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What Should Morning Fasting Blood Sugar Be

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What If Your Morning Blood Sugar Level Is High

How to Avoid High Morning Blood Sugars | 6 Simple Tips

Due to certain hormonal changes, it is quite natural to have a relatively higher blood sugar levels in the morning. If you do not have diabetes, your body will produce enough insulin to bring your blood sugar back to normal again. It may not happen though if you have diabetes.

Your blood glucose levels may stay elevated because of insulin resistance, which refers to a condition in which your bodyâs fat cells and muscles fail to use insulin effectively. The condition also affects the function of your liver and changes the way it processes and releases sugar, especially at night.

The situation is different when you have type-2 diabetes because the liver starts releasing more glucose than is needed into your blood. It means that your hormones are causing your blood sugar to go up and your liver is also making things worse by releasing more sugar into your system. This leads to a spike in blood sugar levels that stay elevated unless you pay attention to your diet and exercise. You may also have to take medications to manage your blood sugar better.

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Prediabetes: Symptoms Diagnosis & Treatment

The day youre diagnosed with prediabetes can feel like a remarkably scary day. It can also be a day that motivates you to take action. While type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease , there are still many things you can do to improve your blood sugars right away.

In fact, prediabetes is type 2 diabetes in its earliest stages which is why it shouldnt be dismissed or taken lightly. Youve earned the pre in front of diabetes because while your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, they simply arent high enough to qualify for full-fledged type 2 diabetes.

For some, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes is reversible. For others, it may not be.

In this article, well look at the symptoms of prediabetes, how its diagnosed, how its treated, and whether or not it can be reversed.

  • Can prediabetes be reversed?
  • No More High Blood Sugar In The Morning

    Its important to recognise that morning hyperglycemia is fairly normal: its usually your body trying to get you ready for the day .But you can help your body help itself by trying out some changes in your routine or medication. And Hedia wants to help you to help your body to help itself! Give yourself a good morning by visiting the App Store and

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    Eat Fewer Refined Carbs

    Refined carbs are also called processed carbs. White bread, white rice, soda, candy, breakfast cereals, and desserts are all examples of refined carbohydrates. At the same time, vitamins, minerals, and fibre lack refined carbohydrates. Since the body readily and rapidly digests refined carbohydrates, they have a high glycemic index.

    As per studies, after consuming meals with a high glycemic index, you can experience a spike in blood sugar followed by a dip in blood sugar. As a result, it can drive appetite and contribute to overeating and weight gain.

    Some Ways To Help You Prevent High Morning Readings

    Normal Morning Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

    What should my blood sugar be when I wake up? It depends if you already have diabetes or not. However, you should also know what you could do to keep your blood sugar levels from rising in the morning. Here are few suggestions:

    1. Manage Your Body Weight

    If you are overweight, consider losing weight to make it easy to manage your blood sugar levels. It really helps when you have been recently diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. Weight loss usually helps regulate hormones and increase insulin sensitivity to lower your blood sugar levels. To lose weight, pay attention to your diet first avoid processed foods, eat veggies and fruits, and cut the intake of less-healthy foods. Cranking up your physical activity may also help.

    2. Have a Bedtime Snack

    Eating something before you go to sleep may help stabilize your blood sugar. Your snack should contain no more than 20g of carbs. This keeps your liver from producing excess glucose while you sleep. Some of the most impressive carb-friend snack options are low-fat yogurt, frozen grapes, small piece of fruit, a serving of fresh salsa and tortilla chips, and soybeans.

    3. Have an Active Lifestyle

    A Quick Tip

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    Adopt A Healthy Morning Ritual

    Developing a morning ritual is a great habit for a healthy mind and body and it will also help lower your morning blood sugar as well.

    When you get up, have a small protein/ fat combined snack , then try doing some stretching or go for a shortwalk first thing in the morning just 5-10 minutes to get moving.

    Exercise improves insulin sensitivity and moves glucose out of the muscles and into the cells.

    Its often best to have that protein/ fat snack first though, before you do the exercise.

    People With Diabetes Experience These Difficulties

    People with diabetes tend to confront the difficulties in the following ways including

    • If you have Type 1 Diabetes then your body would not be producing ideal insulin since the body starts attacking the insulin-producing cells.
    • If you have Type 2 Diabetes then your body would not be responding well to insulin and probably would not be producing ideal insulin.

    Whether you are a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes person, the result probably remains the same. You would be experiencing high blood sugar levels which makes it difficult to use blood sugar.

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    Lower Fasting Blood Sugar

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  • Can Not Taking Your Medicin For Diabetes Cause Glaucoma?
  • Translating Your A1c To A Blood Sugar Level

    Want Normal Fasting Blood Sugar? Do This! Works Fast!

    Using this easy calculator from the ADA, you can translate your most recent A1C result to an eAG or estimate average glucose level.

    You can also use this translation when working to improve your A1c and achieve closer to normal blood sugar levels.

    If you know an A1c of 6.5 is an average blood sugar level of 126 mg/dL or a range of 100 to 152 mg/dL, then you can look at your current blood sugar results on your CGM and meter and pinpoint which time of day youre frequently higher than this range.12% = 298 mg/dL or range of 240 347 11% = 269 mg/dL or range of 217 31410% = 240 mg/dL or range of 193 2829% = 212 mg/dL or range of 170 2498% = 183 mg/dL or range of 147 2177% = 154 mg/dL or range of 123 1856% = 126 mg/dL or range of 100 1525% = 97 mg/dL or range of 76 120

    Normal blood sugar levels in a person without diabetes can result in an A1c as low as 4.6 or 4.7 percent and as high as 5.6 percent.

    Just a decade or two ago, it was rare for a person with type 1 diabetes to achieve an A1c result below 6 percent. Thanks to new and improved insulin and better technology like continuous glucose monitors and smarter insulin pumps, more people with diabetes are able to safely achieve A1c levels in the higher 5 percent range.

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    Know Your Blood Sugar

    Blood sugar is the amount of sugar in your blood at a given time. Its important to check your blood sugar level, because it will:

    • determine if you have a high or low blood sugar level at a given time
    • show you how your lifestyle and medication affect your blood sugar levels
    • help you and your diabetes health-care team make lifestyle and medication changes to improve your blood sugar levels

    Blood Sugar And Insulin An Overview

    The carbohydrates that you consume are broken down by your body. This process produces glucose . The primary energy source for the cells is this glucose. The cells in your liver, muscles, and fats use this glucose as an energy source to function correctly. This is possible because of insulin. The excess glucose that is not used up by your body for energy is converted and deposited as fats. These fats can give you energy whenever you have low glucose levels.

    The insulin has two main functions. The first is to allow the cells to use the generated glucose generated as an energy source. The second is to make sure that normal levels of glucose are maintained in your bloodstream.

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    Why Does Blood Sugar Go Up In The Morning What Is The Dawn Phenomenon

    There are a few main reasons why your glucose levels may be higher in the morning. One of these is known as the dawn phenomenon.

    The dawn phenomenon occurs early in the morning between 3 am and 8 am while you are still asleep. As morning approaches, the body naturally signals your liver to produce glucose, giving your body the energy it needs for the start of the day. Caused by changes in hormonal levels, the dawn phenomenon happens to all people, with or without diabetes. However, for those without diabetes, insulin levels increase and they do not experience hyperglycemia.

    Another reason you may experience higher morning glucose levels is because your injected insulin wears off. If your body has insufficient insulin during the night, your glucose levels may start to rise. To combat this, you may consider trying a new basal insulin, adjusting the timing and amount of your basal dose , or changing your nighttime basal rates .

    The last reason you may experience higher morning glucose levels is known as the Somogyi effect. This occurs if your glucose levels fall too low during the night, caused by too much insulin or medication. To respond, your liver produces more glucose to try to maintain your glucose levels, which may result in hyperglycemia. The Somogyi effect is not as common as the other reasons described.

    What You Need To Know About High Morning Blood Sugar

    Morning Fasting Glucose Range

    How in the world can your blood sugar climb during the night when youre not eating a thing? Before blaming the carbs in last nights dinner, consider these other common culprits.

    Waking up and seeing a high blood sugar reading can be puzzling. However, it is not as uncommon as you think. Here is all you need to know about your blood sugar numbers in the morning and what may be contributing to it.

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    Hba1c Test For Diabetes Diagnosis

    An HbA1c test does not directly measure the level of blood glucose, however, the result of the test is influenced by how high or low your blood glucose levels have tended to be over a period of 2 to 3 months.

    Indications of diabetes or prediabetes are given under the following conditions:

    • Normal: Below 42 mmol/mol
    • Prediabetes: 42 to 47 mmol/mol
    • Diabetes: 48 mmol/mol

    Understand Nutrition And Adjust Your Diet

    What you choose to eat and drink can have a major impact on not only your waistline, mood, and well-being, but also on your blood sugar levels.

    All macronutrients can affect your blood sugar to some degree so developing a good understanding of how they affect your blood sugar will enable you to be proactive and prevent blood sugar swings.


    Carbohydrates have the greatest impact on your blood sugar, which is why many people with diabetes can benefit from following a low- to medium-carb diet . The fewer carbs you eat, the less insulin you need to take, which makes diabetes management easier.

    However, you dont have to follow a low-carb diet if it doesnt work for you physically or mentally. As I wrote in my post about which diet is best for people with diabetes, it is very possible to have great blood sugar control on a medium carb diet, as long as you experiment, take notes, and learn to take the right amounts of insulin for the carbs you are eating.

    It is very important to realize that we all react differently to carbs so you have to find the diet and foods that are right for you.

    As an example, people react very differently to carbs like oats or sweet potato. Some people can eat oats with only a small increase in blood sugar while others see a quick spike. By simply knowing this, people struggling with a certain type of carb can choose to reduce their consumption or cut it out of their diet altogether.

    Protein & fats

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    Lack Of Physical Exercise

    Exercise is a powerful tool for controlling glucose levels. There are multiple mechanisms by which exercise positively impacts glucose levels, including:

    But perhaps the most important aspect of exercise is consistency. Research has found that even a 10-day break in exercise in fit individuals decreased insulin sensitivity.

    Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar In The Morning

    How to Bring Fasting Blood Sugar DOWN FAST!

    If you wear a continuous glucose monitor , or if you routinely check your blood glucose every morning, you can see whether or not you are experiencing early morning hyperglycemia. In addition, you may also experience some of the signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia, which may include:

    • Frequent and excessive urination

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    Herbal Supplements That Lower Blood Sugar

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    How To Do A Finger

    Your healthcare team will show you how to do it the first time, but these are the key steps:

    • Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Dont use wet wipes as the glycerine in them can affect the test result. Make sure your hands are warm so its easier to get blood and wont hurt as much.
    • Take a test strip and slot it into the meter to turn it on. Some meters will have tests strips built in.
    • Remove the cap from your finger prick device and put in a new lancet. Then put the cap back on and set the device by pulling or clicking the plunger.
    • Choose which finger to prick but avoid your thumb or index finger . And dont prick the middle, or too close to a nail. Place the device against the side of your finger and press the plunger. Use a different finger each time and a different area.
    • Take your meter with the test strip and hold it against the drop of blood. Itll tell you if the test strip is filled, usually by beeping.
    • Before you look at your reading, check your finger. Use a tissue to stop bleeding, then use it to take out the lancet and throw it away in your sharps bin.
    • You can use the same tissue to take out the test strip and throw that away too. Taking out the strip will usually turn the meter off.

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    What If The Range Of Your Fasting Blood Sugar Levels Go Up 100 Mg/dl Chart Explained

    The chart below will help you get an idea on what goes on in case of changing of fasting blood sugar levels up 100mg/dl and down 70 mg/dl.

    When your fasting blood sugar level readings are between 100 and 125 mg/dl, then most probably you may have pre-diabetes.

    That is a condition in which your body insulin function is impaired. You may know it also as impaired fasting blood glucose condition.

    In case your fasting blood sugar levels figures are higher than 125 mg/dl, than most probably you may have diabetes. Further diagnostic exams will determine what type of diabetes you may have.

    Remember: always will be a double check to fully determine if you have diabetes or not.

    This means that youve to monitor your fasting blood sugar levels for one week, record the results for reference when consulting your doctor. Then, and only then you will know if you are diabetic or not.

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