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Who Sells Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

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% Cacao Dark Chocolate Chips

Sugar Free Protein Ice Cream Recipe| Mint Chocolate Chip | No Excuse Girl

Trader Joes is a mecca for vegan-friendly products, and chocolate is no exception. The store provides several vegan dark, non-dairy chocolate bars. They also stock 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Chips. The affordable price and convenience of the product make it an ideal candidate to add to your next shopping trip to Trader Joes.

Sugar Free Oats & Chocolate Cookies 8 Oz

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Keto Chocolate Chips For Baking

After experimenting with sugar free chocolate chips in baking, I now recommend altering them a little if you want use them in gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

The reason is that the 3 ingredient chocolate chips with cacao butter become very liquid in the oven.

However, if you add a forth ingredient – cacao paste, sometimes also called cocoa mass – they become as stable as the keto chocolate chips you can buy in the shops. This means they will melt, but turn into those lovely chocolate blobs we’re looking for.

Cacao paste is basically ground up roasted cocoa beans. They are the dark brown buttons in the picture below.

Instead of using 50 grams of cacao butter, use 25g cacao butter and 25g cacao paste. Then, add your 2 tbsp powdered sweetener and 1 ½ tbsp of cocoa powder.

I decided to use only half the amount of cocoa powder in this altered version because the cacao mass already has a strong chocolate taste.

Here are the ingredients again:

  • 0.9 oz / 25g cacao butter
  • 0.9 0z / 25g cacao paste
  • 2 tbsp powdered sweetener
  • 1 ½ tbsp cocoa powder

The method is the same – melt, spread onto the pyramid mat and cool until firm.

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Homemade Chocolate Chips: Method 2

This method is better to use the chips in baked goods!

If you don’t have any cocoa butter, you can just use unsweetened chocolate and sweeten it with powdered swerve.

I like to add a bit of coconut oil to get a better consistency.

The same instructions as in method 1, just melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals and then stir in the coconut oil and powdered swerve and mix until smooth. Pour into a silicone mold and let it set, either in the fridge or on the counter.

Which Sweetener Works Best

Where to buy keto choc chips : ketoaustralia

Important! This recipe works best with powdered sweetener. Granular sweetener is too heavy and will sink to the bottom, resulting in crunchy chocolate chips. You can blend granulated sweetener in a food processor to make powdered sweetener.

The best zero carb sweetener for this recipe is allulose. It melts like sugar and you won’t have any issues with grittiness. Allulose is easy to get hold of in the US. It’s not yet common in the UK and Europe, but you can get it via the website

My go-to sweetener is still erythritol. I tolerate it well and don’t mind the slight cooling taste it has. I like the blends that also contain a small amount of stevia and monk fruit .

The one thing about erythritol is that is has a tendency to re-crystallise when it cools. This means you will have an ever-so-slight graininess in your keto chocolate chips.

This should be less noticeable if you use a sweetener such as xylitol .

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What Is The Best Sugar

The answer to this question is subject to change depending on you as an individual and your own personal preferences.

However, most obviously, the best sugar-free chocolate is going to be one that tastes like normal chocolate, right? When choosing the best sugar-free chocolate for you, I’d recommend taking any health issues or dietary requirements that you have into consideration and make sure that you check the product description.

For instance, if youre looking at sugar-free chocolate chips because youre vegan, diabetic, or keto, make sure that the ingredients list is safe for you to consume.

If in doubt about whether sugar-free chocolate chips are suitable for you, you could always contact the company directly if youre unsure.

Make sure that you check the product description and the reviews for more information. Its better to be safe than sorry!

What Happens If You Eat Too Much Sugar Free Chocolate

This is where a lot of people actually get confused. This recipe for yummy chocolate isn’t the same as the sugar free candy or chocolates that you buy from the store. Excessive consumption of those isn’t a great idea for your daily diet and I think there is even a warning associated with them that some of the artificial flavors and ingredients can create a laxative effect. Eek!

The two options for these sugar free baking chips listed in the recipe card below are different. They’re not made with any artificial colors or additions, have a low fat content and are simple to make. Just like everything in life – enjoy in moderation!

There are no restrictions to eating homemade goodness but just pay attention to the serving size suggestions so that you can stay on track with your calories and eating plan for the day.

Like what you see? ! Love this recipe? Leave a comment & a 5-star rating right here! Make sure you dont miss new recipes by getting email updates!

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Sugar Free Baking Chips

Cooking for your loved ones is a generous way to show you care. One of the best ways to do this is through baking. For those watching their sugar intake, it’s often difficult to find cookies and dessert breads without sugar. Sugar-free baking chips allow you to prepare your favorite recipes for tasty cookies and other treats for your loved ones. With sugar-free Russell Stover baking chips, you’ll be able to bake batches of cookies, dessert breads, cupcakes, and more to share with friends or family who are monitoring their sugar consumption.

Semi-Sweet Sugar-Free Baking Chips

Made with all-natural stevia extract, these sugar-free semi-sweet baking chips allow you to make a traditional batch of chocolate chip cookies. They deliver all of the rich, chocolaty flavor you love without the sugar. These chips are also ideal for melting and using in your favorite fondue recipes, for making chocolate-covered strawberries, and more. Each bag contains enough for a batch of your loved one’s favorite cookies. Treat your friends and family to dessert with all of the taste and none of the sugar.

Dark Chocolate Sugar-Free Baking Chips

Vegan Chocolate Chip Brands Perfect For Baking


Dont forget to add chocolate chips to your shopping list this holiday season!

Its the perfect time to pull out that favorite recipe and bake some chewy, delicious chocolate chip cookies. The baking aisle is packed with chocolate chip brands, and now is not the time to stand around reading ingredient labels. Let us make things easy for you. Looking for gluten-free? Soy-free? Sugar-free? Weve included chocolate chips everyone can enjoy. Heres our list of vegan chocolate chips you need in your pantry now.

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Will These Chocolate Chips Hold Their Shape

Unlike commercially prepared chocolate chips, these homemade ones will not hold their shape once heated up or baked into a recipe. It doesnt have the emulsifiers or additives needed for this to happen.

From personal experience, unless you are using chocolate chips for aesthetic purposes, they are not as good as a chopped up chocolate bar or non-stabilized baking chips. Ever eaten a chocolate chip cookie that oozes chocolate with every mouthful? 9 times out of 10, they are using chocolate chunks or chopped chocolate, NOT chocolate chips.

What Other Desserts Can You Use These Sugar Free Chocolate Baking Chips In

These tasty treats can be used for desserts and any treat for kids and adults. You can add them to your favorite cake recipe, mix in with muffins, or use them as a substitute for recipes that use dark chocolate chips or baking chocolate as well.

This sugar substitute not only tastes wonderful, but it’s versatile and easy to make. You won’t even taste the difference from regular chocolate chips, either! Use these sugar free baking chip morsels for all your baking needs!

Remember, these are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and can be enjoyed by vegans as well! Since there is no added sugars, they can be used when on the keto diet, also. Use these keto chocolate chips to make some sugar free chocolate chip cookies or sugar free chocolate cake!

I think that adding these sugar free chocolate chips are better flavor than adding stevia or Hershey’s chocolate chips, too! It’s such a delicious recipe!

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Homemade Chocolate Chips: Method 1

The first method I use to make homemade chocolate chips is to use cocoa butter or cacao butter. It is a bit expensive but very delicious and one bag will last for a long time.

You do need to use a kitchen scale to measure it out because it comes in various-sized chunks, so weighing is the only way to know how much you are getting.

Homemade Chocolate Chips: Method 1 is best for people who have cocoa butter in their pantry and have a kitchen scale. If this is not you, check out Homemade Chocolate Chips: Method 2 below.

All you do is melt the cocoa butter in the microwave in 30 second increments and combine it with some cocoa powder and powdered swerve. Stir until smooth and then pour it into a silicone mold with small cavities and let it set. I use my little heart-shaped molds because they are so cute.

The main advantage of this method is that you can also leave out the cocoa powder and make white chocolate chips. Or add some food coloring and make rainbow chocolate chips. Imagine red and pink chocolate chip cookies at Valentines Day or green chocolate chip pancakes for St. Patty’s Day. Or make white chocolate chips in your team colors and add them to a bowl of salted nuts for a Superbowl party snack mix. So many options!!

They do need a big splash of vanilla because they don’t taste like much until you add the vanilla.

The original recipe calls for arrowroot flour, but to cut the carbs you can use protein powder instead.

Tips To Make The Best Low Carb Chocolate Chips

Silicone Chocolate Molds Recipes / Homemade Sugar Free Chocolate Chips ...
  • If possible, use the double boiler method for melting your ingredients. I find that it not only melts them together so much better, but your final result will be smoother and creamier.
  • If you dont have a chocolate chip mold, you can use a loaf pan or square pan instead. Once the chocolate is set, you can chop it up into small chunks.
  • These are semi sweet/dark chocolate chips. If youd like to tone down the darkness, you can reduce the bakers chocolate by half.

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The World’s Cutest Chocolate Bars

If you don’t feel like baking, just sprinkle them on some ice cream or add them to your pancakes or sugar-free fudge. But, one of my favorite things to do with my homemade sugar-free chocolate chips is to make the world’s cutest chocolate bars.

You have to make a batch of each regular chocolate and white chocolate chips, let them set, but don’t wash your dishes yet! Then while they are setting, make another batch of each and add chocolate chips to the bars while they are still setting. I use a silicone chocolate bar mold, but if you don’t have one of those, you can just spread the chocolate onto a piece of parchment paper and make chocolate bark.

You can also sprinkle your chocolate bars/bark with chopped nuts or seeds or toasted coconut – or make pink coconut like I use for my Vanilla Donuts with Toasted Coconut Glaze.

How To Make Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

You can use these chocolate chips for baking, or simply eat them by the handful.

The entire recipe takes just five minutes to make, and theyre perfect for anyone trying to avoid dairy or artificial ingredients, or just if you want to avoid sugar in general.

Try them in this easy chocolate Keto Mug Cake Recipe or in these Keto Brownies!

There are two versions of the recipe raw chocolate chips and a version thats good for baking.

And while brands such as Lilys sugar free chocolate chips do exist on the market, making your own at home not only saves money, it also enables you to control what ingredients to use.

Lilys chips contain soy, and many other brands contain dairy and artificial ingredients, so if you want to avoid those ingredients as well as sugar, making your own sugar free chocolate chips recipe is the way to go. Ive also included an option below for making the chips with maple syrup or agave if you want refined sugar free and vegan chocolate chips.

Before publishing this recipe, I had the very difficult task of testing out every single version, to make sure each variation worked. Imagine being forced to eat all that chocolate.

Next time someone asks me what I do for a living, Im going to tell them I eat chocolate chips.

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Dark Chocolate Baking Chips


Lilys 55% dark chocolate chips are vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free. Theyre sweetened with non-GMO stevia and erythritol, making them perfect if youre trying to avoid a sugar rush. Be sure to grab the 55% dark chocolate, as this is the only one thats dairy-free. Check out our brownie recipe for some baking inspiration.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Christina Manian Recommends The Best Sugar

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips Review Lily’s & Bake Believe At Walmart

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You dont have to double down on added, refined sugar to enjoy chocolate. Here are some of the best sugar-free chocolate products available, ready to be shipped to your door or picked up at the grocery store.

HU Chocolate Bars: This bar is sweetened with organic coconut sugar.

ChocoPerfection Chocolate Bars: This brand offers five different types of sugar-free chocolate to satisfy any craving.

Lakanto Chocolate Bar: Lakanto chocolates are sweetened with monk fruit.

Lilys Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar: You can still enjoy a milk chocolate bar without the added sugar, thanks to this delicious find.

KakaoZon Dark Chocolate Bar: This chocolate from Ecuador has a high cacao content, equating to lots of antioxidants!

Andy Anand Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Almond Bark: You can satisfy crunchy cravings with this delicious sugar-free chocolate bark.

Evolved Chocolate Organic Keto Chocolate Bar: You cant get more chocolaty than this 100% cacao bar, made with shredded coconut.

Chocolove XO No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Bar with Dry Roasted Pistachio: This delicious twist on your everyday chocolate bar is made with pistachiosand can be found in many grocery stores.

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Sugar Free Chocolate Chips Options

You could go for cacao nibs, or for keto friendly unsweetened chocolate and simply break it into pieces.

Or you can use a quality regular chocolate with a cocoa content of 90% such as Lindt. A whole bar of this chocolate clocks only 7 grams of sugar. It contains 10 squares, which makes it 0.7 grams of sugar per portion.

Then there is stevia-sweetened sugar free chocolate such as Lily’s. Lily’s is popular in the US and sells chocolate bars as well as chocolate baking chips. The only issue is that low carb chocolate brands are EXPENSIVE!

The regular semi sweet or dark chocolate chips you can buy in the baking sections of supermarkets have a high sugar content. I have never found one that has more than 70% cocoa solids. Remember that the remaining 30% will be sugar!

Also, beware of brands that call themselves sugar free, but sweeten chocolate with maltitol. This sugar alcohol has the highest glycemic index of all sugar alcohols and will raise your insulin levels .

Is Sugar

There are a few health benefits known to be associated with chocolate, such as it being a food high in antioxidants, and could help improve brain function. However, regular chocolate is often packed with sugar. So what about sugar-free chocolate? While even little calorie savings could add up for someone who enjoys some chocolate every day, the bottom line is that these new sugar-free chocolates probably are of most benefit to people with diabetes.

This is because sugar-free chocolate could help them enjoy a little bit of chocolate without the worry of it raising their blood sugar levels. That being said, sugar-free chocolate is also great for those on a specific diet and can also be dairy-free, making it great for vegans. However, as with every product, there are downsides to sugar-free chocolate, too. Namely, potential intestinal discomfort. The majority of packages of sugar-free chocolate provide a label that reads Excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect.

As a result, you wont want to go overboard, the same way you wouldnt want to overindulge with regular chocolate, either. Just because its sugar-free, doesnt mean you dont need to eat it in moderation!

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