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What To Use To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

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Make Sure Your Food Is Stored Correctly

Pest Control : How Do You Get Rid of Sugar Ants?

Packing perishable foods in boxes and plastic bags is convenient for you, but did you know its also convenient for sugar ants. It doesnt take them too long to chew through the cereal box to get to that oh so sweet bounty. And half-closed lids on jams and jellies, well, thats like giving them an all-access park around the funfair.

Use airtight containers to keep your food safe and pack them in hard to reach places. Other food items must be kept in the fridge or tightly sealed cupboards. If the food isnt there, the ants wont come.

Combining Glass Cleaner And Liquid Detergent

Another great way to get rid of sugar ants is by spraying a combination of glass cleaner with liquid detergent or dish soap can be sprayed directly on sugar ants or in the areas where they seem to originate from.

These areas may be wiped down after spraying so that there is no residue left as it can again be a habitat for the sugar ants and youll have the same problem.

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How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Outside With Bay Leaves

#how to get rid of ants naturally & home remedies to get rid of ants

Essential Commodities
  • Bay Leaves
Way of Approach
  • Place the bay leaves at the places where you can see the entries of the sugar ant.
  • Alternatively, you can also blend this bay leaves into a fine powder.
  • And mix this bay leaves powder in warm water or simply you can pour these bay leaves powder at the areas where you have observed the entries of house ants.
  • Take this bay leaves powder mixed warm water into empty spray bottle and spray it on the ants all over house.
  • Repeat this homemade ant killer until you achieve control over sugar ants.
How It Works

This is one of the DIY house ant deterrent herbs. Yes, bay leaves are natural repellent for any kind of ant. So simply pour the powdered and dried bay leaves if you hesitate to use baking soda kill ants. Therefore try our home remedies for ants in house treatment.

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How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants In Bedroom

Please, dont bring any food to your bedroom. If there is no food or moisture in the room, then the sugar ants will have no reason to invade it.

Just to ensure that there will never be an ant problem in your bedroom, seal off any entryways, get rid of the ant trails , and use some essential oils. Keep the bedroom clean and regularly mop the floor or use a vacuum cleaner, in case you have carpets.

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

Killing Sugar Ants â How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Your Home
  • 21 Sep 2021, 10:20 IST

Sugar ants can be a cause of nuisance as they are highly difficult to get rid of. These are basically those types of ants that are attracted to sugar. Although these ants arent dangerous to humankind but theyre seriously annoying.

However, if you want to get rid of them then fret not as we have some simple ways to get rid of these little monsters just by using some natural remedies. These methods are not only useful in preventing sugar ants from entering your house but all other kinds of ants as well.

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How To Prevent Sugar Ants From Returning

Proactive treatment helps prevent sugar ants from invading your home again. Keep sugar and sweet foods in your pantry tightly sealed. Clean countertops and other kitchen food prep areas thoroughly. Don’t let dirty glassware, utensils or plates sit for long, inside or outdoors. Replace bait stations every three to six months or as soon as ants empty them to prevent a new batch of sugar ants from taking over.

In nature, sugar ants seek out sweets just like they do indoors. Honeydew, a sweet substance excreted by aphids and some other plant pests, is a favorite sugar ant food. If you see aphid-infested plants in your landscape, sugar ants are sure to follow. Treating aphids early can help prevent them from attracting sugar ants that may end up indoors.

With vigilance and effective ant control products, you can kill sugar ants and prevent their return. Amdro brand is committed to helping you put an end to indoor and outdoor pest disruptions so you can get back to enjoying your home.

Always read product labels thoroughly and follow instructions.

Amdro, Ant Block, and Amdro Kills Ants are trademarks of Central Garden & Pet Company.

What To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Sugar Ant Killer

  • Pest control must be safe for the owners. If there are children, pets, aquariums with fish in the house, it is dangerous to use a strong sugar ant killer. Insecticides must be effective, but safe at the same time.
  • Many insecticides cause allergies. If someone in the house is susceptible to allergies, you should use poisonous chemicals with caution. Home remedies can also cause allergies.
  • When disinsection is performed, you have to leave the house for several hours together with your pets. If this is not possible, replace disinsection with safer methods.
  • Read the instructions for the use of pesticides, ask your friends who used the same sugar ant killer. Pay attention to the ratio of price and quality.
  • After carrying out this work, you can freely choose a pesticide for getting rid of sugar ants.

    Sugar ant killer is created on the basis of several insecticides: diazinon, permethrin, cypermethrin. Please read the instructions and precautions before using.

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    Wipe Down Kitchen Counter Tops With Bleach Each Night To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

    Sugar ants love a dirty countertop almost as much as they love a dirty sink. I cant count the number of times Ive spilled a few crystals of sugar from the sugar cup on the counter, only to find Ive fed an entire colony of ants the next morning. Wiping your countertops with bleach will not only help sanitize your kitchen, but bleach breaks down the pheromones that ants use to follow each other to sources of food.

    As for bleaches, we like the good, old fashioned Clorox bleach . Make sure you dilute it and use rubber or latex gloves when working with it. The stuff can be violent on skin. Also, be sure not to drip any on your clothing, as it will stain.

    What Attracts Sugar Ants In The First Place

    How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Home

    When ants look for food, they wont hesitate to get their hands on anything. This is where your home becomes vulnerable, as anything from spilt juice to a slice of cake left out will get the ants attention. During the summer, ants go on a food-foraging expedition throughout their environment. But once they take a fancy to your home, it doesnt take much to attract ants entering inside. Therefore its essential to clean up any food immediately.

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    Ghost Ants Inside Your Home

    When these ants are in the landscape around your home, it is inevitable they will eventually find their way inside without preventative treatments. No amount of caulking will be enough to keep them out since they are so small.

    Once inside, ghost ants are usually seen first in the kitchen or bathrooms since they are attracted to moisture. They will often colonize wall voids or spaces between cabinets and baseboards. Potted plants are also often a favorite for their colonies

    Mint And Herbs To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

    Sugar ants do not like the mint and herbs at all. So, what you have to do is just place some mint leaves or other around the house. Place them on the windows, inside the cupboards and on the other areas of the house. This will also prevent future infestation of ants. You can also go for other herbs such as basil, thyme, lavender or rosemary.

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    Why Do Sugar Ants Smell Like Chemicals

    Sugar ants give off an odorous chemical when you squash them. The smell signals danger to the other ants and briefly attracts more of them as they investigate the cause. Their presence alone will not stink.

    Unlike fire ants, sugar ants do not have a stinger, and if you kill one of them, the other ants will not attack you.

    Still Wondering How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

    How to Get Rid of Ants With Borax + Prevention Tips ...

    If youre still wondering how to get rid of sugar ants, weve done something wrong. After all, weve laid out DIY methods and when to call a pro. Heck, we even gave you an easy way to connect with a pro!

    Either way, we sure appreciate you stopping by. Before you leave, be sure to check out some of our other guides to help you keep your home in tip-top shape.

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    Where Do Sugar Ants Live

    Sugar ants have spread across all continents, except for Antarctica. They were brought with stuff and products from Asia to all countries on ships. This gave them another name ship ants.

    Sugar ants settle only next to humans in houses, apartments, restaurants, hospitals, food factories, greenhouses, etc. The sugar ants love warmth. Therefore, they live only in heated premises. They build their anthills in cracks, under plaster, and along heating pipes.

    Sugar ants can be found behind skirting boards, in crevices between panels, in outlets, switches, in old books, in a wardrobe amidst your stuff and a heap of clothes, in pantries among foodstuffs .

    Anthills occupy a small space only 3-4 square cm. But numerous passages and tunnels lead to this nest.

    Want to skip all the research and hire a licensed exterminator for your ant problem?


    It takes less than 1 minute

    Cinnamon To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

    Cinnamon is also one of the most effective ways to get rid of sugar ants. Ants do not like the odor of cinnamon and thus they will be pushed to leave. What you have to do is sprinkle some cinnamon powder around the house. You can also put some cinnamon sticks in the corner of the shelves. You can also use cinnamon oil as well. Take some oil in a bowl and dip some cotton balls in it. Place these balls on the places where these ants are active. This prevent their future infestation as well.

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    Use A Contact Killing Spray

    Like many people, your first reaction upon finding sugar ants in your house is to grab a can of ant spray. This is the method that most people know about, and its the way that our parents and grandparents usually handled their ant problems.

    But its worth noting that there are some issues with using this method to get rid of sugar ants. First of all, these sprays are highly toxic. Sure, it will kill the sugar ants, but the fumes are very dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. The entire area plus any ant trails that you find have to be thoroughly sprayed, so you may have to leave the house for a few hours.

    The other reason why using a contact killing spray is not the best idea is that its only getting rid of the sugar ants that you spray. Its a quick fix, and it may make you feel better in the short term, but its basically just a band aid .

    Herbs & Essential Oils

    How to get rid of ants using sugar and borax.

    Cinnamon, peppermint or black pepper can help you. Use either one in the form of powder or mixed with a little bit of water to spray ants entry points and keep them off your property.

    Add a few drops of tea tree, lemon or clove oil to a spray bottle along with 1 cup of boiling water and dishwashing liquid. Apply the solution on the ant trails and in small cracks and holes near your windows and doors. You will need to repeat the process until you no longer see sugar ants in your home.

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    How To Prevent The Appearance Of Sugar Ants

    First of all, sugar ants are attracted to easily accessible food. They can move from neighboring houses, they can be brought with stuff, furniture, and products.

    To avoid the appearance of sugar ants in the house, you must observe several basic rules:

    • Eat only in the kitchen, wipe away spilled food and sweet drinks
    • Store sweet foods in a closed container or in a refrigerator
    • Seal all cracks and holes in windows, doors
    • Don`t leave dirty dishes overnight
    • Treat the sink with vinegar to deter the insects from the water source
    • Ants are omnivorous, so you need to deprive them of food, make your products inaccessible to the sugar ants
    • Prevent the insects from moving into your house by constructing barriers in the form of turmeric, bitter pepper, cinnamon strips
    • Treat the foundation of the house from the outside with a pesticide
    • Look through all the stuff that you bring into the house
    • Sugar ants do not tolerate the smell of wormwood and tansy. Place some bunches of the dried grass in vent holes and next to the door and window openings, and the insects will not penetrate into the house.

    It is much easier to prevent the appearance of pests than fighting them with chemicals and home remedies.

    How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Like A Pro

    When summer beginsor dry season for most South East Asian countries, there is an army of tiny creatures that set up to attack and invade your house to hunt for their consumption, i.e., water and food. No worries, this is not a talk about a troop of aliens from the outer space, however.

    Theyre not as dangerous as you may have thought of as well. They are just sugar ants. All you need to know now is how to get rid of them from your house, like a pro.

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    How To Use Borax To Kill Ants

    Borax is not a quick fix that gets rid of ants immediately, but because of its slower workings, it is a more effective and long term home remedy. Borax works by gradually killing the ants after they ingest it, and because most ants bring back the fruits of their labour to their colony to feed their larvae and their queen, this method of using borax will kill the ants and destroy the colony from the inside out.

    Best Home Remedies For How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

    Pin by Lori Metcalfe on Household tips

    Citrus and peppermint are two ingredients that repel ants.

    If youve read through the above products for how to get rid of sugar ants and still think using home remedies is right for you, then youre in luck. There are plenty of different ingredients and recipes you can use for how to get rid of sugar ants and other pests on your own at home.

    Best of all, these methods are generally safe for your loved ones and gentle on the environment, and many of the below recipes also help to repel and control other pest problems around your home.

    Lets start with some common household ingredients that repel sugar ants below:

    • White Vinegar
    • 15 drops of tea tree oil
    • 15 drops of peppermint oil
    • 7 drops of citrus oil


    Mix the above solution well in a spray bottle and spray it around your home and wherever you have noticed ant activity. This concoction can kill ants on contact and the scent of the essential oils will repel any future ants from coming around. The spray will also help eliminate ant scent trails left behind by scout ants.

    How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Using White Vinegar Spray


    • 1 cup of white vinegar
    • 1 cup of water


    Mix the solution in a spray bottle and use it similarly to the essential oil spray above. This vinegar spray can also be used on countertops and tables as a safe and effective sanitizer. The vinegar will even help eliminate any scent trails left behind by scout ants.



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    Q Where Are Sugar Ants Coming From

    A: Most people think ants come from outside, and for the most part thats true. They seek out cracks, crevices, vents, and openings to enter your home in their effort to find food and water. However, only one ant out of the thousands in a nest needs to find an entry point. Once an ant finds a food or water supply, it lays a pheromone trail for other ants to follow. Other ants live inside your house. These ants build nests in undisturbed spaces, including in wall voids, by burrowing out soft wood or by building a nest among some unused items in a secluded area of your home. These ants need to be traced directly back to their source so they can be treated either with a bait or contact killer, like our TERRO® Ant Killer Spray

    Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants:


    They live in your garden area, but if they locate some food of their choice in your house then they really can be a big nuisance. They ruin your food in kitchen and can also be a point of embarrassment at times. Here are some of the measures that you can take up to get rid of these unwanted guests in your house. Different ways to get rid of sugar ants are:

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