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Can You Eat Sugar Free Gum With Braces

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What Happens If You Chew Sugar Gum With Braces

Can I chew gum while wearing braces – Beecroft Orthodontics

Its a common question what happens if you chew sugar gum with braces, the gum will be stuck between brackets and wires, and it will cause discomfort and might bend the appliances, sometimes it’s stuck under the wire its tough to take out.

If the chewing gum is stuck inside, do brush and floss the bottom to the line. If you give more pressure to remove the bracket wire will damage, after brushing if not going, then you can show your dentist while you visit, dont try to remove it again and again. If not remove, it can create pain in your teeth.

So, before you chewing any type of latex, you need to know which one is good for your orthodontic treatment there many kinds of gum on the grocery like bubble gum, sugar-free gum, spearmint, 5 gum peppermint cobalt, and ice breakers, etc.

How To Remove Gum Stuck In Braces

If you decided to chew sugary gum against your orthodontists advice, you might find yourself in a sticky situation. How can you clean stuck gum out of your braces?

First, start by brushing your teeth gently with water thats comfortably warm, not too hot. The heat can help break down the bonds in the chewing gum and make it easier to clean off. Be careful not to scrub too hard and damage your brackets.

Next, use floss to clean the areas between your teeth. This can also help loosen any gum thats stuck on the wire or wedged behind a bracket. Rinse your mouth out with water or mouthwash, swishing vigorously.

Finally, brush your teeth one final time to get rid of any lingering pieces of gum. Youll want to be sure to use a small orthodontic toothbrush or Proxabrush to clean out all the nooks and crannies. Rinse your mouth out one final time and check to see if any chewing gum bits remain.

If there are stubborn spots of gum that you cant get out by brushing, dont try to remove them with your fingernails or any sort of pick. This can end up dislodging bands or brackets. Instead, make an appointment with your orthodontist to have them take a look at the problem.

The Recommended Use Of Gum With Braces

In an ideal world, brushing the teeth would happen after consuming every meal but, in reality, that is just not possible for everyone. The majority of people follow the guidelines of brushing both in the morning and at night and this same rule applies for those with braces. Flossing is also in the preferred oral hygiene regime, but this can be particularly hard for those with braces. While your dentist has probably advised you on what to include in your oral hygiene practice if they havent already mentioned it chewing sugar-free gum after a meal can be massively beneficial. The average time in which you should chew gum for is about 20 minutes as this is plenty of time to clear away the food particles that may linger on or around your braces. Also, by this point, the flavor has probably dissipated and it will feel more like rubber. Excessively chewing gum could have negative results so just keep that in mind throughout the day.

All in all, the dentistry professional who has fitted the braces will give you a rundown on how to care for them and how you should approach cleaning them. If you are still unsure whether or not you should chew gum with your braces on simply contact your dentist for advice.

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Alternatives To Chewing Gum

You may have observed that when your dentist places braces on your teeth, they will go on and on about how sugary foods are horrible for your teeth and should be avoided at all costs. This is primarily due to the sticky nature of sugar.

Tooth decay becomes more likely as the sugary film that coats teeth for an extended time grows more persistent. Abrasions can make it challenging to remove hard-to-reach sweet items , allowing them to remain on teeth for a time that is impossible to estimate.

Eating With Braces: Foods To Avoid

Can You Chew Gum with Braces?

Braces are intricate but strong. They consist of small brackets cemented to each tooth and connected by wire and create pressure to realign your teeth. There are some foods that braces dont get along with because they get stuck in the braces and can even bend the wires. Here are some foods that you and your braces should avoid:

  • Popcorn
  • Nuts

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Will Chewing Gum Affect My Orthodontic Treatment

Of course, you can chew gum while wearing braces. Should you, though, chew gum while wearing braces? That can be a tricky question to answer.

For a long time, the response was a resounding No. Not only did our favorite gum cause damage to dental works, but they were also loaded with sugar, which cavity-causing bacteria love. Whats the end result? Damage to your orthodontic treatment is even more likely, as is the possibility of cavities near your brackets and wires. But times, and gum recipes, have changed. Todays sugar-free gum provides us with some new ideas to chew over.

Sugarless gum is less sticky than standard gum, so it wont stick to your appliance as often. If theres a risk gum could hurt your wires or brackets, well advise you to wait until your braces are off before eating gum.

Some orthodontic patients find that chewing gum for a few minutes after an adjustment helps to alleviate discomfort in their jaws and ligaments.Research even suggests that chewing sugarless gum can actually help prevent cavities. How is this possible?

Since chewing gum enhances our saliva production! Okay, saliva isnt usually an exciting, exclamation-point-worthy subject, but consider the dental benefits:Food particles and bacteria are washed away by saliva. And, since braces can trap food while we eat, having some help washing away any meal-time mementos is a huge plus.

Can You Eat Kitkat With Braces

Fortunately, the most braces-friendly Halloween candies also happen to be the best. … Chocolate: Soft milk or white chocolate is 100% safe to eat with braces, as long as there’s no sneaky caramel, toffee or nuts hiding inside. Stick to treats like Hershey’s kisses or even Kit Kat bars. Avoid dark chocolate, though.

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Best Kinds Of Gum When Wearing Braces Or Aligners

Whenever you get braces or aligners, theres always a long list of things you suddenly cant have. No hard candy, no carbonated beverages, and usually, no gum, because theyre harsh on your aligners and even worse on your teeth. However, gum actually has some great benefits too. Here are the best kinds of gum for your teeth:

Sugarfree Gum

Sugar-free gum is much better for your teeth. Sugar causes cavities, so sugar-free is much healthier. Without sugar, gum is less sticky and less likely to ruin your braces or aligners. As a bonus, sugar-free gum usually has fewer calories too. Some of the best sugar-free gum brands include Pür, XyloBurst, Xylitol, Peppersmith, Glee Gum, and Orbit.

Gum with Xylitol

Generally, you should opt for cinnamon or mint flavors, since sweet and fruit-flavored gum usually contains citric acids that are harsh on your tooth enamel. But if you do have a craving for something sweet, make sure your gum has xylitol as an ingredient. Xylitol is a sweetener from sugar alcohol that has all the flavor and none of the disadvantages.

Gum with the ADA seal

Get gum that has the American Dental Association seal, which means it has been tested for safety and efficacy.

Other benefits of chewing gum

If you get the right kind of gum, you can have a lot of benefits to your oral health. Here are just some of them:

How To Heal A Cut Tongue From Braces

Can I Chew Gum While Wearing Braces? Best Orthodontist USA

In time you will learn to adapt the way you eat and speak. But if your tongue gets cut or irritated, rinse with a warm salt water or an antiseptic mouthwash. Through the force of regular adjustments, the archwire may eventually snap or bend, and the brackets that hold it in place may become loosened.

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Protecting Your Braces Gets You Straighter Teeth Faster

The list of foods banned during braces doesnt exist because your orthodontist hates gum, popcorn, and caramel apples. Doing things like chewing gum with braces can move your wires, which impacts the efficacy of your braces. If you bend your wires on a regular basis, you could slow down the movement or worse, send your teeth into positions that you dont want.

While no one says you cant ever chew gum, you should avoid it. Even if it does have some benefits, it doesnt offer anything that brushing after every meal and staying hydrated doesnt.

Are you thinking about getting braces but arent sure what to expect? Send your questions our way or even schedule a consultation at one of our convenient offices.


What Can You Eat When You First Get Braces

Getting braces doesnt hurt, but your mouth may be sensitive in the days following your appointment. Therefore, eating foods that have a tougher texture could cause pain.

Since youll also have to learn how to chew differently, your orthodontist will likely recommend only eating soft foods for the first few days.

Ideal foods to eat after getting braces include:

  • mashed potatoes
  • pasta

Basically, anything thats easy to chew.

Sensitivity after getting braces will improve after a few days or a week. At that point, youll be able to somewhat resume your typical diet.

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What Is The Minimum Age To Wear Braces

Theres no set age for a childs first orthodontist visit some kids go when theyre 6, some kids go when theyre 10, and some go while theyre teens. Even adults can need orthodontic treatment. Many orthodontists say kids should see an orthodontist once their permanent teeth start coming in, around age 7.

Sticky Hard Ooey Gooeyit’s All The Same

Can You Chew Gum With Braces

Candy comes in a number of different forms, but it’s all the same when you consider eating candy with braces. From hard, mint-like candies, to sticky toffee and gooey chocolate bars, candy does a number on your braces, regardless of its form.

When you bite into a hard or sticky piece of candy without braces, your tooth is stressed by the force it takes to break down and chew the piece of candy. With braces on your teeth, biting into a hard piece of candy will put additional force onto the bracket or band attachment, along with the tooth.

More often than not, the bracket or band will succumb to the force it takes to eat the candy, and they will break or pop off. When a bracket or band becomes loose, your orthodontic treatment comes to a screeching halt until you are able to see your orthodontist and have the problem repaired. For most patients, a loose band or bracket will set their treatment back one to two months.

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Can You Eat Subway With Braces

The answer is yes, if you do it right. Given that sandwiches vary so much, you will need to make the right choices any time you make yourself a sandwich or order one while you’re out. You will also need to be careful while eating a sandwich with braces so you don’t end up causing damage to your braces.

Substitutes For Chewing Gum With Braces

Once youve decided to take the safe route and avoid chewing gum, is there any way to replace it?

No matter the reason for your gum-chewing habit, the answer is yes. As we mentioned earlier, you can use a combination of ice and over-the-counter pain relievers to lessen discomfort after getting your braces tightened.

If youre chewing gum for cavity prevention, consider doubling down on your daily oral hygiene routine instead. You can achieve the same results by brushing and flossing twice daily, cleaning your teeth after you eat, and drinking plain water throughout the day.

For those who chew gum to freshen their breath, consider switching to sugar-free breath mints or mouthwash instead. Be careful not to chew hard mints, though, as this can cause you to break a bracket.

Many people chew gum simply as a way to keep focused or occupied. If this sounds like you, try sucking on sugar-free hard candies. As with breath mints, make sure you remember not to bite down on the candies while sucking on them.

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Should You Chew Gum With Braces

Your orthodontist may let you know that it is acceptable to chew on gum occasionally, but if you choose to do so, make sure that you go for a sugar-free type. Even if you dont have braces, it is not advisable to chew gum that contains sugar. Sugary gum can cause plaque to form on your teeth and can lead to a range of oral health issues, including tooth decay and cavities, as well as gum disease.

Modern wires tend to be more flexible than they once were, which means that they wont necessarily bend if you chew on the occasional piece of sugar-free gum. You should, however, always consult with your orthodontist before doing so.

What To Do If Your Gum Gets Stuck In Your Braces

Can I chew gum while wearing braces – Marin Ortho

Regardless of the advice given, many people choose to chew gum with braces anyway.

If youre unlucky, it may end up stuck in your braces. If it does, then youll need to clean it quickly.

Use your toothbrush to get as much of the gum off as possible. However, you shouldnt scrub too hard because you want to avoid damaging your brackets and wires.

Is there gum stuck on your brackets or between your teeth? You should use regular dental floss to ease it out of the cracks and crevises.

If there is still some gum left, brush your teeth gently again. The flossing you did should have loosened it.

Cant get all the gum out of your braces? See the orthodontist, particularly if your next appointment is still several weeks away. They can give you a good clean without risking the placement of your wires.

Even if you dont need a trip to the orthodontist now, mention the incident at your next appointment so they can check for any potential movement.

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When Should You Contact My Orthodontist

I need to call my orthodontist soon. Even if you have completely removed the gum, let your orthodontist know if it has managed to go into your braces.

You might not have noticed that the gum slightly shifted the wires. If so, your orthodontist can assess any movement and make any necessary adjustments to your braces.

If any of the following apply, call your orthodontist right away:

  • It feels as though a wire has broken or is sticking out of your cheek.
  • Your gums feel sore, tender, or swollen.

Can Sugar Free Gum Help To Protect Against Dental Erosion

Dental erosion, also known as tooth erosion, is the chemical loss of mineralized tooth substance caused by exposure to acids not derived from oral bacteria and is caused by the acids in the things we eat and drink. Citrus fruit, fruit juices and fizzy drinks all contain acids. These acids start to eat into the enamel covering your teeth, and remove some of the minerals making up the enamel. Chewing gum helps make saliva that can help reduce this type of acid attack on your teeth. It takes the saliva about an hour to replace the minerals that the enamel has lost. Chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after eating or drinking can increase the flow of saliva, and help replace the minerals more quickly.

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Is Chewing Gum A Good Idea

Okay, so you can chew gum with braces- but does that mean you should? For some people, gum can actually have health benefits! Certain types of sugar-free gum can help to reduce cavities, making them helpful if you cant brush your teeth after a meal. Gum also increases saliva production, which can help your mouth flush away acids. So yes, certain types of gum can actually help your teeth. Of course, its still important to enjoy gum in moderation- and to talk to your dentist or orthodontist beforehand.

When Should I Chew Sugar

Braces tips, Braces and Tips on Pinterest

It is best to chew gum after you eat. Chewing gum for up to 20 minutes will increase your flow of saliva, speeding up the time that it takes for saliva to cancel out the acid. Plaque starts to form within 30 minutes of cleaning your teeth. Dentists recommend chewing sugar free gum after eating and drinking when you are unable to brush.

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Can You Eat Sugar While Wearing Braces How Sugar Affects Your Teeth

Kids are the most likely candidates for developing cavities, and they are also the largest population wearing braces. This presents a unique challenge considering braces make preventing cavities much harder. Besides good dental hygiene, diet also largely impacts the health of teeth beneath a set of braces. Many will tell you that sugar is not the main cause of cavities, and to some extent this is true. If every time we ate sugar we vigorously washed out our mouths right after the negative effects would be minimized, its what sugar does when left inside of our mouth that wrecks havoc. Kimberly A. Harms, the former President of Minnesota Dental Association, explains that acid is actually the leading cause of cavities but sugar sparks an overproduction of acid. The more sugar one consumes, the more acid the mouth produces. The key to keeping cavities out is to limit the acid in your mouth one way to easily do this is by limiting the amount of sugar you consume.

Consequences of Eating Sugar With Braces

Avoiding Sugary Foods With Braces

As your Los Angeles Orthodontist we want to see sparkling healthy teeth the moment your braces are removed, the first way to guarantee these results is to limit your sugar intake.

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