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Will Eliminating Sugar Help Lose Weight

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How to Lose Weight Without Eliminating Sugar

Sugar is one of the worst foods for weight loss. For the calories it contributes to your diet, it offers no nutrients and it doesn’t help fill you up. It also wreaks havoc on your blood sugar, which can further hinder your efforts. Just by cutting out sugar, weight loss is significantly easier to achieve. How much weight you can lose depends on how much sugar you normally eat.


If you eat a lot of sugar, you can lose a significant amount of weight by eliminating it from your diet.

Your Heart Health Will Improve

Since consuming too much sugar can lead to an increase in LDL cholesterol , the American Heart Association recommends reducing added sugars in order to decrease your risk of dying from heart disease. “According to the study published in JAMA: Internal Medicine, those who got 17 to 21 percent of calories from added sugar had a 38 percent higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared to those who consumed 8 percent of their calories from added sugar,” the AHA states.

What Can You Eat

Since there are several forms and types of sugar, it helps to know what you’re looking for. If you see any of these on an ingredients list, the food has added sugars:

Artificial sweeteners can offer an alternative to sugar since they contain little to no calories, but there’s a lot of controversy surrounding sugar substitutes. Many health and nutrition experts have raised questions about whether artificial sweeteners are healthy and safe, and whether they are effective for weight loss. Some have also argued that sugar substitutes are so sweet they actually ramp up your tastebuds for sweet foods and drinks. On the other hand, some proponents claim that artificial sweeteners can help people transition away from added sugars and cut them out for good.

While there is no one “official” no sugar diet, nutrition experts generally agree that the healthiest version of the eating plan cuts out added sugars by focusing on whole foods rather than simply replacing sugar with no-calorie sweeteners.

Look at the Nutrition Facts Label to determine how much added sugar is in each serving. It may be just a small amount, or it might be a lot.

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Be Mindful Of Alcohol

Another factor that adults should watch when attempting to lose weight is alcohol consumption. Alcohol may have some health benefits, but consuming it often can lead to increased fat production as well as inflammation. Consider cutting alcohol from your diet any time you are looking to lose weight and only drink amounts that current health guidelines suggest you consume.

Eat More Of These Foods

10 Ways to Eliminate Hidden Sugars from Your Diet ...

Try to consume more lean protein and high-fiber, non-starchy vegetables with every meal.

Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole grains can be a good source of energy and fiber, but consume these in moderation. Find a more in-depth guide to carbohydrates here.

When you need a snack and you are craving something sweet, opt for fresh fruits such as berries, apples, or grapefruit. Natural sugar will satisfy your craving and the vitamins and minerals will keep you healthy.

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Its Hard To Say Goodbye To Bread For Good Reason

According to Vice, when you give up carbs, you may begin to feel dizziness, fatigue, and weak, which could last for a few days or weeks. Some experts call this the low-carb flu. Dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Kristin Kirkpatrick told Vice, The reason you feel fatigued in the beginning is that youve depleted this main energy source which you are very much used to having.

Benefits Of Quitting Sugar & 7 Ways Its Similar To Drugs

It would be difficult to find anyone that thinks junk foods, especially sugar, are healthy for us. Even knowing how unhealthy they are, many of us struggle to cut back, or eliminate them from our diet altogether. Why is this so difficult?

It turns out, sugary foods share many common characteristics with addictive substances like alcohol, cocaine, heroin and opioids.

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How To Cut Carbohydrates

You may be aware that the human body needs sugar â specifically, glucose â to survive. Glucose is actually the primary energy source that your body uses. However, despite the fact that your body relies on glucose, you don’t need to actually consume sugars. Your body is able to break down all the carbohydrates, fats and proteins you consume on a daily basis and turn them into glucose.

Since your body uses three different macronutrients to survive, you can eliminate carbohydrates like sugars, sugar alcohols and starches without problems. However, dietary fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, most adults should consume between 22 and 34 grams of fiber each day .

There are two types of dietary fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Both soluble and insoluble fiber are important for the health of your gastrointestinal tract. Soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol and regulate blood glucose, while insoluble fiber helps to promote digestion and the excretion of waste from your body. Regardless of the amount of carbohydrates you choose to eliminate from your diet, consuming fiber is important, as it can help lower your risk for a variety of diseases, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

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Restrict Access To Sweets

Healthy No Refined Sugar Added Blueberry Pie | Things to help you to Lose Weight

This may seem obvious, but its best to say it outright. If you want to cut out sugar, you need to make your living space a sugar-free zone.

You cant be tempted by high sugar snacks, ice cream, and sugary fruit drinks if you dont buy them in the first place.

Replace food high in sugar with food high in fiber such as vegetables, whole grain bread, and brown rice.

You can find a guide to breaking your sugar habit in 10 days here.

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How To Cut Sugar From Your Diet To Help With Weight Loss

It seems that no matter how much awareness there is about the links between sugar, weight gain, and other health problems, Americans are still eating too much. According to 2017 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture , Americans consume about 130 lbs of caloric sweeteners per person each year.

Employ the following tips to help reduce your intake:

What Are The Healthiest Sources Of Sugar

Naturally occurring sugars are those found in milk, cheese and unsweetened yogurt , and fruit . These sugars are not considered added sugars. While both lactose and fructose are types of sugar that are broken down into glucose, they are also full of disease-fighting nutrients and should not be avoided in an effort to achieve a healthy weight. In fact, the soluble fiber in fruit helps slow down the metabolism of sugar, providing a steady source of energy. Additionally, foods with natural sugars are naturally low in calories, fat and sodium.

Refined sugar, on the other hand, rapidly enters the blood stream causing your insulin and blood sugar levels to spike .

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Always Be Aware Of Portions

However, it is important to remember that serving sizes are still important when it comes to foods with naturally occurring sugars, especially when trying to achieve a healthy weight or fat loss. To meet nutrient needs, men should aim for about 2 cups of fruit per day, while women should shoot for 1.5 to 2 cups per day.* When eating whole fruits, one cup includes a large banana, one medium grapefruit, or one small apple.3

For other foods with naturally-occurring sugars like milk and yogurt, it is recommended that both men and women consume about 3 cups per day to receive adequate calcium, vitamin D and potassium. For cheese, one serving of hard cheeses is 1.5 ounces, and a serving of cottage cheese and ricotta cheese is 2 cups and ½ cup, respectively. Dairy is also a source of protein, which helps keep you feeling fuller longer, and can aid in weight loss efforts.

But, be mindful of any added sugars lurking in your morning yogurt. Instead of buying fruit-flavored yogurts, opt for plain and add berries or sliced banana on top.4

*Its important to note that these recommendations are for individuals who get less than 30 minutes of exercise per day, and those who are more physically active may be able to consume more and stay within calorie limits.

Natural Vs Added Sugars

6 Easy Ways to Eliminate White Sugar (And Why You Should ...

Natural sugars are in whole foods. An apple, for example, can have around 20 grams. But it also has vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to nourish your body. An apples fiber can satisfy your hunger and make your body absorb the sugar from the fruit more slowly. Added sugars are extra calories with no extra nutrition. Theyre empty calories that can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

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My Turning Point Was In January 201: I Was Taking The Stairs And Realized I Was Out Of Breath And Practically Dripping In Sweat

I hated the feeling of a simple activity being so strenuous on my body. For the first time, I wanted to stick to my diet and regimeto not give up on myself.

I went *all* in, cold-turkey style. I completely cut out sugar, fast food, fried foods, bread, rice, and all the sweets. Sticking to my intense approach was difficult, especially since I had given up every other time I tried to lose weight. But I watched empowering videos of weight-loss stories to stay inspired. This time, I knew I had to do something drastic to make a lifestyle change really stick.

When I started out on my weight-loss journey, veggie and fruit smoothies were my go-to meals for breakfast, and sometimes dinner. My other main meals usually consisted of vegetables and baked meat . If I needed a snack, Id reach for fruit. I also watched my salt intake, drank two to four liters of water every day, and had two or more cups of green tea as well. I also tried intermittent fasting.

Eliminating Four White Foods May Make It Easier To Eat Less Lose Weight

Dear Mayo Clinic:

I’m trying to lose weight, and a friend recently told me that cutting white bread and potatoes out of my diet completely will help. Is that true? If it is, what makes these foods so bad?


Your friend is right. Taking white bread and white potatoes, as well as white rice and white pasta, out of your diet can be helpful for weight loss. Because of the way your body processes these four foods, they can lead to cravings for carbohydrates, also called sugars. By eliminating them, you decrease food cravings, making it easier to eat less and lose weight.

The grains in white bread, white pasta and white rice are refined through a milling process that strips off the bran layer to give them a finer texture. After that process, these foods are little more than carbohydrates that your body digests quickly and easily.

The main problem with white rice, bread, pasta and potatoes is that they trigger a cycle of food craving. After you eat them, they release a sudden spike of sugar in your bloodstream. Your body responds to that extra sugar by releasing insulin. Insulin is a hormone your pancreas makes that allows sugar to enter your cells, lowering the amount of sugar in your blood.

In addition, as you eat more of these foods, your body needs to process all the extra sugar. Although some sugar is burned off as energy, most is converted into fat, leading to weight gain.

Jon Ebbert, M.D., Primary Care Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

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Are Starches A Better Option

Both sugar and starch are carbohydrates. Pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, whole grains and other starchy foods serve as a source of energy. Some are healthier than others, though. As the Cleveland Clinic points out, the best starchy foods to include in your diet are those rich in fiber and protein, such as chickpeas, quinoa, sprouted grain bread and beans.

White bread, white pasta and white rice, for example, contain starch too. The problem is that they’re highly processed and have little nutritional value. One serving of cooked white rice provides 205 calories, 4.2 grams of protein, 44.5 grams of carbs and 0.6 grams of fiber. Wild rice, by comparison, boasts 166 calories, 6.5 grams of protein, 35 grams of carbs and 3 grams of fiber per serving.

All types of carbs, including sugar and starches, provide 4 calories per gram. If you eat too much, the calories will add up. Healthy starchy foods, such as wild rice and oats, are nutritionally superior to cake and cookies, but they can still cause weight gain when consumed in excess. To lose weight, it’s necessary to create a calorie deficit, and one way to do that is to cut out starch and sugar for two weeks or longer.

Cutting Carbs To Lose Weight

Eliminating Sugar Is The Key To Lose Weight

Carbohydrates are found in most foods, with the exception of meat and fats. If you’re keen to remove most carbohydrates from your diet, this means that you should avoid high-carb foods like cereals, noodles, pasta, baked goods, rice and other grain-based foods. Other high-carbohydrate foods include processed products like chips, popcorn, crackers, and refined foods like frozen, premade meals and pizza.

High carbohydrate foods can even include some foods that are typically considered healthy, like beans, nuts, sugar-rich fruits and starchy vegetables. Some low-carb diets are so strict that they limit the consumption of carbohydrates to no more than 20 grams a day.

It might seem as if there is little left to eat if you’re eliminating so many carbohydrates. However, all your sources of protein â like fish, shellfish, poultry and red meat â and most of your sources of fat â like extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil and lard â are all fine to eat. Additionally, not all your carbohydrates are off the table you still need to include carbohydrates from soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet.

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Cut Back On Sugary Drinks

Most added sugars in the American diet come from sugary drinks sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, sweetened teas, and others .

Additionally, drinks that many people perceive as healthy, such as smoothies and fruit juices, can still contain astounding amounts of added sugar.

For example, 1 cup of cranberry juice cocktail contains more than 7 teaspoons of sugar .

Additionally, your body doesnt recognize calories from drinks in the same way as those from food. Calories from drinks are absorbed quickly, resulting in a rapid increase in your blood sugar level.

Drinks also dont make you feel as full as solid food, so people who consume lots of calories from drinks dont eat less to compensate (

What To Know Before You Give Up Dairy

Thinking about eliminating milk, cheese, butter, and other dairy products from your diet? You’re not alone. Whether or not to give up dairyand how to do itis “one of the top questions I’m asked these days,” says Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, Health‘s contributing nutrition editor.

One possible reason why so many people are ditching dairy? It’s gotten the A-list stamp of approval: Jessica Biel has said she “just feels better” when she doesn’t eat dairy, gluten, or wheat Australian actress Margot Robbie told ELLE UK she avoids it when filming a movie because she thinks it causes breakouts. And earlier this year, Khloe Kardashian told Health she dropped 11 pounds after just two weeks sans dairy. “If I want to lose weight quickly, dairy-free is the way to go,” she said.

But can a dairy-free diet really help you lose weight, get clearer skin, and generally feel better? The short answer is that it’s different for everyone. “Some people are more sensitive to dairy than others,” Sass says, adding that the effects of giving it up can vary from person to person.

But experts stress that quitting dairy is not something to be done spontaneously or without cause. “You don’t need to eliminate an entire food group unless there’s a legitimate reason,” says Keri Gans, RDN, a nutritionist based in New York City.

That said, if you do decide to give up dairy, here’s exactly what you’re giving up, and six side effects you might experience.

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Be Mindful Of Sugar Substitutes

Avoiding sugar is something that adults on diets aim to do, and many switch to artificial sweeteners as an alternative. While they may be calorie-free, artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes can be up to 600 times sweeter than regular sugar, which means your brain thinks you are consuming enormous amounts of sugar at one time. This strategy often leads to you having intense sugar cravings throughout the day.

As For Workouts I Started Off With Mainly Cardio Because I Had Little To No Knowledge Of Weights

Simple Diet Can Eliminate Excess Sugar And Help You Lose ...

I walked on the treadmill and used the elliptical for 30 minutes each. Eventually I started gaining more knowledge and confidence at the gym, and I began to incorporate light weights. I switched to doing 45 minutes to an hour of cardio . I worked out four to five days a week at the beginning, and now I work out five to six.

Sometimes Ill throw in a two-a-day and attend a fun class. I love Zumba, Total Body Pump, and yoga. Ive also learned to love strength training and weight lifting. I will work on arms, abs, legs, back/shoulders, and glutes. . I have pushed myself to stay active and consistent.

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