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How To Stop Eating Too Much Sugar

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Stop Eating So Much Sugar & Eat This Instead – Low Sugar Food Alternatives

Sugar overload isnt typically a medical emergency, but a lifetime of eating too much sugar can lead to health issues that occasionally turn life-threatening. When that happens, our ER centers are here to provide you with top-notch, patient-centered care without the typical wait of a standard ER.

State-licensed and equipped to handle all of the medical emergencies that an ER attached to a hospital can treat, our Complete Care emergency facilities are here to help you get in, get out, and get on with life.

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You Crave Dessert After Dinner

The more sugar you eat, the more likely you are to crave it. “Sugar boosts feel-good hormones. Because your brain feels good, it will want that high again,” says Zeitlin. “You’re also having peaks and dips in your blood sugar, which leads you to want to eat more.”

An after-dinner sugar habit can be one of the toughest diet pitfalls to kick. “Habits can be as powerful as hunger in steering food choices. After a meal, you should technically feel full, but if you’re in the habit of treating yourself to dessert every night your body becomes conditioned to want it,” says Ansel. If this is the case for you, a lot of people find it easier to avoid sugar altogether than having less of it, she says.

Learn And Recognize All The Different Names For Sugar

Now that you know which ingredients to look for, don’t stop there. There are over 56 different names for added sugar including:

  • cane sugar
  • brown sugar
  • sucrose, glucose, fructose, dextrose, maltoseor any word ending in “-ose”

Ingredients are listed in descending order by weight. So, the closer these sugar ingredients are to the beginning of the list, the more of that sweetener is used in the food.

If several forms of sugars appear on the label, think twice about making it a regular addition to your diet. Sometimes, manufacturers will use several forms of sugar on the label to prevent a single source from appearing close to the beginning of the ingredient list. In this case, check the nutrition facts panel to see just how much sugar is in the food.

To find out exactly how much added sugar, look at a similar, unflavored version of the product you’re interested in buying and see how they differ. For example, if a serving of plain oatmeal has 1 gram of sugar and a flavored version has 16 grams, it’s safe to assume you’d be consuming 15 grams of added sugar. When it comes to candy and sweets, assume all of it’s the added variety.

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Keep Your Goals In Mind

Setting short- and long-term goals and referring to them often may help you stay on track and reduce the urge to overeat.

Knowing the reason for overcoming overeating and how overeating is preventing you from reaching your health and wellness goals can motivate you to work toward establishing new eating patterns.

Jotting down motivational quotes and hanging them in prominent places around your living space can help inspire you to stick to a plan throughout the day.

Summary Identify specific short- and long-term eating goals and refer to them often. It can even be helpful to place motivational quotes around your home.

Stop Eating Sugar Tips: The Physical Aspect

15 Terrible Things That Happen If You Eat Too Much Sugar ...

Drink a lot of water: My first recommendation is that you start drinking a lot of water right after eating sugar and throughout the day. It seems that sugar dehydrates the body and that causes even more sugar cravings.

Drink as much water as possible, at least 10 but ideally 20 glasses a day. I know it may seem like a lot, but your health will improve almost instantly and your cravings will diminish. I also know it may seem overly simple, but its extremely efficient. Do this for 21 days and share the results with me here.

Balance your sugar levels naturally: I suffer from hypoglycemia. I believe its because I ate way too many sweets growing up.

I take cinnamon mixed with dehydrated wheat grass juice daily. It looks disgusting, but it tastes OK, and it seems to balance my sugar levels. I have also noticed that taking nigari water, which is a great source of magnesium chloride, seems to bring me peace of mind, help me sleep better, and balance my reaction to sugar.

I make the water by mixing 22g of Nigari in a liter of water, but sometimes I just add one quarter of a cappuccino spoon to a glass of water and drink. I must warn you. It tastes awful, but its the only form of magnesium I know that gives me instant calmness.

I usually take it at night, one glass, an hour before bedtime. You may have to find your own plants and supplements to help balance your blood sugar levels. These two are working for me.

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Sugar Raises Your Risk Of Disease

As we all know, a sugar heavy diet often leads to excessive weight gain, which in turn can lead to many diseases, including heart disease. However, even if you dont become overweight from eating sugar, you can still be at risk of these diseases.

Excessive consumption of added sugar can massively increase blood pressure, and it can also force your liver to pump more harmful fats into your bloodstream. These two things are a recipe for disease and disaster.

Common Names For Sugar On Food Labels

In How to Feel Differently About Food by Sally Baker and Liz Hogon its stated there are more than 50 different names for sugar, although today its widely believed to be closer to 60. Sugar comes disguised under many different names and food scientists are adding more all the time, says Sally. We live in the age of sugar. Theres myriad sugar derivatives and substitutes found everywhere in processed foods, she explains.

Sugar hides in plain sight, in the least expected food from bread to soups to sauces. The only foolproof way of avoiding them is to diligently read labels. Be vigilant with regard to what you buy.

Sally recommends being wary of ingredients ending in ose as its a sugar. The most common names for hidden sugars in food include:

  • Agave nectar
  • Corn syrup
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • Rice syrup

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What To Do If You Eat Too Much Sugar When You Have Diabetes

These five things can help if you’ve overdone it on the sugar, according to a dietitian.

So you’ve overdone it on the sugar. We’ve all been therewe’ve all gone a little too hard at the dessert table, or the donuts at work, or the nighttime bowl of sweet cereal. You’re not alone in that. But, since you have diabetes, the consequences can be a bit more intense, and it’s important to take action to get your blood sugar stabilized. Don’t worrythis dietitian is going to walk to through some steps you can take to recover from a sugar overdose.

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You Can’t Get A Good Night’s Rest

How To Stop Eating Too Much Sugar | Combating Sugar Addiction

Eating a cookie or cupcake with loads of added sugar too close to bedtime can make it harder to fall asleep, at least in the short-term. “It will give you a boost of energy by spiking your blood sugar, which always makes going to bed harder when you’re trying to wind down,” says Zeitlin. It might have the opposite effect shortly thereafter because sugar triggers the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which makes you feel relaxed and even sleepy, Ansel adds. But even if it is easier to nod off, the sleep you get probably won’t be as satisfying. “You might not wake up feeling as good, because your blood sugar dips during the night,” says Ansel.

A good rule of thumb, says Zeitlin: Stop eating entirelyâespecially sugary foodsâtwo hours before bedtime, so you don’t get indigestion and sugar has time to make its way through your systemâand you can relax and get into sleep mode.

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Stock Up On Fresh Fruit

So what should you buy instead of all those sweet snacks? Nature’s candy, of course, is naturally free of all added sugars. In fact, dietitians say that eating fresh fruit is one of the healthiest ways to satisfy a sweet craving. To ensure your fruity nosh leaves you full and satisfied, pair it with protein and healthy fats, such as nuts or nut butter , keeping you fuller for longer. Examples of fruit snack pairings include:

  • raspberries and low-fat plain yogurt
  • banana and peanut butter on whole-grain toast
  • apple and low-fat cheddar cheese
  • tangerine and cashews

Foods That Curb Sugar Cravings

Sugar lights up addictive reward pathways in your brain and will inevitably cause withdrawal and cravings in the days following a binge. Imagine its like giving up anything cold turkey: its never easy to tell your body no when it wants something.

Clear your pantry of high-carb snacks to reduce temptation. Instead, stock your kitchen with quality snacks to nip those cravings in the bud before they seduce you into another sugar binge.

Sugar cravings come on fast and sap your energy, so high-fat snacks that you can eat immediately can save the day. A few options are:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Grass-fed hot dogs
  • Grass-fed meat sticks, jerky or bars
  • High-fat nuts like macadamias or almonds, preferably raw
  • Quality sugar-free nut butter spread over veggies or fruit

Check out this list of 16 keto-friendly snacks to curb cravings. For a quick snack that fuels like a protein bar but tastes like a cookie, stock up on Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars.

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Struggling To Cook Healthy We’ll Help You Prep

Cooking Light’s Food and Nutrition Director, Brierley Horton, MS, RD, explains: “When you binge on the sweet stuff, your body breaks sugar into glucose, which is released into your bloodstream. As a response, your body then releases insulin to help bring your sugar levels back down and help your cells ‘mop it up’. Whatever sugar your body doesn’t use gets stored as fat.”

Horton also adds that eating too much sugar can make your blood sugar levels spikemaking you feel hungry and craving more sugary foodsso ending the cycle is key. If youve hit the candy a little hard today, heres what to do.

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels

Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar!

Eating white bread, cookies, candy, and other carbs with high glycemic indexes will likely cause blood sugar levels to spike, then fall quickly.

This rapid blood sugar fluctuation has been shown to promote hunger and can lead to overeating .

Choosing foods with lower glycemic indexes will help prevent blood sugar spikes and may reduce overeating. Beans, oats, and brown rice are all great options.

Summary Eat foods that help keep blood sugar levels constant. High-glycemic foods like candy and white bread can make blood sugar spike then drop, which may lead to overeating. Instead, choose foods like beans, oats, and brown rice.

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A Small Amount Of Sugar Is Safe For People With Diabetes

There is no evidence that a diet high in sugar directly causes either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. However, being overweight or obese is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes and perhaps someone who is overweight might also eat a lot of sugar.In the past, people with diabetes were told to avoid eating all foods containing refined sugar. This was because it was believed the sugar would have a bad effect on their blood glucose levels. However, more recent research on the glycaemic index has shown that sugar affects blood glucose levels less than some other more starchy foods, like refined bread and breakfast cereal.People with diabetes can have a small amount of sugar in their diet. If you are adding sugar, it is best to add it to healthier foods such as wholegrain breads and cereals. For example, adding one to two teaspoons of regular jam spread on wholegrain bread is okay.People with diabetes should limit or avoid foods in which the main ingredient is sugar, such as sweets and cakes. It is also important to maintain a healthy weight to manage diabetes.

Top Foods With Fruit Rather Than Syrups

Pancakes and syrup is certainly a dynamic duo, but if you want to stop eating so much sugar, you’re going to need to separate the two. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to eat bland pancakes. Top your flapjacks with fresh fruit for a nice touch of sweetness. You can also make pancakes with ricotta cheese and lemon zest for a fresh take on the breakfast staple.

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Perspective From A Mom Whos Been There

I have raised a few teens myself, and yes, its hard to watch them overeat sweets, or lay on the couch all day and not exercise. I totally get it!

But, Ive also watched my teens get tired of feeling tired, or start to worry about the fact they cant fit into their favorite jeans.

Ive watched them make the connection to food or lack of exercise and too many sweets as the main culprit, and proceed to make changes on their own.

This is critical.

When your teen can connect the dots and recognize problematic eating habits, he has the power to make changes.

Internally-motivated changes will be far more powerful and last longer than any external motivation you can offer.

And when your teen can change himself, hes reached a level of autonomy that is approaching adulthood.

You see, your teen has to be internally motivated to make the eating changes you want to see.

He wont do it because you want him to do it, but because he wants to do it.

And thats the road to self-sufficiency.

May Increase Your Risk Of Cancer

10 Signs Youre Eating Too Much Sugar

Eating excessive amounts of sugar may increase your risk of developing certain cancers.

First, a diet rich in sugary foods and beverages can lead to obesity, which significantly raises your risk of cancer .

Furthermore, diets high in sugar increase inflammation in your body and may cause insulin resistance, both of which increase cancer risk .

A study in over 430,000 people found that added sugar consumption was positively associated with an increased risk of esophageal cancer, pleural cancer and cancer of the small intestine .

Another study showed that women who consumed sweet buns and cookies more than three times per week were 1.42 times more likely to develop endometrial cancer than women who consumed these foods less than 0.5 times per week .

Research on the link between added sugar intake and cancer is ongoing, and more studies are needed to fully understand this complex relationship.


Too much sugar can lead to obesity, insulin resistance and inflammation, all of which are risk factors for cancer.

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It Weakens Your Eyesight

Another of the many reasons to stop eating sugar, is that it could potentially damage your eyesight. High blood sugar causes the lens of your eyes to swell, which changes your ability to see properly.

It could just be a temporary problem caused by high consumption of sugar within a short period of time. Getting your blood sugar levels back down to a regular amount will fix the issue, but its still a big cause for concern.

Quitting sugar will mean you avoid this problem completely.

May Increase Your Risk Of Depression

While a healthy diet can help improve your mood, a diet high in added sugar and processed foods may increase your chances of developing depression.

Consuming a lot of processed foods, including high-sugar products such as cakes and sugary drinks, has been associated with a higher risk of depression .

Researchers believe that blood sugar swings, neurotransmitter dysregulation and inflammation may all be reasons for sugars detrimental impact on mental health .

A study following 8,000 people for 22 years showed that men who consumed 67 grams or more of sugar per day were 23% more likely to develop depression than men who ate less than 40 grams per day .

Another study in over 69,000 women demonstrated that those with the highest intakes of added sugars had a significantly greater risk of depression, compared to those with the lowest intakes .


A diet rich in added sugar and processed foods may increase depression risk in both men and women.

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Trick Your Body With Substitutes

For the first part of quitting your sugar addiction, you can try replacing sugar with sugar substitutes. You can either use artificial substitutes to do this, or look for naturally sweet foods.

Essentially, consuming these types of sugar substitutes will trick your brain into thinking its consuming sugar.

This is only to be used as a short term strategy however, as the end goal is to stop your brain from thinking its consuming sugar completely.

Sugar Contributes To Heart Problems


We have mentioned previously that excessive sugar consumption could lead to increased risk of disease. Heart disease is one of the many diseases that could be caused by eating too much sugar.

And let me tell you something, you only get one heart. Thats for sure. High blood sugar, and strain being placed on other important organs of your body, is a leading cause of heart disease.

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