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What Fruit Contains The Most Sugar

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Grapes Sugar Content Can Vary By Varietal But Tend To Be Fairly High In Sugar

Juicy Question: THIS fruit contains the most sugar

Unlike some other fruits, the amount of sugar in a serving of grapes can vary based on the type of grapes youre eating. The USDA noted that one cup of Thompson seedless grapes contains just over 23 grams of sugar. So though grapes are definitely a healthy snack, you need to be wary of eating them mindlessly if youre trying to watch your sugar intake.

Which Fruits Dont Contain Sugar

Strawberries, apples and peaches are three fruits that wont increase your sugar levels, but;they arent the only ones. In this list, you will find up to 25 types of fruits all low in sugar. If youre looking for fruits with the least amount of sugar for diabetics or you simply want a diet low in sugar, this table will help you discover the fruits low in sugar. You can also use this ranking in reverse because a lack of sugar in our bodies can cause negative effects.

Why Is Sugar So Confusing

The;mixed messages lies in the vast and seemingly conflicting studies on sugar, blood sugar, diabetes, keto, whole-food diet, plant-based diet, calories and so much more.;;

Simply put, sugar is;energy. Some call it;empty calories,;because there are no nutritive values attributed to sugar, but typically, they’re referring to granulated sugar.;;

Unlike the white stuff, sugar in fruit is combined with nutrients, like vitamin C and fibre, which is;good for you. Experts agree that the average healthy person doesn’t;necessarily;need to;be concerned;about;the;sugar in fruit, as;fruit offers more nutrients than processed snacksor no;snacks.;

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Foods And Drinks That Are Surprisingly High In Sugar

Eating too much sugar is really bad for your health.

It has been linked to an increased risk of many diseases, including obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer .

Many people are now trying to minimize their sugar intake, but its easy to underestimate how much youre actually consuming.

One of the reasons is that many foods contain hidden sugars, including some foods that you wouldnt even consider to be sweet.

In fact, even products marketed as light or low fat often contain more sugar than their regular counterparts .

The American Heart Association recommends that women limit their added sugar intake to 6 teaspoons per day, while men should limit their intake to 9 teaspoons .

Here are 18 foods and drinks that contain way more sugar than youd think.

Yogurt can be highly nutritious. However, not all yogurt is created equal.

Like many other low fat products, low fat yogurts have sugar added to them to enhance flavor.

For example, a single cup of low fat yogurt can contain over 45 grams of sugar, which is about 11 teaspoons. This is more than the daily limit for men and women in just a single cup of healthy yogurt .

Furthermore, low fat yogurt doesnt seem to have the same health benefits as full fat yogurt .

Its best to choose full fat, natural, or Greek yogurt. Avoid yogurt that has been sweetened with sugar.

Important Note: In No Way Are We Recommending That You Eat Less Fruit Because Of Its Sugar Content

Which Fruits Contain the Most Sugar?

Fruit is delicious, it’s good for you, and it contains naturally occurring sugars. And while there’s technically no chemical difference between natural and added sugars, there’s a huge difference between eating a piece of fruit and a candy bar. According to Brian St. Pierre, director of performance nutrition at Precision Nutrition, when you eat fruit, you’re also getting lots of other important nutrients, like fiber, vitamins, phytochemicals, and water ;all of which you wouldn’t get with processed sweets like cookies or candies.

That said, it’s still interesting to see which fruits contain the least and the most sugar. And if you’re trying to cut down on all types of sugar, here’s more info on how to do that.

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Path To Improved Health

If you eat or drink too much added sugar, it can lead to health problems. These include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Increased low-density lipoprotein cholesterollevels
  • Decreased high-density lipoprotein cholesterollevels

People who fill up on foods and drinks that contain added sugar may be less likely to eat and drink;healthy options. For example, milk contains natural sugar but also provides calcium,;protein, and vitamins that help your body function well. Sugary drinks contain added sugar and provide little to no nutritional value to your body.

Your body needs a;certain amount of calories;each day for energy. Think of this as your daily calorie goal. Your goal depends on your age, height, weight, and level of activity. Most of the calories you eat and drink should provide nutrients. Since added sugars dont have much nutritional value, theyre called empty calories. You may gain weight if you eat or drink too many empty calories.

How Much Sugar Is In Fruit

Susie Burrellis a leading Australian dietitian and nutritionist, founder ofShape Me, and prominent media spokesperson, with regular appearances in both print and television media commenting on all areas of diet, weight loss and nutrition – here she provides expert advice onsugar content in fruit.

Poor old fruit cops a beating at times and while it is a source of the natural sugar fructose, it is also a nutrient rich food packed full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. So if you love nothing more than to grab a piece of fruit to munch on throughout the day, here are your favourite fruits ranked highest to lowest in overall sugar content.

It is though extremely important to know that unlike added sugar or sucrose, fructose is naturally occurring and when it comes to the overall sugar content in our diet, ideally the more natural sugar we consume, as opposed to added sugars the better. And for the average person, enjoying 2-3 pieces of fresh fruit a day, and the natural sugars it contains it no cause for concern from an overall sugar perspective.

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Grapes’ Sugar Content Can Vary By Varietal But Tend To Be Fairly High In Sugar

Unlike some other fruits, the amount of sugar in a serving of grapes can vary based on the type of grapes you’re eating. The USDA noted that one cup of Thompson seedless grapes contains just over 23 grams of sugar. So though grapes are definitely a healthy snack, you need to be wary of eating them mindlessly if you’re trying to watch your sugar intake.

Lemons And Limes Have Even Less

Is fruit good for you? Is a banana the same as 6 teaspoons of sugar?

If you’re looking for some of the health benefits that fruit can provide without getting too much sugar, lemons and limes might be good options. Healthline noted that lemons and limes typically contain approximately one gram of sugar per piece of fruit . But they’re also loaded with vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and more.

There are many good reasons to eat a serving of fruit and you should definitely still include fruit as part of a healthy and balanced diet, but if you need to monitor your sugar intake for whatever reason, knowing which fruits have more and which have less is crucial for determining which are the best for you.

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Which Fruits Contain The Most Sugar

You’re given a banana and an apple. Guess: Which one has more sugar? Though each is a perfectly healthy serving of fruit and both happen to pair wonderfully with peanut butter, one is far more sugary than the other. The average-sized apple, while lower in calories overall than an average-sized banana, actually has approximately five grams more sugar.

But that doesn’t mean the banana is the better choice. Most people don’t fully understand that sugar is not all bad for you – and in fact, it takes a whole lot of overeating of added refined sugars to do any real damage to your health.

The stress of worrying about sugar is probably doing more harm than the sugar you’re eating, unless you’re eating a trough of it every day. So read on to find out which fruits have the most sugar – but keep in mind that it’s not really a big deal.

5. GrapesIn a cup of juicy, red grapes, you’ll find 15 grams of sugar. Some grapes are sweeter than others – cotton candy grapes, for instance, have way more sugar. That’s what gives them their super sweet flavor.

4. CherriesDried cherries are far denser in sugar content than the fresh kind. In one-third of a cup of dried cherries, there are nearly 30 grams of sugar. Some of this sugar is added after the fruits are dried. However, in a cup of fresh cherries, there are nearly 20 grams of sugar. Cherries also have dozens of health benefits from antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Added Sugar: What You Need To Know

Last Updated October 2020 | This article was created by editorial staff and reviewed by Kyle Bradford Jones

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that provides calories for your body to use as energy. There are two main types of sugar.

Natural sugar;is found in whole, unprocessed foods. These include fruit, vegetables, dairy, and some grains. Fructose is a natural sugar found in fruit. Lactose is a natural sugar found in animal dairy products.

Added sugar;is found in processed foods and drinks. It also includes sugar you add to foods at home. Added sugar provides little to no nutritional value. Its used for different reasons, such as:

  • To keep baked goods fresh longer
  • To keep jellies and jams from spoiling
  • To help fermentation in breads and alcohol
  • To improve the flavor, color, or texture of foods and drinks

The main foods that contain added sugar include:

  • Candy
  • Sweet rolls, pastries, and doughnuts
  • Dairy desserts, such as ice cream and yogurt
  • Sugar sweetened drinks, such as soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, and juice drinks

Many Americans love sugarand way too much of it. However, you should limit your added sugar to no more 10% of your total daily calories. Thats just 200 calories a day based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. That translates into no more than 50 grams of sugar per day.

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Which Fruits Are High In Sugar

Anything dried boasts the highest sugar content in fruit, especially cranberries, raisins, dates, and figs, says Laura Hartung, MA, RD, LDN, CPT.

See our chart of sugar content in fruit

Compare the dried version to a raw fruit and youll be amazed by the difference in sugar content. Dried pears, for instance, contain a whopping 112 g of sugar in one cup. The same amount of raw Bartlett pears contains a fraction of that14g. One cup of packed golden raisins has 108 g of sugar, while the same amount of red or green grapes contain 23 g of sugar.


Diabetics need to count their carbohydrate content at each meal and know the amount of sugar and carbs in the fruits they consume, says Laura Hartung, MA, RD, LDN, CPT. Women diabetics need to limit their carbohydrate intake to 30 to 45g of carbs per meal. Male diabetics need to limit their carb intake to 45 to 60 g of carbs per meal. One cup of mashed banana contains 51 g of carbs, for instance, while a cup of red or green grapes has 27 g.

Tropical fruits pineapple, bananas, and pomegranates also contain higher amounts of sugar, Hartung says. One cup of pineapple, for instance, contains 16 g of sugar while the same amount of banana contains almost 28g. Other foods that top the highest-sugar-conten-in-fruit list: cherries , grapes , mangoes , lychees and passion fruit .

Are Sugars In Fruits Bad For You

Top 13 Which Fruits Have The Most Sugar ? Popular Most ...

No, says Hartung. Most fruits have a low glycemic index due to the amount of fiber they contain, and their sugar is mostly fructose. That means theyre less likely to wreak havoc on your blood sugar than, say, a bag of gummy worms. Most fruit is also filled with fiber, which helps you to feel fuller for longerit could help prevent you from overeating.

Another bonus: Fruits are filled with disease-fighting antioxidants, water, vitamins, and nutrients, which make them a much healthier choice than any candy bar, cookie, or processed snack, Hartung adds. As with everything, though, fruit should be enjoyed in moderation.

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Sugar In Popular Juices

If you’re overwhelmed with the number of choices when picking out fruit juice, you’re not alone. In addition to the basics, which typically includes orange and apple, there is also grape, cranberry, cherry, grapefruit, pomegranate and many more.

According to the USDA, a 12-ounce glass of 100 percent orange juice has approximately 178.8 calories and 42.6 grams of carbohydrate with 30.96 grams coming from sugar. It also has 2.5 grams of protein and 0.4 grams of fat.

A 12-ounce serving of 100 percent apple juice has approximately 171.6 calories and 42 grams of carbohydrate with 35.76 grams coming from sugar. Like orange juice, the protein and fat are minimal, with 0.372 grams of protein and 0.48 grams of fat.

Grape juice beats both the sugar in orange juice and the sugar in apple juice. A 12-ounce serving of 100 percent grape juice has 223.2 calories and 54.96 grams of carbohydrates with 52.8 grams coming from sugar. It also lacks protein and fat with 1.38 grams of protein and 0.48 grams of fat.

Cranberry juice, while not as popular as orange and apple, does rank among the top picks of fruit juice. A 12-ounce glass of 100 percent cranberry juice has 171.6 calories and 45.36 grams of carbohydrate with 45 grams coming from sugar. Similar to grape juice, cranberry has 0.48 grams of fat and 1.45 grams of protein.

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Figs Have The Most Sugar

If youve ever eaten a fresh fig, you know how sweet they can be. So it shouldnt come as a surprise that they are high in sugar content. The Daily Meal reported that a medium-sized fig generally contains about eight grams of sugar. And since youre going to eat more than just one , all of that sugar adds up quickly.

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Natural Sugar In Fruit

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults eat two cups of fruit or fruit juice or a half-cup of dried fruit per day. How much fruit you eat may differ if you are following a specific low carb meal plan or if you counting or modifying your carbohydrate intake because of diabetes.

Most fruits have a low glycemic index due to the amount of fiber they contain and because their sugar is mostly fructose. However, dried fruit , melons, and pineapples have a medium GI value. Sweetened dried fruits have an even higher GI value.

Fruits aren’t just packed with nutrition, they’re also versatile and tasty. With their natural sweetness, fruits are a fantastic way to satisfy a craving for sweets. In fact, those lowest in sugar have some of the highest nutritional values, plus antioxidants and other phytonutrients.

Things To Be Aware Of

Fruit: 10 fruits that contains low sugar (2019)

Whole fruit is always a better choice than packaged or processed fruits.

For example, manufacturers tend to heavily sweeten and highly process fruit juices. Flavored juices that they market to children often contain large amounts of added sugars. These juices are not a substitute for whole fruit, and they may significantly increase a persons sugar consumption.

People who consume canned fruits should check the label, as some canned fruits contain sweeteners or other flavoring agents that can greatly increase their sugar content.

A very high intake of fruit, as with any other food, may cause a person to consume too many calories, which may increase their risk of obesity. Overeating fruit, however, is difficult.

To exceed a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet by only eating fruit, a person would have to eat

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Apples Have Slightly Less

Apples are often considered fairly sweet fruits as well, but they don’t pack the same sugary punch as some other options. Still, you’re getting more than 10 grams of sugar if you’re eating more than about a cup of fruit. Well + Good noted that a cup of apples contains about 11 grams of sugar, but that if you eat the skin, you’re getting a boost of fiber as well.

Tips To Increase Fruit Consumption

Even though 100 percent fruit juice is a better pick than many other sugar-sweetened beverages, it still lacks the nutrients that come with eating whole fruit. Increasing the amount of fruits you eat not only boosts your intake of vitamins and minerals, but it also ups your fiber for the day. Fruits like raspberries, apples, bananas, strawberries, mango and oranges are all excellent sources of dietary fiber.

According to the Mayo Clinic, dietary fiber can prevent and relieve constipation and it may help with weight loss and maintenance. It also helps lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. The recommended fiber intake for an adult female is 25 grams, and an adult male should be eating 38 grams of fiber per day, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. For adults aged 50 and over, the Academy recommends 21 grams of fiber for females and 30 grams for males.

In order to meet the guidelines for fiber and increase the amount of whole fruits in your diet, consider following a few of these tips.

  • Make a fruit salad with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for breakfast.
  • Add a sliced banana to your cereal

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