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What Kind Of Toys Do Sugar Gliders Like

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Tips To Make Your Sugar Glider Happy

What Is a Sugar Glider? | Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders love to play and have a lot of energy. So here are some tips to make your sugar glider happy:

  • Provide a variety of toys that make noise, are soft, and that they can chew.
  • Offer them climbing ropes and branches to help them feel comfortable and at home.
  • Give them a variety of fruit and vegetables to eat, as well as acacia gum, eucalyptus sticks, and sugar cane sticks.
  • Make their cage fun and exciting with swings, pouches, and exercise wheels.

All Sugar Gliders have different personalities and interests, so try to find out what your glider likes the most. Your happy, content sugar glider will make you happy too!

Scooter Zs Klik Klak Balls

This jellyfish-like toy from Scooter Zs features colorful plastic balls with acrylic flowers that pique your sugar gliders interest. It can be a decorative item on your pets cage but can also be used to hide small treats inside the ball and encourage your pets natural foraging instincts.

It is also a great noisemaker toy with the plastic balls creating a klick-klack sound when explored and played by your pet. The toy includes a durable stainless steel O ring as well as a quick ling for easy hanging on your pets cage.

Our Editors Pick: Oncpcare Pet Cage Hammock

All sugar gliders need a warm, safe and cozy area for sleeping. The Oncpcare hammock is made with soft, washable material that provides warmth, safety, and a feeling of security to your tiny pet.

Each hammock comes with clips that let you attach it securely within the sugar gliders cage. They also feature cute and bright colorful patterns making it very attractive for your pets and humans to watch!

Sugar gliders usually enjoy curling up in warm and dark places and this hammock provides them with the ideal resting area. It is also available in two sizes so you can select one based on the number of gliders you have.


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The Best Sugar Glider Toys Keep Them Entertained

Sugar gliders have quickly become a popular pet. While these exotic animals arent as easy to take care of as your average hamster.

In fact, a sugar glider requires about as much care as a cat or dog! they make wonderful pets due to their uniqueness.

First, sugar gliders are one of the few marsupials in the world. Due to the fact that outside of Australia this is a rare trait.

In fact, in North America, the only natural marsupial is the possum that already makes them unique.

Thats not it, though! Sugar gliders, as their name suggests, love both sugary snacks and gliding from high places whether that be a tree, our curtains, or your head!

Hi, my name is Megan. Ive raised a lot of animals in my life: from chinchillas to hamsters to cats to pigs. Each animal is unique in its on way with different needs and wants and desires.

Like all animals, sugar gliders need the basics to survive. While its often not thought about, making sure your sugar glider is happy is another important aspect when keeping him or her healthy.

Set Up The Nest Box/nest Pouch

Sugar Glider Color Variations, Dear Arnold, Sugar Glider ...

Then, the next thing to do is to start installing their sleeping pods the nest boxes pouches. Dont confuse yourself too much about it nest boxes can be as simple as plastic, wicker, and even untreated wood.

For nest pouches, it can be a sturdy cloth that youll hang from atop the cage.

And while its something not to stress on, its good to invest in these things, too. You never know when youll purchase another furry friend, so being prepared wont hurt.

Placing the Nest Box

Placing the nest box in the cage is simple, you just have to position it across where youll be placing the pull-out tray. This will prevent them from accidentally eating their own wastes.

You can also position it adjacent to the water and food dishes for them to be able to access it easier.

Placing the Nest Pouch

On the other hand, you can hang your nest pouches anywhere in the cage. If youll install more than two keep the distance moderate .

Furthermore, make sure that the pouches wont entangle with one another if in case your friends decide to play around with them.

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What Should I Feed My Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are omnivorous, so their diet should consist of both plant and animal food sources.

Approximately 25% of their diet should consist of fruit, 25% protein, and 50% should be commercial sugar glider food or homemade Bourbon Modified Leadbeaters diet.

Fruits appropriate for sugar gliders include grapes, bananas, mangoes, peaches, and melon.

Veggies for sugar gliders can include corn, sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach. Proteins for sugar gliders can be things like cooked, unseasoned lean meats and cooked eggs.

The Bourbon Modified Leadbeaters diet, or BML, is a homemade diet that consists of ingredients like reptile vitamin supplements, peeled hardboiled egg, honey, baby cereal, and high protein baby food like chicken.

As a treat, sugar gliders love to eat things like mealworms, earthworms, crickets, and nuts. These things are high in fat and should be fed in moderation as treats and not as main dietary components. Vitamin and mineral supplementation may be necessary, which can be achieved with many reptile vitamin and mineral supplements but talk to your vet to see if your sugar glider requires this supplementation. Clean water should always be available.

How To Entertain Sugar Glider

The following suggestions are to entertain your Sugar glider:

  • First, provide an ample selection of toys, including bells, gliding strings, playhouses, wood chews , and round-cornered plastic toys, which make noises.
  • Allow your pet the freedom and responsibility of choosing what they want at any time by providing multiple climbing ropes and branches that enable them space and comfort.
  • Drop a gumdrop or two into their cage they will need it as an energy supplement since theyre not getting any action now.
  • Leave them alone dont hover over your pet glider they need your trust to have fun!
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    Wodent Wheel Senior And Tail Shield

    A perfect running wheel for small pets with lots of benefits. Running wheel is one of the best toys for sugar gliders because it gives so much physical exercise and mental enrichment at the same time.

    This Wodent wheel is not only a wheel for running exercise, but it also has an adjustable Nail-O-Matic trimmer. You can just add it to have your pets nail trimmed while it is having fun on the wheel. This is important to trim their nails when it grows longer. The Nail-O-Matic nail trimmer formula in this running wheel is the best way to get this job done.


    • The running wheel can be set on the Stand as well as hang on the Cage Grills.
    • It includes a tail shield inside that keeps the pets tail safe while running.
    • Nail-O-Matic trimmer formula is removable and replaceable with a new one.


    • Only one Nail-O-Matic paper is given with the complete pack, you have to collect your own if further needed.

    Hamiledyi Sugar Glider Huts Best Toys For Sugar Gliders

    9 TOYS EVERY Sugar Glider NEEDS | What the different types of toys are called

    This Is a DIY hideout toy for Sugar Gliders. The adorable design and colors must attract you and your pet. This toy has a small house-like space inside so that sugar gliders can get and stay in it. Its a perfect toy to keep your pet calm and joyful by the mind.

    The package also has an exercise bridge that your pet can climb up and play with. Besides playing as a hideout toy, the small house is also perfect for staying and sleeping comfortably. You can attract anyone visiting your house with this amazing looking pet toy.

    • The House -5.5 x 3.9 x 3.1 inches
    • The Bridge 5.9 x 3.9 x 2.1 inches


    • Made of wood, but you can wash and clean it quickly with water without worrying about getting damp.
    • The climbing bridge gives great physical activity.
    • Its an awesome decoration item for your home appearance.


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    The Complete Guide To Owning And Caring For A Sugar Glider

    Have you ever wanted to create a special bond with a truly one-of-a-kind animal?

    If so, a sugar glider might be your perfect pet. Unless you live in Australia, you probably havent encountered anything quite like these flying marsupials.

    Sugar gliders use membranes on the sides of their body to soar through the air. Theyre small, clever, and very social. They can live for up to 15 years in captivity, so make sure youre ready for the commitment before you decide to bring one into your life.

    If youve got your heart set on these beautiful creatures, keep reading to find out what youll need in order to be a great sugar glider owner.

    How Do I Get My Sugar Glider To Calm Down

    How to Relieve Sugar Glider Stress

  • Take your sugar glider to an experienced sugar glider veterinarian at the first sign of symptoms to rule out other causes and confirm stress.
  • Have your sugar glider neutered if he is an intact male.
  • Check out his cage and whats inside it.
  • Adopt a second sugar glider.
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    How Much Does It Cost To Own A Sugar Glider

    Purchasing a sugar glider is going to cost you anywhere from $100-500 depending on the age, origin, and color of the sugar glider. Sugar gliders require quite a large, tall enclosure that allows plenty of room for climbing, plus bedding, décor, and enrichment activities, which is all going to cost you up to $200-300. For a baby sugar glider, you can start off with a smaller enclosure and work up to a larger one as it grows. Expect to spend around $20-30 monthly for food and supplements.

    When you first bring your sugar glider home, youll want to get an appointment for a vet to check it over, which will likely cost you $50-75 or more depending on the area you live in. Sugar gliders should have an annual vet visit to verify they are healthy, which will cost about the same as the initial vet visit. Many people who keep males and females together have their males neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies, which can cost up to $200. As always, its a good idea to keep an emergency fund in case of unexpected illness or injury.

    How Much Does A Sugar Glider Eat In One Day

    Colors and Descriptions

    Sugar gliders are small animals and only eat about 15% to 20% of their body weight each day. As an adult glider only weighs a little over 4 ounces , it may only eat about 0.6 to 0.8 ounces per day . So after one to two tablespoons, your pet may not want any more food for the day. However, some gliders keep eating if you leave food in the dish.

    In fact, overfeeding is a common problem. As sugar gliders only require up to two tablespoons of food per day, its easy to provide much more food than your pets need. Overeating leads to obesity, which increases the risk of health problems.

    Your glider needs a mixture of protein, calcium, and vitamins. To get the right nutrients, some sugar glider owners stick to a combination of 50% protein, 25% fruit, and 25% vegetables.

    However, this makes it difficult to factor in kibble and nectar, which also contain important nutrients, so the one-third rule is easier to follow. One-third of your gliders diet should include kibble, one-third should include nectar, and everything else can fit into the final third.

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    Great Star 400 Pcs Plastic C Clips Hooks Chain

    Hook chain is an innovative playing toy, you can make different use of it. Small pets love climbing on hook chains. It keeps your pet busy playing while you are not at home as well. Hook chains themselves can be a toy, also it can be used as chains to hang other toys.

    A colorful collection of C-clips Hook Chain is really attractive and has a lot of utilities. It gives many kinds of playing experience. In the pack of Great star C-clips Hook Chain, there are 400 pieces of hooks. Each hook is about 1.5 inches long and 0.6 inches wide.


    • This can be a great toy for your children when they will make chains for the pet.
    • Chains can link between toys inside the pets cage.
    • The attractive colors and the playing with the chain give mental and physical stimulation to your pets.


    The Best Requirement Cage Size

    Although theyre small creatures, they differ from other small creatures such as hamsters or gerbils. They need an adequate place that can support their active behavior. The smallest average cage will be 61 cm wide by 61 cm deep by 92 cm high.

    The bars should also not be wider than ½ inch as this little creature can get out through tiny space and can get loose. It would help if you also were selective in providing toys for them as their claws or tail can be stuck in them.

    You can give them some branches, ropes, or ladders to keep them occupied and not get bored in their cage. As I previously mentioned, gliders are nocturnal, so it would be a good idea if you give them a habitat that isnt close to lights or the sun.

    A wider habitat would also be much better for them as it means theres some more space for them to play. Creating some feeding stations for these competitive animals will reduce some problems in the cage among their mates.

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    Gather The Needed Things For The Cage

    After that, gather everything listed above. Yes, everything including those poop trays! Dont install and place them inside the cage yet, as you need to plan it out first.

    So, prepare everything, from the nest pouches or nest boxes, the bedding material, to the toys, exercise wheels, ropes,food dishes, water bottles/water dishes, bedding/lining, and pull-out dropping trays.

    NOTE: Store them at a place where youll be able to see them all. This is for you not to panic when youre about to install them.

    What Do Sugar Gliders Need In Their Cage

    What Noises Do Sugar Gliders Make? | Sugar Gliders

    Sugar gliders need toys to beat boredom, equipment for feeding, and of course, the relaxation pods in their cages. During my first experience setting one up, I had no idea where to start.

    Sugar gliders are social animals theyre also active creatures. So, keeping their cage lively and fun would be the right thing to do.

    But before injecting the fun in the formula, what do sugar gliders need in their habitat?

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    Are Sugar Gliders Illegal

    Sugar gliders are illegal to own or breed in California, Hawaii, Alaska, and New York City. In Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, you need to obtain a special permit. Additionally, some cities or counties may have their own legislation prohibiting these animals. Always check local laws before buying gliders.

    What Toys Are Safe For Sugar Gliders

    Before selecting the toys we check a few important things. Because by following these points we can get safe toys for sugar gliders. Its not difficult at all.

    • The quality of the materials of the toys is a very important thing to count on. We need to make sure that it has the highest quality and its made with the best materials. Also, its necessary to make sure there are no chemicals in the product. By checking this we can make sure that we are getting good toys for sugar gliders.
    • The materials of the products is another point to check. For example, we should avoid wooden toys for gliders. Because gliders will chew the wooden toys and it can splinter and scrape its mouth.
    • The best size is another thing to consider. If the toys are too big to play on the sugar glider will avoid playing with the toy. Also, it happens with a very small kind of toy. Additionally, small parts can cause injuries to your pet. This can make an accident like choking. so its also necessary to choose safe toys for sugar gliders.

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    How To Set Up A Sugar Glider Cage

    When I set up my first ever cage, I didnt know where to start and what to do.

    So, I went on and just placed it in my room, threw in a food dish and a water bottle, and a small sleeping pouch for my furry friend.

    A few hours later, the relentless hissing and barking sounds appeared. It was then that I realized that theyre active social animals and they need something to do, too!

    So, heres a foolproof way to set up and keep your furry friends habitats perfect for them.

    Bonding With Your New Pet


    Because sugar gliders arent a typical pet, you might be wondering whether their wildness will mean you cant have a normal human-pet bond.

    Rest assured, this is not the case! With the right introductions and care, sugar gliders can indeed bond to people and even other pets.

    Sugar gliders are very social animals and will likely see the home environment as a social group. This makes the bonding process a multifaceted one, so pay attention as your sugar glider learns how to get along with everyone in the family.

    In the wild, sugar gliders live in colonies of about a dozen or so. They interact with each other all day and sleep nestled together for warmth. So dont be surprised if your new pet likes to cuddle with humans or other pets!

    Sugar gliders are so social, in fact, that they may require more interaction than expected.

    Some people recommend big chunks of daily interaction with young sugar gliders in order to get them used to humans. For a simulation of natural bonding, you can make or buy a bonding pouch for your sugar glider that you can wear around your body. Remember that sugar gliders are marsupials, so theyre used to being carried around in a warm pouch.

    You might also want to consider getting a second sugar glider to keep your pet company in a more constant way. Sugar gliders are naturally active at night, so another sugar glider can provide crucial social interaction when youre asleep.

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