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Where Can I Buy Sugar Free Lollipops

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Sugar Free Candy Delivered Australia Wide

Trying Sugar Free Candy | Daily Diabetics | Laina

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Why Xylitol Suckers

It is interesting how I get emails and comments stating I am too extreme for some and then I get comments on the other side, stating that Im not extreme enough. Well, my goal is for everyone to stay on track and stick to this lifestyle and that includes children too. You may be thinking, why do kids need to be on a ketogenic diet? Well, there are a lot of reasons. One of which is the story of this mother which brought tears to my eyes!

My 8 yo son was diagnosed with Epilepsy in November. Through the guidance of our doctor, we immediately put him on a modified ketogenic diet to reduce the number of seizures he would get. As the holiday approached and the kids in his class were eating candy and decorating cookies, he would come home and cry in his room. Then I stumbled upon your website. With his doctors approval, I made this cookie for him, so that he could enjoy a decorating party with his brother and sister. As a new mother of a special needs child, it brings tears to my eyes that I found your site. With the help of people like you, I can start to give my child some of the things he felt like he was missing. To say you have improved my life is a huge understatement, you have brought the spirit of Christmas back into our house. So grateful, thank you.

Here are some of the Benefits:

1. 40% fewer calories than sugar.

2. Researchers found that kids who consistently chewed xylitol gum had 40% fewer ear infections than those who did not.

Why Cant I Find Any

The ingredients of this product are as follows:

  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Salt

My assumption as to why there are no sugar free versions of this candy is simply because almost all the ingredients in it ARE sugar.

I would be hard pressed to say you could get even a similar result using agave nectar, and I doubt even erythritol or stevia could get the same result.

The bottom line?

I doubt we will be finding any candy corn that is sugar free in the near future.

Until we develop a sugar sweetener that reacts the same as regular refined sugar, it simply isnt going to happen.

Sorry I couldnt find a solution for you!

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Sugar Free Candy Makers

I share it with my grandpa, he relives his childhood days in Coney Island with each bite. Great candy and excellent service and delivery, tracking & on time. I’ve already recommended to a friend.

I have been ordering from you for a good while, my husband says the quality and freshness of the candy is the best. I figure, he thinks I am the best, so must be really good! My husband is a candy freak, he loves the green leaves.

We had a wedding candy buffet. CandyStore gave us quick turnover from order to delivery plus all candy came exactly as ordered with tight sealed packaging. It was super fresh and the wedding went great!

Our Favorite Sucker Molds

Honey Vanilla Candy (&  Lollipops!)

I found the ! I love them because they came with reusable sticks and several different shapes. Each time we make suckers, the kids like to look through all the options, and usually, we make a few suckers in each shape because they all chose different ones.

These molds come with smiley faces, stars, hearts, swirl circles, and flower molds.

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Can You Add More Flavors To The Suckers

Yes! Adding in essential oils is a great way to add a little bit more flavor and benefits. Remember, essential oils are very concentrated, so you dont need a lot. In this recipe, you can add 10-15 drops of oil after removing the liquid from the heat.

Learn more on how to use essential oils safely and effectively here.

Citrus oils are our favorites to add you can also do peppermint or lavender. We love wild orange and lemon the most!

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to make healthy suckers. Be sure to check out my most recent post: Strawberry Lollipops

Sugar Free Jolly Pops Lollipops Bulk Bags

These Sugar Free lollipops from Primrose are just what the dentist is looking for. Look Mom, “No Cavities!” Isn’t that what we all want to hear?

These fun little lollipops come in 5 flavors: Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Lime and Orange

2 lb. Bag Contains: Approximately 160 individually wrapped lollipops

1 lb. Bag Contains: Approximately 80 individually wrapped lollipops

Kosher Parve

  • Ingredients:Hydrogenated Starch Hyrolysate, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Artificial Flavors and Colors .

    Ingredients and nutritional information provided by manufacturer and considered accurate at time of posting. Refer to produce labeling or contact manufacturer directly for current data.

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Best Sugar Free Candy

There are plenty of awesome sugar free candy options out there, and the best sugar free candy is made by trusted brands like Russell Stover, who makes all kinds of delicious sugar free chocolate candies. Hard candies include Jolly Rancher, Jelly Belly, and Life Saver, just to name a few. Look for the best sugar free candy that features a flavor or style you love. Ultimately, the best sugar free candy is one that tastes great while keeping your diet on track.

How To Make Healthy Suckers


These suckers are perfect for Easter or any occasion! Dye-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free suckers for kids.

My kids and I had recently come up with a healthy popsicle recipe. Now with Easter just around the corner, we have been busy in the kitchen trying to perfect a healthy sucker recipe. We tried several different variations of natural sugars, liquid, and cook time. Finally, we got one that looked like a lollipop, and the kids totally approved!

Because of the upcoming Easter holiday, I wanted to come up with a sucker that I felt good about my kids eating. I have always filled my kids Easter baskets with healthy snacks and stickers instead of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. As they get older, they are more aware of the candy.

My solution for this is to recreate all the sugary, dye-filled treats with healthy ingredients. Cooking and baking with natural sugars and gluten-free flours can be tough. Once we nailed down a recipe, these suckers were simple enough for the kids even to help out.

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Is The Texture Like Sugar

No! Its awesome to crunch and chew. It looks like glass candy, but breaks apart easily.

Different brands and flavors of drink mix make the batches vary a little in texture. As you try different mixes, you might notice that the candy comes out slightly denser, crunchier, etc. Or you might not. To me, the differences are really subtle.

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How Many Carbs And Calories Are In This Candy

About 1.25g carbs and 3 calories per 1/4 cup. All of the carbs and calories come from the sugar-free drink mix, which is Crystal Light Lemonade in this example.

If you like your candy SUPER flavored and use more drink mix, it adds carbs and calories. But even if you use an entire pitcher-size packet of Crystal Light, the whole batch a full cup of candy pieces only has 10g carbs and 25 calories.

Sugar-free drink mixes vary in carbs and calories, so its a good idea to check the nutrition info when choosing.

Does It Taste Like Low

Where can I buy Root Beer Barrels Sugar Free Candy online ...

No! It tastes like its made with real sugar. It gives your mouth a slight cooling sensation, like SweeTarts and Nerds. And its definitely full of flavor!

If you love sour-candy goodness, try it with drink mix flavors like lemonades, limeades, grape, cherry, sour apple and orange. Depending on how much you add, it can really make you pucker!

If you want to play it safe, use the amount of drink mix in the recipe the first time you make the candy. If you want to try it more intense, add more mix to your next batch!

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A Few Tips On Sucker Making

  • As I said earlier, we have been busy perfecting this recipe. We tried 7 different recipes before we popped a beautiful sucker out of the mold. Some were too hard, and some were too soft. Some were way too sweet, and some werent sweet enough. Along the way, I came up with a little list of must-dos when you go to make suckers!
  • The ratio of sugar to juice that you use is very important. If this is off just a little bit, the suckers wont turn out. Trust me, I know!
  • The honey is crucial. In store-bought suckers, you will find corn syrup on the list. The honey is the replacer of the corn syrup, and it helps the sucker hold its shape.
  • Dont rush the cooking time! The liquid must reach 300 degrees, known as the hard crack stage.
  • Dont overcook either. The sugars can burn easily, and if the temperate goes over 300 degrees, your sucker can taste burnt. Again, trust me on this one! Im telling you, I made all the mistakes, and my poor children were the guinea pigs along the way.
  • No need to spray or grease your molds. If you follow the recipe, the suckers will pop right out of the silicone molds.

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