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Is Splenda Brown Sugar Keto Friendly

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Using Your Brown Sugar Alternative In Recipes

Keto Sweeteners: List Of Approved Sugar Substitutes & Worst Keto Sweeteners To Avoid! | Dr. Nick Z.

You can make this up as needed, or make a batch in advance and keep it in a mason jar in your cabinet. Its so easy to make up that theres no need to make up a ton and have it at the ready, but its nice to have on hand for a quick recipe if you need it.

Its also delicious stirred into a cup of coffee as an occasional treat .

But my all time favorite way to use this sugar free brown sugar? Chocolate Chip Cookies. The brown sugar substitute gives such a great flavor and texture to them that traditional sugar substitutes fall short of.

And pssstin case you didnt realize it, you can use this in place of Sukrin Gold, Lakanto Golden, or other store-bought brown sugar recipe alternatives, too!

How To Replace Sucralose

Although it is regarded as safe in doses that are typically consumed, many people are concerned about this artificial sweeteners health effects. In general, animal studies indicate that sucralose can have harmful side effects in high doses, but human studies are still inconclusive and leaning toward it being safe for most people.

Fortunately, sucralose is so sweet that it is almost impossible to consume it in the amounts that were harmful to the lab animals. In fact, it is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar, making it sweeter than any other sweetener that is typically used on keto.

We rarely recommend using sucralose in our keto recipes, but when we do, we stick with pure liquid sucralose. The powdered sucralose comes with trace amounts of carbs that can cause an insulin response and impair your ketone production. Pure liquid sucralose has no carb-ridden ingredients so you will be able to get all of the sweetness without diminishing your results.

A Quick Word On Molasses

If youre interested in the nutrients molasses contains, you might consider skipping the brown sugar and using straight molasses. Blackstrap molasses in particular is high in magnesium, which studies have shown aids in insulin sensitivity. Insulin resistance is a step toward type 2 diabetes, so its important to maintain good magnesium levels in addition to watching your carb and sugar intake.

While its not a zero-carb sweetener, the mineral content in blackstrap molasses could make it allowable in very small doses on the keto diet. Be careful though, its not a one-for-one switch, and blackstrap molasses could add a flavor youre not used to in baking recipes.

Make sure to look for recipes that specifically call for blackstrap so that you know youll get the outcome youre looking for. Youll likely end up using one of the sweeteners suggested below in addition to the blackstrap to get a more palatable flavor.

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The Best Of The Rest More Of Our Favorite Keto Sweeteners

Bocha Sweet Bocha Sweet is an extract from the Japanese Kabocha Pumpkin, which is considered a superfood. Bocha sweet has zero calories and is 100% plant-based with no fillers or additives. If youre looking for a natural sugar substitute or trying to avoid sugar alcohols, Bocha Sweet is definitely worth a try!

The Breakdown on Bocha Sweet:

  • Calories 0
  • What its made of Kabocha extract
  • Estimated Cost High

Lakanto Sugar-Free Maple Syrup Its just not breakfast without some maple syrup, and thats exactly why Lakantos Sugar-Free Maple Syrup made the honorable mentions list!

However, this is SO much more than just a breakfast topping! We use Lakanto sugar free maple syrup in low carb baked goods and even keto-friendly drinks!

Enjoy classic maple syrup flavor, but without any of the sugar! Much like Lakantos Monk Fruit Sweetener, this maple flavored syrup made with a mix of monk fruit, Erythritol, and other natural ingredients.

The Breakdown on Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup:

  • Calories 0
  • Net Carbs 1g
  • What its made of Purified water, tapioca fiber, chicory root inulin, potato starch, sea salt, natural flavors, monk fruit extract, fruit juice , natural citrus extract
  • Estimated Cost Low moderate

The Breakdown on Allulose:

  • What its made of Allulose
  • Estimated Cost Moderate High

The Breakdown on Stevia Extract:

  • Calories 0
  • Net Carbs 0g
  • What its made of Stevia leaf extract
  • Estimated Cost Moderate High

How To Use Your Sweetener As A Substitute For Other Low Carb Sweeteners

Try this sugar free brown sugar recipe that comes together ...

To find out how much of your sweetener you would need to use, I suggest looking for their recommendations for using it to replace sugar .

When you know how much of the sweetener you need to replace a certain amount of sugar, you will be able to add it to this chart and see exactly how much you need to use to replace the other keto sweeteners.

Now that you know how many servings you need of the sweetener in question, you will be able to calculate how many net carbs it will add to your keto diet. Does the addition of this sweetener cause you to go over your net carb limit?

If so, it is best to use it sparingly or cut it out entirely and use the other keto-friendly sweeteners on the chart. If the sweetener you are using does fit into your keto carb limit, then feel free to use it as you would use the other sweeteners, adding the right amount of sweetness and making adjustments to the other ingredients in the recipe when necessary.

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Splenda Vs Sugar: Which Is Healthier

Weve all heard about the negative things that excessive sugar can do to our bodies. Among them is weight gain. It is for this reason that a number of sugar alternatives have been created in recent years.

Today, we tackle one of those sweet substitutes. And compared it with the real deal. Splenda vs. sugar, which is better for you?

If you drink coffee and dont use regular white sugar, then chances are you use something Splenda or Equal to give you that sweet flavor.

Even if you dont use them in your coffee, youve probably had something that used one of these artificial sweeteners. Thats because theyre now being used prevalently in commercial products, including some sodas.

What About Other Sweeteners

We havent even come close to covering all of the keto-friendly sweeteners available today so what should you do if you have a sweetener that isnt mentioned above?

In general, there are just three simple things you need to do to make your own keto friendly substitutions:

  • Figure out if your sweetener is keto-friendly. You can always refer to our article on keto-friendly sweeteners >
  • Find the proper dosage of your sweetener that is needed for the recipe.
  • Make the appropriate adjustments to the other ingredients in the recipe if needed.

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So Does Splenda Kick You Out Of Ketosis

Splenda itself wont kick you out of ketosis, but its ability to increase your cravings, especially for sweets, may.

Many people on keto have a misconception that just because Splenda has no sugar means they can indulge in desserts and drinks using it as a sweetener.

Splenda offers no nutritional benefit and can even increase your blood sugar levels because of its other ingredients.

It can also affect your gut health.

Instead, opt for keto-friendly sweeteners such as monk fruit and stevia.

Find out more about ketosis and how it is affected by sugar and sucralose.

Keto Approved Sweeteners List

Keto Friendly Sugar Substitute | Sweeteners To Use And Avoid

In a well-formulated keto diet, we try minimize the use of natural sugars, sugar alcohols, and artificial sweeteners. Try to focus on eating nourishing whole foods.

But with that being said, sometimes you just want something sweet! You can use keto sweeteners to make keto baked goods to help you stay on track, especially when youre first transitioning to a ketogenic lifestyle.

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The Basic Principles For Substituting Low Carb Sweeteners

The number one question we get regarding our keto baking recipes is if a different sweetener can be used.

How would this turn out if I use erythritol vs stevia? or what about using monk fruit sweetener instead of erythritol? Can I use this or that instead of the sweetener you use?

The answer is usually it depends. Many factors go into choosing sugar substitutes for baking. Here are the main issues to consider:

If Youre On The Ketogenic Diet Youre Probably Thinking That Sweeteners Are Off Limits

And for the most part, youd be right! I mean, the whole point is to slash carb intake and keep sugars low in order to lose weight and feel healthier. So, goodbye donuts!

Yet, you actually CAN have sweeteners when on keto for those times you need to indulge a bit in a sweet snack or dessert. Youre human, anyhow!

So, if you are going to give in to something rich and sugary, you want to make sure it is still free of or low in carbohydrate count and does not have additives in the sugar that will create blood sugar spikes or lead to swings and crashes later on.

If you do choose sugar that compromises your blood sugar levelselevating them and throwing your metabolism offthen you might fall out of ketosis, which will cause the body to stop producing ketones and to start storing fat, rather than using it for fuel.

Luckily, there are great sweeteners to have on keto.

If you are unsure which sweeteners are keto friendly, well break down how each sweetener compares on taste, sweetness level, reaction in the body, calories and carbs per serving, and cooking purposes or use.

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How To Replace Liquid Sucralose In Low Carb Recipes

Even though you will only be using small amounts of liquid sucralose, I understand if you would rather just keep it out of your diet altogether. Also, since sucralose is rarely used in most keto recipes, you may find it easier to simply stick to the sweeteners and sweetener blends that are used the most like Swerve, stevia, and stevia/erythritol blends.

* Due to the fact that liquid sucralose is so sweet, you may need to make adjustments to your recipes when replacing it. If you are using granular sweeteners instead, you will most likely have to add more liquid to your recipe to deal with the extra bulk that these sweeteners add.

On the other hand, If you are using stevia drops or pure monk fruit extract to replace the sucralose, you may not have to make any changes to the other ingredients in the recipe.

Homemade Sugar Free Brown Sugar

Splenda Allulose Sweetener, 12 oz Pouch

Published: . Updated: August 4, 2020 by Chichi . This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclosure here.

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This is the perfect sugar free brown sugar. Save it because it’s the only homemade sugar free brown sugar you will ever need. It’s perfect for low carb baking and cooking. Yes your cinnamon roll filling is about to get a complete makeover. Read along and learn exactly how to make it, with easy step by step photos.


I love this recipe because it’s one of the easiest recipes you will ever make and requires just two ingredients. Unsulphured Molasses and your favorite Granular sugar substitute of choice I love to use Xylitol*, Erythritol or Lakanto Classic sweeteners. You can also make this with a mix of sweeteners. I like to keep things simple so I usually use one sweetener.

* Xylitol is safe in humans but not safe in dogs. Please keep away from your pets or use Erythritol instead.

Before you ask… Aren’t molasses made from sugar? Yes they are but the amount of molasses used in this recipe is so little compared to the regular Brown Sugar and will be negligible when used in a Whole recipe and portioned.


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Why Should We Care If Its Artificial

Being artificial does not inherently make something good or bad there are plenty of natural things that are bad for us, too! but a big concern with artificial ingredients is that the time weve had to study them is limited.

Unlike natural foods that humans have been exposed to for thousands of years or at least centuries, most artificial ingredients today have only been around for a few years, or a few decades at best. Often, this isnt enough time to discover all the long-term side effects, if any.

Lastly A Quick Note About Splenda & Sweet N Low

If youre out and about at a coffee shop and are thinking about using sweetener packets, take a look at the nutrition label.

In the U.S., the most ubiquitous sweeteners are Sweet N Low and Splenda, and most people likely equate Splenda with sucralose.

Is sucralose keto friendly though?

Sucralose by itself actually does not have any glycemic impact but the Splenda brand also contains dextrose and maltodextrin, which absolutely do have an impact. In fact, maltodextrin has a glycemic index of 110 and dextrose has a glycemic index of 100.

Is Sweet N Low keto friendly?

Like Sucralose above, Sweet N Low contains additional ingredients including dextrose.

Needless to say, be sure to avoid any sweeteners with fillers. Be cognizant and aware when you are looking at potential keto sweeteners and everything should be fine!

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How To Make Your Own Brown Sugar Substitute Without Molasses

My sugar-free brown sugar substitute recipe can be made very easily and only needs three ingredients:

  • erythritol I buy generic from Amazon
  • maple extract Mapoline from the grocery store
  • stevia glycerite I buy from Amazon
  • I tested this low carb brown sugar recipe with brown sugar extract, molasses extract, and a maple extract I purchased from Amazon, to see which made the best brown sugar sub.

    Spoiler alert: Mapleine Imitation Maple Flavor wins!

    Why? The brown sugar extract and molasses extracts smell like burned wood and chemicals. Although they both tasted very much like brown sugar, I couldnt get past the smell. The best low carb brown sugar version resulted with regular Mapleine from the grocery store. It produced a darker color and the best flavor of the three maple extracts I tried.

    I addedNow Better Stevia Stevia Glycerite to make the brown sugar sub equivalent to the sweetness of regular brown sugar. The stevia increases the sweetness and the glycerine in the product keeps the sugar-free brown sugar soft. It never dries out! Stevia glycerite is a very concentrated form of stevia which I do not find bitter. My 8 oz bottle lasts me a year.

    If this recipe is still out of your budget, try adding a little maple extract to your recipe to give it a warmer flavor.

    I tested this low carb brown sugar substitute in several baking recipes and it worked just fine. However, I have NOT tested it in my low carb caramel sauce recipes.

    So Is Brown Sugar Keto Friendly


    While brown sugar may have the ability to offer some health benefits in comparison to regular cane sugar, its even higher in carbs and calories compared to traditional white sugar. With a carb count of 24 grams per serving, youll want to avoid brown sugar on the keto diet unless:

    • You are following the cyclical ketogenic diet and only consume brown sugar on your carb backloading days.
    • You are following the targeted ketogenic diet and have brown sugar immediately before or after your workout.
    • Your carb intake for the day including the brown sugar does not exceed 50 grams of carbs.

    Brown sugar is not low carb or keto friendly.

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    What Is Splenda Sugar Blend

    SPLENDASugar BlendsugarSPLENDAsugar

    Moreover, how do you make Splenda Sugar Blend?


  • Mix Splenda with molasses, stirring with a fork until well mixed and then further mixing with fingertips until it is of a brown sugar consistency.
  • Measure and use as you would brown sugar.
  • .
  • Also, what is in Splenda Sugar? Splenda usually contains 95% dextrose and maltodextrin which the body readily metabolizes, combined with a small amount of mostly indigestible sucralose. Sucralose is made by replacing three select hydrogen-oxygen groups on sucrose molecules with three chlorine atoms.

    Consequently, what is the ratio of sugar to Splenda in Splenda Sugar Blend?

    Splenda recommends using a one-to-one ratio of Splenda Granulated to sugar when the amount of sugar is 1 1/4 cups or less, or the amount of flour used in the recipe is at least two times the amount of sugar.

    Does Splenda melt like sugar?

    When heating SPLENDA®Sugar Blend on its own in order to melt or caramelize, it will dissolve more readily with the addition of a small amount of water. Saucepan caramelization happens more quickly with this product compared to regular sugar, so watch the process carefully to prevent overheating or burning.

    Is Sugar Or Sweetener Keto Friendly

    Some kind of keto-friendly sweeteners are readily available, but some are difficult to find. Some of these are founds at a low price, or some are very costly. The worse thing is yet, if you make the wrong decision for you, it could kick you out from your low carb program.

    Or, it may undo all the great work you have done and doing at the bottom of the time. Some may be its a good feeling to tell. Its essential to give you the sugar disease, which makes it exciting to flavor beverages, drinks, baked assets, sauces, and dressings. There are huge kinds of sweeteners which you can enjoy.

    Kinds of low-carb sweeteners and keto sweeteners, if all the macros working to own it. Taste is subjective, and individuals and guidelines are different from each other. Always pay attention to what your body works. Let your priorities and preferences keep your guide.

    For your help, here is the list of all low-carb sweeteners that you can use. Also, tips are described to satisfy your sweet cravings. Lets have a look at the list of all keto-friendly sweeteners for a low-carb diet.

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