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What Yogurt Has The Lowest Sugar Content

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Healthiest Yogurts At A Glance

Meals With Melissa: Low-Sugar Yogurt Parfait

The healthiest yogurt overall is St Helens Farm Low Fat Goats Milk Yogurt. As well as having the lowest sugar content of all the yogurts we evaluated, it also has the second lowest calorie count . It also scores well in fat and saturated fat as it only has trace amounts.

Best yogurt overall: St Helens Farm Low Fat Goats Milk Yogurt

Best yogurt for sugar content: St Helens Farm Low Fat Goats Milk Yogurt

Best yogurt for saturated fat content: Danone Light and Free Greek Style Peach Passion Fruit Yogurt

Muller Crunch Corner Toffee Hoops comes in as our least healthiest yogurt overall. With 16.8g of sugar per portion, it also has the highest calorie content of all the yogurts we reviewed.

Worst yogurt overall: Muller Crunch Corner Toffee Hoops

Worst yogurt for sugar content: Total Greek 0% Fat Free Yogurt with Honey

Worst yogurt for saturated fat content: Perle de Lait Coconut Yoghurt

With the help of nutritionist Dr Sana Khan, weve compared different varieties of yogurt ranging from kids favourites like Munch Bunch and Petits Filous, well-known healthy yogurt brands like Onken and Danone, to other favourites like Greek yogurt, so you know which healthiest yogurts to bulk buy and those to leave on the shelf.

For an all round healthy breakfast, opt for a low-calorie Weetabix and a dollop of St Helens Farm Low Fat Goats Milk Yogurt.

Is Frozen Yogurt Keto

Although frozen yogurt does contain more protein than most ice creams, it actually contains way more carbs. This is due to the lower fat content, which is replaced with sugar. As such, it isnt suitable for a keto diet. Many chains offer sugar free varieties, but even then, they still contain far too many net carbs to be keto friendly.

However, making your own is an easy solution. Ive been meaning to share a sugar free frozen yogurt recipe for quite some time. It can be made with or without an ice cream maker, and it needs just 2 ingredients! Its low in calories, clocking in at 50 calories per serving!

No sugar and no heavy cream needed, but youd never tell. The texture is smooth, creamy, and perfectly scoopable. Its slightly tart and pleasantly sweet, with a subtle vanilla flavor!

I had some friends over the other day and we were craving something sweet and creamy, so I whipped up some of this froyo in my blender and they could NOT believe it was sugar free- It reminded them of Menchies!

Include Adequate Amounts Of Protein

When it comes to low-sugar yogurt, you definitely want to make sure youre getting adequate amounts of quality protein to keep you satisfied. You should aim for 15 grams of protein per 6-oz. serving. Most plain, full-fat Greek yogurt options will have about 15 grams of protein per serving. If youre dairy-free and choose a yogurt made of soy, almond milk, or coconut milk, youre going to have less protein. But Glassman recommends getting as close to 15 grams of protein as possible, avoiding unhealthy, added ingredients and keeping in mind your own personal food allergies or intolerances. You can boost the protein content in your meal by adding some chopped nuts and seeds or stirring some protein powder into your yogurt or pairing your meal with other high-protein foods, like a hard-boiled egg or a piece of cheese.

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How I Ranked The Different Brands

The brands included all have less than 10 grams of total carbs per serving and less than 9 grams of net carbs per serving.

Net carbs are calculated as the total carb amount minus fiber. We look at net carbs and not total carbs because fibers dont get converted into glucose in your digestive system and therefore dont impact blood sugars.

I have tried each of the 10 yogurts myself so I can give you my honest opinion on taste, texture, and blood sugar impact.

I have given each yogurt a score from 1-5 based on:

  • Taste
  • Is the serving size reasonable?
  • How does it impact my blood sugar?

These are of course subjective measures, but I hope this review will still give you get a good idea of which brands are good and which have room for improvement.

I have listed the yogurts based on the net carbs per serving, from lowest to highest.

Oikos Triple Zero Greek Nonfat Yogurt Peach

High protein, low sugar and low calorie frozen yogurt from Kemps

Net carbs: 7 g

Review score: 3 stars

This yogurt is sold as a health-conscious choice. The triple zero refers to the yogurt having 0% added sugar, 0% artificial sweeteners, and 0% fat.

As with some other yogurts, the whey is often separated from the solid yogurt when you open the container, but once mixed, the yogurt has a nice silky smooth consistency.

The peach flavored yogurt has a somewhat sickly orange hue to it and I wouldnt say it tastes much like peach. Its not very sweet either, so the overall experience is somewhat disappointing,

From a blood sugar perspective, the yogurt didnt do much more damage than Id expect 7 grams of carbs would do. I didnt see a spike and with about 1 IU of insulin I hardly saw any blood sugar increase at all.

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Worst Yogurt For Sugar Content: Total Greek 0% Fat Free Yogurt With Honey

Calories: 106 kcal per 100gFat: NoneSugar: 18.8g highest sugar amount!Salt: 0.08gPrice: £1 for 170g from Tesco

Verdict: Despite containing only the tiniest trace of fat and saturated fat as its aptly named, Total Greek 0% Fat Free Yogurt with Honey has the highest amount of sugar in the seventeen yogurts we tested. However, Total is high in protein, so youll probably find itll satisfy you for longer than some other pots.

Dr Sana Khan says, The fat free aspect is quite misleading. Often when fat is removed, it is replaced by sugar as is in this case. Making something low in fat isnt necessarily healthier and in this case will be more of a reason to result in an insulin surge meaning you are likely to crave for another sugar rich food a few hours later.

Yogurts With Too Much Sugar That Are Best Avoided

By Heather

There are hundreds of varieties of yogurt to choose from these days, but if youâre looking out for your waistline and blood sugar levels, be sure you stay away from certain yogurts with too much sugar. I encourage you to flip over the container of yogurt and read the ingredient list before you just snatch it up due to fancy marketing claims on the front of the package. Most all yogurts out there are laden with more sugar than a doughnut! Sugar is one of the worst ingredients for your brain and body, so avoid these yogurts with too much sugar and always opt for the plain varieties as the best option.

  • Noosa
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    Two Good Greek Yogurt

    With only 2 grams of sugar, 12 grams of protein, and no added sugars, this yogurt is only 80 calories per serving. It almost seems “two” good to be true.

    Let’s start with the unveiling of the yogurt. You take off the lid in one perfect motion and feast your eyes on this absolutely stunning coating. It was smooth with no flaws, I almost didn’t want to dig my spoon into it because it was so pretty. The way the yogurt looks is something you would see on a commercial for the brand.

    Then I dug in. It was definitely a little on the thicker side, but nothing that made the texture or consistency seem off. Just like the look of it, the texture felt smooth and rich. It was creamy and satisfying, and with all the healthy benefits, what more could I ask for?

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    What Is Keto Yogurt

    Two Good Yogurt Review | Low Carb Greek Yogurt!

    For a yogurt to be Keto yogurt it has to be acceptable as an all-around excellent addition to a ketogenic diet. This means that it doesnt need to be combined with other fats, or limited in its consumption in order to offer an optimal ketogenic macronutrient ratio.

    It is important to note that not all low-carb yogurts are truly keto friendly, even if they advertise that they are.

    Peak brand yogurt, with 17% milkfat, boasts 38.4 grams of fat per serving, and a moderate 12.8 grams of protein. It is the only yogurt weve found that is truly a keto yogurt.

    With a 3:1 fat to protein ratio and only 6.4 grams of net carbs, it makes an excellent all-round addition to a well-formulated ketogenic diet.

    When choosing a keto yogurt always look at the ingredient list. Brands with fewer ingredients offer a less processed product, one without industrial sweeteners and oils.

    Remember, fresh yogurt is simply milk and natural cultures. Everything else is an attempt to reduce cost, stimulate your carb addiction, or increase shelf life.

    What about Greek Yogurt?

    Plain, full-fat Greek Yogurt can be occasionally enjoyed as a keto diet food.

    With a nearly 1:2 fat to protein ratio, greek yogurt on its own provides an overabundance of protein.

    To make Greek yogurt more keto-friendly add a few tablespoons of olive oil to boost the fat content, while still getting the benefits of its protein, B-vitamins, and probiotics.

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    Additional Information : What Do The Labels Mean

    From fructose to sucrose, from demerara to malt syrup, or from honey to molasses, sugars come in a confusing array of forms that we may see listed on our foods. Rules regarding food labelling vary between countries.

    The authors of this study based their categories on the following definitions:

    • Free sugars are those added to foods by the manufacturer, or by you when youre cooking or eating the food if you sprinkle sugar on your breakfast cereal, for example plus sugars naturally present in honey, syrups and unsweetened fruit juices. This excludes sugars naturally present in whole fruits and lactose that is naturally present in dairy products.
    • Added sugars are syrups and other sweeteners used to sweeten food products. Sugars that occur naturally in fruit and milk arent added sugars.
    • Total sugars are those naturally present in food and drinks plus those added during processing and preparation. For yogurt, the total sugars include the lactose found naturally in milk products plus sugars added as sweeteners during processing.

    It May Contain Lower Levels Of Lactose

    If you have lactose intolerance, eating dairy products can cause digestive issues like bloating, gas and pain .

    However, most people with lactose intolerance can tolerate small amounts of dairy, especially if it contains probiotics .

    This is because probiotic bacteria break down some of the lactose, reducing the amount per portion.

    Because some frozen yogurts contain probiotics, people with lactose intolerance may be able to eat them without any digestive problems.

    However, its important to note that not all varieties contain live bacteria, so they may not have the same benefits .

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    Top 10 Healthiest Greek Yogurt Brands

    Yogurts one of the healthiest foods for men looking to build muscle, drop some pounds, and just lead a healthy lifestyle.

    It provides essential nutrients, such as high-quality protein, calcium, and potassiumthough Greek yogurt is typically higher in protein and an overall better choice. It also contains live cultures, or probiotics, that can have a number of health benefits, including regulating digestion and boosting your immune system.

    Its not just a breakfast option, either. Its ratio of protein to carbs make Greek yogurt an excellent post-workout snack as well. A recent scientific review even found that yogurt consumption is associated with a lower body mass index, lower bodyweight, smaller waist circumference, and lower overall body fat. People who consume yogurt tend to gain less weight over time, too.

    But what about the full-fat vs. low-fat debate? The answer isnt as clear as youd expect. Low-fat options are better if youre trying to watch calories or cut weight, but theres a good amount of research that suggests full-fat dairy is more satiating, so you might be less inclined to reach for sugary, high-carb foods . In a 2013 review, 11 of the 16 studies included found that participants who consumed more high-fat dairy products either weighed less or gained less weight over time than those who consumed low-fat dairy products.

    Our recommendation: Focus on finding low-sugar options than stressing over fat content.

    Keto Yogurt: 6 Best Low Carb Yogurt Brands


    Yogurt can offer numerous health benefits stemming from its probiotics, protein, calcium, and healthy fats. Yet yogurt also contains carbs. This all begs the question, is yogurt keto? And, better yet, is there such a thing as keto yogurt?

    Thankfully, there are indeed keto-friendly yogurt options recently appearing on store shelves.

    In this article, well explore the role of yogurt on keto, and review some of the best low-carb yogurt brands on the market.

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    Fage Total 5% Whole Milk Greek Yogurt

    This classic Greek yogurt is thick, creamy, and smoothand has zero added sugar. In addition to its high-protein content, it delivers a good dose of potassium and calcium. Whether youre in the mood for a savory yogurt bowlfilled with roasted veggies and quinoa or a fruity breakfast with berries, brown rice and chia, it makes a great base for a variety of dishes.

    Nutrition info per 5.3-ounce serving: 140 calories, 8 g fat , 55 mg sodium, 5 g carbs , 14 g protein

    Culina Organic Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt Alternative Blueberry Lavender

    Net carbs: 9 g

    Review score: 4 stars

    This is the best non-dairy yogurt Ive tried so far. Its a very thick almost grainy yogurt, but it has a good yogurt flavor and I wasnt in doubt that I was enjoying a blueberry yogurt. You can even see the blueberry seeds at the bottom of the glass jar.

    Yep, you read that right, the yogurt comes in a cute little glass jar which makes it a little harder to mix, as the glass is fairly narrow, but also means that you can easily close the lid and put it back in the fridge if you dont want to eat it all. And since its a very high-calorie yogurt , you might only want to eat parts for it in a single serving.

    Its a coconut-based yogurt and its sweetened with maple syrup, which unfortunately is fairly high glycemic, so youll get 9 grams of sugar if you eat the whole portion. Nothing wrong with that, but you will most likely see a blood sugar impact, potentially delayed as a serving also has 19 grams of fat.

    Another thing to consider is that the protein content is very low so this is not an optimal snack if youre looking to boost your protein intake.

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    Artificial Sweeteners Are Not The Enemy: Pick A Yogurt With A Sweet Hit Without A Blood

    artificial sweeteners are safe for human consumptionall approved by the European Food Safety Authority

    Artificial sweeteners may contribute to gastrointestinal symptoms in individuals who suffer with IBS. It’s not recommended to consume these in excess as we’re unsure of the chronic over-consumption of these on the gut microbiome. Additionally, artificial sweeteners increase the desire for sweet foods and do not prevent cravings.

    What Brand Of Yogurt Is Keto Friendly

    Frozen Yogurt options that are low-sugar & high protein

    Check out some of these keto yogurt brands! Theyre made with minimal carbs, high fat, and are delicious. Some can be found in stores across the country, and others you may have to specially order online.

    Dont be afraid to ask your grocery store if theyd be willing so start carrying one of these brands. Often times stores will accept request forms for products they see a potential profit in.

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    La Yogurt Probiotic Low Fat 25% Less Sugar

    For starters, La Yogurt’s container reads that there is 25% less sugar in their yogurt. While this may be true, the nutrition label showed that a full 6-ounce serving still contains 19 grams of total sugar, with 11 grams of added sugar. That just seems misleading when it comes to “less sugar.”

    As far as taste goes, I did like the sort of creaminess this yogurt had. It was a smoother consistency that the other yogurts did not have. However, I could feel as if I was tasting the sugar with every bite, and there was this other unusual taste of sourness to it. It wasn’t sour like the yogurt expired, but something just seemed off and I couldn’t pass that while trying this brand.

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    Keto Yogurt Probiotics For Gut Health

    The active cultures in keto yogurt are also called probiotics when considered in the context of our microbiomesthe trillions-strong ecosystem of microorganisms that live in our guts.

    Studies show that probiotics play a vital role in essential all our physiological functions, including 78910:

    • Producing neurotransmitters that regulate mood
    • Balancing hormones that are crucial to reproductive health and a robust metabolism
    • Immune responses that help you fight off viruses while regulating inflammation throughout the body

    Studies show that a keto diet can have transformative positive effects on our microbiome. Supporting these effects with probiotics from keto yogurt may boost these effects.

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    Live Yogurt Cultures Encourage Good Bacteria In Your Gut For Healthy Digestion

    fermenting milk along with a live bacteria cultureprobiotics

    When it comes to picking your yoghurt ensure that they contain live cultures as many yoghurts nowadays do not. Live cultures are the probiotic component of yoghurt which provide good bacteria to support a healthy gut function. A healthy gut is essential for supporting optimal digestion, the guts ability to absorb micronutrients and contributes to long-term wellbeing.

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