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How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants In Your House

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Homemade Diy Ant Killer

Pest Control Tips : Best Way to Kill Sugar Ants

When searching for DIY or homemade ant killers you will find people that recommend everything from peppermint oil sprays, to sprinkling cinnamon on their counters. Other people swear by coffee grounds, grits, and cornmeal. Many people believe that wiping counters down with vinegar will disrupt the pheromone trails. Despite many people pouring aspartame onto ant mounds and sprinkling it onto their counters, the idea that aspartame is toxic to ants started with a satirical article on The Spoof. There is no evidence that aspartame kills ants.

The one household ant killer that has the greatest chance of permanent success is an ant bait made with borax. Boric acid is a natural product that is mined out of the ground. Boric acid is used in contact lens solution and as a cleaning agent, often added to laundry. Boric acid effectively kills insects by disrupting their stomach functions and nervous systems. It also damages their exoskeleton. By mixing boric acid, a sugary sweet attractant, and water, you can create a homemade ant bait. The ants will carry the boric acid bait back to the nest and feed it to the other ants in the colony. Many commercially available ant baits utilize boric acid as the active ingredient.

How To Get Rid Of Flying Ants Ant Or Termite

Ants with wings are normal ants, however they are sexually mature and capable of reproducing. In general, ant colonies are comprised of female reproductives , female non-reproductives , and males. For most ant species, male ants only job is to mate, and then they die. They do not participate in the search for food, rearing the young, or building or defending the nest. A common way that ant colonies expand is by the nuptial flight. When conditions are right, winged females and winged males fly from the nest and mate. The male dies, and the female chews her wings off and burrows into the ground or a tree stump and lays her eggs. If her colony is successful, she is now the queen of this colony.

Winged ants are often confused with winged termites. Winged termites emerge in a similar fashion from their colonies and often warn us of a possible termite infestation with expensive structural damage to our homes. Winged ants will often be found in smaller numbers than a typical termite swarm, but there are some easy ways to tell them apart as well.

  • Waist a winged ants waist is tapered and narrow a winged termites waist is broad and thick
  • Antennae a winged ants antennae have a joint that makes the antennae appear to turn at a right angle a winged termites antennae are straight
  • Wings a winged ants front wings are longer than the back wings a winged termites wings are the same size

Sweep And Mop Your Floors With Vinegar

Just like with your countertops, it is essential to sweep and mop your floors to get rid of any food debris that might attract ants. Use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean your floors and erase the pheromone trail that the previous ants have left behind. Make sure that you sweep all the nooks and crannies before you mop.

Finding that you have a sugar ant infestation can be incredibly frustrating. To effectively deal with the sugar ants, you have to destroy the pheromone trail they create, while dealing with the entire colony back at their nest.

These simple, natural solutions will help you effectively get rid of sugar ants from your home, and the tips will help you prevent a future sugar ant invasion.

We hope you enjoyed learning about how to get rid of sugar ants from your home. If you found the information in this article useful, please feel free to share it with your family and friends.

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How To Prevent The Appearance Of Sugar Ants

First of all, sugar ants are attracted to easily accessible food. They can move from neighboring houses, they can be brought with stuff, furniture, and products.

To avoid the appearance of sugar ants in the house, you must observe several basic rules:

  • Eat only in the kitchen, wipe away spilled food and sweet drinks
  • Store sweet foods in a closed container or in a refrigerator
  • Seal all cracks and holes in windows, doors
  • Don`t leave dirty dishes overnight
  • Treat the sink with vinegar to deter the insects from the water source
  • Ants are omnivorous, so you need to deprive them of food, make your products inaccessible to the sugar ants
  • Prevent the insects from moving into your house by constructing barriers in the form of turmeric, bitter pepper, cinnamon strips
  • Treat the foundation of the house from the outside with a pesticide
  • Look through all the stuff that you bring into the house
  • Sugar ants do not tolerate the smell of wormwood and tansy. Place some bunches of the dried grass in vent holes and next to the door and window openings, and the insects will not penetrate into the house.

It is much easier to prevent the appearance of pests than fighting them with chemicals and home remedies.

How To Stop Kitchen Ants

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants

The kitchen, offering proximity to an ample food supply, is often the place that most often attracts ants and other pests. To discourage ants from being in the kitchen:

  • Clean kitchen surfaces and floors every day.
  • Wash dishes immediately after using them.
  • Rinse pet food bowls after your dog or cat eats.
  • Use natural repellents to detract ants and remove the pheromone scent.
  • Store food properly in sealed containers or bags that lock.

If natural options arent enough, you can use pesticides and commercially prepared products to eradicate ants.

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Utilize Baits To Kill The Ant Colony

The problem with killing just the ants you see on the surface is that they represent only a fraction of the entire colony. It’s better to use ant baits instead, and they contain a combination of attractant lures with the killing power of borax.

You can deploy bait stations that resemble ant traps in various locations throughout your home, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Laundry rooms
  • Basements

Liquid ant baits are best for treating sugar ants, while the solid formulations do well for the protein feeders.

How To Store Honey To Prevent Ants

Honey is another favorite for the sugar ants it is the premium sweet food for most ants.

Most homeowners dont want to refrigerate honey to maintain its quality, making proper storage in the cabinet or countertop crucial.

Keeping ants away from your honey requires care:

  • Store the honey in an air-tight container or jar.
  • Each time you take the honey out, wipe around the containers opening with a clean and damp cloth before securing the lid then wipe the containers wall and base thoroughly to remove any honey stain.
  • Place the jar on a paper towel.
  • Store it in a cool place away from sunlight.

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How Long Do Sugar Ants Live

It does not take long for a sugar ant to grow. The queen of the sugar ant colony lays eggs in late spring, or early autumn does not take long to hatch into new ants. It takes less than 40 days to grow from an egg to an adult.

The male ants dont live beyond three weeks, while the worker ants live for about two months. It is only the female sugar ants that have been known to survive up to 10 months.

Boric Acid And Sugar Bait

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Home

This poisoned chalice approach takes sugar and mixes it with the housewives favorite, which is borax. A chemical compound used for many years as a cleaning agent, it is incredibly poisonous to ants and other insects.

A very easy to make formula, it is simply half a cup of powdered sugar with one and a half tablespoons of borax, and one and a half cups of warm water.

Apply the mix directly to areas that you have seen the ants. Or apply it to cotton balls and then place them near ant trails or by the anthill.

The sugar will entice the ants to eat the mixture, and the borax will kill them slowly. Along with the queen and colony residents once it is shared.

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Is It Easy To Get Rid Of Ants

Unfortunately, ant control isn’t always a simple fix. Some ant infestations have nothing to do with how clean or dirty your home is. Your property could simply be a haven for ants. This can create problems for homeowners as the late spring and early summer nuptial flights take place. Large swarms of winged ants set out to start new colonies, sometimes right in the voids of your walls. Other scenarios can be as easy to fix as getting rid of any ants that you see crawling around. Clean the area where the ants traveled with a regular kitchen disinfectant disinfectant or cleaning solution. This will erase the scented trails they leave behind. Ants that have never been in your home can follow this trail directly to the food sources previous visitors have found.

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Cornmeal & Boric Acid

Contrary to popular belief, cornmeal does not kill ants, by exploding them or otherwise. Ants are pretty keen on cornmeal, Spicer says, so spreading too much of it around might worsen your infestation.

You can, however, weaponize cornmeal in your fight against ants by mixing it with boric acid, a cousin to Borax thats available online and at home improvement stores. Mix nine parts cornmeal with one part boric acid, adding a generous helping of soybean oil or peanut butter to create a paste. Place the homemade bait near gaps and crevices, anywhere ants are on the march.

Like borax , any bait containing boric acid should be kept away from kids and animals.

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How To Get Rid Of Small Ants

The most common complaint a pest control company receives is a call for those generic tiny black ants. There are many species of ants, and a handful of them are considered pests. Each species of ant has unique physical and behavioral characteristics. We have outlined in this article the distinctions between most of the major pest ant species. In a severe infestation, knowing the exact species, their foraging behavior, where they nest, and how and when they reproduce strengthens the efficacy of the control efforts. If you can not tell the difference between a pharaoh ant and an odorous house ant, or a big headed ant and an Argentine ant, you can often get rid of a minor infestation without an exact identification.

If you can not identify an ant down to the species, collect samples and keep notes of your extermination efforts. This way, if you call a professional, they can positively identify the ant and know what has already been done.

The first step in getting rid of any species of small black ant is performing a thorough inspection. Follow the ant trails to the tree or bush outdoors that houses the ant nest. As you follow the ant trails, keep an eye out for broken windows or space under a door. Notice any leaking faucets or water accumulation indoors or out that may be allowing these small black ants to be comfortable on your property. Remedy any physical condition such as unsealed windows and leaking faucets promptly.

Coffee Grounds As A Repellent

How To Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Rather than throw out used coffee grounds, you can use them as a natural ant repellent. Some say that the strong smell of coffee repels sugar ants, others say that the nitrogen in coffee grounds burns the ants legs. Whatever the case, coffee is an excellent way to control ants naturally in your home and or outside without toxic chemicals.

Spread the used coffee grounds in areas where you have noticed ant trails in your home or where you think they come into your property.

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How To Get Rid Of Ants Outside In The Yard

In the south, nothing can ruin a backyard event like an angry fire ant mound. All of the ant species we have discussed so far have a strong outdoor presence, but only become a pest when they come into your home. Not so with fire ants. Fire ants are a problem even if they never make it into your home. Fire ant mounds can appear in golf courses, playgrounds, suburban yards, and cracks in pavement or your homes foundation. When you step on one of the fire ant mounds, you immediately know it. Thousands of workers quickly descend from the nest to ward off the invader . Fire ants first bite with their jaws to stretch your skin, then sting with their abdomen and inject venom into your body. Each fire ant can sting you more than once. As you swat at and fling fire ants from between your toes, others are holding on tight and injecting their venom. A small white pustule forms usually the day after the bite/sting. Fire ant bites do not usually require medical treatment, however if a person is allergic to the venom, anaphylactic reaction may occur. If a very young baby or an elderly person has experienced an excessive number of bites, we urge you to seek medical attention.

How To Get Rid Of Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants, also sometimes called Stink Ants or Coconut Ants, are a common household pest and found throughout the United States. Odorous House Ants emit a pungent rotten coconut odor when they are crushed. Odorous House Ants are small, approximately 1/8-1/16 of an inch in length, and are dark brown or black. Odorous House Ants do not bite unless provoked and like other ants, we have discussed feed on sugary and protein-rich substances.

Odorous House Ants are considered a Tramp Ant. Many of the most difficult to control species of ants are classified as Tramp Ants. Tramp Ants are ants that have adapted to comfortably live very close to humans, in fact, they are more prevalent in areas where human development has limited the natural landscape. The following characteristics of Tramp Ants make their control difficult:

  • Colonies have multiple queens and multiple sub-colonies
  • Related colonies are not aggressive with each other
  • Live in close association with humans
  • Varied Diet
  • Wide Range of Nesting Habits

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How To Identify A Sugar Ant Infestation

Its not that hard actually and the most common signs are:

  • An increasing number of ants crawling around in your home. Once the sugar ants find a convenient source of food, they will not leave. So, concentrate on inspecting your kitchen in detail.
  • Signs of wooden furniture damage, as sugar ants are known to chew on wood.
  • Visible nesting sites, which could be around your home or inside, usually in crevices or behind skirting boards.

As we mentioned earlier, sugar ants are physically similar to many other ant species. That makes it a bit difficult to determine whether you are indeed attacked by sugar ants or by carpenter ants, for example.

The only secure way of knowing is to call for a professional in the second you think there might be an actual infestation. They have the ability to tell the different species apart and will choose the most effective treatment to save you from the invasion.

Pretty sure you have banded sugar ants?

Let’s get in touch and deal with your infestation!

Natural Remedies Eliminate Sugar Ants

Get Rid Of Sugar Ants… in 3 days!

Did you know that a pinch of exposed sugar can attract hundreds of sugar ants? Its not just sugar alone, even bread crumbs, food remains can emit smells that may be sensed so far away by these pests. The only thought is how to get rid of sugar ants either naturally or artificially. The following are natural remedies for removing sugar ants from your home. Have a look.

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How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants In Your Home With Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

#how to get rid of ants in the kitchen & how to kill ants in house

Essential Commodities
  • Diatomaceous Earth Powder
Way of Approach
  • Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth powder at the places where you have been observing the entries of small black ants, sugar ants and the tiny ants in house.
  • Also, you can opt for the ant baits as best ant killer to stop sugar ant infestation.
How It Works

Does diatomaceous earth kill ants? Here is your clarification. Sprinkling the diatomaceous earth food grade on the sugar ants will destroy exoskeleton of the ants and causes them to starve and dehydrate. Basing on this reason, its a big Yes!!!. And also this is the best pet safe ant killer. I think diatomaceous earth ants killer is the best answer to your query what food kills ants. Hence try this tip on how to get rid of sugar ants and small carpenter ants.

How To Prevent Ghost Ants From Returning

Once ghost ants are completely eliminated from the inside of your home, its time to focus your prevention efforts on the exterior. By following product labels, an exterior sprays and bait barrier can be applied to keep them from returning.

If applied properly, an every other month treatment should be sufficient, but we would not recommend trying to stretch out preventative applications any further than that. UV rays and moisture will degrade even micro-encapsulated products within a couple of months in our sub tropical climate.

Make sure to inspect the exterior of your home for plants and tree branches that may be touching the home. These act as bridges for ants to cross over exterior treatments that are applied to the home foundation. If possible, trim any plants and branches off of the house. This will also help prevent cockroaches and rats from accessing your home.

During preventative exterior treatments, focus on inspecting and treating plants and trees to ensure no insects are producing honeydew. While properly applied treatments are extremely effective, its not worth risking a failure of control by allowing conducive conditions to attract ghost ants and other bugs to your property.

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