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How To Wean Myself Off Sugar

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Just Stop Eating It What Are You A Baby

I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook

Or, more diplomatically put by Ashy-Boyd: “It’s all about making sure you’re eating a balanced diet, so you never get into a place where your blood sugar has dropped.” This involves ceaseless snacking of foodstuff with a low glycaemic load, foods that are mainly hummus or things that remind you of hummus or things that are called “hummus” but aren’t, in an attempt to appeal to people who only eat hummus . You combine this with an oatcake, or something containing pumpernickel , and you ignore all the people who are looking at you and definitely thinking: “I wish she would just eat properly and not like some kind of idiot koala.”

“That’s one way of protecting yourself,” Ashy-Boyd continues. “The other thing is, if you are a big sugar eater, you have to be conscientious about it. Maybe allow yourself a couple of days to go without it. And then once it’s out of your bloodstream, it’s so much easier to combat that desire.”

Cold turkey, see? It’s all about the cold turkey.

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Three Balanced Meals A Day

Stick to three regular meals and day and don’t skip breakfast as the first meal of the day ‘will keep you full for longer and maintain balanced blood sugar,’ says Adrienne. She adds: Most people find that when they introduce adequate fat and protein to their diet, their energy becomes more stable and cravings diminish.’

The Solution: Balance Your Microbiome

Luckily, as I told Lynette, there is a simple solution. Shift the balance within your microbiome from unfriendly to friendly, and your sugar cravings will disappear.

Eating from the microbiome diet plan is a great place to start. Following are five foods that can help balance your microbiome and free you from your sugar cravings.

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How Much Sugar Should I Eat Per Day

The real question is: How much added sugar should be consumed per day? Recent food labeling requirements have changed to help consumers better navigate their food choices. One recent change was the addition of added sugars on the Nutrition Facts label. If you look on the label, you may see a section for sugar and then added sugar underneath.

Sugar is the amount of sugar that is in that food by default , and added sugar is the sugar that was added into that product. Try to limit added sugar to less than 10% of your daily calorie intake. So, if you consume about 2000 calories per day, try to limit foods with added sugars to 200 calories per day.

Can You Quit Sugar Cold Turkey

7 Ways To Wean Yourself off Sugar When You Have a Sweet Tooth (With ...

Knowing how to quit sugar is one thing but should you go cold turkey or take it slowly? Cutting down can be tough and going cold turkey rarely gets long-lasting results, warns Rob. ‘Psychology plays a huge role as mood, boredom and habit can drive your desire for the sweet stuff. A lack of sleep, skipping meals, hormones and visual temptation can also contribute to sugar cravings, he says.

But there are ways to manage this challenging period. Some people suffer blood sugar imbalances making them feel rather jittery. But this can be avoided by eating sufficient protein, advises Suzie.

If you find the thought of going cold turkey too extreme weaning yourself off slowly may suit you better. A useful approach is to make small changes to your diet. Reduce the sugar you add to coffee or tea, choose lower-sugar food products and switch sweet treats for healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit, suggests Rob.

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This Is The Absolute Best Way To Wean Yourself Off Sugar

What better way to jump on the “get healthy” New Year’s bandwagon than cutting way down on sugar?

Yep, it seems like a no brainera diet high in the white stuff is linked to weight gain, diabetes, cancer, depression, and even cognitive problemsbut kicking the habit isn’t that simple. The holiday season has probably riled up your inner sugar monster, leaving you cranky and craving all the carbs, all the time. So how do you break up with this stuff when it’s calling your name?

With the help of Laura Schoenfeld, RD, holistic nutritionist at Ancestralize Me, and Gina Hassick, RD, nutritionist at Eating Well with Gina, we’ve outlined the most effective way to free yourself from the grips of all things frosted, candy-coated, and caramel-filled.

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1) Pick a Plan That Fits Your Personality: Cold Turkey or Gradual Tapering

If strict dietary rules stress you out and being told to eliminate something makes you want it that much more, gradually tapering your sugar intake while allowing yourself treats in moderation might work better. Hassick suggests gradually diluting your sugar-sweetened drinks with more water over time adding fresh fruit to yogurts and oatmeal instead of maple syrup or honey switching from white refined grains and breads to fiber-rich whole grains and shrinking dessert portions, or only consuming dessert on certain days or occasions.

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4) Don’t Rely on Artificial Sweeteners

While Were Waiting Look At Labels We Have Now

As illustrations, we use what we most love. You can think about your own desires and find the labels for them.

Ben and Jerrys ice cream contains 26 gm of sugar in 1/2 cup, and I have never eaten less than 1.5 2 cups for dessert.

You know sugar has been added by looking at the ingredient list. For example, sugar is the third item, meaning more important, and also the fifth and later as cane sugar. So of the 20 gm, much is added. I have nothing against Ben or Jerry, many ice creams are high in sugar, I picked it as Dr. Coe loves it, and I too when around him, have it on occasion.

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How Long Does It Take To Withdraw From Sugar

You’ve decided it’s time to learn how to give up sugar, so what can you expect? Sugar is known to be addictive and to have similar effects on the brain as some recreational drugs, says Adrienne. When you cut it from your diet, you’re likely to crave it more. You’ll possibly also experience low mood and anxiety as dopamine levels reduce, as well as disrupted sleep , headaches and fatigue , she explains.

These feelings should only last a few days, she adds reassuringly. But they may last longer depending upon how much sugar you currently consume.

Although withdrawing from sugar does not provoke the same unpleasant symptoms as stopping caffeine says Suzie, if you eat a lot of the white stuff youre likely to feel its absence. Certainly for the first few days, people may suffer from very strong sugar cravings . Plus, they may notice energy levels flagging as the body adjusts, explains Suzie. However, tastebuds may change within one to two weeks and sugar cravings can disappear.

How Long Does It Take To Detox From Sugar

5 Days of No Sugar | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

Before we continue we have to clear something up it’s not, scientifically speaking, possible to detox from sugar. Our bodies rely on sugars for fuel and for brain, central nervous system and red blood cell function. That said, it is possible to reduce many sugars from your diet, if you wish.

Another important note: “detoxing” sugar has not, to our knowledge, been analysed in a clinical study and there is no prescription on the amount of sugar-free days you want to log to re-set your relationship.

But, some people find that going three days cold turkey can recalibrate their palette, so that they can taste the natural sugars in vegetables and fruit more, while most sugar-free nutrition plans take you through eight weeks of nada sweet stuff, followed by a reintroduction phase for fruits and small allowances for dark chocolate and the like.

It’s crucial to note here that everyone’s different some will find it easier to reduce sugar intake than others, and cutting out many sources of sugars isn’t for everyone.

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Protein With Each Meal And Snack

‘The most effective way to stop sugar cravings is to eat plenty of protein at each meal, advises Suzie.

For example, an apple with a few almonds makes a great afternoon snack. If youre having a fruit smoothie, add a little rice or pea protein powder to help balance blood sugar levels and banish cravings, she says. You’ll find some high protein, low-cal snacks here .

Always Check The Labels

‘As well as sugar, look out for honey, syrup, glucose, fructose, fruit juice concentrate, malt syrup and dextrose,’ says Brown. ‘And remember, the higher up it appears in the ingredients list, the more there is in the product.’

That said, you definitely don’t need to cut out any and all foods containing sugar . Rather, aim to keep your intake within the recommended daily allowance.

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Taper Off Forbidden Sugars

I recommend using a step-by-step instead of a cold turkey approach to weaning off sugar. Its really hard to just give up sugar completely, especially if you are accustomed to eating a lot of sugar.

Heres the order I recommend when weaning off sugar.

1. Get rid of refined sugars in processed foods first. Pick one or two products each week to eliminate from your diet to make the transition easier:

Most fruit drinks

Some yogurt and dairy products

Regular sodas

Crackers and some varieties of chips

Granola bars

2. Eliminate the use of white sugar in drinks like coffee or tea. This can be a difficult step however, it is necessary. Over time you will get used to drinking it plain.

3. Stop adding sugar to fruits and vegetables. Believe it or not, I used to add sugar to fruit all the time and doused sweet potatoes with brown sugar. If this is one of your habits, stop it gradually. Fruit is sweet all by itself and definitely doesnt need to be enhanced with white or brown sugar.

4. If you must sweeten fruit or drinks, use a bit of honey. Be sparing because although honey does have some nutrients, it is still sugar.

How Sugar Affects The Brain


Addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine produce a high because they either masquerade as neurotransmitters or prompt the nervous system to release a flood of them. These kinds of changes in brain chemistry lead to dependence, withdrawal, and addiction.

Sugar triggers a release of endorphins, the natural opioids that are widely recognized for reducing pain after youre injured and boosting happiness after you exercise. Sugar also triggers a release of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter linked to cravings.

In animal studies, researchers have found that sugar withdrawal mirrors withdrawal from other drugs, like cocaine and heroin. But animals seem to be more prone to “sugar addiction” than we are. In one study, when given a choice between cocaine and sugar, cocaine-addicted rats primarily chose the sugar.

Sugar is a tricky thing. There are sugars in many of the healthy foods you eat, including fruit, bread, and dairy products. When we talk about sugars from a health perspective, what we are usually talking about are the refined sugar added into things like bread, candy, and soda. This includes table sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and white flour.

Whether or not you can actually become addicted to, or physically dependent upon, sugar depends largely on your definition of addiction. But it does appear that many people experience withdrawal-like symptoms when they give it up.

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Symptoms Of Cutting Added Sugar From Your Diet

Cutting added sugar from your diet may lead to physical and mental symptoms.

How the body reacts to giving up sugar is different for everyone. The symptoms and their severity will depend on how much added sugar you were taking in through sweetened foods and beverages.

Some people find that their symptoms last from a few days to a couple of weeks.

As your body adapts to a low added sugar diet over time and your added sugar intake becomes less frequent , the less intense your symptoms and cravings for sugar are likely to be.

You may find that your symptoms are worse at certain times of the day, such as between meals. Stress may trigger for sugar, so you may find that your symptoms feel worse during times of stress.

Balance Your Blood Sugar

Hyman recommends keeping your blood sugar steady throughout the day to reduce intense cravings for sweets that may occur when your levels plummet. Eat regular meals and snacks to supply your body with a steady stream of glucose, the fuel for your cells. For example, have eggs for breakfast, a salad with baked chicken or tofu for lunch and broiled salmon with steamed veggies for dinner. Snacks could be a handful of nuts or a serving of plain yogurt with fruit.

  • Hyman recommends keeping your blood sugar steady throughout the day to reduce intense cravings for sweets that may occur when your levels plummet.
  • Eat regular meals and snacks to supply your body with a steady stream of glucose, the fuel for your cells.

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Identify The Main Culprit

We all have one type of food or drink that is probably the most major of all the culprits of our continued dependency on processed sugar. Maybe you are a sweet coffee drinker. Maybe you love your Dr. Pepper. Maybe you sneak a candy bar every day at 2:30pm to get you through the afternoon at work. Its likely this one culprit that scares you about letting go of processed sugar and quitting for good. Its also likely this one culprit that is holding you back from reaching your health-related goals.

Each change you make during this process of quitting processed sugars will help you with the next change. Attacking this main culprit head-on will certainly work to help you remove the need for sweets within the rest of your diet. Start looking at that treat as your ball and chain to sugar. Get rid of it and youll be soooo much better off I promise.

Strawberry Crisp With Vanilla Ice Cream

How to Treat Artificial Sweeteners

April 25, 2017 by

I really fell off the sugar wagon this Easter, so Ive been craving sweets way too much lately. In an attempt to wean myself off of the pure sugar desserts, I concocted this nutritious strawberry crisp which is not only full of fruit, nuts, and oats, but is also so easy to throw together when youre wanting something sweet.

I have to give my mom credit for this recipe idea, because she recently made a strawberry cobbler for the family when she realized she was out of blueberries. She used brown sugar in her recipe, and it was delicious . I decided to create a slightly more nutritious version by adding sliced almonds and using coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. I loved the results! The almonds give the cookie crumble an extra crunch to contrast the softness of the fruit. Oh, and I serve it hot with a small scoop of vanilla nondairy ice cream . YUM!

The strawberries are great this time of year, which helps this dish a lot in terms of natural sweetness. If the strawberries at your local store dont look that great, you can also use frozen berries. Just be sure to thaw them and cut them before adding them to the recipe.

I only buy organic strawberries because strawberries are high on the pesticide list. Pesticides seem to cling to the tiny seeds on the outside of the strawberries, and rinsing doesnt seem to help much. I think organic berries taste better anyway.

Another option: Grow your own!

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Increase The Amount Of Whole Unprocessed Fats In Your Diet

The sugar cravings many of us experience are due to the lack of enough healthy, whole fats in our diet. Dietary fat stabilizes blood sugar .. sweet cravings become overwhelming on dips in blood sugar.

I used to think that it was a lack of willpower that was preventing me from succeeding in getting my sugar cravings under control. As it turned out, it wasnt a lack of willpower at all. It was my low-fat diet that was the primary problem.

Once I switched from skim milk to whole milk , the whole yogurt from low-fat or fat-free yogurt, and butter from vegetable oil and butter substitutes, I noticed my sugar cravings rapidly diminished!

As part of this step, be sure to clear out of your pantry any item that features a reduced-fat or fat-free marketing line on the package.

Ways To Work Towards Beating Sugar Cravings And Addiction

Choose a date and stop bringing any unapproved foods into your house at that time.

The first step in creating the habt to wean yourself off of sugar is to stop buying foods with sugar in them. Especially if youre doing Whole30, look at the list and see whats approved and whats not. only buy approved items from this day forward. It doesnt mean you cant eat unapproved foods .

It means youre eating less of them and getting more creative over time with the real food you have.

Buy your food through Amazon and on Amazon Pantry to cut down on your impulse buys.

While youre only buying approved foods, you can shop online to ensure youre not tempted by everything around you at the store. In fact, I found even shopping at the farmers market for many years, I bought all sorts of things like cookies and pies that people baked. So online, searching for your specific products is a great way to cut down on the temptation to buy bad food.

Eat up the unapproved food you have in your pantry and freezer.

Actually make it a point to eat everything in your house that wont fit the long-term plan of being healthy. If youre like our family, then food is too expensive to just give away or throw out, so make the meals you love with what you have. And gradually, since youre not bringing new bad food in, you will be eating better and better.

Start taking cayenne, lemon, and garlic in the mornings with warm water to curb sugar cravings.

Replace your sugar cravings with high-protein snacks.

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