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What Is The Best Blood Sugar Test Kit

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How Can I Check My Blood Sugar Without A Glucometer At Home

What is the Best Blood Glucose Testing Kit? Metene!

Firstly, it is not very feasible to check your blood glucose levels at home without a glucometer. Secondly, even if you check, the results wont be very accurate, and you wont be able to determine the amount of glucose or sugar in your blood. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a good-quality glucometer or rely on the blood tests done in the lab for accurate results.

However, suppose you still want to check your blood sugar without a glucometer. In that case, you can do that with the help of Benedicts solution. For this, you will need a large blood sample size of two to five millilitres in a test tube. To which, you should add around ten drops of Benedicts solution and let the test tube heat at 40 to 50 degree Celsius for five minutes in a hot water bath. If your blood contains sugar, then the solution with turn green, yellow, or brick-red, depending upon sugars concentration in blood. But the Benedicts solution is not very easy to source, and also the results are not very accurate.

The home methods mentioned above do not have a high accuracy rate. Also, they cannot determine the amount of sugar in your blood. Therefore, we do not recommend using them. You should always go for a glucometer or lab tests for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Best Glucose Meter For 2021

If you’re checking your blood sugar daily at home, try one of these top meters.

Even if you’re not diabetic, being able to monitor your;blood sugar level;with a good glucose meter is a useful;metric;to keep tabs on your health.

The best glucose meter is the one that provides an accurate reading and works with your existing routine . It’s a crowded market, which is both good at bad. It’s good because you’ll find a blood sugar monitoring solution that will fit your needs. It’s bad because the choices can be overwhelming. There are simple monitors that report your blood glucose level and give you an accurate result without all the bells and whistles, but there are also options that come with some high-tech features like;Bluetooth;capability so you can send the results from your blood sample straight to your phone. Diabetes technology has really evolved! Further, some systems just deliver glucose measurements, others report ketone levels as well.

There are other factors to keep in mind as well when purchasing a glucose testing kit. The cost of a test strip, the quality of the lancing device, how much blood the meter requires for an accurate reading and whether it delivers a fast result.;

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As always, consult with your doctor before purchasing a blood glucose monitor. They can help you determine which is the best glucose meter your medical needs.

Are Blood Glucose Meters Portable

All blood glucose meters today are light to carry and are mostly run on batteries, meaning that portability is not usually an issue.

Some blood glucose meters are specifically designed for use on the move and may enable you to test without needing a surface to place your kit down o, which can be a useful feature for people that need to test regular each day.

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Top 5 Blood Glucose Meters

1. Best user-friendly: Care Touch Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit

Care Touch blood glucose monitoring system is easy to use and affordable. Some highlights of this glucose meter include:

  • Readings available in less than 5 seconds
  • Provides 14-day readings on average
  • Can store up to 300 readings at a time

2. Best continuous: FreeStyle Libre

FreeStyle Libre is a continuous glucose monitor that uses your interstitial fluid to measure blood sugar levels. The device works via a sensor that has a thin needle that you put over your upper arm. It uses a flash system, which means you can scan the sensor with your smartphone to get your glucose reading. You can repeat the process as often as you like. Though there may be a little discrepancy in readings between FreeStyle and glucometer, the tool is helpful for those who have labile diabetes, are afraid of skin pricks, or need to regularly titrate insulin.

3. Best data management: Dario blood Glucose Monitoring Kit

This is an iPhone-compatible device that is excellent for getting advanced data analysis. You can measure your carbs and monitor your physical activities and share the results with your physician for further updates. It comes in an all-in-one kit.

4. Best budget-friendly option: TrueMetrix Meter

The TrueMetrix meter is the best budget-friendly option. It has additional features, such as four sets of reminders, and can store 500 test results on the device.

5. Best overall: Contour Next

How Do I Test The Accuracy Of My Blood Glucose Meter

Blood Glucose Starter Kit Glucometer Sugar Meter Monitor ...

Many professionals recommend checking the accuracy of your blood glucose meter at least once every month.

You can check on the accuracy of your blood glucose meter by performing a control solution test. This involves performing a test using control solution instead of blood.

If you do not have any control solution or it is no longer in date, many meter manufacturers will be happy to send you a vial of control solution free of charge.

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Best Glucose Meter In India 2021

  • Memory: Five Hundred Test Results
  • Warranty: Ten Years

Accu-Chek is one of the most trusted and authentic brands when it comes to blood glucose monitoring. It even satisfies the ISO standards when it comes to accuracy. The Accu-Chek Active blood glucose meter kit, manufactured by Roche Diabetes Care is also one of the most reliable devices from their wide range of blood glucose meter kits. Accu-Chek Active is a compact and easy to use device, which is loaded with fantastic features. Its small size makes handling easy and also makes it a travel-friendly option.

The glucometer requires no coding, which makes the device more accurate and comfortable to use. The no coding feature minimises the risk of errors resulting from a miscode. For ease of operation, it also comes with two-button intuitive handling, i.e., there are two buttons, a Set button S and a Memory button M. The Set button lets you fix the time and date on the device when using it for the first time. On the other hand, the Memory button allows you to store the test results in the machine for better tracking. The device can store up to five hundred test results. It can also show the average of your test readings for up to seven, fourteen, thirty, or even ninety days. The in-built USB port provided allows you to connect the device with your phone or laptop and transfer these saved test readings to your doctor for more detailed analysis and better treatment.










Best Glucose Meters: The Different Types

Currently, there are three main types of glucose meter:;

  • Basic blood glucose meters
  • Continuous glucose monitors
  • CGM-Insulin Pump Combos

The most simple glucometers are handheld devices with a digital screen that displays a reading, and these are the devices were mostly focusing on with our guide to the best glucose meters. These readings are gathered from disposable blood sugar test strips treated with specific chemicals that react to glucose. A new test strip is inserted into the glucometer for each new reading.

Standard glucometers are usually battery operated and capable of storing readings, and many can be connected to a computer so that you can download and store your readings to look back on as needed.

Some basic blood glucose meters are designed with a spring-loaded needle that pricks the side of your fingertip to draw a small drop of blood for testing. Others use an external lancing device.;

Once blood is drawn, you touch it to the test strip, which will absorb your blood sample and display a reading on the glucometers screen. While response times vary between blood sugar monitors, were usually talking seconds.

Some glucose meters are approved for Alternate Site Testing . That means they give results within 20% of correct values when used on alternative sites such as the palm, forearm or thigh. However, Diabetes Self Management advises that, you should still check alternate site readings on yourself before trusting them too much.

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Disadvantages Of Using A Glucometer

  • Overly Reliant:- Since it is portable and easy to do a quick test at home, many individuals tend to skip lab test results and avoid going to any certified laboratories. While this is okay if you have a hectic schedule, you should visit labs once in a while for better and accurate results.
  • Different Readings:- There could be a difference between the readings in your glucometer and lab test results, so it is recommended to visit the labs as well.
  • A Tad Bit of Pain Every Time:- For a patient who needs to check diabetes every day and frequently, pricking can be one hell of a job. Therefore, many people find it uncomfortable and painful while pricking.
  • Not So Accurate After All: There will be a difference between the reading you get in labs and the one on your meter. The accuracy of lab tests tends to be more accurate and efficient, as they draw the blood from your veins.
  • With Everything You Need In One Complete Package The Contour Next Ez Diabetes Testing Kit Is The Simple Solution To Get Started Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Levels

    Top 10 Best Diabetes Testing Kits | How to Test Your Blood Sugar

    Pros:;All-in-one kit comes with test strips, lancets, cleaning solution, and a carrying case, has plenty of on-board storage, displays data for an entire month


    While most glucose meters ship with the bare minimum of accessories, forcing users to immediately purchase more sample strips or lancets, this all-in-one kit comes with everything you need right in the box. This eliminates the need to find compatible strips and removes the uncertainty that accompanies first getting started.;

    The kit comes with 100 test strips, 100 lancets, a lancing device, cleaning solution, a detailed user manual, and a carrying case. That’s enough to keep most users well stocked for a month of testing or more. It also provides plenty of supplies for additional tests when first learning how the device works.

    The glucose meter included in the kit provides plenty of functionality, is a simple to use and easy-to-understand device, and features a fair amount of onboard data storage. The unit can also analyze and display that data for the past week, two weeks, or even a whole month. That is a handy feature to have and not one often found on the glucose meter itself.;

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    Top 10 Best Glucometer In India 2021 For Accurate Results

    With lifestyle diseases on the rise, India is known as the diabetes capital of the world. Along with lifestyle changes, regular monitoring of your blood glucose levels is essential to control diabetes. Testing becomes even more critical for those taking insulin or other diabetes medicines. A faulty glucometer not only gives incorrect test results but can also worsen your diabetes as the treatment depends on the blood sugar levels. Therefore, investing in a good-quality glucometer becomes very crucial.

    But, with so many brands and devices in the market, it gets challenging to select the best glucometer for yourself. Therefore, to make the selection process simpler for you, we have carefully created a buyers guide and also reviewed some of the best glucometers in the Indian market. We tried to make our review as comprehensive as possible by doing proper market evaluation and by studying the features of different glucometers in detail. Further, we have also answered some of the frequently asked questions by the customers in our article below. Do give them a read. Similarly, we have also created guide on BP Machine and Nebulizer.

    Owell Bayer Contour Complete Diabetes Blood Glucose Testing Kit

    What is great about the OWell Bayer Contour Complete Diabetes Blood Glucose Testing Kit is clear and it is all to do with this being a great starter kit for all those who are new diabetic patients and are finding it a real challenge to be able to make sure that they have the right amount of supplies and so forth where their blood glucose meter is concerned. The Owell Bayer Contour Diabetes Blood Glucose Testing Kit indeed the one and complete blood glucose testing kit for those who require a full kit that will educate them on what they need from a full diabetes blood glucose testing solution.

    Blood Glucose Monitors At Walgreens

    If you have diabetes, your body can’t control blood sugar levels. Your doctor will likely recommend lifestyle changes and sometimes insulin or other diabetes medications as treatment to bring your blood sugar levels near goal. Blood sugar monitoring can help tell if your diabetes treatment plan is working. You’ll likely have your blood sugar levels checked during appointments, and your doctor may also recommend testing your blood sugar levels at home with a blood glucose monitor. Walgreens can help you test your blood sugar at home accurately and easily with a diverse assortment of monitors that you can shop online and in stores. We also carry lancets, testing strips and glucometer accessories, so you can purchase everything that you need with ease.

    Frequently Asked Questions On Glucose Meters

    Blood Glucose Meter Diabetes Testing Kit

    While it ultimately depends on your glucose meter, generally speaking, your meter should be replaced if its older than five years. There will be instances in which your meter may last shorter or longer than that, but that is the average age at which meters should be replaced. Always speak with your doctor about whether or not you should upgrade. Be on the lookout for new meters that have new features and that you can get at a lower monthly cost. Once again, a doctor may be able to provide insight into making the switch to a newer model.

    Most glucose monitor kits come with a test solution that will allow you to test for accuracy. The testing procedure will involve squeezing a drop of the solution onto a test strip, inserting it into the monitor. Compare the amount of glucose you see with the amount printed on the solutions bottle. If the numbers align, your glucose meter is working properly. Test your meter each time you open a new box of test strips or as often as the meter supplier suggests. If you ever receive a blood sugar reading that seems off, test your monitor to see if there is an issue.;

    In some instances, the strips may have been compromised through extreme heat or cold. Try a fresh pack of strips and see if that does the trick. If not, speak with your doctor about potentially finding a new blood glucose meter.

    What Is Hypoglycemia

    When your blood sugar is low, you experience hypoglycemia. Diabetics are at a high risk for hypoglycemia because of the medications they take to keep their glucose levels down.;Since your body either doesnt produce insulin or doesnt produce enough insulin, you have to be careful to not let your glucose levels get too high.;

    This means you either take medications or limiting the carbohydrates in your diet. Diabetes is largely a balancing act of trying to keep your glucose from going too high while also making sure it doesnt get too low.

    Here are some of the common symptoms of hypoglycemia:

    • An irregular heart rhythm
    • Tingling sensation around the mouth
    • Crying out during sleep

    Severe hypoglycemia results in confusion, abnormal behavior, visual disturbances, seizures and, ultimately, unconsciousness.

    What Is A Glucometer

    A Glucose meter or Glucometer is a therapeutic device used for checking, maintaining, and determining the blood sugar levels of an individual. It is a small portable hand-held device functioned using batteries and comes with a display and slot for inserting test strips.

    Type-1 and type-2 diabetes patients primarily use the machine to get an accurate blood glucose value. The idea of using a glucometer is to frequently test the blood sugar levels at your office, home, or wherever that you go.

    Ge100 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    GE produces some of the most advanced technology in the world, so its no surprise their GE100 Blood Glucose Monitoring System is both accurate and dependable. Easy to use with a nice big LDC screen, its especially useful for older folks whose eyesight is not what it used to be.

    Why we like it: The GE100 requires only a minimal sample size and returns accurate readings in about 5 seconds. The advanced algorithm enables you to view average readings for up to 90 days. The meter also shuts down automatically to save the battery.

    Flaws: No test strips included.

    Looking For The Best Glucometer In India Find Plenty Of Options Now

    Best diabetes testing kit review to test your blood sugar levels.

    Glucometer is the need of the hour as our lifestyles continue to become more stressful, and we dwell in habits that are not necessarily too good for our health. While we cannot keep in check all the things essential for our body, blood glucose levels can easily be tracked and maintained using a glucometer.;

    Keeping the needs in mind and to make the comparison easier for you, we have prepared a list through researching, exploring, and browsing the internet about the best Glucometers that are available in the market. You can choose the one that fits your budget and fulfills your requirements. Please note that through this list, we do not intend to shade on other brands or models.

    Summary with Best Glucometer in India with Price List

    For an easy glance, here is the list of the best Glucometer in India, along with the price list:


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