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What Foods To Eat To Keep Blood Sugar Low

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What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar

High Blood Sugar Diet: How To Keep Blood Sugar Low

Different people may feel low blood sugar levels differently. People with low blood sugar may:

  • feel hungry or have “hunger pains” in their stomach
  • feel shaky or like they’re trembling
  • have a rapid heart rate
  • feel sweaty or have cold, clammy skin
  • have pale, gray skin color
  • have a headache
  • have seizures or convulsions
  • lose consciousness

If you have diabetes, try to remember how your body reacts when your blood sugar levels are low. It may help you figure out when you’re having a low blood sugar level more quickly the next time.

/11foods To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Diet is the most crucial part of the journey to regulate blood sugar, especially if you are prediabetic or diabetic. While other factors like weight, genetics, stress and activity level play a role in determining blood sugar, following a strict and healthy diet is imperative to keep blood sugar spikes in control. Did you know that mother nature provides a bountiful of foods that can naturally reduce blood sugar? Here are 10 out of them.

Beware Of The Label Sugar

Grocery shopping can be confusing, since at first glance, many foods may seem healthier than they are. Smart food choices can be hard to make. Watch out for sugar-free alternatives, which are better than the real-sugar versions, but hardly healthy.

In addition, says Champion, just because a food is labeled sugar free, reduced sugar, or no sugar added doesnt mean its carbohydrate free, too. This means the food can still cause your blood sugar to rise. Your best bet is to look at the Nutrition Facts panel and ingredient label on the back of the package, she says. Dont rely on advertising claims on the front of the package.

The ADA suggests that rather than just looking at the sugar content, always check the total amount of carbohydrates in a product which includes the amounts of starch, fiber, sugar, and sugar alcohols. This total will give you a more accurate idea of how a food may actually affect your blood sugar levels.

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Wild Caught Fish Grass

What an animal eats before you eat it, is of extreme importance to you. Commercially raised meats, including fish, poultry and livestock are fed a diet of corn and corn byproducts, soy and soy hulls, discarded brewery grain, etc.

A similar diet is fed to farmed fish, and free-range poultry. Animals were not meant to eat grains and the grains actually make the animals sickly, creating a need for antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals. Antibiotics are also routinely given to cattle, fish and poultry in an effort to fatten them up and make them grow faster. All of this remains in the meat you eat.

The old adage, you are what you eat is the same for animals. Animals fed a junk-food diet, and raised in dirty, overcrowded conditions do not create the nutritionally sound protein or healthy fats that naturally raised animals do. And most of the toxins that remain from the pesticides and other additives given to them are stored in their fat and livers, so not only do you not get healthy fats eating CAFO , you get a mouthful of toxic chemicals.

Naturally raised, antibiotic and hormone free cattle, poultry and fish contain the highest amounts of nutrients possible, because these animals are eating their natural diet. Their fat contains more of the healthy omega 3 fats and other essentially fatty acids as well.

Drink Water And Stay Hydrated

What To Eat for Dinner to Keep My Morning Blood Sugar low?

Drinking enough water may help you keep your blood sugar levels within healthy limits.

In addition to preventing dehydration, it helps your kidneys flush out the excess sugar through urine.

One observational study showed that those who drank more water had a lower risk for developing high blood sugar levels (

90 ).

Its important to monitor your waistline, as its perhaps the most crucial weight-related factor for estimating your diabetes risk.

A measurement of more than 35 inches for women and more than 40 inches for men is associated with an increased risk of developing insulin resistance, high blood sugar levels, and type 2 diabetes .

Having a healthy waist measurement may even be more important than your overall weight .


Keeping a moderate weight and waistline will help you maintain normal blood sugar levels and decrease your risk for developing diabetes.

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Your Diabetes Diet: What Foods Can Help Control Blood Sugar

While medication, sleep, stress, and time of day can all play a role in diabetes management, experts agree that diet is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. Thats because specific food choices can have a direct effect on your blood sugar levels, says Toby Smithson, RDN, CDE, the coauthor of Diabetes Meal Planning and Nutrition for Dummies and the founder of Diabetes EveryDay, of Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Inattention to what you decide to nourish yourself with can lead to serious consequences, like an increased risk of vision problems, nerve damage, amputations, and even death. “Managing blood glucose levels is key to preventing future complications,” Smithson says.

The reason why people with diabetes develop excess amounts of sugar in their blood is insulin resistance, the hallmark of the disease. Insulin resistance is the inability of the hormone insulin to effectively transport glucose, or blood sugar, to the bodys cells to be used for energy or stored as fuel for future use. When sugar cant reach the bodys cells it accumulates in the blood, potentially leading to the aforementioned complications.

To stay on track with your diabetes management, start with these 10 diabetes-friendly foods that fit this description and are known for their abilities to help keep blood sugar controlled.

Will Supplements And Vitamins Help My Diabetes

No clear proof exists that taking dietary supplements such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, or spices can help manage diabetes.1 You may need supplements if you cannot get enough vitamins and minerals from foods. Talk with your health care provider before you take any dietary supplement since some can cause side effects or affect how your medicines work.2

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Cut Down On Added Sugar

We know cutting out sugar can be really hard at the beginning, so small practical swaps are a good starting point when youre trying to cut down on excess sugar. Swapping sugary drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices with water, plain milk, or tea and coffee without sugar can be a good start.

You can always try low or zero-calorie sweeteners to help you cut back. Cutting out these added sugars can help you control your blood glucose levels and help keep your weight down. If your diabetes treatment means you get hypos, and you use sugary drinks to treat them, this is still important for your diabetes management and you shouldnt cut this out. However, if you are having regular hypos it is really important to discuss this with your diabetes team.

Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Instantly Diabetic Health Guide

How to Eat 3 Bagels – and Keep Blood Sugar Low!

When your body doesnt produce enough insulin or it cannot use insulin correctly it leads to the accumulation of glucose in the blood. Eat foods that lower blood sugar instantly. High blood sugar levels can be controlled with regular exercise, lifestyle modifications, and proper diet. How to lower blood sugar? What to eat when you have diabetes?

The answers to these questions lie right here. The glycemic index measures the effects of specific foods on blood sugar levels. People looking for diabetic control should add foods that have low GI scores in their diet.

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Add Cinnamon To Coffee To Help Lower Blood Sugar

Adding flavor to your plate by way of diabetes-friendly spices is another possible management tool, and when it comes to sweetening food, consider adding cinnamon to the top of your list. A study published in September 2013 in the Annals of Family Medicine suggests the spice is associated with a drop in fasting blood sugar levels, while other research shows it may help increase insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, and lower LDL cholesterol. While more research is still needed, a sprinkle of cinnamon never hurts. Your taste buds will thank you and your blood sugar levels may improve, to boot.

Try sweetening your oatmeal with cinnamon or adding the spice to your morning cup of joe.

Add Extra Activity To Your Daily Routine

If you have been inactive or you are trying a new activity, start slowly, with 5 to 10 minutes a day. Then add a little more time each week. Increase daily activity by spending less time in front of a TV or other screen. Try these simple ways to add physical activities in your life each day:

  • Walk around while you talk on the phone or during TV commercials.
  • Do chores, such as work in the garden, rake leaves, clean the house, or wash the car.
  • Park at the far end of the shopping center parking lot and walk to the store.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Make your family outings active, such as a family bike ride or a walk in a park.

If you are sitting for a long time, such as working at a desk or watching TV, do some light activity for 3 minutes or more every half hour.5 Light activities include

  • leg lifts or extensions

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What Can Cause Low Blood Sugar Levels

Some things that can make low blood sugar levels more likely are:

  • skipping meals and snacks
  • not eating enough food during a meal or snack
  • exercising longer or harder than usual without eating some extra food
  • getting too much insulin
  • not timing the insulin doses properly with meals, snacks, and exercise

Also, some things may increase how quickly insulin gets absorbed into the bloodstream and can make hypoglycemia more likely. These include:

  • taking a hot shower or bath right after having an insulin injection increases blood flow through the blood vessels in the skin, which can make the insulin be absorbed more quickly than usual
  • injecting the shot into a muscle instead of the fatty layer under the skin
  • injecting the insulin into a part of the body used a lot in a particular sport .

All of these situations increase the chances that a person may get hypoglycemia.

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What To Eat To Keep Your Blood Sugar In Check

10 Blood SugarLowering Foods

Swap difficult diets for good and simple healthy foods. Hereâs how.

You need to eat wisely to keep your diabetes in check. The key is to choose healthy foods and portion sizes so that you can control both your weight and blood sugar levels.

The first step: Learn whatâs good for you, says diabetes educator Emmy Suhl, RD, CDE, of Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.

âThereâs no such thing as a diabetes diet,â Suhl says. âThe best diet for someone with diabetes is your basic, healthy diet.â

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Final Tips To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

While diet is important to manage blood sugar levels, so is overall lifestyle. Adequate sleep, enough water intake, and getting movement each day are all important factors that can promote lower blood sugar levels around the clock. Some people find that eating several times a day works better for them while others find they do best with three larger meals throughout the day. Test out both to see which works for you, and listen to your body. Prioritize eating real foods with a balanced intake of protein, fiber, and healthy fats throughout the day for overall healthier blood sugar levels as much as possible.

Other foods worth mentioning for lower blood sugar levels are coconut butter, dark chocolate, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, other nuts and seeds, most all vegetables, greens, fiber-rich fruits like berries and apples, and even black coffee. Remember, theres no need to deprive yourself when taking care of your body but choosing high-quality, real foods is key.

For more information, check out these tips so you can be on your way to better blood sugar levels in no time!

If you make your own coffee in the morning, chances are youre only making the same boring kind everyday. Now its time to put an end to the cynical habit and turn you into an instant coffee connoisseur.

The only difference here is taste. And when it comes to coffee, taste matters. A lot.

Best Foods To Lower Your Blood Sugar

Eating healthy isnt just about cutting bad foods out of our diets its also about adding in nutritious foods that will help us reach our health and wellness goals.

If you are looking to lower your blood sugar levels, then you may be wondering what the best foods are to eat that are low on the glycemic index, that wont spike your blood sugars, and that will provide you with nutrients to support a healthy body.

Read on to discover the top 15 foods to help you keep your blood sugar levels controlled.

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When Should I Eat If I Have Diabetes

Some people with diabetes need to eat at about the same time each day. Others can be more flexible with the timing of their meals. Depending on your diabetes medicines or type of insulin, you may need to eat the same amount of carbohydrates at the same time each day. If you take mealtime insulin, your eating schedule can be more flexible.

If you use certain diabetes medicines or insulin and you skip or delay a meal, your blood glucose level can drop too low. Ask your health care team when you should eat and whether you should eat before and after physical activity.

Ways To Eat More Whole Grains

5 Delicious Food Ideas & Desserts To Keep Blood Sugar Low! | On Prednisone

The easiest way to eat more whole grains is to make a few switches in your diet, such as swapping out white bread and rice for whole wheat bread and brown rice. Also, try these tips:

  • Add grains like barley and bulgur wheat to soups, stews, salads, and casseroles to add texture.
  • When you bake breads or muffins, instead of white flour use half whole wheat flour and half oat, amaranth, or buckwheat flour. You can also use these whole-grain flours in pancakes and waffles.
  • Instead of having crackers for a snack, eat popcorn, which is a whole grain. Just skip the butter and salt. Unsweetened whole-grain cereal makes another good snack option.
  • Make quinoa your side dish instead of rice. You can also use quinoa as a coating for shrimp and chicken instead of flour or breadcrumbs.
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    Start With These Tips To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

    To help you get started on filling your plate with more blood sugar friendly foods that will help lower your blood sugar, start by removing refined sugar, refined grains, and most processed foods from your diet. Processed foods all contain chemicals and refined ingredients that our bodies dont recognize as real nutrients, so our cells never really get what they need and we feel hungry all the time as a result. This also leads to blood sugar swings and spikes that cause insulin to work less efficiently.

    What helps insulin work best so that blood sugar stays in a stable place are foods that pack dense amounts of nutrition and contain amino acids , fiber , and healthy fats from real food.

    Lets check out some foods that can help lower blood sugar levels by offering us these nutritional benefits, shall we?

    What To Eat For Dinner To Keep Your Blood Sugars Under Control

    You need to understand one thing here and it is that when a person has diabetes then it doesnt mean that a person cant eat the foods he enjoys. All a person has to do is to eat healthy and nutritious food. You should make sure that your diet includes plenty of legumes, grains, vegetables, lean meat, fruit and low-fat dairy . These foods have high amount of minerals, fibers and vitamins in them and they are low in saturated fats, refined sugar and cholesterol.

    Dinner Foods for Diabetic patients:

    The following is a list of foods which the diabetic patients need to eat to keep morning blood sugar levels under control:

  • Oatmeal:
  • Oatmeal can help to keep the blood sugar levels under control. But you shouldnt get the sweetened kind. The American Diabetic society spokesperson has the view that oatmeal is a carbohydrate but still its a very good carbohydrate. Oatmeal has more fiber in it which makes it quite beneficial against diabetes . It is also slower to digest and doesnt raise the blood sugar levels as much. Its quite beneficial to keep the blood sugar levels under control over time.

  • Strawberries / Apples /Guava.
  • Some diabetic patients avoid eating strawberries because they have extra sweetness in them. But a cup of strawberries has proven to be a healthy snack and it doesnt raise the blood sugar levels much. They are a much better option than candy bar or cookie.

  • Broccoli and Spinach:
  • How to Make:

  • Steak:
  • Dark Chocolate is good in small portions:
  • 7. Soya beans / Sprouts

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    Sprinkle On Some Cinnamon

    Research on cinnamon’s blood-sugar-stabilizing powers is a little mixed, and it may not be a wonder spice. But if you’re adding it to an already healthy diet, then it can have a subtle benefit, especially if you add a lot of it into your diet .* Some studies suggest that cinnamon promotes healthy blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity, or making insulin more efficient at moving glucose into cells.* Try sprinkling it onto oatmeal or into low-sugar smoothies . Bonus: It tastes delicious!

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