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Sugar Scrub Your Skins Elixer

Miss Moonshineâs ultimate no-guilt superfood nutrient-dense picker- upper dessert – omega 3 Nom Nom

When it comes to skincare, scrubs and exfoliants are your skins elixir! They perform like no other skin care products in terms of immediate results and lasting effects. With Raw Sugar Citrus-Scented Lemon Sugar Scrub, you can buff and kick dry skin to the curb! Plus, its available in other delicious scents like Raw Coconut and Mango and Pineapple, Maqui Berry, and Coconut.

We love the lemon-scented vibrant mix, but you cant go wrong with any of the scents. Your skin will emerge soft, exfoliated, and moisture, and that we can pledge! Once rinsed-off, youll have a protective moisture veil for ultimate absorption, leaving your skin soft and supple ready to take on any day.

Raw Sugar Simply Body Wash $699

Raw Sugars Simply body wash provides your skin with an invigorating lather of cold-pressed nutrition. Rare blends of organic aloe vera, meadowfoam, olive, comfrey, and jojoba seed oils leave you feeling clean and smelling great. This body wash is also sold in a larger, 40-oz. pump bottle for $9.99.

This body wash is and the Lemon Sugar aroma is SO fresh. Its really invigorating and it doesnt have any artificial scent to it at all.Hip team member Emily

Raw Sugar Hand Sanitizer

If you think about it, we are fortunate to access products like hand sanitizers to keep our hands disinfected. Nowadays, we use them several times a day, but they can wreak havoc on our skin if we dont choose wisely. Thats why we flipped over this Raw Sugar Hand Sanitizer Watermelon and Aloe Vera.

Also, this hand sanitizer features plant-derived ingredients and feels gentle on our hands. Of course, 99.9% effective in protecting your hands against most common germs while staying clean and not dry. This bottle is just the hero your hands have been waiting for, and the refreshing scent keeps your hands smelling fresh and clean.

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Types Of Sugar Substitutes

Here are the main types of sugar substitutes along with their pros and cons:

Artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and sucralose , are used to sweeten drinks and other foods without adding calories. Theyre useful for those who may want to avoid added calories but who still want to enjoy sweet beverages and treats. Theres some evidence, however, that artificial sweeteners may have unintended effects on our bodys processes, including hormone production. Some artificial sweeteners may also cause digestive issues in specific individuals.

Artificial sweeteners typically have zero or very limited calories and also tend to be extremely sweet, much sweeter than sugar, so less is required to sweeten foods. Most artificial sweeteners are a poor choice for baking, however, despite being ultrasweet.

Sugar alcohols, such as xylitol and erythritol, have fewer calories than sugar and occur naturally in fruits and vegetables. Theyre often used to sweeten processed foods, and research shows that certain sugar alcohols actually improve dental health. The downside? Sugar alcohols may lead to gastrointestinal distress if consumed in large quantities.

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RAW Sugar Products

If you are looking for all the best international brands and genuine quality global products, your search ends here. Most people would love to find all their essential products in one location, whenever they choose to buy anything. Hence, it is very essential and beneficial to find a genuine, reliable and trustworthy online store to buy Raw Sugar products. A good online store is a quintessential stop to discover a galaxy of brands and products to suit every requirement. If you are looking for exclusive Raw Sugar products online in Maseru, Mafeteng, Leribe, Maputsoe, Mohale’s hoek, Qauncha’s nek, Quthing, Butha-Buthe, Nako, etc you can find it effortlessly on Ubuy which is a one-stop-shop to explore from over 100 million products and brands from international market. It is also the right place to find products that are not easily available elsewhere.

To find a perfect collection of unique and popular global products from Raw Sugar, Ubuy online shopping can help you to get the right product that suits your specific requirements. You can discover the latest offers on Raw Sugar products and save money each time you decide to purchase. Searching for your preferred products and brands across towns and cities may not be necessary for this modern technological era since your products are just one click away. So, get ready to find and buy all your desirable products from your best-loved brands on Ubuy.

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Recall Notice: Chelsea And Ww Raw & Brown Sugar Products

5 November 2021

FreshChoice is recalling Chelsea and WW branded raw sugar and brown sugar products brought in October 2021 up until 4 November 2021 because of low level lead contamination.

Specific batches of the below listed products are affected:

  • Chelsea brand Raw Sugar – lots 21271 through to 21303
  • Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar – lots 21280 through to 21293
  • Woolworths brand Raw Sugar – lots 21274 through to 21281
  • Woolworths brand Brown Sugar – lots 21278 through to 21302

The affected products were sold at FreshChoice stores throughout Aotearoa.

FreshChoice takes food safety very seriously and we apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused by this recall. Any customer who has bought these products during this timeframe should not eat it, and is asked to return the product to their nearest FreshChoice store for a full refund.

A New Zealand Food Safety expert science assessment, which has been independently peer reviewed, found the immediate food safety risk from these sugar products is low but supports a recall.

If you have any health concerns, please contact your doctor.

FAQs for Customer Care:

What is being recalled?

Chelsea and WW branded raw sugar and brown sugar products brought in October 2021 up until 4 November 2021.

Why is it being recalled?

What batches are affected?

What do I do if I bought this product?

Will I get sick if I have eaten the sugar already?

Will I be able to get a refund?

What if I have put this product into another container?

Stevia Zero Calorie Sweetener Bakers Bag

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Offers are specific to store listed above and limited to in-store. Promotions, discounts, and offers available in stores may not be available for online orders. The information provided on this website, including special diets and nutritional information, is for reference purposes and not intended as medical or healthcare information or advice. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than shown on our website. You should not rely solely on the information presented here and you should always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. The information provided on this website should not be relied upon to make health-related decisions.

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Raw Sugar Living Debuts Clean Personal Care Product Line For Kids

Raw Sugar Living has launched a clean kids personal care collection made with plant-derived ingredients and cold pressed extracts. Image courtesy of Raw Sugar Living

Raw Sugar Living has announced the launch of Raw Sugar Kids in all Target stores nationwide in response to a growing demand for wholesome, clean and fun personal care products for kids. Raw Sugar’s Bath Bunch aims to disrupt the marketplace with a fresh and creative way to tap into imaginative play and make bath time a more enjoyable experience for both kids and parents alike. The Raw Sugar Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner and the 2-in-1 Bubble Bath & Body Wash were created to deliver nature-inspired fun-filled scents, wholesome clean ingredients and a signature aspirational vibe.

“Raw Sugar Kids is where good and clean meet fun and lovable,” saysDonda Mullis, co-founder & CMO, Raw Sugar Living. “Imaginative play is so important in the formative years, and we noticed an opportunity in the kid’s category to engage in a clean, fun and affordable way. Little ones will enjoy the outside of the products while their parents will appreciate all the goodness inside.”

Each collectable character is inspired by cold-pressed fruits and is brought to life with a playful tactile bottle that captures the expressive “monsta-friendly” faces that play to kids’ imaginations.

Visit for more information.

Buying Guide For Best Sugar Substitutes


For centuries, pure cane or beet sugar has been the most common form of food and beverage sweetener. While consuming large quantities of added sugar is inadvisable, entirely avoiding sucrose and high fructose corn syrup is a nearly impossible task. Sugar is naturally occurring in healthy fruits and vegetables, but its also often hidden in popular everyday foods.

Fortunately, there are several sugar substitutes on the market. Many are derived from natural sources and can be swapped out for sugar in recipes without sacrificing taste. These sugar substitutes also have the benefit of being much lower in calories than sugar and dont necessarily produce unwanted glucose spikes in the bloodstream.

Indeed, diabetics and dieters alike can benefit greatly from the introduction of these sugar substitutes into their daily routines.

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Raw Sugar Personal Care Products Feel Good Inside And Out

We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to these affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

We noticed some of the first things we loved about Raw Sugar personal care products right out of the gate: their product consistency, packaging, unique formula, and dependable results. Then, we discovered Raw Sugars mission statement, which aligned perfectly with their branding. To live with purpose and passion and to inspire a more profound love of self.

Also, they embrace individuality, celebrate authenticity, and encourage reckless acts of self-care and kindness. In the end, do things like that matter when it comes to skincare and personal care products. Yes. Lets not forget, when we use products, we want great results but also want positive energy shifts, mood boosts, and a calm and confident swagger.

After all, while we want outstanding results, we also want the products we use to represent how we feel about ourselves and others too. Their mission is to love from the outside in, and thats what you get from Raw Sugar exactly. Known for their scents, they believe in smelling good at all times, and so do we!

Sugar Is Where We Started

In fact, we used to call ourselves Bremer Sugar & Distributing before branching into all the other ingredients you can get from us today. Since 1946, weve been supplying bakeries and food manufacturers with bulk sugar, wholesale sweeteners and everything necessary to create distinguishable products. Our passion as your sugar supplier has only grown since then.

Available in the bulk quantity you need for your baked goods, icings, breads, beverages and more, and we make sure you have the right sweetener for your application, delivered when you need it.

In addition to bakeries, our quality wholesale sugar products are often sourced by wineries for premium winemaking ingredients. In fact, our Michigan beet sugar is most often used by wineries for a common process known as chaptalization.

Bakeries and wineries arent the only industries that need sugar or sucrose. Sugar is commonly used in medicine for a variety of reasons including coating medicine, adding volume, and acting as a preservative to name a few.

From 50 pound bags of granulated sugar to drums and tankers full of corn syrup, we have bulk sweeteners in the quantity you need.

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Drawbacks Of Using Substitutes

Some studies show that eating foods with zero-calorie sweeteners may have the opposite effect intended and may promote weight gain. For instance, some research shows that an increased intake of very sweet substitutes may boost ones desire for sweetened foods. Theres also no telling what the long-term impact of consuming sugar substitutes may have on the body and overall health.

Certain substitutes may have immediate concerning effects on the body. Some people, for instance, may have allergic reactions to specific substitutes. Other individuals complain that alternatives like aspartame cause headaches and may act as a trigger for migraines. Several sugar substitutes also cause gastrointestinal distress.

Raw Sugar Organic Lip Balm + Lip Scrub $499

RAW Sugar Products

Raw Sugars Lip Balm is a blend of organic ingredients made to lock in moisture and naturally protect lips from UV damage. This 100% natural lip protectant is made with virgin coconut, aloe, and plant-based essential oils to help brighten and restore dry, chapped lips.

I love Raw Sugars organic lip balm in Lemon Sugar. It leaves your lips feeling naturally soft, and the scent is an instant mood-booster! Hip team member Kristi

Stay away from Raw Sugars hand sanitizer, though.

As much as we love this brands amazing fragrances, they just dont seem to work in the form of hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, Raw Sugars heavenly aromas get lost under the smell of alcohol and come out smelling like a cheap tequila hangover. Dont ask us how we know that just trust that this is not a pleasant smell!

These hand sanitizers do contain 62% alcohol as recommended by the CDC and they certainly smell like they would kill germs, so theyre probably effective if you can get past the smell.

If you do decide to try this sanitizer for yourself, you may want to take a whiff first. Dont apply it to your hands and then decide that you cant live with the scent its powerful and it will linger through multiple hand washings!

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Bounce Back Shampoo & Conditioner

Now, you can add more life to your hair with Bounce Back Shampoo and Bounce Back Conditioner, both with Mango Butter, Agave, and Carrot Oil. We love these two darlings, and our hair never looked or felt better. We love the light and clean formula and the fresh, clean scent too.

Plus, Raw Sugar infuses them with cold-pressed oils and plant-derived nourishment. This reviving blend will have your hair feeling cleansed, nourished, and simply amazing. Neither product build-up in your hair, and youll have squeaky clean hair thats not over-conditioned.

Raw Sugar Sugar Scrub $1299

Buff your dry skin to soft, glowing perfection with Raw Sugars Sugar Scrubs. These scrubs feature a mix of natural sugar and organic ingredients to help you scrub away rough skin and reveal a radiant glow.

I love the Raw Sugar body butter and the Sugar Scrub in the Lemon Sugar scent. They smell SO good! They work great for exfoliating and softening my skin, but its really the smell that attracts me! Hip team member Jen

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Raw Sugar Body Butter

Lastly, we fell in love with Raw Sugar Body Butter Raw Coconut and Mango. This body butter is perfect for those extra dry days in the winter or when you just popped out of the swimming pool. You know, when your skin is screaming for help. Raw Sugar collaborated with nature itself to rejuvenate your extra dry skin.

What sets this body butter apart from others? It features a creamy, conditioning blend that features sea butter, cold-pressed oils, and plant-derived extracts. It absorbs quickly into your skin and gives your stressed-out skin the hydration it craves. We know it will leave your skin revived, brightened, and extra happy too. And lets not forget the delicious tropical scent will help transport you to your happy place!

In closing, we truly hope you experience the wonderful top-rated products from Raw Sugar and, of course, check out their entire line of vegan and eco-friendly products too. We know they will remain a staple in our beauty and personal product care routine.

Raw Sugar Living Vegan List

Fresh Fruit Custard || Fresh Fruit Custard with Stevia || Zindagi Stevia Nature’s Sweetener

Raw Sugar Living is a cruelty-free beauty brand with lots of vegan options. They specialize in hair and body care products. Their products are available at Target as well as the Raw Sugar Living website. Here is a full list of all the Raw Sugar Living vegan products.

Please note that the products on these lists are subject to change. Ingredients in beauty products change often and it is difficult to keep up with the changes. Please feel free to do your own research by reading ingredient lists and reaching out to the brands to cross-check information.

Thank you for using the affiliate links and codes in this post, it helps me with a small compensation so I can provide more content. Products in this post were sent by brand for consideration.

For other lists of vegan products from cruelty-free companies, click here.

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Raw Sugar Simply Hand Wash $499

Raw Sugars hand washes cleanse, moisturize, and leave skin clean, moisturized, and feeling refreshed. Say goodbye to dry hands and enjoy the healthy benefits of plant-based skin nutrition every time you wash!

I love the Raw Sugar hand soap!! It leaves my hands feeling clean and hydrated, and it never dries out my skin, no matter how many times I wash my hands. The scents are absolutely amazing, too!Hip team member Amber

Why Should You Use Sugar Substitutes

Wondering why it might be wise to avoid added sugar and use substitutes instead? Excess sugar consumption is not just bad for your teeth, its also associated with high rates of diseases like diabetes. Pure sugar is high in carbohydrates, which can cause unwanted spikes in blood glucose levels.

Sugar is also high in calories without having much nutritional value, so substitutes are useful for those seeking to lose weight.

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