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What Organ Controls Sugar Levels

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How Does The Pancreas Control Blood Sugar

Insulin and Glucagon | Physiology | Biology | FuseSchool

Your endocrine system works with your nervous system to control important bodily functions. The endocrine systems responsibilities include regulating growth, sexual development and function, metabolism and mood. The endocrine system also helps give your body the energy it needs to function properly. Endocrine glands secrete hormones into the bloodstream. Hormones are considered chemical messengers, coordinating your body by transferring information from one set of cells to another. Your endocrine system health can be affected by hormone imbalances resulting from impaired glands. A hormone imbalance can cause problems with bodily growth, sexual development, metabolism and other bodily functions. Endocrine system diseases or conditions include diabetes, growth disorders and osteoporosis.Continue reading > >

What To Do To Bring High Blood Sugar Down

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Control Blood Sugar With Diet

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How Food Impacts Your Blood Sugar Levels

All foods that you eat can impact blood sugar levels. Sugar and carbohydrates, however, have the most significant effect. Thatâs because after you eat carbs, your body breaks them down into sugar that enters your bloodstream, increasing your blood glucose levels.

But, that doesnât mean all digestible carbohydrates work the same. Our bodies digest high fiber foods slower, making the rise in blood sugar more gradual instead of one big spike. Soluble fiber also helps reduce blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity. Processed carbohydrates, on the other hand, cause those sharp spikes in blood sugar and boost triglyceride levels.

Trying to digest all the information on how your body processes carbohydrates and sugars can be overwhelming. Thatâs where using the glycemic index can make it easier to understand. The glycemic index ranks foods on a scale from 0-100. The higher the number, the more your blood sugar will spike after eating.

This tool is especially helpful when evaluating foods you want to include in your overall healthy lifestyle plan. However, it is important to keep in mind that the glycemic index just predicts how someoneâs glucose will respond to food on average. After taking unique personal differences into account, some people may see a response higher or lower than the average.

Insulin Blood Sugar And Type 2 Diabetes

Regulation of glucose levels in blood

Insulin is a key player in developing type 2 diabetes. This vital hormoneyou cant survive without itregulates blood sugar in the body, a very complicated process. Here are the high points:

  • The food you eat is broken down into blood sugar.
  • Blood sugar enters your bloodstream, which signals the pancreas to release insulin.
  • Insulin helps blood sugar enter the bodys cells so it can be used for energy.
  • Insulin also signals the liver to store blood sugar for later use.
  • Blood sugar enters cells, and levels in the bloodstream decrease, signaling insulin to decrease too.
  • Lower insulin levels alert the liver to release stored blood sugar so energy is always available, even if you havent eaten for a while.

Thats when everything works smoothly. But this finely tuned system can quickly get out of whack, as follows:

  • A lot of blood sugar enters the bloodstream.
  • The pancreas pumps out more insulin to get blood sugar into cells.
  • Over time, cells stop responding to all that insulintheyve become insulin resistant.
  • The pancreas keeps making more insulin to try to make cells respond.
  • Eventually, the pancreas cant keep up, and blood sugar keeps rising.

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What Happens If Insulin Does Not Work Properly

If insulin does not work properly on its receptor it may lead to type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can be caused by two main factors and its severity will depend on how advanced the problems are. Firstly, the patients beta cells may have problems manufacturing insulin, so although some insulin is produced, it is not enough for the bodys needs. This is relative insulin deficiency rather than the absolute insulin deficiency that is seen in type 1 diabetes. Secondly, the available insulin doesnt work properly because the areas in the cell where insulin acts, called insulin receptors, become insensitive and stop responding to the insulin in the bloodstream. This is called insulin resistance and is very common in obesity and type 2 diabetes. These receptors appear to malfunction more in people who carry excessive amount of weight. Some people with type 2 diabetes might initially experience very few symptoms and the raised blood glucose is only picked up when a routine blood test is arranged for another reason other people might experience symptoms similar to those seen in patients with type 1 diabetes . Some patients with type 2 diabetes can control their symptoms by improving their diet and/or losing weight, some will need tablets, and others will need to inject insulin to improve blood glucose levels. See the article on diabetes mellitus for more information.

What Are Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels, also known as blood glucose level, is the level of sugar/glucose present in the blood. Glucose is a simple version of sugar which comes from the food we eat. Therefore, the more food you consume with high sugar levels over a period of time, will typically increase your blood sugar level.

Glucose comes from the foods we eat and its sugar content. When a person consumes a food with high sugar content, that is turned into glucose. The glucose is then absorbed into the bloodstream with the support of insulin. This is then distributed between the bodys cells and used as energy.

Foods high in glucose include most carbohydrates and a handful of proteins and fats. Most foods contain glucose as it is simply a natural sugar that occurs in most dietary forms. However, it is carbohydrates that contain the most sugar and 100% of it turns into glucose, through the process mentioned above, once consumed. The concentration of glucose present in the blood will determine your blood sugar level.

Here is a quick video explaining Blood sugar levels chart :

Your blood sugar level can either be low, normal or high. Depending on what you eat and health conditions, it will vary from person to person. Here is a breakdown of how your blood sugar works and how low or high blood sugar levels happens:

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What Can You Do To Reduce Blood Sugar Level

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Prevents High Blood Glucose

GCSE Biology – Control of Blood Glucose Concentration #56

Insulin plays an integral role in preventing high blood sugar. After you eat a meal and your blood-glucose rises, your pancreas senses your blood-sugar level. When the glucose in your bloodstream becomes high, the pancreas releases insulin into your bloodstream. A small clump of pancreatic cells called the ”islets of Langerhans,” manufacture insulin. Once the insulin is in your bloodstream, it allows your cells to absorb and use glucose as a fuel source.

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What Is Diabetic Medications

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More About The Pancreas With Type 2 Diabetes

The pancreas is very important because it is the home of 2 of the 8 tissues or organs that play a part in type 2 diabetes. The pancreas is located behind the stomach and has 2 jobs. First, it makes hormones like insulin and releases those hormones into the bloodstream. It also makes digestive enzymes. These are chemicals that help the body break down and absorb nutrients in the small intestine.2

The pancreas also plays an important role in the endocrine system. The endocrine system is a group of organs and glands. These make and release hormones and other chemicals into the bloodstream. The hormones and chemicals it makes help the body perform daily functions.2

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How Can I Check My Blood Sugar Level Without A Meter

There are ways in which you can check blood sugar level without the traditional meter method, but do note that they are not as accurate. A device called the continuous glucose monitoring pump is like an insulin pump, which can help you find patterns and trends in your sugar levels. These non-prick methods use electromagnetic waves to read glucose in the body.

Symptoms Of Blood Blood Sugar Levels

Figure 2 from Pancreatic regulation of glucose homeostasis

Symptoms of blood sugar levels differ depending on if it is high or low. To determine which way the blood sugar have moved, the symptoms for each are typically:

High Blood Sugar Symptoms
Slow healing wounds Turning pale

If symptoms are left untreated, more extreme circumstances can happen such as fainting, weakness, disorientation, vomiting and dehydration. When you notice symptoms, usually more than one at one time, it is advised to see a doctor right away.

It is important to get the right treatment so that you can return to a healthy normal blood sugar level and inhibit it from occurring again.

Treatment methods vary from the severity of the blood sugar level, whether it is high or low and if the patient has existing medical conditions, such as diabetes. Here are ways in which blood sugar levels can be treated:

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Diabetes Medications That Work With The Pancreas

Most people who have type 2 diabetes need to take prescription medications, some of which act specifically on the pancreas to lower A1C.

Sulfonylureas and Meglitinides

How they work: Lower blood sugar by encouraging the pancreas to produce more insulin

DPP-4 Inhibitors

How they work: Block the enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase 4, which increases the amount of GLP1 in the body

GLP-1 Receptor Agonists

How they work: Mimic the effects of the hormone GLP-1, which triggers your pancreas to produce more insulin after you eat and decreases glucagon. These drugs also help you feel full after a meal and slow the rate at which the stomach empties, which may help you lose weight

Insulin Levels Throughout The Day

To keep the blood glucose in a narrow range throughout the day, there is a low steady secretion of insulin overnight, fasting and between meals with spikes of insulin at mealtimes. Adapted: Jacobs DM Care 20:1279, 1997

There are other hormones that work together with insulin to regulate blood sugar including incretins and gluco-counterregulatory hormones, but insulin is the most important.

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The Liver Both Stores And Produces Sugar

The liver acts as the bodys glucose reservoir, and helps to keep your circulating blood sugar levels and other body fuels steady and constant. The liver both stores and manufactures glucose depending upon the bodys need. The need to store or release glucose is primarily signaled by the hormones insulin and glucagon.

During a meal, your liver will store sugar, or glucose, as glycogen for a later time when your body needs it. The high levels of insulin and suppressed levels of glucagon during a meal promote the storage of glucose as glycogen.

Insulin Resistance: Understanding What Happens In Type 2 Diabetes

GCSE Science Revision – How Insulin and Glucagon control Blood Sugar Levels – Homeostasis

In type 2 diabetes, the body has become insulin resistant, meaning insulin is no longer able to effectively remove sugar from the blood. As a result, the pancreas ramps up its insulin production to try to keep up with the amount of carbohydrates youre eating a state of overproduction that can lead to B-cell fatigue.

When B-cells become fatigued , they can no longer make enough insulin to shuttle glucose out of your bloodstream. The end result: hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar.

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How Does The Pancreas Reduce Blood Sugar

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