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Is There Sugar In Vape Juice

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How Do Vape Flavors Affect Teens

What Is Vape Juice? | 5 Basic Ingredients

As a specialist in heart disease, Blaha treats patients who have urgent reasons to quit smoking cigarettes. These patients are often older adults who may have heart disease associated with smoking, and Blaha says they are motivated to quit. For the smaller group of adults who have unsuccessfully tried all strategies approved by the Food and Drug Administration to stop smoking, vaping and using e-cigarettes may help them kick the habit. Some prefer using flavored vape products as a way to help quit smoking, with the ultimate goal of complete cessation from all tobacco products.

But Blaha is particularly concerned about e-cigarette use and vaping among young people, and the surging incidence of vaping among kids who have never smoked. These young people are vulnerable to becoming addicted to the nicotine in vaping devices and e-cigarettes, and flavors may be making vaping more appealing to them. Blaha observes that the appeal of vape flavors, rather than flavor ingredients themselves, may have a broader danger to the public.

The key thing about flavors is that they seem to appeal to young people, he says. There is evidence that kids like the flavors like bubble gum, fruit and candy, and like trying new ones. For a lot of young people, it might be that the only reason they vape or use e-cigarettes is because they like the flavors.

Since smoking has a major impact on health, Blaha recommends discussing all nicotine use and tobacco cessation options with a doctor.

Juul Ingredients Vs Cigarettes

There are only a handful of Juul ingredients, while cigarettes have a much longer, more complicated ingredient list. Juul ingredients include only glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, flavoring, and benzoic acid.

Cigarettes, on the other hand, contain over 7000 chemicals, and 60 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer.

There are only a handful of Juul ingredients, while cigarettes have a much longer, more complicated ingredient list. Juul ingredients include only glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, flavoring, and benzoic acid.

Cigarettes, on the other hand, contain over 7000 chemicals, and 60 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer.

Differences Between Smoking And Vaping

Traditional cigarette smoking contains: nicotine but also tar carbon monoxide benzene formaldehyde lead methanol hydrogen cyanide butane ammonia chloroform acetone nitrosamines aluminium carbon dioxide cadmium arsenic ethanol vinyl chloride radon and 3 500 more chemicals and 50 more known carcinogenic substances that cause cancer.

The e-cigarette contains nicotine propylene glycol glycerine, and food flavouring.

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Why Vape Juice Turns Brown In The Bottle

The reason why e-liquid starts to darken inside the bottle is due to a chemical reaction known as oxidation.

Nicotine is a highly reactive chemical and exposing it to oxygen, or even light, can cause it to react and turn vape juice into an all too familiar brown color.

The same thing even happens after slicing an apple

If you leave those apple slices out for a while, their white flesh starts to brown a little.

Oxidation is a very normal process and should be expected from your e-juice, even if there are low amounts of nicotine.

Although, the more nicotine there is the more pronounced the reaction will be, meaning even darker vape juice.

Is Diketone A Food Additive

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Diketone is an additive used for buttery or creamy flavoring used in some food products as well as e-liquids. By law, the testing of diketones in food products is actually compulsory, however, it is not legally required to be tested in inhalation products. This is why many of you may have struggled to find information on e-liquids that are diketone free.

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Does Vape Juice Contain Sugar

No. Vape juice gets its sweetness and taste from flavorings and diluents. These diluents are either vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or a mix of the two.

Vegetable glycerin is a sugar alcohol, sort of like erythritol or xylitol. Vegetable glycerin is known for giving the vapor an especially sweet flavor. In general, vegetable glycerin is used in toothpaste, granola bars, and other beauty products, often keeping their moisture intact.

Also a popular additive in foods, propylene glycol works similarly as vegetable glycerin. According to the FDA, it is safe for consumption. Propylene glycol is also considered a part of the alcohol family. It is a colorless liquid that can be used as an emulsifier or to retain moisture in food and industrial products.

Vape liquid with only propylene glycol is said to have a slightly different taste, which is less sweet than juices made with vegetable glycerin. While both of these are considered sugar alcohols, they are not sugars.

If you have heard about vaping increasing your risk of diabetes, it is not because there is sugar in vape juice. Nicotine is the culprit when increasing ones risk of this disease. Unlike regular cigarettes, you can control your intake of nicotine while vaping.

Q: What Is A Vape Device

A: A vape device, or vape pen, is another term for e-cigarette, and is the instrument that turns e-liquid into vapor. It consists of a rechargeable battery and a tank that screw together. Its powered on and off by the user via a button on the pen. The tank is filled with e-liquid, which is then heated by the atomizer inside the tank. There are plenty of vape devices in the market today with many new ones being released.

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What We Dont Yet Know

We dont yet have all of the answers, and much of the research thats been done thus far is preliminary and doesnt meet the gold standard for research that is, being published in a peer-reviewed journal, and conducted with a randomized, placebo-controlled model.

Researchers are still trying to answer many questions, such as:

How do e-cigarettes affect your heart? The No. 1 cause of death for people with diabetes is cardiovascular, Zappe says. We already know that smoking increases the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease, she notes but do e-cigarettes do the same, especially for people with type 2 diabetes?

What are the long-term effects of e-cigarettes? Because e-cigarettes are relatively newer to the scene, we still need to understand exactly how they affect the bodys risk for disease.

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine By Pachamama

5th and NINE Vape Co. Juice (Review)

Pachamama is a popular e-liquid brand from the same company that created the renowned Charlies Chalk Dust. This premium-style mixer focuses on fruit flavours with a great line-up of exotic blends that fruit lovers definitely adore. Pachamamas vape juices are loved for their authentic fruity taste achieved with the natural sweetness of fruits instead of sweeteners and other flavourings. Enjoy the authentic taste of tropical fruits, including apple, mango, honeydew, guava and more.


Pachamama exotic blends, encompassing different flavour combinations in both ordinary and nicotine salt e-juices, will definitely leave you yearning for more. The top-ranking vape juice from Pachamama is the Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine-a blend of different flavours that complement each other beautifully without overshadowing each other. This means that youll taste every flavour in the blend for a more dynamic and exciting vaping experience.

Concentrations- Who is it suited for?

The e-liquid comes with an 80% VG and 20% PG base giving you a decent throat hit accompanied by thick, dense vapour for the ultimate vaping experience. Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine vape juice comes with three nicotine concentrations: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.

Device Compatibility

This lusciously juicy nectarine flavour is best used with sub-ohm devices owing to its high viscosity.

Packaging and Pricing

Apart from this juice, you can try out other vape juices from Pachamama, including:

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What Happens To Your Body

It doesn’t take long for smoking to affect your cells’ ability to use insulin. You could have signs of insulin resistance just an hour later. Studies show that people who have diabetes and smoke need larger doses of insulin to control their blood glucose.

That’s a problem because when your blood glucose is too high for a few years, it could lead to heart disease and damage to your kidneys, nerves, and eyes.

What Is Michael Blaha’s Approach To Health

As a cardiologist, Michael Blaha focuses on promoting healthy habits so people can prevent or reduce their risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death in the U.S. For overall health, he says, and particularly heart health, I recommend tried and true, evidence-based approaches: Eat healthy foods, exercise, dont smoke, and dont get addicted to nicotine or other substances. Its easy to get distracted by passing fads, but the main ways to stay healthy have not changed.

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What Is Vape Juice

The vape juice is heated in e-cigarettes and vape rigs, and it creates an aerosol that users inhale. Vape juice comes in a variety of flavors, including candy, bubblegum and childrens cereals. Johns Hopkins cardiologist Michael Blaha, M.D., M.P.H., discusses vape flavors and other e-liquid ingredients, and how they may affect health, …

Can You Vape With Sugar


No sugar – sugar would burn your coil straight up. It wouldn’t be possible to vape it. Some eliquids have a sucralose sweetener in them. I used to work in a vape shop, and we had a number of diabetics who tested to see if there was any change in their BG from vaping, and not one had any issue with the eliquids. Most of the liquid is a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The rest are food industry or perfume industry concentrated flavours. In relation to nicotine, the only way they’ve been able to addict any critter or human to nicotine is through smoking it. That’s why you can purchase patches, inhalers and gum in the supermarket. Nicotine is very similar to caffeine, and is not the dangerous part of smoking – the smoke and tar is. The unknown risk in vaping is the flavourings, as none of them have been studied long term as inhalants, and some of them should probably be avoided, especially buttery flavourings , cherry and cinnamon.

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Vape Flavors And Vape Juice: What You Need To Know

If you visit vape stores or vape websites, youre likely to see a wide selection of colorful pods, cartridges and bottles filled with flavored e-liquid, or vape juice. The vape juice is heated in e-cigarettes and vape rigs, and it creates an aerosol that users inhale.

Vape juice comes in a variety of flavors, including candy, bubblegum and childrens cereals. Johns Hopkins cardiologist Michael Blaha, M.D., M.P.H., discusses vape flavors and other e-liquid ingredients, and how they may affect health, particularly for children and teens.

Should You Vape If You Have Diabetes

Even though research is ongoing, most healthcare professionals feel we have enough evidence to take action. Heres a summary of their advice:

Avoid e-cigarettes if you dont already smoke. If you’re currently a nonsmoker, theres no reason to start puffing e-cigarettes, given their potential complications with type 2 diabetes.

Used appropriately, e-cigarettes may be a good transitional choice to help you quit smoking. Although the practice of using e-cigarettes as a stop-smoking tool is not an official guideline, preliminary studies suggest this approach may be effective. For example, a study published in April 2015 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that after 12 months, about 41 percent of smokers who had switched to vaping to help them kick their cigarette habit had managed to quit, and an additional 25.4 percent had reduced the number of cigarettes used.

But dont forget there are other proven safe ways to quit. The most proven choices for quitting the nicotine habit are the patch, medication, and support groups, Zappe says. While theres no one straight path to quitting, the ultimate goal is to get people with type 2 diabetes off of cigarettes, and off of nicotine.

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What Are The Effects Of Nicotine

Nicotine stimulates specific receptors in the brain that produce both euphoria and a sedative effect. Individuals who have emotional dysfunction or attention deficits are more likely to start smoking and less likely to quit.

Nicotine is a sympathomimetic drug that releases catecholamine . This causes a rise in blood pressure, heart rate and an increase in cardiac contractility. It also increases heart vessel constriction and can cause transient ischemia.

After smoking, nicotine raises blood pressure and pulse. It has a deleterious effect on insulin sensitivity in the fact that it decreases insulin sensitivity and can cause or aggravate diabetes.

It has a negative effect on the endothelial of the blood vessels. Increased cardiovascular effects have not been a problem when using nicotine alone and nicotine per se does not cause cancer1.

A suspected adverse effect on reproductive system causes foetal neuroteratogenesis .

Though, nicotine has the beneficial effect of increasing attention, concentration, and lifting the mood. Some of these properties cause the addictiveness of nicotine3.

Nicotine And Other Chemicals In Regular Cigarettes

Sweet sugar Vape juices on KETO, can you?

Nicotine is a highly addictive ingredient in cigarettes. It produces dopamine, which is the feeling of pleasure you get after smoking. Regular cigarettes contain many other chemicals or traces of chemicals that are extremely harmful to your body.

Smoking tobacco doesn’t just increase your risk of diabetes. It is also a common cause of cancer as well as lung and heart disease. Many people turn to vaping because vape juice does not contain all of the harmful chemicals used in tobacco products. Nicotine is the primary reason for concern while vaping, but unlike cigarettes, vape users can adjust their nicotine intake to lower levels.

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Why Vape Juice Turns Brown In Your Tank

Besides the fact that oxidation is sped up tenfold inside a vape tank, the biggest culprit of e-liquid turning dark in your tank are the ingredients.

Not all e-juices are created equal, and a lot of them on the market contain artificial sweeteners and sugars to add flavor.

As your coil heats up to vaporize the e-liquid, these sweeteners start to caramelize and stick to the coil and cotton.

Just like the process of making actual caramel, the results are very dark and gunky.

When enough builds up on the coil, this caramelized gunk begins to leach out into the juice and stain it a brown color.

And as the caramel burns more over time, your juice can even turn into a black color.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Normal Cigarettes

Whilst the safety of e-cigarettes is yet to be well established, they are widely regarded as a safer option compared with cigarettes with the NHS stating that e-cigarettes are certainly the lesser of two evils.

The smoke of conventional cigarettes contains many more dangerous substances, many of which can lead to cancer, including tar, benzene, cadmium and arsenic.

A review by the United States Food and Drug Administration found e-liquids to contain trace levels of cancer causing compounds, such as nitrosamines and formaldehyde, but at a level of about a thousand times lower than cigarettes.

Nicotine, which is common to both e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes, increases the risk of narrowing of the arteries and is also very addictive.

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Fentanyl Is Becoming More Accessible To Kids On Social Media Raising Alarms For Parents

Scientists at one of Americas leading medical research universities warn that an important new study should serve as a serious wake-up call for e-cigarette smokers.

Frequent vaping can increase a persons risk of developing high blood sugar known in medical circles as prediabetes which is reversible, but often leads to full-blown type 2 diabetes and a host of serious health problems later in life, according to the report published Wednesday in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Our study demonstrated a clear association of prediabetes risk with the use of e-cigarettes, said lead study author Shyam Biswal, an environmental health science professor at Baltimores Johns Hopkins University, SWNS reported.

Biswal continued, With both e-cigarette use and prevalence of prediabetes dramatically on the rise in the past decade, our discovery that e-cigarettes carry a similar risk to traditional cigarettes with respect to diabetes is important for understanding and treating vulnerable individuals.

In the past, the trendy e-cigarettes have been linked to more than 200 health issues, including brittle bones, erectile dysfunction and even eating disorders.

Researchers discovered the latest troubling link after analyzing the health data of more than 600,000 people across the US more than 9% of whom were current e-cig users with self-reported prediabetes diagnoses.

Yes There Are Calories But

Cookie by Brown Sugar Vape E

Let’s answer the big question first: yes, e-liquid does have calories, and yes you do consume them when you vape. But it’s not as big a deal as you might think.

First, the calories in vape liquid come primarily from the PG and VG base, not from the actual flavors themselves. So there’s no reason to choose a healthy fruits-only mix over a strawberry cheesecake, other than that fruity liquids are delicious.

Next, the actual calorie count is rather negligible. E-liquid contains between 4-5 calories per milliliter of fluid if you’re vaping 6 ml a day that has you consuming about 25-30 calories, roughly the equivalent of a single carrot. To burn those calories you’d need to take about 600 steps, so take a five-minute walk.

Wait, you might be thinking. I’m inhaling my vapor, not eating it that means I shouldn’t even be digesting those calories. It’s a nice idea, but it’s not true. Back in the early 2010s a fad of vaping alcohol emerged as a means of avoiding calories, but as it turns out the fact that vaping alcohol causes intoxication proves out the theory that calories can be absorbed by the lungs.

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