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How To Make Hummingbird Food With Water And Sugar

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Hummingbird Sugar Water Ratio And Recipe

How to Make Hummingbird Food using Sugar and Water

If you havent memorized the hummingbird food recipe yet, then now is the time. Heres how to make your own sugar water for hummingbirds.

  • One cup hot water
  • 1/4 cup white table sugar
  • Heres the ratio: Combine four parts hot water to one part sugar. .
  • Mix it up until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Once it cools to room temperature, its ready.
  • Store any extra sugar water in the refrigerator for up to a week.
  • How Often Should I Change The Sugar Water In My Hummingbird Feeder

    The water in your hummingbird feeder should be changed once a week in the colder months. In Summer, the feeder will need to be changed twice a week.

    Ideally, if you can keep up with the maintenance, the hummingbird feeder should be changed and scrubbed thoroughly every other day. This helps prevent mold and bacterial growth which could be harmful to the birds.

    As a side note, you should never top off the hummingbird feeder. Always empty and unused liquid and clean the feeder thoroughly before refilling. This will help prevent mold and bacterial growth.

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    Mix 1 Part Sugar With 4 Parts Water Until The Sugar Is Dissolved

    How do you make hummingbird sugar water. It makes quite a lot of nectar liquid and it can be kept on the refrigerator for months. Add 1 cup of granulated sugar to the boiling water, and stir until its completely dissolved. The reason for using 1 to 3 in the winter is:

    It is better to use a pitcher, mix the sugar and the water. Directions for making safe hummingbird food: There is no need to boil the water, just keep it warm.

    Unused mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Fill your hummingbird feeders with the sugar water and place outside. Mix the sugar in increments while you stir the mixture with a spoon.

    Mix sugar and boiling water until sugar is dissolved. Let sugar water mixture cool completely, then fill the hummingbird feeder and hang outside. How do you make hummingbird nectar without boiling?

    Storing the nectar for a long time is also a problem because of the sugar in the mix that tends to break down into other carbohydrate forms. Hang up your feeder outside and wait for the hummingbirds to come. Extra sugar water can be stored in a.

    It is very important to get the ratio right so it mimics the amount of sugar found in the flower nectar hummingbirds have. Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water until the sugar is dissolved. Fill your hummingbird feeders with the sugar water and place outside.

    If you have used boiling water. The hummingbird sugar water recipe has only two ingredients, water and sugar. Then, bring the water to a boil.

  • Bowl or glass
  • How To Make Hummingbird Food

    How to Make Sugar Water for Hummingbirds

    To make hummingbird food simply boil the water, remove from the heat, add the sugar, and stir until the sugar dissolves. Let the mixture cool completely, then pour into your hummingbird feeder.

    Start keeping an eye on your feeder because once these beautiful birds realize theres sweet sugar water for them to drink theyll start visiting your feeder as often as possible.

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    Why You Shouldnt Use Red Dye And What To Do Instead

    First of all, nectar is actually clear in nature, not red.

    Hummingbirds ARE attracted to red, which is why youd want to get a hummingbird feeder with red on it. However, adding dye could be bad for the birds, and isnt necessary to add especially if you just get a red feeder.

    Better to be on the safe side and leave it out, in my opinion.

    How To Make Hummingbird Nectar

    Here is how to make hummingbird nectar in just a few quick steps:

  • Pure white cane sugar: Pure white cane sugar is the most important ingredient when making homemade hummingbird nectar. Organic cane sugar, raw cane sugar, brown sugar, honey, agave syrup, artificial sweeteners or any unrefined sugars that are brown in color should NOT be used in homemade hummingbird nectar. Other sugars may be loaded w/ iron or are a rookery for germs and bacteria, all of which can be detrimental to hummingbirds. Pure white cane sugar is what works best! The only other substitute that may be ok is beet sugar, but Ive never tried it, so I cant vouch for how well it works.
  • 3-4 cups of water: Ive never used anything other than water straight from the tap, and my hummingbirds come back year after year, but any filtered water, spring water, or unchlorinated water will do just fine! As for the amount, the consensus says to use 3 cups of water during the winter months, and 4 cups of water during the spring and summer , but the ratio really all depends on your hummingbirds. The standard ratio for a hummingbird nectar recipe is 4:1, but 3:1 works great although it may spoil a bit quicker. On hot summer days, you can even try a 5:1 or 6:1 ratio. Play around with the ratio and see what works best for your babies!
  • Bring the sugar and water to a simmer, stir until the sugar is dissolved, remove from the heat, allow to cool to room temperature.
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    How Many Parts Sugar To Water In A Hummingbird Food Recipe

    Most experts suggest the best nectar ratio is 1:4 sugar to water. In other words, one part sugar, four parts water. However, there are a couple times when you might want to lower the ratio to 1:3.

    Most likely, if you have a 1:4 ratio of nectar in a top-quality feeder, youll have no problem attracting the birds. However, if you want to increase your chances of having them visit your property, start welcoming the birds to your home by lowering the ratio to 1:3 .

    The other time you may want to lower the ratio to 1:3 is a few weeks before the fall goes in full swing and temperatures start dipping. This will help fatten up the birds for the late fall and winter.

    Hummingbird Food Recipe Rule #: No Dye Or Else Little Birdy Dies


    If you love hummingbirds and want to see them thrive in your backyard, lets get something out of the way right up front.

    Some people, in order to attract hummingbirds, will add red dye to homemade hummingbird nectar. But red dye is unnatural and can potentially harm the hummingbirds.

    Instead of trying to use red to attract a hummingbird, think like a bull matador. A matador uses a red cape to get the bulls attention. You dont need a large cape for a hummingbird. Just use a red flag or bandanna and tie it by the hummingbird feeder. Or get a bright red feeder like you see in the picture, below.

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    Use Small Quantities And Clean Your Feeder Often

    Homemade hummingbird food is basically a version of simple syrup and will keep in your refrigerator for two weeks. Since this is just sugar water, it can mold in hot weather. And, hot water sitting outside is just asking for trouble in large quantities. We fill our feeder with 1-2 cups of water every 10 days or so . Also, be sure to wash your feeder with soap and water every month or so to prevent it from getting sticky or moldy.

    Sparking A Feeder War

    A super-sized feeder with several nectar ports might attract more hummingbirds, especially more mild-mannered females. Unfortunately, males, in particular, can be fiercely territorial. One alpha male hummingbird can claim a feeder and doggedly chase all others away. Consider more than one feeder and place them in different locations.

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    Best Humming Bird Food:

    Now that you have a hummingbird feeder all picked out, you’ll want some food to go with it. I have a great humming bird food recipe for you! It’s super simple and it doesn’t use red food coloring . Just click on the link above to get that hummingbird food recipe and you’ll be ready to have many many humming birds come to your yard.

    Enjoy the bird watching from one hummingbird lover to another!

    Humming bird feeders are a must have if you want to attract those zany little birds to your yard. Here’s a list of some of my favorite humming bird feeders to buy and why I love them. I hope this is so helpful and that you find something for your yard or a gift for a friend!

    How To Clean A Hummingbird Feeder:

    How to Make Hummingbird Food (Sugar Water Recipe)

    It is important to regularly clean your feeder to avoid mold growth and protect the delicate hummingbirds. Every other day is recommended. Rinse your bird feeder with very hot water. It is advised not to use soap because the residue can change the flavor of the nectar.

    A deeper cleaning of your hummingbird feeder is in order about once a month. You can soak your feeder in vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. Combine 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water. Take the feeder completely apart and let it soak in a bucket for 1-2 hours.

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    What Should I Avoid When Making Hummingbird Nectar

    Using Red Dye: Even though hummingbirds are naturally attracted to the color red, That doesnt mean coloring the nectar with red dye is a good idea. Since most Nectar Feeders in the market have either a red base or top, adding a chemical to the nectar will be unnecessary at best and harmful at worst.

    Using Sugar Alternatives: Even though using sugar alternatives like honey, stevia or xylitol make seem like a good idea, It can be a very bad idea to use them since using too much or even too little can be very toxic for hummingbirds when mixed with water.

    Using Brown/Powder Sugar: Anything other than your regular table sugar tend to cause problems to hummingbirds.

    Recommended Hummingbird Feeders For Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

    I personally recommend the Aspects Hummzinger Hummingbird Feeder. The top comes off the base with minimal effort and the saucer shape makes it incredibly quick and easy to wash. I have used this for many years myself and gifted it to others.

    If you live in a high traffic area and are feeding 20+ hummingbirds a day and need more capacity, the More Birds Big Gulp Hummingbird Feeder would be a great choice. This can hold a whopping 40 ounces of nectar, and the wide mouth design will make cleaning much easier than a thin-necked bottle. I highly recommend a wide-mouth design for any bottle style feeder for ease of cleaning.

    Making your own hummingbird nectar without boiling the water is a simple and effective way to attract these fun birds to your yard. Hummingbirds are excellent at remembering exactly where they have found food before. They are equally as good at recognizing physical landmarks. Consequently, once a hummingbird finds your feeder they will return again and again, providing you with hours of entertainment watching their aerial acrobatics and quirky personalities.

    Heres a good video for making no-boil hummingbird nectar, refer to our chart above though when it comes to cleaning and changing out your nectar.

    To learn more about hummingbirds feeding habits, check out our articles:

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    Honey And Artificial Sweeteners

    The sugar in flower nectar is primarily sucrose, like that of white sugar.

    So don’t use honey in your feeder, which is primarily composed of fructose & glucose. Hummingbirds can’t digest it as efficiently.

    Fermentation & mold growth also occurs faster in honey solutions than those made from granulated sugar. This mold can give the hummingbirds a fatal tongue infection.

    Do not use artificial sweeteners either which provide no calories .

    Will Feeding Hummingbirds Hurt Their Migration Patterns

    How to Make Hummingbird Food / Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

    If you are worried about the birds sticking around too long due to an easy food source, dont be. The National Audubon Society, the authority on all things birds, says hummingbirds are programmed when to leave. Even if you provide easy food, theyll know its time to head south and will still do so at their normal time.

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    Where To Hang A Hummingbird Feeder

    Personally, I like to hang my hummingbird feeders where I can see themnot only for the pleasure of seeing these playful birds dance in my garden all day, but also to remind me to fill and clean them each week.

    After all, a neglected feeder, hung in an out-of-the-way area of your yard, will do more harm than good.

    When choosing an ideal spot to hang your feeder, keep these pointers in mind:

    • Homemade hummingbird food spoils more quickly in the sun and heat, so try to avoid hanging your feeder where theres direct sun all day.
    • Hang the feeder in a shady or partially shady location thats sheltered from wind and rain .
    • Hang the feeder at least 4 to 5 feet above the ground to help keep it out of reach of pets, predators, and other garden critters. If you dont have a high enough tree branch or structure, you can use a tall, sturdy shepherd hook like this one.

    Get The Sweet Spot Right

    The ratio of sugar and water can be slightly adjusted in this hummingbird nectar recipe, but a solution that is too sweet will be difficult for the birds to digest and one that does not contain enough sugar will not be suitable to attract hummingbirds. The 4:1 water to sugar ratio most closely approximates the sucrose levels in the natural nectar of hummingbirds favorite flowers.

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    How Often Should I Fill The Feeder

    As a general rule, change the food in your feeder once a week during the cooler months, and twice a week when its warmer. Remember to clean the feeder every time that you change the food. If the birds empty your feeder more quickly, you can obviously refill it more frequently remember to clean it every time the food is changed.

    An Annas Hummingbird in our garden.

    What Should You Do With Hummingbird Food While On Vacation

    How to Make Hummingbird Food (Sugar Water Recipe)

    If youre only going away for a long weekend, no worries. Just fill up the feeder to the brim.

    If youre going away for a much longer trip, you can a few different things:

    • Have a friend refill the feeders every 3-5 days
    • Plant nectar-rich flowers in your backyard. Visit your local nursery before summer begins and ask an employee which plants are best in your area for attracting birds.
    • Place overripe bananas near the feeder. The birds will eat the fruit flies that will be attracted to the bananas.

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    Is A : 3 Hummingbird Food Ratio Really Best

    After reading the page about making hummingbird food, Ive got a question. Ive been making mine for years, but have always used 1 cup sugar to 4 cups water, not 1:3 like the article says. Everything I find online uses the 1:4 ratio, so Im wondering why you use a more concentrated syrup?

    As a retired vet, I can see where using the thicker syrup might cause the bird to overdose on sugar .

    Also, Ive been feeling uncomfortable about using a pure sugar solution to feed them. Im trying to eat less sugar myself, and cant see that its the best food for any animal. Have you heard of any vitamin or protein ingredients that one can add to make it a better food? My hummers are at the feeders all day, and I worry that were giving them pure energy but not a balanced food.

    The Easiest Homemade Hummingbird Food Recipe

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    Making homemade hummingbird food is cheaper, easier, and healthier than buying pre-made food! Find out how to make hummingbird nectar and how to make the process extra quick and easy.

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    How Long Does Hummingbird Nectar Last

    Once you make your sugar water you can store any excess in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

    If you notice mold growing at any time throw it out and make a fresh batch.

    Sugar water in your feeders will last around 2-3days before you should change it. This may be even sooner if the feeder is in direct sunlight in the summer months.

    If youre lucky your hummingbird visitors will finish the sugar water so none goes to waste.

    The Ideal Hummingbird Food Sugar

    How to make Hummingbird Nectar ~ Homemade Hummingbird Sugar Water ~ Nectar

    When making your own hummingbird food at home, the ideal ratio of sugar to water is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water.

    This formula can be scaled up or down accordingly, as long as the ratio remains the same. Too much or too little sugar can be harmful to hummingbirds, so avoid deviating from this recipe.

    The one exception to this rule is during wintertime, when a ratio of 1 part sugar to 3 cups water gives hummingbirds a much-needed boost of energy and helps keep the syrup from freezing.

    If you have a small feeder, you can make hummingbird food by combining just 1/4 cup plain white sugar and 1 cup hot water. This reduces waste since hummingbird food has to be changed out frequently, and large batches should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than two weeks.

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