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What Snacks Are Good For Low Blood Sugar

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Peanut Butter And Jelly On A Whole

Low Blood Sugar Snacks & Treatment | Daily Diabetics | Laina

The good news about PB: Including it in your breakfast can help improve satiety, reduce hunger, and decrease after-meal glucose levels, according to a small, past study.

Spread 1 tbsp on ½ of a high-fiber, whole-grain English muffin for a wholesome, nourishing snack. One option, Natural Creamy Jif Peanut Butter Spread, roughly contains 85 calories, 8 g fat , 4 g carbs, and 3.5 g protein. Meanwhile, one whole-grain English muffin from Thomas has an estimated 120 calories, 1 g fat , 23 g carbs, and 5 g protein.

Top it off with 1 tbsp of sugar-free jelly for a PB& J that is not only satisfying but also good for you. Smuckers Sugar-Free Strawberry Preserves, for example, contains no fat or protein, and only 5 g carbs.

A Small Apple With Peanut Butter

Yes, this childhood favorite is diabetes-approved. Apples are high in fiber , low in calories, and rich in flavonoids that may be protective against diabetes. Peanut butter offers some protein and healthy fat, but cap your serving to one tablespoon if youre aiming for a lower-calorie snack.

How Are Low Blood Sugar Levels Treated

Your diabetes health care team will give you guidelines for treating low blood sugar levels, depending on your symptoms. If you can, try to test your blood sugar levels to make sure that your symptoms are because of hypoglycemia. If you can’t test blood sugar immediately, don’t delay in treating your symptoms you can always check your blood sugar after you’ve taken steps to get your blood sugar back up into the normal range.

When blood sugar levels are low, the goal is to get them back up quickly. To do that, you should take in sugar or sugary foods, which raise the blood sugar level quickly. Your health care team might suggest that you:

  • Eat, drink, or take something that contains sugar that can get into the blood quickly. Your doctor may tell you to have really sugary foods or drinks or might give you glucose tablets or gel to take all of these can help to raise your blood sugar level fast, which is what you need to do when it’s low.
  • Wait about 10 minutes to let the sugar work.
  • Recheck your blood sugar level with a glucose meter to see if blood sugar levels are back to normal.
  • Get a glucagon shot , if your symptoms are severe or get worse after you eat, drink, or take glucose.

Sometimes, blood sugar levels can get so low that you may not be awake enough to eat or drink something to get them back up. When this happens, you may need a glucagon shot.

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Best Healthy Snack Foods To Balance Blood Sugar

Snacks can be a great way to carry us between meals so our blood sugars dont get too low and we dont get hangry. Here are some of nutritionally balanced snack ideas!

Greek Yogurt + Berries + NutsHere we have protein in the yogurt, fibre in the berries and healthy fats in the nuts.

Whole Grain Toast + Nut Butter + Hemp HeartsHere we have fibre in the toast, plus the combination of healthy fats, fibre and protein in the nut butter and hemp hearts.

Air-popped Popcorn + Almonds I love that we have some fibre rich carbs with the popcorn plus healthy fats, protein and fibre in the almonds.

Apple + Nut ButterAgain, fibre rich carbs in the apple plus the healthy fats, protein and fibre of nut butter.

Whole Grain Crackers + Cheese Fibre rich carbs in the crackers plus some protein and fat in the cheese.

Whole Wheat Pita + Hummus + CarrotsWe have fibre rich carbs in the pita and carrots plus fibre, protein and fat in the hummus.

EdamameEdamame is a great source of fibre and protein.

Rice Cake + Avocado + EggWe have some fibre and healthy fats in the avocado, plus fat and protein in the egg to compliment the carbs in the rice cake.

Roasted ChickpeasPulses are a great source of fibre and protein and if roasted in olive oil, they also provide some healthy fats.

Some More Insights About Low Blood Sugar

Pin on Blood Sugar Lower Quickly

Be aware that a hypo can also occur when you are sleeping: you might wake up with some of the symptoms mentioned above, such as confusion, sweating, or fatigue. Do you want to get more insights about this, then take a look at our article about diabetes and sleep.

Once you have become skilled in learning to recognize the early warning signs that you experience personally, you are able to prevent a hypoglycemic attack with a rapid treatment yourself. In this way you can avoid having to get a treatment from a medical professional and have the power to control your diabetes.

We understand that this however, can be difficult at times. Keeping a close eye on your blood glucose levels and planning ahead can be tiring and take up quite a lot of time. Therefore, Hedia can help remind you to keep track of your different readings, such as active insulin on board, blood sugar level and more. Try our diabetes tracker and let go of some of the work and thoughts.

When you do have a low blood sugar level, or if Hedia can see that you have too much insulin on board Hedia will recommend carb intake to keep your blood sugar level in range. Try it yourself for free at the App Store or !

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How To Snack With Reactive Hypoglycemia

The only treatment for reactive hypoglycemia is diet. But you dont need to eat special foods or special snacks. The same healthy foods that are recommended for everyone are good for people with reactive hypoglycemia. That means meals and snacks of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy proteins and healthy fats.

However, to gain prevent the drastic drops in blood sugar, you should eat a small meal or snack every three hours, which might mean three or more snacks a day. Because youre eating so often, meals and snacks may be about the same size. Each meal and snack should include a high-fiber carb, protein and fat. Limiting your intake of sugary foods, such as soda, juice, cake and other sweets, is recommended to help keep blood sugar steady.

Easy Vanilla Chiaseed Pudding With Blueberries

The mighty chia seed steals the show in this simple recipe that only requires three ingredients: chia seeds, almond milk and blueberries.

“Chia seeds provide ALA omega-3 fatty acids, along with fiber, making them a great ingredient for a satisfying snack,” Largeman-Roth says, adding that “antioxidant-packed blueberries offer another fiber boost for a whopping 9 grams per serving!”

Get the Easy Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding with Blueberries recipe and nutritional info here.

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Diabetic Snacks That Wont Spike Your Blood Sugar

Nothing will ever come between you and your snacks. You’ll choose a night in with Netflix and snacks over a night out with friends. But just because you need to switch to low-sugar, low-carb snack options doesn’t mean you cant have fun. Let the hunt for diabetic snacks commence.

Your snacking escapades aren’t about to slow down now that you need to bring the carb count down a bit. You’re cool with ditching the Cheetos, Animal Crackers, and Cheez-Its. But ditching snacks altogether? Please, don’t joke of such things.

To help you keep your composure, we’re diving deep into the best snacks for diabetics. These high-fiber, high-protein, high-flavor foods are sure to keep your inner snack demon satisfied.

What Should You Have For A Bedtime Snack To Lower Blood Sugar In The Morning

Favorite Low Blood Sugar Snacks! | Daily Diabetics | Lindsey |

I asked a few of my favorite diabetes colleagues to weigh in on what their recommendations for bedtime snacks for diabetes are and this is what they had to sayâ¦

Fellow dietitian and diabetes expert Rahaf Al Bochi, RDN, LD recommends, âBedtime snacks can be helpful for some people to bring down their morning blood sugars! I recommend experimenting with a protein and a complex carbohydrate for a bedtime snack and monitoring your blood sugars to see how your body responds. Examples include whole grain crackers and cheese or greek yogurt and nuts.â

And, Casey Seiden, MS, RD, CDCES offered more ideas saying, âEveryoneâs blood sugars respond differently to a bedtime snack, but ideally you should aim for a combination of complex carbs and protein or healthy fat to keep glucose steady overnight. Try snacks like a rice cake with mashed avocado on top, Greek yogurt with blackberries, energy bites that contain oats and nut butter, or a cocoa chia pudding.â

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How To Treat Low Blood Sugar

If you think you have low blood sugar, be sure to check it.

Keeping your blood sugar levels on target as much as possible can help prevent or delay long-term, serious health problems. While this is important, closely managing your blood sugar levels also increases your chance for low blood sugar . Blood sugar below 70 mg/dL is considered low. If you think you have low blood sugar, check it. If you arent able to check it, go ahead and treat it.

Untreated low blood sugar can be dangerous, so its important to know what to do about it and to treat it immediately.

Baby Carrots Cherry Tomatoes Or Cucumber Slices

Non-starchy vegetables are a great choice for a snack. They are very low in calories, fats, and carbohydrates, while offering plenty of vitamins and minerals.

These vegetables also provide antioxidants and a good dose of fiber to boost heart and gut health. For more protein, add a low-fat cheese slice to this low-calorie snack.

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More Awesome Low Snacks

  • Fruit Snacks
  • Bananas

Remember, when treating a low, the goals are to increase your blood sugar to normal range, sustaining that corrected blood sugar, and portion control as to remain within your nutrition plan and goals. These options, while not what you might automatically think of for a low snack, should help you get there!

Low Blood Sugar: Best Bites When You’re On The Go

Blood sugar balance &  Chromium GTF

Despite your best planning, you might find yourself experiencing low blood sugar when you’re out and about, with no glucose tablets in reach. Here are tips to keep in mind:

Best bites at work Smart foods to keep in a drawer at work are 4-ounce cans or cartons of any type of 100 percent juice hard candy like peppermints or Life Savers and small boxes of raisins the ones that contain about 2 tablespoons, says Hope Warshaw, RD, a certified diabetes educator and author of Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy.

If you dont have these items on hand, head to the nearest vending machine for any snack containing carbohydrates or sugary candy but skip the chocolate. We do not recommend using chocolate as a treatment for hypoglycemia, despite what you might have read, says OConnor. She explains that the fat in chocolate slows down how fast the sugar and carbohydrates in the candy can get into the bloodstream.

If you’re choosing foods to help treat hypoglycemia, you should also pay attention to where they fall on the glycemic index, or GI. The higher a food ranks on the GI, the more quickly your body breaks it down into sugar. Life Savers have a GI of 70, while raisins have a GI around 60.

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A Little About Reactive Hypoglycemia

Reactive hypoglycemia, also known as postprandial hypoglycemia, is a condition characterized by low blood sugars that occur within four hours after eating a meal. It affects people with and without diabetes, people who are overweight and those whove had gastric bypass surgery. Doctors arent certain what causes the sudden drop in blood sugar, but its thought to be an excessive secretion of insulin, the hormone that carries glucose from the blood to the cells.

Symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia vary and may include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, increased hunger and headaches. While reactive hypoglycemia can cause low blood sugar, some people experience the symptoms of the condition without their blood sugar dropping below normal.

Best Snacks For Low Blood Sugar: The Ultimate List

Living with diabetes is a lifestyle on its own, with ups and downs, trial and error. But most of all its learning more and more about how you can control your diabetes and enjoy your life to the fullest. Dealing with low blood sugar levels can however spoil the fun and might cause some unpleasant situations. Feeling shaky, getting moody or sweaty? Sounds like you need a snack! That is why we have gathered the best diabetic snacks for low blood sugar for you.

When youre prepared, you can let go of your worries and anxiety regarding your diabetes. So lets get your snack game on point, cause no one likes to be hangry right?

According to blood glucose levels below 4.0 mmol/L, or below 70 mg/dL according to the American Diabetes Association are too low and are referred to as hypoglycemia. To get more insights into how the body works when having a hypo, you can read more about What happens when blood sugar is low. Too much insulin, increased insulin sensitivity and eating too little can all be causing your blood sugar levels to drop. But there are also other reasons, which you can read about on What Causes Blood Sugar to drop Rapidly?.

By using a blood glucose monitor or a continuous glucose monitor , you are able to check your blood sugar levels regularly to measure and control to be within your personal target ranges.

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What Happens When My Blood Sugars Get Low

If you are living with Diabetes and you skip a meal or eat less than you need , you might find that you experience some of the unpleasant symptoms of hypoglycemia . These would include:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Sweating
  • Difficulty concentrating

For those who do not have Diabetes, skipping a meal might be uncomfortable, but the body is typically able to mobilize glucose from elsewhere without any serious side effects.

Best Snacks Before Bed

My High & Low Blood Sugar Snacks!

People can tailor their snacking based on their weight goals and how their body reacts to sugar overnight. A dietician can help.

The best snacks for each person will depend on how the body responds to the dawn phenomenon and the Somogyi effect, as well as personal preferences and goals.

The ADA recommend that people develop a personalized meal plan with their healthcare team, and this can include snacks and their timings.

Little scientific evidence points to an ideal bedtime snack, but researchers believe that beneficial snacks will contain:

  • high levels of protein
  • healthful fats
  • limited carbohydrates

Foods with this composition may help limit blood glucose spikes during the night and ensure lower blood glucose levels in the morning.

Try one the following healthful snacks before bed to help manage blood sugar levels and satisfy nighttime hunger:

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Goji Berry Almondand Cacao Trail Mix

With only whole-food ingredients â cacao nibs, goji berries and raw almonds â this homemade trail mix has all the nutrition you need and none of the additives or preservatives you find in store-bought varieties.

“Packed with both fiber and flavor, this trail mix is ready to keep you going all afternoon long!” says Largeman-Roth.

The best part? It’s mess-free and portable. Toss some in a Ziplock and voila â an instant on-the-go snack.

Get the Goji Berry, Almond and Cacao Trail Mix recipe and nutritional info here.

A Combo Of Baked Potato Chips And Salsa

If you want an easy-to-prepare, crunchy snack with delicious flavor, you will love this dynamite duo. According to the USDA, a ¼ cup serving of salsa, which has about 12 calories, combined with a 1-ounce serving of lower-fat baked potato chips can be the perfect combo to satisfy those afternoon cravings plus, this crunchy snack is a good source of potassium.

As a bonus, the tomatoes and other veggies found in salsa are low in carbs , making them another good choice for people with diabetes.

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Awesome Foods That Regulate Your Blood Sugar

By Heather

Hypoglycemia, diabetes, or addictions to sugar can all cause blood sugar issues for people, but there are many foods that regulate your blood sugar that can help fight this problem naturally. I always hate to see people turn to medicine before food to fight high blood sugar problems, since there are so many wonderful foods that nature has given us that regulate your blood sugar. A healthy diet can fix an array of issues, and though no diet is perfect for all of us, there are some mainstay foods that help keep insulin levels down, and blood sugar level even. We should all be eating more of these, and focusing on the benefits they offer. I know it can be hard to turn down sweets, breads, unhealthy fats, and processed foods, but I promise itâs worth it. Eating foods that regulate your blood sugar helped me get rid of a lifelong addiction to sugar,fast food, and processed food, and even overcome a seizure condition. Add these delicious, nutritious foods to your diet and youâll see the effects almost immediately.

  • Eggs
  • What You Can Do

    Blood Sugar Secret: fruits to eat to lower blood sugar

    Most of the sugar or glucose in your blood comes from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the sugars and starches in grains, beans, vegetables, fruit, milk and milk products, honey, and sugar. If you dont have diabetes and youre feeling the unpleasant effects of a drop in blood sugar, eat or drink something with carbohydrates. Good choices are a piece of fruit, a few whole wheat crackers, a glass of milk, or a carton of yogurt.

    In people with diabetes, hypoglycemia can come on suddenly and needs to be treated right away so it doesnt get worse. Eat or drink a quickly digested carbohydrate food, such as:

    • ½ cup fruit juice

    • ½ cup of a regular soft drink

    • 1 cup of milk

    • 5 or 6 hard candies

    • 4 or 5 saltine crackers

    • 2 tablespoons of raisins

    • 3 to 4 teaspoons of sugar or honey

    • 3 or 4 glucose tablets or a serving of glucose gel

    Each of these choices provides about 15 grams of carbohydrate. Wait for 15 or 20 minutes, then check your blood sugar with a blood glucose meter. If your blood sugar is still low, have another portion of carbohydrates.

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