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Where Can I Find Coconut Sugar

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Do Grind Your Coconut Sugar If You Are Baking With It

Thailand-Making coconut sugar

Coconut sugar crystals are typically coarse. The texture is one of the key differences between coconut sugar and refined white sugar or regular brown sugar. If you are using coconut sugar in a recipe formulated for brown sugar or refined white sugar, grind it for a few seconds in a blender first to make the grains finer. Grain-size can affect the texture of recipes where butter and sugar must be creamed. Grains that are too large can make the item overly porous.

Do Adjust The Liquids In Your Recipe If You Are Using Coconut Sugar As A Brown Sugar Substitute

Failing to add extra moisture when replacing brown sugar with coconut sugar will result in dryer and denser baked goods. The reason is that there is molasses in brown sugar, which makes it wetter. Compensate for the absence of this moisture by adding extra liquid in the form of wet ingredients like yogurt or mashed banana.

We Have Two Great Types Of Coconut Water For You

100% Coconut Water

Simply coconut water. Nothing added, nothing taken away for an all-natural, refreshing taste. No sugar, no preservatives, no water added. See sugar on the Nutrition Facts label? Thats not added sugar: its the naturally occurring sugar that all coconuts contain.

Our traditional Grace Coconut Water is nice and sweet,with pieces of young coconut for extra flavour bursts.

  • 1. Helps you stay hydrated.
  • 2. Keeps your skin and hair healthy.
  • 3. Lowers muscle tension and stress.
  • 4. Cleanses your body of toxins.

Learn more about all of the benefits at our blog.

Active Lifestyles

When we exercise, our bodies can lose mineral rich fluids. Grace coconut water will replace over 600mg of potassium with 6% of the daily recommended Calcium and Iron in a 310ml serving. It is natures way to stay hydrated and replace electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium that are lost during exercise.

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Which Is Healthier Coconut Sugar Or Maple Syrup

Maple syrup has a lower glycemic index than coconut sugar so it doesnt affect blood sugar levels as much.

Maple syrup also has more nutrients than coconut sugar. Its a good source of manganese, zinc, and potassium.

But heres the catch: you need to get real, unprocessed maple syrup that is free from additives. The fake stuff is just as bad as regular sugar.

So, if you can get your hands on the real stuff, organic maple syrup is healthier than coconut sugar.

Reviews For Organic Coconut Sugar

How To Bake With Coconut Flour
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    speedy delivery and good price though i prefer lower cost deliver option when i can wait

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    Cant live without it! Great product that makes me and my coffee very happy!

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    Love using coconut sugar for recipes that deliver a toffee flavor similar to brown sugar.

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    Great Way To Source Unrefined Sweetness

    One of the things modern consumers look for, when sourcing foodstuffs, is how much processing is used in their creation.Many sugars you see on supermarket shelves are refined. The source material has been broken down, heavily processed and metabolised for maximum sweetness and shelf-life.Coconut sugar is unrefined. It is a more raw and pure way to sweeten things when compared to many common alternatives.The online organic coconut sugar we sell is extracted carefully, and only from organic cultivators. It’s then granulated using quality-controlled systems, which means compared to many normal sugars it undergoes minimal mechanical interference.

    What Is Coconut Sugar

    As the name suggests, coconut sugar comes from the coconut tree and is a type of palm sugar harvested from the sap of the plant’s flowers. The process of removing coconut sap is similar to how maple syrup is taken from trees, and both are clear liquids that get cooked down into a brown syrup. Through this process, coconut sugar develops a toasty, caramel-like flavor similar to brown sugar. The resulting syrup is bottled as is, pressed into blocks, or crystalized to give the food a texture more like refined sugar.

    In the United States, coconut sugar has made the health food scene as a substitution for refined sugars, including white and brown. The ingredient has been shown to have more nutrients but it packs just as many calories. Regardless of its origin, coconut sugar is still a sugar. In fact, it’s so much like refined sugars that coconut sugar can be swapped out using a one-to-one ratio.

    Other sweeteners like date sugar and honey are also natural and are often compared to coconut sugar even though the former comes from fruit and the latter from bees. Date sugar, which is also derived from a palm tree, is made by grinding up the date palm fruits and drying it out into granules. It’s very sweet and contains the fiber and nutrients from the dates. Raw honey, which is made by bees, has antioxidants and is often used as a soothing cold treatment. While these natural sugars have benefits, no one is more healthy than the other.

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    Healthy Coconut Sugar Recipe

    • 1 ½ teaspoons of pure vanilla extract
    • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
    • 3 cups of gluten-free flour
    • 2 ½ tablespoons of non-GMO cornstarch
    • 1 ¼ cups of sugar-free chocolate chunks


    Cream together butter and cashew butter until combined. Cream in coconut sugar, maple sugar, and honey until fluffy. Mix in the eggs and vanilla.

    Add ¹8 teaspoon of the sea salt with the baking soda, cornstarch, and two cups of the flour. Mix and add the remaining cup of flour with the chocolate chunks. Mix until soft and shiny. Chill the dough or place it in freezer for 20 to 30 minutes.

    Preheat the oven to 350°F. Scoop the dough onto a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Sprinkle dough balls with remaining salt. Bake for five to six minutes.

    Note: The dough can be stored in the freezer for one month, and baked cookies can be stored in the freezer for four to five weeks.

    Coconut sugar is becoming a household staple as users enjoy the sweet taste in recipes and beverages. A natural sweetener, coconut sugar has been used in traditional cooking in South Asia and South-East Asia for centuries. The nutritional aspects of coconut sugar vary from expert to expert with one common factor, it is a product that should be used in moderation. If you enjoy a taste of sweetness, coconut sugar is another option you may choose to switch to.

    Organic Light Brown Sugar 24 Oz

    10 Reasons To Switch To Coconut Sugar | Benefits of Coconut Sugar | Benefits of Eating Coconut Sugar

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    Coconut Sugar Vs Sugar: Which One Should You Be Using

    1. It’s not refined. Unlike white refined sugar, coconut sugar does not have any artificial ingredients like additives or preservatives. It’s also not chemically treated in any way.

    2. It has a low glycemic index. You know how sometimes you crash after eating too many carbs? Well, that’s because the sugar in your foods spiked your blood sugar level. It’s directly linked to the food’s glycemic index, a number that shows the impacts of carbohydrates on a person’s blood sugar level. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index mainly due to a fiber called inulin, which slows down how fast your body absorbs glucose. Coconut sugar has a glycemic index of 35. For comparison, table sugar’s glycemic index ranges from 60 to 75.

    How To Use Coconut Sugar For Cooking And Baking

    Using coconut sugar is quite similar to cooking and baking with brown sugar. It has a light but distinctive flavor, close to brown sugar or molasses.

    Keep in mind that it will make your batter brown, so it’s not ideal for some recipes.

    If you’ve never tried coconut sugar before, start with a recipe that has been developed using coconut sugar, try it and see how you like it. Then you can start replacing it in your favorite recipes.

    To replace white sugar with coconut sugar in your recipe, the ratio is usually 1 for 1 .

    You might need to play around with your recipe, adjust the other ingredients and the baking time but I found the substitution pretty easy to do.

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    What Else Is There To Know About Coconut Sugar

    According to the above analysis of coconut palm sap, coconut sugar contains some inulin, whereas table sugar and corn syrup do not.

    Inulin is a specific fiber that may be beneficial to the body, helping improve gut health and slowing glucose absorption.

    It is, however, important to note that the quantities of beneficial compounds may be small, and a person would have to eat a lot of coconut sugar to get a healthy dose of them.

    Also, because coconut sugar is still high in calories and sugars, eating a lot would mean significant excess energy consumption, leading to potential weight gain.

    People use the glycemic index or GI of certain foods to measure their impact on blood glucose levels. Foods with a higher GI score will raise blood sugar levels faster than foods with a low GI score.

    Many people hear coconut sugar is a lower GI food than other sugar, but this can be misleading.

    Table sugar, or sucrose, has a GI score of about 65, according to research on GI values published by the American Diabetes Association . But a study published in the Journal of Functional Foods on commonly consumed foods in the Philippines found the GI of coconut sugar to be lower, with a score of approximately 35 to 42.

    Furthermore, the inulin in coconut sugar may play a role in lowering its GI score. But, it is still unclear if this makes coconut sugar anymore healthful for people who need low-impact sweeteners.

    For many people, the difference between sugar and coconut sugar may be tiny.

    Does It Taste Like Coconuts Though

    Organic Coconut Sugar, 3 Pound, Contains 1

    This can be one of the biggest myths about milk and sugar from coconuts. You dont get an overpowering coconutty taste.In fact, our sugar doesnt even come from the nut. Its the sap of the coconut palm, extracted and crystallised using ageless techniques to create unrefined sugar with no GMOs.If you need a taste comparison between coconut sugar and normal sugar, then our product is most like brown cane varieties. So, it provides a slight caramel flavour.

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    Dont Use Coconut Sugar With The Expectation Of Major Health Benefits

    Coconut sugar is still a sugar and you will get the same amount of carbohydrates and calories from it. It will still be metabolized into fat and consuming too much will have many of the same negative effects as any other type of sugar. Coconut sugar does contain inulin and so is not completely devoid of nutrition however, the health benefits are still limited.

    Benefits Of Using Coconut Sugar

    Coconut sugar is a versatile, healthy, and natural sweetener that you can use in many recipes, from cookies to desserts to drinks and meals. Its one of the safest natural sweeteners out there, and you can use it in all sorts of ways to replace table sugar, cane sugar, and other sweeteners.

    Its very versatile and used in various recipes, making it a great choice if youre trying to clean up your diet and want to replace your white granulated sugar with a healthier alternative. Youll also find that because this sugar is less refined than other sugars, its the best choice for people trying to lose weight.

    Using coconut sugar instead of refined sugar will aid in your weight loss goals, make your skin look better, and help your body digest better. However, you can still enjoy your favorite treats without worrying about calories or your blood sugar.

    Since it still contains some of the natural fructose found in cane sugar, you dont have to worry about your body getting too much fructose, which can be harmful to your health.

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    What Is Coconut Sugar Good For

    Coconut sugar is one of the healthiest sweeteners you can use for baking, cooking, and mixing in various drinks. Its very versatile and goes well with a wide variety of ingredients. Try replacing table sugar with coconut sugar in your iced coffee, or use it to sprinkle on oatmeal or baked goods. You can even make a coconut sugar hot chocolate recipe by replacing the sugar in your favorite recipe with coconut sugar instead.

    One of the best things about coconut sugar is its lower glycemic index of 35, meaning it will not affect blood sugar levels as heavily as regular table sugar and other sugars.

    As an added benefit, people with a sweet tooth trying to lose weight will find that coconut sugar does not trigger a sugar craving as white sugar does. Moreover, coconut sugar has also been known to ease digestion, which is excellent for people with sensitive stomachs.

    What Are The Wellness Benefits Of Coconut Sugar

    Sugar Cookies with Coconut Oil

    Below are some of the many points found in coconut sugar that make it so wonderful:

    Electrolytes Coconut sugar contains salt, potassium, as well as magnesium, which are all necessary for managing your bodys water web content in addition to lots of heart, nerve, and muscular tissue functions. It has almost 400 times a lot more potassium than routine sugar.

    A low-glycemic index Regular table sugar has a glycemic index of 65, while coconut sugar has a GI of 35. This is much closer to the GI of the sugar thats normally located in fruits, which is around 25.

    Minerals Coconut sugar contains iron, zinc, and also calcium, which can have numerous wellness advantages, consisting of stronger bones.

    Nitrogen Nitrogen assists support the cardio system as well as helps keep your heart healthy and balanced.

    Vitamin C. Vitamin C is best known for helping sustain your body immune system as well as maintaining you from getting ill, yet it likewise supports healthy and balanced joints as well as skin.

    Raw antioxidants. Because coconut sugar is just dried coconut sap, its taken into consideration a raw food this indicates that it retains all the abundant anti-oxidants discovered in the initial resource. Anti-oxidants eliminate the oxidation of cells in the body, which assists fight aging.

    Short-chain fatty acids. Coconut sugar has healthy fats that are understood to help avoid high cholesterol and also heart problem.

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    Best Coconut Sugar Substitutes

    Do you love baking with coconut sugar? Or have a recipe that calls for this wonderfully tasty sugar option? Went to reach for your coconut sugar, only to find that it’s not in your pantry?

    This has also certainly been the year of not being able to find some of our grocery shopping staples on the shelves! No matter the reason, here are the very best substitutes for you to choose from!

    Potential Risks Of Coconut Sugar

    While coconut sugar contains very small amounts of minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, it is still high in calories. You would need to ingest so much coconut sugar for your body to use these nutrients that the calorie count would likely outweigh any nutritional benefit.

    Nutritionists tend to treat coconut sugar like regular table sugar and recommend limiting how much you have. One teaspoon of cane sugar contains 16 calories, so you wont save on calories if you replace cane sugar with coconut sugar in recipes.

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    Benefits Of Using Coconut Palm Sugar

    3. It gives you more consistent energy. An added bonus of consuming foods with a low glycemic index is that you’re more likely to have more energy throughout the day. We’ve all been there, fading in the afternoon and trying to get a second wind to crank out assignments. That has a lot to do with the peaks and dips of our blood sugar due to the foods we eat. When we ingest foods with a low glycemic index, our sugar levels stay balanced, which gives us more energy to power through our workload like a boss.

    4. It’s nutrient-dense. White sugar is essentially just calories with no reward, since it doesn’t add any nutritional value your meals. While coconut sugar has the same amount of calories as regular sugar, it also contains important nutrients like small traces of zinc, iron, calcium, and potassium.

    5. It can reduce weight gain. Coconut sugar also contains significantly less fructose than table sugar, so your body processes it differently. Typically, fructose turns into triglycerides, which are fat deposits. The low amount of fructose present means it will take a lot longer for that to happen.

    Best Substitutes For Coconut Sugar

    NOW Real Food®
    • Post author

    Have you ever wanted to make a dish or baked good that calls for coconut sugar only to realize that you dont have any? The realization of a missing ingredient can be frustrating! Dont be dismayed though, there are other options. If you want to know if there is something you can use instead of coconut sugar, there are several alternatives that will work well in a variety of recipes.

    Each substitute for coconut sugar will vary in texture and/or taste, so continue reading to learn more about the characteristics of each substitute to determine which one will work best to replace coconut sugar in your recipe.

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