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How To Wax With Sugar Wax

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Cara Menggunakan Sugar Wax Di Rumah Dan Cara Membuatnya

DIY Sugaring Wax Recipe and Tutorial – Sugar wax bisa jadi alternatif untuk sebagian orang yang kurang menyukai metode menghilangkan rambut di area tubuh dengan cara dicukur.

Prosesnya yang mudah, cepat dan terjangkau membuat waxing dengan sugar waxing ini menjadi pilihan tepat.

Pergi ke salon mungkin akan menghabiskan cukup banyak waktu untuk melakukan perawatan ini.

Oleh karena itu, sugar waxing bisa menjadi alternatif untuk perawatan menghilangkan rambut di badan.

Keuntungan lain dari menggunakan sugar wax yakni bahannya yang alami dan mudah didapatkan.

Sehingga akan lebih aman daripada menggunakan bahan buatan lainnya seperti krim pencukur.

Selain itu, waxing dengan gula tidak akan terlalu menyakitkan jika dilakukan dengan cara yang tepat.

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Eksfoliasi Setelah 24 Jam

Salah satu efek samping waxing yang dapat terasa mengganggu dan tidak nyaman adalah rambut tumbuh ke dalam. Untuk mencegahnya, Anda mungkin dapat melakukan pengelupasan atau eksfoliasi setelah 24 jam.

Ini dapat membantu mencegah rambut tumbuh ke dalam dan menjaga kulit tetap halus. Setelah eksfoliasi, jangan lupa aplikasikan produk perawatan kulit favorit Anda.

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What Should You Do Before And After Your Homemade Sugar Wax


1. Soap and water should be used to wash your skin.

Using warm water will open up your pores, making waxing more comfortable and less painful.

In addition to keeping your skin clean, youll lower your risks of contracting infections, which are uncommon but worth being cautious about.

Ingrown hair is less likely when your pores are open.

2. Two days before treatment, carefully exfoliate.

Scrub your skin in a circular motion with a bristle brush or nylon glove.

Because sugar wax lifts dead skin cells as well as hair, exfoliating will help the sugar wax stick better in the end.

If some of the dead skin is removed, the wax will be able to do its job and adhere to the hair.

3. The night before the procedure, moisturize your skin.

Keep your skin and follicles hydrated by locking in moisture.

You should avoid moisturizing on the day of your sugar wax since you want to start with clear skin.

4. Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption before the event.

Caffeine and alcohol consumption can increase the risk of bleeding.

For at least 24-48 hours before the procedure, dont use any retinoid creams.

5. Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight. Sugar waxing and sunburn are not a good combination.

Before sugaring, keep your skin out of the sun for a minimum of 48 hours.

If thats not an option, at the very least, cover any places you intend to wax.

6. Remove the bath and body products from the equation.


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Safety Tips That You Must Follow Before & After Waxing

  • Cook your wax properly to avoid a soft and sticky wax thats not usable.
  • If you cook the wax for too long, it will become hard like candy.
  • Make sure you test the temperature of the wax before applying.
  • Your hair should be roughly 1/2 inch or longer to achieve the best results.
  • For upper lip waxing, you can apply the wax as far as the corners of the mouth.
  • When waxing stray eyebrows, outline them and use a spoolie brush to separate the ones you wish to wax.
  • Wax your arms and legs in separate sections to ensure thorough hair removal.
  • Avoid chocolate or fruit wax in the bikini area as that can lead to irritation and infections.
  • Apply a dab of oil post-waxing to get rid of excess wax and avoid inflammation.
  • Things To Remember When Applying Sugar Wax

    DIY Sugaring " wax"  that really works

    Here are some of the important things to remember to master how to sugar wax at home properly and effectively remove unwanted hair:

    • Feel free to use sugar wax anywhere there is unwanted hair you wish to remove.
    • Start with clean and dry skin
    • Perform sugaring after a bath or shower
    • Make sure your body hair is not too long
    • Use baby powder, cornstarch, arrowroot powder, or rice powder over the area you want to wax to help sugar wax stick to the hair.
    • Scoop out and use about a lime-sized sugar wax paste.
    • Pull the paste by stretching it against your hair growths direction.
    • Flick only as far as your wrist can go.
    • Dont pull wax out or up pull along to the natural direction of your hair.
    • Sugar the area multiple times if needed to totally remove hairs.
    • When it gets painful, gently rub and put pressure on the area with your other hand to minimize pain.

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    Mistake : Your Hair Isnt Long Enough

    My first attempt at sugar waxing was a total flop. And it was all because my hair was too short.

    Dont make the same mistake I did and waste your hard-earned sugar wax. Pack the patience and let the hair grow, even if you start feeling more like a Bigfoot.

    The suggested length for waxing is about a 1/4 of an inch, so make sure you dont shave for a week at the very least. Honestly, it will just depend on how fast your hair grows, but if its about the length of a normal fingernail, youre good to go!

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    How To Use Your Homemade Sugar Wax

    Just like with regular wax, preparing for sugar wax is similar. First, clean the area completely. Then, lightly sprinkle some powder over the desired area. Next, apply the wax to the area while its still warm. Once the wax is dry, simply peel it off in the same direction as hair growth using a quick motion. That is all you need. No wax strips, no cloth, just the wax. How amazing is that?

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    How To Make Sugar Wax At Home: 3 Easy Foolproof Diy Recipes

    If you want to learn how to make sugar wax at home you are in the right place because I have 3 foolproof DIY recipes to share with you.

    If you are still using a razor to get rid of unwanted hair or going to a beauty salon to get your waxing done, you should read this.

    In this DIY age, many treatments that professionals perform can be done in the comfort of our houses in more convenient ways.

    You can make your own sugar wax at home with available ingredients from your kitchen.

    And the best benefit of all is the money you are going to save. If you go to the salon every month, making your own homemade sugar wax is going to save you serious bucks.

    Please note that this post contains affiliate links. It means that if you buy through my links I will receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you.

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    Diy Leg Waxing With Sugar: A Review

    How to Make Sugar Wax at Home | Beauty with Susan Yara

    Over the last 2 decades Ive shaved my legs, Ive epilated, Ive waxed, Ive not done anything but as with anything Im always looking for a non toxic, lower ingredient, lower waste version of a way to do something! With dark hair I prefer the ease of waxing over shaving but I dont want to pay to have it done professionally, and I wanted a low cost, non toxic way to do it at home so Ive been meaning to try sugar waxing for ages.

    When I started looking into it, there are a ton of different recipes on the internet so I wanted to share my review. Overall its a method I highly recommend, but I think people could be put off by the process so give it time and patience!

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    Preparing Your Skin For Waxing

  • 1Wash your skin with soap and water. Use warm water to open up your pores for a more pleasant, less painful waxing experience. Clean skin will also reduce your chances of getting infections, which are rare but worth being cautious about!XResearch source
  • Opening up your pores also reduces the risk of ingrown hair.
  • 2Exfoliate gently 2 days before treatment. Use a bristle brush or nylon glove to rub your skin in a circular motion.XResearch sourceExfoliating will ultimately make the sugar wax stick better, because sugar wax will lift up dead skin cells in addition to hair. If you remove some of the dead skin, the wax can just do its job and stick to the hair.XResearch source
  • 3Moisturize your skin the night before the treatment. Lock in moisture to keep your skin and follicles healthy.XResearch source However, you donât want to moisturize on the day of your sugar wax, because you want to start with clean skin.XResearch source
  • Make Sure The Area You’re Waxing Is Completely Dry

    Because sugar wax is water-soluble, if there’s any moisture in the area you’re trying to apply it to, it won’t stick. “The skinâs natural reaction to hair removal is to start perspiring,” says Sallehy. After you’ve towel-dried your skin, apply baby powder or something similar so that your skin will be completely dry throughout the process.

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    Important Notes On Heating Your Sugar

    Realistically, youre going to have to do this a couple times to find what works best for you. I recommend starting with the soft ball stage because you can always heat more, but not less. This will probably be a good temperature for you if you live in a colder region. If you live somewhere hot and humid, you may find that you need to heat your mixture to the firm ball or hard ball stage so that it doesnt get melty and sticky as you work. If youre heating to a firmer stage, its highly recommended to knead before storing, or youll need to reheat your mixture to get it out of the jar. Please keep in mind that the warmer your sugar is, the softer it will be. So if youre working with it right away when its still warm, and its too loose, you can either heat it to a firmer state, or wait for it to cool more.

    *Support your local sugaring salon, if youre financially able to do so!

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    How Will Sugaring Effect My Tan And Or Sunburn

    What is Sugaring Wax, A Homemade Sugar Waxing Recipe

    Do it before, not after. Whatever area youre sugaring will be exfoliated and revealing fresh glowing skin. We highly recommend sugaring 24 48 hours prior to sun exposure to get the most out of your time in the sun. Be sure to wear an ocean-safe and non-toxic sunscreen to protect your fresh glow. Sugaring right after tanning isnt recommended since the skin is usually irritated and busy with melanin production.

    The same rules go for faux tans before not after. Since faux tans reside in the top-most layer of the skin, which is mostly dead skin, sugaring will just remove it.

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    A Beginners Guide To Sugar Waxing

    Sugar waxing is one of those things I always swore I would never try. I chalk it up to one too many botched eyebrow waxes as a teenor maybe its just the thought of burning myself with melted sugar that doesnt sit well with me.

    Either way, Im happy keeping a safe distance between me and any sort of depilatory wax if I can help it. But Im curious by nature, so I started doing some research. It turns out theres a good reason sugaring has become so popular. Said to be traditional waxings cheaper, less painful and more natural sister, sugar waxing promises a 3-ingredient alternative to daily shaving.

    While the thought of ripping my hair out by the root doesnt exactly thrill me, not having to shave my legs for a couple of weeks totally does. So I went ahead and looked fear in the face, gathered up the ingredients, and gave it a whirl.

    And guess what? Im now a wax-at-home convert.

    The Benefits Of Sugar Waxing

    When it comes to choosing a hair removal method, you’re usually faced with a “pick your poison” situation in which you have to choose between cuts and ingrowns , pain and damaged skin , or spending thousands of dollars . “With sugaring, you donât have any of those challenges,” says Sallehy. Here are some benefits:

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    How To Sugar Wax: A Beginners Guide

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase.

    Body hair is a normal part of being human. All of us have it! However, its totally fine if you want to remove certain hairs from your body.

    Do you have sensitive skin though? Would you like natural hair removal to achieve smooth, hairless skin?

    If yes, try sugar waxing, also known as sugaring. Sugaring is the gentler, more natural alternative to traditional waxing that yields longer results.

    The best part about this method is that its also easy to make at home! If you want to know how to sugar wax, keep reading to learn more about it!

    A Note About Wax Strips

    DIY BRAZILIAN WAX – Making sugar wax at home | EASY

    Your options are basically two here: you can either buy them or my personal favorite, make them by getting your hands on any pure cotton cloth and rip/cut it into about 3 x 9 inch strips

    The directions here were a little lengthy, but after just trying it once, youll notice its super easy and effective. As an odd bonus, try tasting your sugar wax its surprisingly delicious!

    A word about the products suggested on this post:

    **I have either thoroughly researched and/or used the above products myself, and some may be displayed as items from affiliation programs such as Amazon associates. Purchasing any product from this link does not affect your cost in any way, it just allows me to receive a small commission to help support this blog.

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    Natural Skincare Products Are Made With Food But Dont Eat Them

    Most DIY skincare products are made with ingredients in our pantries and refrigerators.

    Oatmeal coconut oil sugar scrub looks and smells like cookie crumbs.

    Please dont them.

    These are just a few examples.

    Give your skin some sugar, not your belly.

    FACT: Sugar is not good for your intestines.

    FACT: Sugar can be very good for your skin.

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    Is Homemade Sugar Wax Safe

    When properly educated on how to safely sugar wax at home, it can be a good option, plus cheaper and more comfortable, says Dr. Green. That said, DIY sugar wax removal can come with some risks. You can accidentally rip your skin off instead of hair, which can cause pain, inflammation and an increased risk of infection â sugar waxing at home is often less sanitary than sugar waxing done at a salon. That’s why it’s best to start on clean skin, use clean tools, let the hair grow out slightly so the wax has something to grip onto and follow all the proper skin prep steps, below.

    “Sugar mixtures that are too hot when applied can burn, and technique matters when pulling off the strips,” Dr. Amin says. “It does take experience to get the right consistency, so maybe skip the mess and leave it to the pros.” If you decide to take it into your own hands, he recommends letting the mixture cool to room temperature and soften to a sticky, honey-like texture. If it’s too hard, add a little water.

    Lastly, you should avoid both traditional waxing and sugar waxing if you are undergoing treatment with oral isotretinoin, treated the area with laser hair removal or if you have any skin conditions. Sugaring should only be done on intact skin.

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    How To Apply Sugar Wax

    While sugaring is a lot like traditional waxing, there are a couple differences:

    1. Let the wax cool to room temperature. Unlike traditional wax, sugar wax doesnt need to be hot to work.

    2. Once cool, scoop the wax out of the container and apply it with a butter knife, popsicle stick, or your hands. Youll want to apply a ¼-inch layer of wax against the direction of the hair and gently press it onto your skin.

    3. Pull the skin taught. Then get a good hold off the wax and, with a quick flick of your wrist, pull in the direction of hair growth.

    4. You can roll the wax between your palms and re-use it on different sections of skin until its no longer sticky.

    One cup of sugar wax should last for several applications, so make sure to save any leftovers in the refrigerator and gently warm prior to use.

    How To Make Sugar Wax At Home With Or Without Lemon: A Step By Step Guide

    DIY: How to make Sugar Wax for Hair Removal As one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted hair, waxing should be done with sugar wax. Have you ever heard that you can make sugar wax on your own at home?

    If it is the first time you hear it, then you need to read this article thoroughly because Tripboba will guide you with 3 tutorials on how to make sugar wax without fail at home. Not only that, we will share with you 5 valuable tips that you shall not skip.

    Ready to learn how to make sugar wax at home? Lets get started!

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