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How To Not Crave Sugar

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Eat Dates With Nut Butter

SUGAR CRAVINGS | how to stop them naturally

Dried fruit has a higher amount of sugar than fresh fruit. This means that dried picks are more likely to spike blood sugar and lead to a sugar craving. However, pairing dates with high-protein nut butter thats full of healthy fats can give us the stable blood sugar boost our body needs. A quick snack of dates and nut butter can satisfy your sugar cravings while also giving you an extra bit of fiber, iron, potassium, and loads of other vitamins and minerals.

Ways To Control Carb Cravings

We see the situation very clearly with drug addiction. What would you recommend to a heroin addict who is craving his next fix of heroin? Do you think some heroin will satisfy the craving? Well you might well do so if you dont have an understanding of addiction and youd be wrong. Do non-heroin addicts crave heroin? Of course, not why would they?

Youll agree that the addicts first shot of the drug created a craving for the second shot. The second shot created a craving for the third shot. And so on. Therefore, its easy to grasp how the next shot of heroin doesnt relieve the craving it simply makes the next craving inevitable. There is only one way for a heroin addict to quit craving the drug: STOP TAKING IT.

So how does that relate to carbs and how to fight carb cravings. Can we relate it to finding out how to reduce carb cravings or specifically how to quit craving bread and other carb-heavy foods?

If you crave bad carbs nothing will appear to satisfy that craving other than bad carbs. The way to curb carb cravings doesnt start with changing what you eat it begins with changing what you think.

If you mope and moan and feel miserable because you cant have bad carbs then youll be unhappy and the cravings simply get worse. However if you get rid of the cravings altogether, by changing what you think about them and the foods that cause them you feel wonderful.

Lets Look At The Ways Sugar Wrongs Us

  • suppresses your immune system
  • Excess sugar consumption is linked to cancer and tumor growth
  • promotes weight gain and obesity
  • disrupts the mineral balance
  • contributes to depression, anxiety and mood swings
  • promotes gut dysbiosis and fungal overgrowth in the gut
  • contributes to insulin resistance and diabetes
  • can cause hormonal imbalances
  • increases risk for Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis
  • disrupt the bodys pH balance
  • can cause hypoglycemia
  • will reduce good HDL cholesterol and increase bad LDL cholesterol
  • prohibits weight loss

Some people are more sugar sensitive than others, and part of that depends on your genetics. Regardless, you can bio-hack your diet by manipulating certain macronutrients, like protein and fat, to balance your blood glucose levels and ward off cravings.

Heres an example: Lets say you start your morning with coffee and a pastry. You probably feel pretty good because that sugar is plugging up feel-good receptors in your brain, and maybe you get a little high as your blood glucose levels spike. But a few hours later, you crash when your blood glucose plummets again, and then youre hungry, jittery, anxious, moody, irritable. You eat lunch, probably too much because youre starving and you miscalculated your hunger needs, and then you may feel tired as all your energy is diverted into digestion. You may crave sugar in the afternoon, because your body knows it gives you a quick energy boost. Does that rollercoaster sound familiar?

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Simple Ways To Stop Eating Lots Of Sugar

Eating too much sugar may be devastating for your health.

Added sugar, which is the sugar found in sodas, sweets, and other processed foods, has been shown to contribute to obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and tooth decay .

Research suggests that most Americans eat anywhere from 5592 grams of added sugar daily, which is equivalent to 1322 teaspoons of table sugar each day representing about 1216% of daily calorie intake .

This is significantly more than the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendation of getting less than 10% of your daily calories from added sugars .

The World Health Organization goes a step further, recommending less than 5% of calories from added sugar for optimal health .

However, it can be challenging to slash added sugars from your diet. This article lists 13 simple ways to stop eating so much sugar.

How To Curb Sugar Cravings With Buttermints

16 Foods That Stop Sugar Cravings

Do you struggle with sugar cravings? Do you get hangry if you dont eat? Do you struggle with hormone imbalance? Adrenal fatigue? Thyroid disease?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, taking steps to balance your blood sugar levels can help you a lot! I know it sounds like a gimmick, but these buttermints can truly help reduce your cravings very quickly! The original recipe, minus the peppermint, was created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride whos a brilliant MD and an expert on gut health.

The combination of nutrient-dense grass-fed butter and raw honey satiates the body, helps balance blood sugar levels and reduce sugar cravings.

I dont recommend making these with stevia or another sugar-free sweetener, because the very small amount of honey satisfies your current sugar cravings. The amount of fat in these little mints slows the absorption of the sugar from the honey, so you dont need to worry about blood sugar spikes.

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Drink Lemon Juice Or Lime Juice After You Eat

In one study, a group of researchers discovered that mammals are genetically hardwired to avoid sour tastes. When you eat something sour, neurons in your mouth send signals to your brain telling you to stay away from that food or drink.

Therefore, consuming lemon or lime juice with water after you eat a sugary, high-carbohydrate, or large meal may trigger signals that blunt cravings. However, if you already have low blood sugar or youre in a fasting state, you should seek advice from your doctor before trying this strategy.

You Could Also Try Something More Physical Like Exercise Yoga Tai Chi Or Even Acupuncture Or And Massage

I personally have been hitting HASfit Youtube channel because they have such a huge selection of different types of exercise and different lengths, and come across and down to earth, nice people. I also love to do a Bikram video from youtube. My two favorites are Dr. Espen Hjalmby 60 min Hot Yoga Class + Guided Meditation, and then 30 Minute Hot 26 Yoga Class Hot Yoga Asheville for a great overall stretch, and calming the mind.

If youre not already familiar with it, mindfulness is a practice that involves being fully focused on the present moment and bringing awareness to your thoughts and feelings. If you want to read more into how mindfulness works, check out this blog post.

Mindfulness has even been shown to enhance weight loss, promote healthy eating habits, help break food addictions, and even produce better examination performance. Its why I created an entire Mindfulness Library within my Sugar Balance + Wellness Circle membership community of how-tos, tools, exercises and challenges, not only to teach it but to keep it up as a super effective method to build and maintain mental resilience and calm no matter what life throws at you.

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How Does Protein Affect Blood Sugar

Protein is one of three macronutrients that provide our bodies with calories to supply us with energy. The other two are carbohydrates and fats, and each of these three affects your blood sugar differently.

Carbs cause your blood sugar levels to rise right after you eat, causing the pancreas to release insulin for transporting the sugar into blood cells. Fats, on the other hand, dont have an immediate impact on blood sugarbut eating a high-fat meal can slow down your digestion and impair insulins ability to transport sugars into your cells.

Protein helps to control blood sugar levels by helping to slow down digestion, increasing satiety , and reducing post-meal blood sugar spikes by reducing the rate at which your cells absorb sugar.

Face Your Sugar Cravings Head

What Causes Sugar Cravings & How to STOP it? â Dr. Berg

The first step in being able to say no to sugar is to face that you have a problem. In the same way, an addict must own up to the fact that control has been lost.

We know its not easy to fix a sugar addiction since we are surrounded by sugar everywhere. Plus our society tends to enable this form of addiction.

Lets face it, we celebrate with sugar, we use it to comfort ourselves and others. Just think of how a crying child is often given a lollipop to attempt to quiet them down.

Is it possible to say no to sugar if we surround ourselves with high-carb foods? Dont you agree that it would be easier to pass a temptation if it were not always nearby?

Would we ask an alcoholic to just be strong around a liquor cabinet? Of course not. Yet we somehow feel that its easy to be surrounded by trigger foods and to just learn to say no. Unfortunately, for someone with food addiction, it can be very challenging.

After all, we still need to eat and we still will have to be around family or friends who consume high carb foods. Unlike other addictions where you break off toxic relationships, thats not really an option when it comes to an addiction to food.

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Suss Out Sugary Restaurant Food

They don’t call it sweet and sour pork for nothing. Many types of takeout or eat-in cuisine are smothered in sauces or coatings made with added sugar. Even the crust of takeout pizza is likely to pack hidden sugar, even though you may not taste it, said Avena.

Glazes, condiments, and even pasta sauces are often loaded with sugar, the same sugar that is just as harmful in a prepackaged box of cookies, she adds.

Why Do I Crave Sugar

We often think our body is asking for sugar. However, the body is really tricky. What it is actually asking for is nutrients, but it is sending signals to our mind saying it wants a quick fix.

So what are some good alternatives? Choose foods that are nutrient-rich , or fiber-rich, something that is a healthy non-sugar alternative. When your mouth receives the treat it tells the brain Ive got you covered without any added sugar.

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Go For A Brisk Walk Outside

Another thing that can work is to go outside for a brisk walk.

If you are a runner, running will be even better.

This serves a two-fold purpose. First, you are distancing yourself from the food that you are craving.

Second, the exercise will release endorphins, or feel good chemicals in your brain, which can help turn the craving off.

If you cant go outside, do a few exhausting sets of burpees, push-ups, body weight squats or any other body-weight exercise.


Going for a brisk walk or running may help reduce cravings.

Make Room For The Occasional Treat

3 Step

Feeling deprived is no good for long-term health. If you say, Ill never eat ice cream or crusty bread again! you will likely obsess or eventually overindulge. Find healthful alternatives daily , or have the real stuff on birthdays and special nights. If youre straying from your healthy diet one meal a week, youre doing just fine!

These 10 tips will help free you from carb cravings so that you can go back to your life and worry about more important things, like your work, your hobbies, cooking, and time spent with friends.

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Pair Fruit With Protein

Pairing fruit with a protein will calm your craving and the protein-packed ingredients will keep you feeling satisfied longer. Kathy Siegel, MS, RDN, CDN New York-based registered dietitian and nutrition consultant for Triad to Wellness suggests trying a banana dipped in natural peanut butter, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds and cottage cheese or a smoothie made with berries, a banana, milk and ice.

Reflect Back To Identify Triggers To Know Why Sugar Cravings Happen

Please know many people struggle with sugar addiction. Its not just you, and it does not mean that there is something wrong with you.

People from all walks of life and different backgrounds struggle with sugar cravings.

You might wonder, Why do I crave sugar so much?

I wish I could give you a simple answer. But millions of people have sugar cravings. The reasons behind everyones cravings for sugar are different.

To figure out why you crave sweet foods so much you need to identify your triggers.

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How Long Does It Take To Break Sugar Addiction

Sometimes youll hear 21 days or 30 days but the truth is IT DEPENDS.

How bad are your cravings? Is this habit something that youve had for years or is this a more recent craving?

Do you get cravings all the time or just some of the time?

Look. Theres no easy answer.

The solution is to know your long-term goals, and be able to move towards them no matter what.

Check For Sugar In Canned Foods

GET RID OF SUGAR CRAVINGS | How to stop sugar cravings for good!

Canned foods can be a useful and inexpensive addition to your diet, but they can also contain a lot of added sugar.

Fruits and vegetables contain naturally occurring sugars. However, these arent usually an issue since they dont affect your blood sugar the same way added sugar does.

Avoid canned foods that are packed in syrup or have sugar on the ingredient list. Fruit is sweet enough, so go for versions labeled packed in water or no added sugar.

If you buy canned fruits or vegetables that do have added sugar, you can remove some of it by rinsing them in water before you eat them.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Cravings

If youre a sugar addict, you might notice that you have cravings for sugar all day long. And you may feel like you cant go a single day without eating something sweet. Cravings can also be triggered by stress. You might notice that you have cravings when youre upset. Or you might have a craving when youre bored. And you might also have cravings when youre on vacation. These cravings can last for up to a day. But if you eat something sugary, youll start to crave it again. So, how long does it take to stop craving sugar? If youre having intense cravings, theres a good chance that you have a disorder called addiction. This is a chronic brain disorder that can be life-long. But if you have cravings for sugar, there are some things you can do. First, you can talk to your doctor about your cravings. This may help you figure out why youre having cravings. In addition, there are some things you can do to treat cravings. You can also make some lifestyle changes to help control your cravings.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Cravings

It is common for people to have cravings for sugar. That can include sugar from foods, such as candy, cake, and cookies. Or it can be a craving for other sweet things, such as ice cream or cupcakes. Its not hard to fall into a cycle of craving more and more sugar. When people feel a craving, they usually go for something sweet to satisfy that craving. But cravings are normal. What you can do is take some time to think about why youre craving sugar. Are you craving sugar because youre trying to stop a binge? Or are you just enjoying a sweet treat? If youre a night-owl, you may be more likely to be sensitive to cravings. But, if youre a morning person, you may feel more able to control your cravings. So, if youre feeling a craving, give yourself time to think about what it means to you. And try to set yourself a limit.

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How To Stop Sugar Cravings

Want to Banish Sugar Cravings Forever? You May Not Like This Dietitian ...

The sweet taste of sugar from ice cream, candy, cola, and even breakfast cereals seems to dance on the tongue, oftentimes leaving one craving more.

Studies have found that sugar is addictive, and people who are addicted to sugar even experience withdrawal symptoms such as depression and mood swings when they try to cut it out of their diets completely.

This can be problematic for people with diabetes, who by definition cannot properly metabolize sugar and must manage their cravings for optimum blood sugar control.

This article will outline the ways to stop your sugar cravings and kick the habit for good!

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