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Should I Cut Out Sugar To Lose Weight

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Lesson #: Sugar Is Added To Everything

I quit sugar for 30 days

Over the 10 days, I became very comfortable with a nutrition label and the numerous different terms for hidden sugar. Every single meal, snack, and drink had to be carefully vetted to ensure it met the requirements. The amount of sugar in sauces and dressings surprised me. I bring salads to work almost every day for lunch, and two tablespoons of dressing alone could have 15 grams of sugar. Makes you think twice about adding a little extra! But I was pleasantly surprised to learn prepared hummus doesnt contain added sugar, and when mixed with plain Greek yogurt, its a great substitute for dressing.

I did avoid takeout and restaurants for the 10 days because its nearly impossible to know if sugar is added to dishes. But Ill fully admit this isnt a sustainable goal 10 days was definitely my max. I missed Indian food takeout! To avoid added sugar when eating out, be very careful about sauces and dressings, including anything ketchup or BBQ based, advises Spano. She suggests asking for sauces and dressing to be served on the side so you control the amount. And choose oil and vinegar for salads instead of heavy sauces to avoid even more sugar.

How To Cut Carbohydrates

You may be aware that the human body needs sugar â specifically, glucose â to survive. Glucose is actually the primary energy source that your body uses. However, despite the fact that your body relies on glucose, you don’t need to actually consume sugars. Your body is able to break down all the carbohydrates, fats and proteins you consume on a daily basis and turn them into glucose.

Since your body uses three different macronutrients to survive, you can eliminate carbohydrates like sugars, sugar alcohols and starches without problems. However, dietary fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, most adults should consume between 22 and 34 grams of fiber each day .

There are two types of dietary fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Both soluble and insoluble fiber are important for the health of your gastrointestinal tract. Soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol and regulate blood glucose, while insoluble fiber helps to promote digestion and the excretion of waste from your body. Regardless of the amount of carbohydrates you choose to eliminate from your diet, consuming fiber is important, as it can help lower your risk for a variety of diseases, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

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You’ll Lower Your Risk Of Type Ii Diabetes

Research referenced in the Zero Sugar Diet states that for every 5 percent of total calories you eat from added sugars, your risk of diabetes hikes up by a whopping 18 percent. So if you gobble up around 1,800 calories a day, your maximum amount of daily added sugar intake should be around 24 grams. Guzzle down an 8-ounce serving of Coke, and you’ll rack up two more grams than you should!6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

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Is Eliminating Sugar From Our Diet Healthy

The array of studies reporting the negative implications of added sugar led to WHO making a proposal to revise their added sugar recommendations in 2014. The organization issued a draft guideline stating they would like to halve their recommended daily free sugar intake from 10% to 5%.

The objective of this guideline is to provide recommendations on the consumption of free sugars to reduce the risk of noncommunicable diseases in adults and children, WHO explained, with a particular focus on the prevention and control of weight gain and dental caries.

In addition, it seems many health experts, nutritionists and even celebrities like Gwyneth have jumped on a no sugar bandwagon. But is it even possible to completely eliminate sugar from a diet? And is it safe?

Biochemist Leah Fitzsimmons, of the University of Birmingham in the UK, told The Daily Mail:

Cutting all sugar from your diet would be very difficult to achieve. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products and dairy replacements, eggs, alcohol and nuts all contain sugar, which would leave you with little other than meat and fats to eat definitely not very healthy.

Many people turn to artificial sweeteners as a sugar alternative, but according to a study reported by MNT in 2014, these sweeteners may still drive diabetes and obesity.

Added sugars contribute additional calories and zero nutrients to food, they add. But even the AHA do not recommend cutting out sugar completely.

May Reduce Acne And Improve Skin Health

Why did you decide to completely cut sugar out of your diet?

Another reason to reduce your sugar intake: It may improve your skin health. Too much sugar means your body releases more insulin and insulin-like hormones. These hormones can trigger skin-related changes: your body might produce more androgen hormones and more sebum both of which can lead to acne.14

Cutting back on added sugar might also help slow your skin from aging. When you reach early adulthood, the collagen and elastic proteins in your skin naturally age, leading to creases, sagging, and wrinkles. Sugar, along with grilled, fried, or roasted foods, might contain more substances that react with the collagen and elastic fibers in your skin. The more sugar you consume, the quicker your skin can become stiffer and lose elasticity.14

Although reducing added sugar cannot reverse wrinkles, it can slow the skin aging process. Eating certain herbs and spices, such as cloves, ginger, garlic, and oregano may help slow the appearance of wrinkles as well.14

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You’ll Lose Belly Fat

Added sugar is synonymous with added caloriesand extra weight, according to a BMJ meta-analysis. And once you swap out processed, sugary meals with high-fiber foods, you’ll instantly notice a slimmer waistline. That’s because when your body is deprived of added sugars, it’ll start burning belly fat instead of carbohydratesblessing you with the toned tummy you’ve been dreaming of. Start by steering clear of these sugariest restaurant dishes.

Benefits Of Reducing Sugar Intake

Research suggests that daily added-sugar intake for 90 percent of Americans regularly exceeds the Dietary Guidelines recommendation of no more than 10 percent of the total calorie intake . When we consume high amounts of sugar, we become more prone to developing diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, depression and even some types of cancer.

Reducing or cutting out sugar can increase our quality of life no matter what our age or health status. This doesnt mean we should cut out all forms of sugar. Natural sugars found in fruit, some dairy products, and vegetables, which also contain nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals, are not associated with the health risks mentioned above. In fact, they are considered very important parts of a healthy diet when consumed in the proper amounts.

Here are five things that can happen when you cut down on sugar:

  • You might lose a few pounds. Your total calorie intake decreases as you eat foods without added sugars. One research study suggests this could be a possible 14 percent decrease in total calories, which may mean you could consume 210 fewer calories when based on a 1,500-calorie a day intake. Just by cutting down on your added sugar intake you could lose one to two pounds per month.
  • Youll have more energy. An increase in overall energy is one of the immediate perks you may notice when decreasing your added sugar intake. This is largely due to experiencing fewer highs and lows in your blood sugar.
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    Sugar Is A Marker For Highly

    When you quit sugar you’re cutting out foods nutritionists have always said you shouldn’t eat.

    No chocolate, cupcakes, fizzy drinks, caramel frappuccinos or ice cream means you’re removing “junk food” that is calorie-dense, of poor nutritional value, that comes in huge portions, and is highly refined with added colours, flavours and preservatives.

    What’s more, it’s usually low in fibre and has a high GI . None of these foods is any loss in a healthy diet. You’re better off without them.

    Will Eating Less Sugar Help Me Lose Weight

    What If You Quit Eating Sugar for 30 DAYS

    Healthy eating is one of the best things you can do to prevent and control health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.

    But, the most important part of healthy eating is cutting back on sugar. Overall, the evidence that high sugar drinks promote weight gain is consistent and moderately strong. Sugar has been labelled as “deadly,” “addictive, and “toxic” and it is blamed for the rise in global obesity. Excessive unhealthy food and sugar-sweetened soft drink consumption has been linked to weight gain, as it provides a major and unnecessary source of calories with little or no nutritional value.

    So, the key is to get rid of the white sweetness in your diet and you’ll free up your body to drop excess pounds.

    One study, which focused on the prevalence of weight gain in children who consume sugar-sweetened soft drinks, has shown that a high consumption of high sugar soft drinks predicts increased weight gain.

    Another study, published on, proves that sugar intake can have a significant effect on weight over time. The study found that people who ate less sugar lost an average of nearly 2 pounds over a period of 10 weeks while people who increased their sugar intake gained nearly 2 pounds in the same amount of time. These seem like small changes but over time this weight gain can really add up. Over the course of only two years, thats a 20 pound increase in weight.

  • Cutting out sugar removes a lot of calories
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    Your Sex Life Will Get A Boost

    Eating too much sugar is detrimental to your sex life. When you cut back on sugar, your libido improves, as does your bodys ability to get revved up for sex. For women, sugar disrupts sexual hormonal balance. For men, eating too much sugar can lead to erectile dysfunction and low libido due to the insulin spike that takes over after eating sugar. Let this be one of your motivating reasons for cutting sugar from your diet. Chances are, youll have better sex, and more of it!

    Reduce Or Eliminate Sweetened Drinks

    In America, sugar-sweetened beverages, like soda, fruit drinks, alcoholic beverages and sports drinks, are the primary sources of added sugar. And studies show that consumption of these drinks is directly related to weight gain.6

    Studies also show that swapping at least 2 servings per day of sugar-sweetened beverages for water can significantly help with weight or fat loss. Plus, sugary drinks are less filling than whole foods with natural sugars like fruit, and therefore can lead to intake of more calories throughout the day.7

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    More Needs To Be Done To Ensure The Public Lower Their Sugar Intake

    While there are things we can do ourselves to reduce sugar intake, Prof. Wayne Potts told MNT that more needs to be done to encourage us to do so:

    The disease states are a terrible scourge to individuals and the cost to public health care is tremendous. Since individual behavior can make major advances, we should use a variety of methods such as public awareness campaigns, taxation and more firm regulation.

    Dr. Boyd pointed out that the food industry has worked hard to offer the general public a good range of sugar-free and no-added-sugar products. Soft drinks are one good example, she says, with more than 60% available on the market now being low calorie/no added sugar.

    She added, however, that foods lower in sugar may not necessarily be lower in calories. In some cases, the reformulated recipe can contain more calories than the original. Research shows that diets high in sugar tend to be low in fat, and vice versa. She added:

    The key thing to remember is that sugars occur naturally in a wide range of foods including fruit, vegetables and dairy products and can be consumed within a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle. As always, balance and variety in a diet is the most important thing for people to remember.

    Eating Excess Calories Leads To Weight Gain

    Me I Really Want to Lose Some Weight Person You Should Cut Out Sugar ...

    Glucose is stored as glycogen in your liver and muscles. However, glycogen storage is limited, and once its limits are exceeded any extra glucose is stored as fat.

    But its not just carbs that contribute to these fat storeshigh protein and high fat foods eaten in excess will also prevent weight loss and eventually lead to weight gain.

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    Will Cutting Out Sugar Really Help You Lose Weight

    Yes, we realize its Girl Scout Cookie season.

    Like popping a zit or cracking your knuckles, downing a Dr. Pepper is on the list of things you wish you didnt enjoybut definitely do. But will a few bottles of soda here and a handful of cookies there really keep you from your weight loss goals?

    Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The sweet stuff is a major source of empty calories in the American dieton average, 270 of them dailyand also causes wild hunger-inducing swings in blood sugar levels.

    See some of the craziest things people have done to lose weight.

    Whats more, when you overindulge, your pancreas pumps out extra amounts of insulin, a hormone that pulls glucose into fat cells, causing weight gain, says Robert Lustig, M.D., author of

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    You’ll Decrease Your Risk Of Cancer As Well

    A groundbreaking nine-year study published in the journal Nature Communications found that, in a phenomenon known as the Warburg effect, cancer cells that rapidly break down sugars can stimulate tumor growth. Reduce your risk now by noshing on these foods that lower cancer risk.

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    Eat More Of These Foods

    Try to consume more lean protein and high-fiber, non-starchy vegetables with every meal.

    Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole grains can be a good source of energy and fiber, but consume these in moderation. Find a more in-depth guide to carbohydrates here.

    When you need a snack and you are craving something sweet, opt for fresh fruits such as berries, apples, or grapefruit. Natural sugar will satisfy your craving and the vitamins and minerals will keep you healthy.

    What You Need To Know

    We Quit Sugar For A Month, Here’s What Happened

    Following a no sugar diet does not mean you have to adhere to a formal eating plan, so theres no advice on meal or snack timing or even the makeup for your meals. You may find, however, that if you are just starting to cut out added sugar, its best to do it gradually. If youre still facing sugar cravings, drink water and eat food regularly, so you dont add extreme hunger to your sugar craving. Healthy fats are especially helpful for fighting sugar cravings.

    To begin, try to limit your added sugar intake to 100 to 200 calories per day . The 2020-2025 USDA Dietary Guidelines suggest that everyone should limit added sugar intake to 10% of daily calories or less .

    • Sweetened beverages

    • Sugar products including honey and molasses

    Be sure to read labels carefully and choose products that have the least or no added sugar. You dont have to give up sweet foods altogether, rather, youll make healthier choices.

    Foods With Natural Sugars

    Whole foods that naturally contain sugar arent off-limits on a balanced no sugar diet. For example, while whole fruits like oranges and pineapple and 100% fruit juices are naturally sweet, they dont have added sugar.

    The exceptionsand likely part of the reason behind the confusionare products like fruit drinks that do contain added sugar. For example, most cranberry juice beverages are a combination of fruit juices , additional added sugar, and water.

    Unsweetened Beverages

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    What To Do If Youre Considering Medication For Weight Loss

    Doctors stress the importance of talking to a medical professional and staying under their care while taking anti-obesity medications. Anti-obesity medications can be utilized in patients with obesity who have struggled with weight regulation with diet and exercise alone, Dr. Stanford says. Obesity is a chronic, relapsing, remitting disease that requires lifelong therapy, If the patient finds that medication helps regulate their weight, it should be continued indefinitely.

    Its also important to use medication within a greater context of lifestyle changes, Alan says. Medications are wonderful, but they work best with proper diet and exercise, she says. Please work with a reputable physician when taking these medications.

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    Are We Becoming Addicted To Sugar

    In support of these associations is Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California-San Francisco and author of the book Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar, who claims sugar is a toxic substance that we are becoming addicted to.

    We need to wean ourselves off. We need to de-sweeten our lives. We need to make sugar a treat, not a diet staple, Dr. Lustig told The Guardian in 2013.

    The food industry has made it into a diet staple because they know when they do you buy more, he added. This is their hook. If some unscrupulous cereal manufacturer went out and laced your breakfast cereal with morphine to get you to buy more, what would you think of that? They do it with sugar instead.

    In her popular blog, Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow cites sugar addiction as one of the reasons she decided to quit sugar completely.

    The bottom line is that sugar works the addiction and reward pathways in the brain in much the same way as many illegal drugs, she writes. Sugar is basically a socially acceptable, legal, recreational drug with deadly consequences.

    Statistics show that we are certainly a nation of added-sugar lovers. According to a report from the CDC, adults in the US consumed around 13% of their total daily calorie intake from added sugars between 2005-2010, while 16% of childrens and adolescents total calorie intake came from added sugars between 2005-2008.

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