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What Foods Stop Sugar Cravings

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Cut Off Energy Drinks And Fruit Juices Except For Green Vegetable Juice

Top 10 Foods That Stop Sugar Cravings

Juicing strips off all the fiber that could help slow down the release of sugar, meaning you will not get that quick spike. This also means youll experience the rest of the benefits in the fruit.

Consuming fruit juice or energy drinks will cause a spike in blood sugar, followed by a drastic drop. This is because these drinks have no fiber, so the sugar will quickly be released into the bloodstream. This will trigger insulin release, which will quickly move glucose out of the blood, causing a drop with a subsequent craving for more sugar.

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

Not only will this support a healthy endocrine system, it takes away the need for sugar to to keep us going. Eat several small meals or snacks throughout the day, starting with protein for breakfast. Snack often on mineral- and nutrient-dense foods like nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, avocados, goji berries. Or, snack on foods that contain natural sources of sugar like carrots or bananas, which balance healthy blood sugar over an extended period instead of causing the sharp spike that refined sugar provides.

  • The amino acid L-glutamine has been found to help reduce, and even support sugar cravings by supporting stabilized blood sugar. L-glutamine is found in common foods like chicken, wild fish, good quality eggs, vegetables like beans, beets, cabbage, spinach, carrots, & parsley and fermented foods like miso. Load up on those foods in order to keep your blood sugar healthy and in normal ranges.

Buy Yourself Some Time

Drink a glass of water, take five deep breaths, or go for a short walk. If you are truly hungry, its okay to reach for a snack. Your best bet for stamping out a craving may be to have a snack that includes protein or a source of healthy fat. Prepping your own at the beginning of the week will enable you to be proactive and prevent trips to the vending machine for sugar-filled packaged foods.

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How Do I Stop Sugar Cravings: 25 Foods To Stop Sugar Cravings

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Sugar is something that everyone enjoys. Whether it is in a cup of tea with sugar, a tasty piece of cake or some ice cream, we all enjoy sugar in one form or the other. However, some of us are more attracted to sugar and have developed somewhat of an addiction when it comes to the treat. Some of us simply cannot go a day without eating some form of sugar. We find ourselves having a craving for the treat and simply cannot say no to our desires. This in simplest terms is a sugar craving. Sugar cravings can be unhealthy and can lead to a host of diseases including obesity, so how do you stop sugar cravings?

You have come to the right place. Here in this article, we will discuss the various means you should consider when trying to stop craving sugar and we will highlight 25 foods that are proven to be effective in managing sugar cravings.

Before we go about the task of figuring out how to combat a sugar craving, lets take a deeper look into the phenomenon and try to understand sugar cravings a little better.

Spices When Recipes Call For Sugar

Food that fight sugar craving

It may seem hard to cut back on your sugar when baking but you can use spices instead to add natural sweetness. “I’ll often add unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon, or vanilla extract to my recipesand often find that this is sweetness enough, or that I can reduce the sugar by up to 25 percent or so,” says Amy Gorin, MS, RDN. “You can also do this with yogurtbuy plain Greek yogurt and sweeten it with cinnamon or unsweetened cocoa powder, instead of buying a sugarier pre-sweetened version.”

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Lets Look At The Ways Sugar Wrongs Us

  • suppresses your immune system
  • Excess sugar consumption is linked to cancer and tumor growth
  • promotes weight gain and obesity
  • disrupts the mineral balance
  • contributes to depression, anxiety and mood swings
  • promotes gut dysbiosis and fungal overgrowth in the gut
  • contributes to insulin resistance and diabetes
  • can cause hormonal imbalances
  • increases risk for Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis
  • disrupt the bodys pH balance
  • can cause hypoglycemia
  • will reduce good HDL cholesterol and increase bad LDL cholesterol
  • prohibits weight loss

Some people are more sugar sensitive than others, and part of that depends on your genetics. Regardless, you can bio-hack your diet by manipulating certain macronutrients, like protein and fat, to balance your blood glucose levels and ward off cravings.

Heres an example: Lets say you start your morning with coffee and a pastry. You probably feel pretty good because that sugar is plugging up feel-good receptors in your brain, and maybe you get a little high as your blood glucose levels spike. But a few hours later, you crash when your blood glucose plummets again, and then youre hungry, jittery, anxious, moody, irritable. You eat lunch, probably too much because youre starving and you miscalculated your hunger needs, and then you may feel tired as all your energy is diverted into digestion. You may crave sugar in the afternoon, because your body knows it gives you a quick energy boost. Does that rollercoaster sound familiar?

Other Things That May Work

I am pretty sure the three steps above would work for most people to shut down a sugar craving.

But of course, the best option by far is to prevent these cravings in the first place.

To do that, toss all out of your house. If you keep them within close reach, youre asking for trouble. Instead, keep healthy foods within easy reach.

Also, if you eat healthy and exercise several times per week, chances are you wont get cravings nearly as often.

Here are 11 more useful tips to stop sugar cravings:

  • Drink a glass of water. Some people say that dehydration can cause cravings.
  • Eat a fruit. Having a piece of fruit may help satisfy sugar cravings for some people. Bananas, apples, oranges work great.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners. If you feel that artificial sweeteners trigger cravings for you, you might want to avoid them (
  • Avoid certain triggers. Try to avoid specific activities or places that give you cravings, such as walking past McDonalds.
  • Take a multivitamin. This will help prevent any deficiencies.
  • Read your list. It can be very helpful to carry a list of the reasons you want to eat healthy, as it can be hard to remember such things when you get a craving.
  • Dont starve yourself. Try to prevent yourself from becoming too hungry between meals.
  • Summary

    Numerous other methods may help you overcome a craving for sugar. These include drinking a glass of water, getting good sleep and eating high-protein foods.

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    Meat Poultry And Fish

    A good source of protein can help you keep your sugar cravings at bay. If you are trying to lose weight, it is very important to ensure an adequate quantity of protein in your diet to prevent cravings and weight gain.

    When you consume a protein-based meal, you are more likely to stay full and satisfied and are less likely to snack after the meal. This can help you control your cravings, especially if you find yourself craving sugar.

    If you are craving sugars, proteins would definitely help you soften the craving and keep them in control. Dont worry if you are vegetarian, you can rely on plant-based protein sources to achieve the same results.

    Sugar Craving Cause: You Chowed Down On Salty Foods

    Stop Carbohydrate Cravings Fast With 4 Things

    When you dine out or eat highly processed, packaged foods, your food has more sodium in it than you probably even realize. This usually remains true even when youre eating something healthy, such as grilled salmon and sautéed or steamed spinach, from your fave healthy restaurant. Heres the kicker: Oftentimes, the saltier your food, the bigger your sweet craving.

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    If Youve Got It Really Bad Here Is Supplemental Support

    • 500 mg 1000mg of glutamine really helps some people. Break open the capsules and empty under your tongue, then swallow with water. This does not work for everyone.
    • certain minerals like chromium help arrest sugar cravingsyou can often find them in blood sugar balance blends with other herbs or nutrients to help stop sugar cravings. Examples are gymnema, alpha lipoic acid, and even cinnamon. Body Ecology Ancient Minerals is awesome.
    • Try this crave arrest to help balance brain chemicals that can cause cravings.
    • Have a cup of green tea. It may sound preposterous, but we sometimes mistake hunger or craving cues for thirst, and the minerals in green tea give you a boost. Minerals in general also help stop sugar cravings. Drink lots of green juicesvery high in minerals!
    • Have a protein snack using suggestions above. As I mentioned, when blood sugar is low, you actually need protein, not sugar.

    Stick to dark chocolate it has health benefitsor truffles over hard candy, and bring treats that dont contain refined sugars to parties. Its ok to treat yourself every once in a while, and I often recommend sugar busting snacks in the afternoon, like coconut butter or coconut oil melted with almond butter and a bit of honey that can satisfy a craving. Remember that indulging in too much sugar every day will only make sugar cravings worse, so save the treats for parties and special occasions.

    Sugar & Insulin Resistance

    Your brain and body need glucose to survive. When your body perceives that blood sugar is getting too low, it sends you a signal that it needs fuel. You get hungry, or maybe you crave sugar because your body knows its a calorie dense and efficient way to give you a fast boost. When you eat sugar, white flour , alcohol, sodas, candy, cookies, pastries, etc, your body uses a hormone called insulin to transport the glucose to your cells for usage. When you eat too much sugar, your pancreas releases a whole lotta insulin to usher all that glucose into your cells, and blood glucose levels drop again , and your blood sugar levels drop too low, so you crave sugar again to bring the levels back up.

    The problem with this cycle is that eventually, your cells stop responding properly to insulin. They already have enough glucose, so they lock the door and dont allow insulin to escort glucose into the cell. Your pancreas is overworked as it continues to churn out insulin in response to all that sugar youre eating, but now you have become insulin resistant because your cells dont want all that excess sugar. This causes your blood sugar levels to rise, setting you up for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

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    Why Do We Get Sugar Cravings

    We get sugar cravings for a wide variety of reasons, some more serious than others. Here are a few common causes that you can overcome through simple lifestyle adjustments:

  • Inadequate carb intake: When youre on a diet, one of the first food groups that often gets cut is carbs. But keep in mind that sudden lowering of carb levels can drive you straight to the sugar bowl.
  • Imbalanced diet: If youve been eating unhealthy food, your blood sugar might be out of balance and your energy levels tend to crash. This results in a hangry moodwhich craves instant gratification.
  • Iron deficiency: You may not know this, but iron deficiency will make you feel groggy, lethargic, and depleted. What happens next? Cravings for a sugar boost!
  • Lack of sleep: When you arent getting your 8 hours of sleep, your body produces more hunger hormone. Since you havent exactly refueled your body, it will search for a sugary pick-me-up.
  • Foods That Curb Sugar Cravings

    8 Things Dieticians Recommend To Stop Sugar Cravings

    When someone experiences a sugar craving they assume that the only thing that might satisfy the food craving? is sugar itself. Its ironic but the one thing that will never satisfy a craving for sugar is sugar. Of course, it seems to end the craving momentarily, but we dont realize that our brain and body has been manipulated by a cunning, sneaky, man-made addiction to refined sugar.

    When we consume refined sugar it has a dramatic impact on our blood sugar levels creating what we perceive as excessive highs followed by miserable lows. These alone have an impact on our mental state with the lows appearing to get worse and worse. When those lows are relieved by the consumption of more refined sugar it fools us into believing that it created pleasure. We forget entirely that it was the extreme, violent manipulation of our blood sugar levels that created the discomfort of the low in the first place

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    Tip : Choose Quality Avoid Quantity

    When you are craving sugar and find yourself giving in as we mentioned in tip 1, choose quality over quantity. You dont want to eat the entire pint of ice cream, instead, make yourself a small sundae which is a moderate portion treat. The smaller the treat the better. However, what you need to ensure is the quality of the sugary food that you intake.

    Spend time preparing your sugar treat. Make yourself that perfect dark chocolate truffle and savour it as opposed to eating that huge candy bar. Learn to eat a smaller portion that is high in quality and enjoy the treat slowly.

    Dont simply dismiss your favourite treats and look to steer clear of them. Instead, remember to choose quality over quantity. If you try to stay away from your favourite treats, chances are you would wind back having a larger quantity than you would you in a few days time. When you hit the breaking point after giving up on ice cream, one fine day you would find yourself breaking, thereby eating the entire pint.

    So make sure to enjoy the quality treats in your life and watch out for the quantity of the treat that you consume. Though this isnt stopping your sugar intake completely, it is proven to be an effective means of combating sugar cravings and controlling the negative effects of sugar.

    Is It Worth It In The Long Term

    Visualizing the long-term consequences of snacking or otherwise indulging can help some people to curb cravings.

    These consequences may include:

    • feeling reduced levels of energy and happiness throughout the day

    This exercise can also help a person to see the big picture and remember why they are dieting or trying to restrict their intake of certain foods.

    Stress can play a role in hunger cravings, and long-term stressors can cause some people to crave foods that are sugary or more calorie-dense.

    Finding ways to reduce stress may help to eliminate cravings.

    Simple means of reducing stress, such as taking regular breaks from work, or even taking a few deep breaths, can help the body to refocus and calm the mind.

    It may also help to try mindful stress-relieving practices, such as:

    • breathing exercises

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    Four Foods That Can Stop Sugar Cravings: Low Carb Choices

    Food cravings affect many people. In fact, up to 97% of women and 68% of men report some form of food cravings, include cravings for sugar.

    A food craving is an intense desire to consume a specific food. Also called selective hunger, a food craving is different from normal hunger. Hunger is controlled by the stomach, but cravings are controlled by the brain.

    Sugar cravings can produce a strong desire to eat sweets, and those with sugar cravings can find that they cannot control themselves around sweet foods.

    Helen West, RD in HealthLine writes about foods that can fight sugar cravings. Here are four of the best low carb choices.

    1. Berries

    Berries are an excellent, nutritious choice for stopping sugar cravings.

    They taste sweet, but their high fiber content means they are actually quite low in sugar.

    This could make them a great choice if you think your sugar cravings are linked to habit, rather than hunger. For example, you might crave sweet foods while youre watching TV.

    Additionally, berries are rich in plant compounds and have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

    This means they may help reduce risk factors for chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

    2. Dark Chocolate

    Image courtesy of: wuestenigel

    3. Yogurt

    4. Meat, Poultry and Fish

    For more foods that help stop sugar cravings, see Healthline.

    Tip : Be Adventurous With Your Food

    SUGAR CRAVINGS | how to stop them naturally

    Dont simply eat the staple food that you eat every day. Expand your horizon and get curious in the kitchen. Mix in spices and herbs and make something truly exotic. Have fun with preparing your food and be adventurous with the meals that you prepare. This will enable you to instil healthier eating habits.

    Try a recipe or two that you have never tried before. Get into the habit of preparing healthy meals. Simply changing your mindset to a healthier one will help you combat sugar cravings. You are more likely to say no and are more likely to think about your health before you give in to your sugar cravings.

    Try eating some new vegetables and fruits ones that you have never tried before. By changing what you eat on a day to day basis, you would find yourself getting excited about your meals and slowly the excitement over sugar will start to disappear.

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