! I love to include a pretty wooden spoon tied to the jar when I give it as a gift along with a note containing instructions on how to use it and a thoughtful well wish.

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How To Make A Sugar Scrub: 6 Sugar Scrub Recipes

A sugar scrub is a luxurious tool you can use to moisturize and exfoliate your skin. Even better? A good sugar scrub can be made for pennies, often with ingredients you already have at home. In this post, learn how to make sugar scrub recipes that can be customized for nearly every part of your body, from head to toe.

Making sugar scrubs is one of my favorite past times. Its almost an instant gratification projectit can be used right away after you mix it together, rather than having a cure or wait time like so many other natural beauty recipes do.

Im a firm believer in the power of natural ingredients, and these sugar scrubs are no exception. Heres everything you need to know about how to make a good sugar scrub recipe, and how to customize it for different uses.

Coconut Oil Hand Scrub

Pretty much everyone can benefit from a nice hand scrub, particularly in the winter months where hands become dry easily. A hand scrub also comes in handy for those who have to regularly wash hands like healthcare workers, artists, chefs, and, of coursegardeners!

Using a daily hand scrub after a day of work is an excellent way to stimulate and moisturize hands before bed. I like to use moisturizing coconut oil and a blend of ylang-ylang, carrot seed oil, lavender, geranium, and rose essential oils.

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Adding Colour To Homemade Body Sugar Scrub

Adding colour is completely optional, and it is easier to leave it out. This is what I recommend unless you particularly want coloured sugar scrub bars.

If you want your sugar scrub bar to be all natural, this means adding natural colouring which can be a little tricky to do with soap and oils.

To add colour, use a natural powder colouring and mix it with isopropyl alcohol first. A teaspoon of powder can be added to a tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol and then you can add as much as you want to the sugar scrub to get more coloring. With clays, you may need to add a little extra alcohol. It soaks it up quick.

However, note that in my experience, any colouring is going to be subtle. My peppermint sugar scrub bars pictured here are only a slight green to give you an idea of what you might get.

Some suggested products for natural colouring:

  • Alkanet root powder this will usually add a purple colour to melt and pour soap
  • Brazilian clay this comes in many different colours like yellow, purple, pink, green and red. I have used the purple variety successfully.
  • French clay this also comes in a range of colours but is most commonly found in green and pink. I have used the green colour successfully.

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