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How To Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes

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How to Avoid Blood Sugar Spikes after Meal | 7 Easy Tips

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Cut Back On Added Sugars

Sugary drinks arent the only sources of added sugar. According to researchers at the University of North Carolina, its estimated that 60% of packaged foods contain added sugar of some form.

Processed foods dont always appear unhealthy yogurt, cereal, bread, and other foods can contain hidden added sugar. Check the nutrition facts label when shopping to help cut back on hidden added sugars.

Why Do People Get Blood Sugar Spikes After Meals

When people eat a meal, especially when it contains carbohydrates, it is normal for them to have a temporary spike in their sugar level before the insulin their body produces immediately starts working to lower the spike. For someone with type 1 diabetes, who cant produce their own insulin, these spikes can be higher and last longer.

This is because it can take longer for the type of insulin they inject to start working, in comparison to the insulin that is produced naturally by the body of someone who does not have diabetes, to reduce these post-meal spikes.

Furthermore, it is important to know that people living with type 1 diabetes may have alterations in different digestive enzymes which will cause faster digestion of our meals . This can obviously impact on the size of the spike too.

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How To Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes With The Miraburst Miracle Berry

As a diabetic or pre-diabetic, it is necessary to monitor your blood sugar levels frequently to achieve a healthy hemoglobin A1c level. Frequent blood sugar monitoring helps diabetics and pre-diabetics know when they experience blood sugar spikes, why they occur, which fruits, foods or drinks cause blood sugar spikes and which ones dont, and how to prevent them in order to better control their hemoglobin A1c. With the right information on glucose monitoring and healthy eating habits, any diabetic or pre-diabetic can better manage their blood sugar and prevent blood sugar spikes.

Diabetes Medication Dry Mouth

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Stick To Your Medication And Insulin Regimen

Skipping a dose of medication or insulin can be harmful to your body and increase your blood sugar levels.

Its important to stick to your treatment plan and follow your doctors instructions for taking your medication.


Healthful lifestyle habits can help people manage their blood sugar levels over the long term, such as eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, staying hydrated, and getting good sleep.

Eat Balanced Meals That Include Protein And Healthy Fats

Protein is one of the three main nutrients, along with carbohydrates and fat. Unlike carbohydrates, protein doesnt cause blood sugar spikes as certain carbohydrates can. Eating protein with carbohydrates can promote more balanced blood sugar levels and help prevent blood sugar spikes.

Examples of protein include meat , poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and nut butter, seeds, legumes, and soy products.

Fats dont significantly impact your blood sugar levels either, and they can help make you feel full. Healthy fats are high in omega-3 fatty acids and lower in saturated fat. Eating healthy fats can also help promote healthy cholesterol levels.

Healthy fats typically come from plant-based foods like nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, and avocados, but theyre also found in fatty fish like salmon.

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Causes And Risk Factors

As your body goes between fed and unfed states throughout the day, your blood sugar levels will naturally fluctuate up and down. In someone without diabetes, blood sugar levels are regulated by insulin and stored glycogen to stay within normal ranges.

If you have diabetes, you are at a higher risk of having a blood sugar spike than people without diabetes. Eating foods high in simple carbohydrates, like desserts, sugar-sweetened beverages, and refined-grain pasta and bread, are the main cause of blood sugar spikes.

However, there are additional causes for high blood sugar levels, such as:

  • Eating more than planned
  • Over-treating low blood sugar levels
  • Dawn phenomenon: This is a natural surge in blood sugar early in the morning. It can be higher in people with diabetes who have insulin resistance.
  • Somogyi effect: This is high early morning blood sugar levels caused by a rebound effect from low blood sugar levels in the middle of the night and your body triggering a release of hormones to raise blood sugar levels.

What Causes Blood Sugar Spikes

How To Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes After Meals Part 1 (15 Easy Steps)

First, let me define what a blood sugar spike is and how it happens. A blood sugar spike occurs when your blood glucose level rises right after eating. This is actually a normal occurrence in all people after eating foods that contain carbohydrates. When this happens, two important reactions take place in the pancreas: an immediate release of insulin and an immediate release of a hormone called amylin.

Insulin works quickly to move glucose out of the bloodstream and into cells. This takes just a matter of minutes. The amylin helps prevent food from reaching the small intestine too fast . Most of the time, the after-meal blood glucose rise is temporary, even hardly noticeable.

But for people with diabetes, these normal post-meal reactions are hampered. In people with Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas makes insulin, but the cells dont respond to it as they should. This is referred to as insulin resistance.

Since the glucose cant get into cells, the blood sugar level quickly rises. Diabetics who are on insulin therapy typically experience a significant delay in the reduction of blood sugar because it can take up to 15 minutes for the insulin to begin working. Diabetics also either do not produce amylin at all, or not in sufficient quantities. This causes their food to be digested much faster.

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Mechanism Of Action For Diabetes Medications

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Manage Your Stress Level

When youre stressed, your bodys adrenal glands release a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol triggers the fight-or-flight response, which results in physical changes such as your pupils dilating and heart rate increasing. Cortisol also increases your blood sugar levels and reduces insulin levels, according to a study.

The problem with chronic stress is that cortisol levels remain increased for much longer than is healthy. Prolonged stress can cause health problems, including the risk of having blood sugar spikes. Some studies have found that cortisol is associated with increased blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Exercise, journaling, focusing on deep breathing, and talking therapy are just a few examples of stress-reducing activities.

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When To Go To The Er

High blood sugar can be very concerning because your body can start burning fat for energy instead of blood glucose.

This can cause conditions such as DKA and hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome . These conditions are medical emergencies and can be fatal if left untreated.

DKA is a serious complication of type 1 diabetes. Its rare in people with type 2 diabetes, but can occur.

Symptoms that can indicate you should go to the emergency room include:

  • ketones in your urine, as diagnosed using a urine dipstick test

High blood sugar levels can cause a fluid imbalance in the body and can cause the blood to become acidic in a manner that doesnt support life.

Medical treatments for these conditions include administering intravenous insulin on a continuous basis and IV fluids to correct dehydration.


High blood sugar can become a medical emergency. Go to the ER if you suspect DKA or HHS.

How To Measure Your Spikes


The American Diabetes Association recommends you check your blood sugar levels right before mealtime with a blood sample from a finger stick. Then do it again 1 to 2 hours after that first bite of food.

Keep this up for a week or so. Write down the time and the blood sugar number. Make a note about anything you think might affect your levels, like medicine or exercise. And don’t forget to log exactly what you ate, along with portion sizes and the amount of carbs.What levels are too high after a meal? Experts vary on what the number should be, but the ADA says a general goal is a blood sugar level under 180 mg/dL, 1 to 2 hours after a meal. Talk to your doctor about what you should aim for, and don’t adjust your medicine without speaking to them first.

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Don’t Sit On The Couch Or Lie Down Right After A Meal

While you may want to plop on the couch and turn on the television after a long day of work and a satisfying meal, you should resist the urge to become sedentary.

“Sitting on the couch or laying down after a meal will likely make blood sugar worse because you are sedentary and your muscles aren’t burning off the extra glucose in your bloodstream,” Harris-Pincus explains.

Plus, it is a common GERD trigger, so be wary if you are prone to indigestion after eating a meal, especially one containing trigger foods, like acidic tomato sauce on pizza or pasta, for example. Wait a bit before nestling under the covers.

Eat The Majority Of Your Calories Early In The Day

Dinner may be thought of as the biggest meal of the day, but if you have elevated blood sugar, you should stop thinking of things that way. And don’t “save” your calories for a big meal either.

“Eating more of your calories earlier in the day can improve blood sugar levels since our bodies follow a circadian rhythm where we process food better during daylight hours,” Harris-Pincus explains. “People who eat a larger breakfast and lunch with a smaller dinner have been shown to improve blood sugar more than people consuming the same amount of calories but during evening hours.”

Plus, when you jam everything in later in the evening at dinner, especially if you eat dinner close to bedtime, your belly might feel too full, and GI distress could prevent you from falling asleep comfortably.

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What Should I Do If My Glucose Levels Are Too High

You should establish a treatment plan with your doctor. You may be able to manage your glucose levels through diet and other lifestyle changes, like weight loss. Exercise can also help lower your glucose levels.

Medications may be added to your treatment if needed. Most people with type 2 diabetes will start on metformin as their first medication. There are many different types of diabetes medications that act in different ways.

Injecting insulin is one way to quickly reduce your glucose levels. Your doctor may prescribe insulin if you need help managing your glucose levels. Your doctor will determine your dosage and go over with you how to inject it, and when.

Let your doctor know if your glucose levels are consistently high. This could mean you need to take regular medication or make other changes to your diabetes treatment plan. Working with your doctor to get your glucose levels under control is important. Consistently high levels can lead to serious complications, like diabetic neuropathy or kidney failure.

What Exactly Is A Blood Sugar Spike

Why Coffee Spikes Blood Sugar & How To STOP It!

Before getting into the signs of a blood sugar spike, let’s back up and define what we’re talking about here. A blood sugar spike is a rapid rise in blood glucose levels. This is most often followed by a sharp decline shortly afteraka the blood sugar crash.

By current standards, the normal blood sugar range for a non-diabetic person is between 70 and 140 mg/dL . A spike is any deviation or rise from that baseline blood sugar, explains functional nutritionist Norah Candito, M.S, R.D.

Stress can cause blood sugar spikes, but they most often happen in response to eating a carbohydrate-rich meal. “The body is receiving energy from an outside source, and until that energy is distributed throughout the body , blood sugar remains elevated,” says Candito.

While all carbohydrates raise your blood sugar to some degree, high-glycemic carbohydrates, like breakfast cereals, processed white breads, sugar-sweetened beverages, and other sweets are typically to blame for blood sugar spikes.

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Make Your Meal Schedule Consistent

“Getting into the habit of being consistent is key for a person that has diabetes, the body reacts based on what was fed in the past, therefore it is vital that a person remain consistent with times, types of foods, and portion control,” says Blanca Garcia, RDN and Nutrition Specialist of Healthcanal. “Over time the body will be balanced and the typical long-term test known as Hgb A1c will show if there was consistency in sugar levels.”

Consistency is key when it comes to reducing blood sugar spikes. Once you master this habit, you can have a much grip over reducing blood sugar spikes and feel better throughout the day.

Now that you have these eating habits down, be sure to stock up on these Best Drinks to Lower Blood Sugar, Say Experts.

What Is Somogyi Effect

The Somogyi Effect or rebound hyperglycemia refers to blood sugar levels plummeting overnight. When this happens, the body takes it as a cue to release the counter-regulatory hormones , glucagon, adrenaline, and cortisol to raise blood sugar levels in order to keep them from falling too low.

Sometimes, there is an over-correction that actually leads to hyperglycemia or elevated blood sugar levels.

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How To Lower Fasting Blood Sugar Prediabetes

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