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Where To Buy Sugar Wax For Hair Removal

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About Sugar Me Smooth’s Body Sugaring Kits

[01] DIY SUGAR WAX FOR BEGINNERS | Hair Removal Hack | abetweene

If you dread shaving, waxing, or visiting your professional esthetician for an awkward & expensive body hair removal, we have some really good news for you! Sugar Me Smooth has some of the best sugaring kits & sugar wax paste in the industry, with our hair removal kits leaving your skin as smooth as possible. All while reducing the potential for those unsightly & irritating ingrown hairs!

What Should You Not Do After Sugaring

If you want the smoothest results possible, you’ll need to wait at least 24 hours to shower, work out, or have sex. Think about it: Freshly sugared skin is super sensitive and exposed, so you definitely don’t want to introduce any sweat or bacteria as your skin is calming down. You’ll also want to re-consider your shower temperature in the days following your appointmenthot-as-hell showers are too harsh on sugared skin, so go for something warm.

In-between sugaring appointments, it’s crucial to take extra care of your skin. That means you’ll want to load up on body oils, moisturizers, and sunscreens to prevent irritation, ingrown hairs, and sunburns.

Sugaring Wax How To Make And Where To Buy

Sugaring predates modern day waxes because it is so simple to make. The ancient Persian recipe of heating sugar and water to make a candy like syrup was easy to make in a part of the world where sugar was abundant and hair removal was as much of an art form as routine.

At the same time, it may take an attempt or two to get the perfect consistency for at home sugaring and not end up with a sugaring paste that is too thick or runny. If you cant get it right, dont have the time to make it yourself, or its too messy of a process, but like the gentleness and ease of sugaring instead of waxing, there are a few great options of premade sugaring wax. These options are just as convenient, as homemade sugaring wax. They have short ingredient lists and can easily be washed off.

Either way, lets look at your options for how to make sugaring wax at home or which ready-to-use sugaring wax products you can buy.

1. CocoJojo sugaring wax natural ingredients

Dont want to make sugaring wax yourself and prefer a ready to use product? CocoJojo sugaring wax is our favorite option because its simple ingredients make it most like the homemade sugaring wax.

CocoJojo also makes several types of sugaring waxes hard sugar wax and soft sugaring wax just like you can at home. There is also a bikini wax that is a thicker harder version of regular sugaring paste.

To read verified reviews of CocoJoJo sugaring wax, .

2. Gentle Bees sugaring wax no essential oils

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The 10 Best Hair Removal Waxes To Buy In 2022

Waxing is one of the most popular methods of body hair removal, from the bikini area to the eyebrows and all over the body. Shaving, especially sensitive areas, can be irritating, and doesnt last quite as long or remove hair nearly as close to the skin.

Even though waxing may still result in ingrown hair, you wont have to worry about cuts or accidentally damaging your skin like you would if you used a razor or other methods of hair removal. Still, waxing can be painful and priceyif you dont choose the right waxing product.

There are many hair removal waxes out there that wont give you anything more than a bad rash. Thankfully, there are also many great waxes on the market that will keep your skin smooth and soft, while also easing the burden on your wallet.

In order to help you separate the good from the bad, weve put together this list of the best hair removal wax products available today, which will match any beauty salon treatment at a far more affordable price.

Science Of Body Sugaring

Sugaring Paste " Luxury PRO"

How do three ingredients sugar, lemon juice and water ingredients we use on a daily basis, come together to form a hair removal paste?

First each ingredient has its purpose. Sugar is a natural exfoliant, gentle on skin and hypoallergenic. Lemon is a natural preservative and has antimicrobial properties. Water, does everything in-between and links everything together.

To start, heating the sugar changes its molecular structure into a differentconformation. Then, the addition of lemon juice and water causes the sugar to break down into glucose and fructose. Close monitoring and temperaturecontrol allows us to achieve the reaction we need from there and thats it.Well, thats the simple answer. We cant divulge all our sugar secrets.

There are NO hidden ingredients or additives.

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Sugar Wax: Fine To Medium Hair Removal For Men + Women

Vidasleek’s all-natural Sugar Wax kit is made with pure cane sugar, sea salt, and lemon juice. It is the perfect hair removal wax system for both men and women with fine to medium hair thickness. With ingredients so safe you can eat them, and results as effective as going to a salon it is the ideal home waxing kit for a healthy, natural lifestyle. Using the sugar wax kit is easy, simply apply a thin layer of the sugar wax onto you skin in the same direction as hair growth, apply your epilating strip over the wax and smooth down firmly 3-5 times, then in one quick motion, remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. After youre done waxing, simply wash any remaining residue off with water! Its that easy.

Vidasleeks Sugar Wax Kit is the preferred wax kit among men, but works just as great on women with fine to medium hair.

Can Sugaring Be Done On The Face

Yup, its totally fine to book a sugaring appointment for facial hair removal. Any body area with unwanted hair can be treated with sugaring, including the face, says board-certified dermatologist Hadley King, MD. The sticky sugar paste sticks to the hairs, which then can be removed without disrupting the surrounding skin. It’s similar to waxing, but many report that it’s more comfortable and gentle on the skin.

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The Holy Grail Of My Hair Problems

Sheila M

I’ve had sensitive skin my whole life and waxing has always been a challenge. But when I tried Sugar Sugar it actually lived up to it’s promise and beyond exceeded my expectations. It was so easy on my skin that when I didn’t get a part right, I could just do it again and again and my skin didn’t get at all irritated. I’m so impressed but also really mad that I didn’t have this option sooner. I will never use anything else again!

How To Use Sugar Wax:

What is Sugaring? The best hair removal method for every skin type!

Making the sugar paste was only half the battle, y’all! Now you’ve gotta figure out how to use the stuff, which, by the way, also takes a lot of trial and error The signature “flicking” technique also takes time to perfect, so watch and rewatch the video here, then read the steps below help explain the process.

  • Prep. According to Nartova, there isn’t a ton of prep necessary for sugaring. That said, your hair does need to be at least 1/8 of an inch for it to work. If your hair is the right length, cleanse your skin and dry it thoroughly.
  • Scoop the paste. Use your fingertips to scoop out the room temperature sugar paste . Use your thumb to swirl it around your other fingertips and create a small ball.
  • Mold the sugar. Working on a small area at a time, press and spread the sugar ball onto the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Repeat this petting motion a few times until it feels like the sugar paste has been thoroughly molded against the skin.
  • Flick. As you press the mixture into into the skin with your fingertips, quickly lift and flick the sugar wax in the direction of hair growth and parallel to your skin to remove the hair. Again, this takes time and practice so if things aren’t going according to plan, grab a cloth wax strip and press it against the sugar to remove it a little easier.
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    Look & Feel Your Best

    Whether you’re heading on vacation for spring break or just wanting to keep things nice and smooth down there, Sugar Me Smooth has the body sugaring kits that will keep your bikini area looking & feeling great without painful waxing. You don’t have to schedule awkward appointments with an esthetician to achieve silky smooth skin, simply use our body sugaring kits to get the job done at home!

    An incredible benefit of using our sugaring paste for hair removal versus shaving is that while shaving will only keep your skin smooth for a day or two, the body sugaring hair removal method keeps hair growth at bay for significantly longer! After using Sugar Me Smooth’s body sugaring kits, you can expect silky smooth for 6-8 WEEKS due to the fact that our hair removal method removes the hair follicles themselves.

    Can You Shave Between Sugaring

    While it’s definitely super tempting to shave in-between sessions, it’s best to resist the urge if you want the long-term effects of sugaring to ~really~ work. Smooth-AF skin takes patience, so let your hair do its thing for about four to six weeks while it grows out to the minimum length needed for sugaring , or you’ll just have to wait longer to schedule your next sugaring session.

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    How To Sugar Wax At Home

    To try sugar waxing at home, first make the wax and cool it. It is also important to make sure the hair is the right length for waxing â if it is too short, the sugar paste will not adhere to it. Wait until the hair is one-quarter to three-quarters of an inch long.

  • Cleanse and dry the skin thoroughly. If it is damp, the wax may not stick.
  • Scoop some sugar wax from the container and warm it in the hands, rolling it into a ball.
  • Spread the wax in the opposite direction to hair growth and mold it against the skin.
  • Either quickly lift and flick the wax in the direction of hair growth to remove hair, or press a strip of cotton to the sugar wax before sharply lifting in the direction of hair growth.
  • Repeat steps 2â4 across the area of skin a person wants to remove hair from until they are satisfied with the results.
  • When finished, clean off excess wax, or dissolve any sugar wax left on the skin with warm water. Pat dry.
  • After sugar waxing, a person may wish to apply aloe vera gel or an ice pack wrapped in a towel to cool and soothe the skin. Avoid hot baths and showers for the next few days, as well as tight clothing that could irritate the area.

    Are There Any Side Effects Or Risks

    Sugaring Paste Luxury PRO

    As mentioned, minor bruising is possible, but sugaring is generally gentler than waxing. There’s one caveat, though: If you use retinoids or chemical exfoliants on your face, you risk damaging your skin if you try sugaring hair removal . Dr. King also suggests skipping your sugaring sesh if you have open sores, rashes, bruises, swelling, sunburns, or cold sores because the warm formula can burn your skin, cause irritation, folliculitis, and ingrown hairs. And no one wants that, right? Right.

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    Is It Sugaring Or Waxing

    You may have heard the term sugaring used before and you very likely have heard the term waxing. So which is it? Well, we are here to tell you its both! Although sugar wax is different from traditional wax, it still works in a very similar way, only less painful and more effective. Sugaring or sugar waxing, is using a safe and all natural mixture of ingredients to make a wax or paste that can then be applied to the skin. The removal process is another spot that it differs. Rather than ripping the wax away against the hair, sugar wax is removed in the same direction that the hair grows. This not only eliminates the pain that comes with removal, but it also helps keep hair away longer!

    The other main difference from traditional waxing is that sugaring wax adheres only to the hair itself and leaves the skin safely unharmed. The mixture of chemicals in a traditional wax not only sticks to hair but also your skin which leads to painful pulling when the wax is removed. Even after the initial removal, traditional waxing can leave your skin red and blotchy for hours following your appointment.

    Can You Sugar Wax At Home

    Can you? Yes. Will it be as quick and easy as an experience at the salon? No. “Itâs definitely going to take you a little bit longer, and it might be a little bit more painful when you flick it off if you do it yourself,” Nartova explains. The reason, she says, is because thereâs a special flick to to the removalâsomething that, obviously, professionals learn over time.

    “A lot of people when they try sugaring at home try flicking the sugar up, instead of parallel to the skin, which is more irritating,” says Nartova. Once you get the hang of it, sugaring at home is doable, but she always recommends those with sensitive skin see a professional if possible. “Some people have irritation right away, and thatâs why they really need to make sure every single hair is removed in the natural direction of the hair growth,” she says.

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    Is Sugaring At Home Easy

    “Easy” wouldn’t be the first word I would use to describe sugaring, let alone a DIY sugar wax. That said, Nartova says it is still possible to try it at home. If you do it at home, Nartova says the easiest way as a beginner is with the strip technique similar to how you would with a strip waxing kit. However, because the hair is growing in multiple directions and you’re not able to maneuver the strip as easily as your fingers, the strip won’t be as precise as the manual flicking technique, so just keep that in mind.

    And then, of course, you have the challenge of figuring out how to make sugar wax. Nartova explains that different consistencies of the sugar paste are better for different hair types, different skill levels, and methods . So getting the right texture for your needs is a battle in and of itself.

    If you’ve read up to this point and you’re still not deterred , keep reading for how to make sugar wax and how to use it.

    Sugar Wax Hair Removal

    Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method You Aren’t Using | Beauty Review

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    How To Make Sugar Wax

    To make sugar wax at home, a person needs sugar, water, and lemon juice. A person should use a 2:1 sugar to liquid ratio. The exact measurements will vary depending on how much wax a person needs.

    As an example, if a person uses 1 cup of sugar, they should add one-quarter of a cup of water and one-quarter of a cup of lemon juice.

    To make the wax:

  • Mix the ingredients together in a bowl.
  • Pour the mixture into a saucepan, then place on the stove.
  • Heat the mixture slowly, eventually getting it to a medium-high heat. Do not let it boil.
  • Use a food thermometer to measure the mixtureâs temperature. When it reaches 230â260°F , remove it from the heat. The warmer the mixture gets, the harder it will become, so the exact temperature depends on the consistency a person prefers to work with.
  • Pour the mixture into a glass container to let it cool. Make sure it is room temperature before using it on the skin.
  • A Note On Waxing At Home

    A hair removal wax kit at home is a convenient way of dealing with embarrassing or unwanted hair. Home waxing kits are an excellent option for anyone who wants to keep skin soft and hair-free without dropping big bucks at the beauty salon every four to six weeks.

    Unfortunately, without the right kits or products, waxing at home can be an unpleasant experience. It gets hot messy, sticky, and hard to clean.

    There are a few important things to look at when it comes to buying a hair removal wax kit that will make the process much easier.

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    Why Am I Having Trouble Removing Hair When I Wax

    You are probably having one of the following problems: 1. The hair is too short. Hair needs to be at least a quarter of an inch long to wax. 2. The wax strip was pulled off too slowly or in the wrong direction. Make sure to stroke the strip firmly onto the wax about 3-4 times in the direction of hair growth. Then, in one quick motion remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, as close and parallel to the skin as possible. 3. Too much wax was applied. Holding the spatula at a 45 degree angle, always apply the wax in a thin, transparent layer IN the direction of hair growth. Do not allow the wax to cover any area that is being untreated at that moment. 4. If any water or too much moisture gets into the product or is on your skin, the wax will become ineffective.

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