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Can I Have Sugar Free Syrup On Keto

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So Is Sugar Free Syrup Keto

Sugar Free Syrup Showdown / Review pt 2 – Keto, Low Carb

Obviously, this isnt the most accurate, scientific test. For one, the results are specific to me. You might be more or less sensitive to the different sweeteners, so to be sure, I would recommend picking up a Keto-Mojo or other meter and running your own tests. I also could have gotten more precise results by testing with just the syrupsbut frankly, I wasnt really ready to give up my morning coffee for a week.

Still, its possible that the MCT oil in my coffee or the macros of the meal overall impacted how much the syrup affected my blood sugar, so if I really wanted to take a closer look, I could do some syrup only tests.

Still, Im happy with these results for now. It actually seems like a lot of the sugar free syrup options out there can work just fine within a keto lifestyle without spiking your blood sugar through the roof or kicking you out of ketosis. The key, as with most things, is just to keep an eye on serving sizes and find one that works for you.

So what do you think? Have you found a sugar free syrup that fits your goals? Is there another brand I should test? Let me know in the comments!

Blackberry Patch Sugar Free Maple Syrup

What I love the most about this brand is that their syrups are made in small batches and the fact that they are kind of a small business.

Fact sheet of Blackberry Farm Syrup

  • Total carbs: 28g
  • Net carbs: 1 gram of net carbs
  • Calories per serving: 90 calories
  • Sweetener: Maltitol
  • Keto friendly: Yes

Blackberry Patch Praline Maple Syrup is delicious. I dont consider it a diet food because it has a high calorie content however the ingredients are incredibly clean: maltitol, natural praline flavor, natural maple flavor, natural butter flavor and caramel color and thats it.

They not only offer syrup but have a lot of 3 ingredients toppings, syrups and salsas. so if you are looking for a sugar-free pancake syrup with minimal ingredients and all natural label with no artificial ingredients this is a good option.

What Does Wholesome Yum Low Carb Maple Syrup Taste Like

Wholesome Yum low carb maple syrup substitute tastes exactly like maple syrup!

The allulose in it is in fact a rare type of sugar , and the monk fruit extract increases sweetness to match maple syrup. With 50% Mogroside V, there is no aftertaste whatsoever.

In fact, we challenge you to tell the difference between Wholesome Yum sugar-free syrup and real maple syrup in your own blind taste test.

Many maple syrup substitutes have a chemical or bitter aftertaste, are too thin, or are packed with artificial ingredients. Our monk fruit syrup does not have any aftertaste or artificial ingredients, and most importantly, it has the same flavor of real maple syrup you know and love.

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Can You Use Coffee Creamer On Keto

According to the keto diet, only 50 grams of carb is allowed per day . This limit is typically taken to reap the benefits of this diet. Keto diets dont apply to most coffee creamers, as they can contain a lot of sugar and carbs. We mean that, but its not a requirement that we drink our coffee black.

Best Keto Coffee Syrups: Listed & Reviewed

Keto Maple Syrup {Under 5 calories!}

Some people just cant have their morning cup without adding sweet condiments to it.

If youre one of them and you happen to be on a ketogenic diet, here you can find the best keto-friendly coffee syrups that will help you follow your regimen.

After doing thorough research I picked a few sugar-free syrups that you can choose from.

I wasnt only looking for a zero-calorie product that has no net carbs.

I was also in search of a non-sugar coffee syrup that doesnt contain hidden substances that may kick you out of ketosis.

While looking at such keto coffee syrups I also made sure to stay away from potentially harmful ingredients as much as possible.

So lets dive in

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Stevita Naturals Hard Candy

These juicy little Stevita Naturals hard candies are our go-to for a quick candy fix. They not only taste like traditional candy, but look and feel like it, from the handy tin container you can throw in your pocket or purse to the crunch when you pop one in your mouth.

Theyre sweetened with stevia and isomalt, another sugar substitute that doesnt affect blood glucose levels. One serving of these fruit-flavored goodies has zero grams of net carbs.

How Is Maple Syrup Made

The process of making maple syrup is quite simple.

A spout is tapped into a maple tree, usually a red or black maple tree. Once the temperature is warm enough, the sap flows through the spout into a container.

After the sap is collected, the liquid is processed by boiling it down and allowing the water to evaporate, leaving the sweet thick syrup we’ve grown to love. Finally, the sap is filtered, graded, and made ready for packing.

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What Others Are Saying:

Amazon rating: 4 stars based on 140 customer reviews

The Positives: Despite our review, many of Nature’s Hollow customers on Amazon think that their maple syrup tastes like the real thing. Customers liked how fresh it tasted and the short ingredients list without any artificial sweeteners.

The Negatives: The consensus throughout the one to five-star reviews was that the syrup needs to be thicker. Their customers also complained that the combination of runny syrup and the wide cap doesnt allow for a graceful pour.

How To Thicken Keto Simple Syrup

Sugar Free Syrup Showdown / Review pt 1 – Keto, Low Carb

While cooking the mixture, this Low-Carb Simple syrup will start to thicken. Depending on how long you let it cook, more water will evaporate and reduce the syrup further.

Once cooled, the thickness increases as well.

But if that is not enough for you, a few pinches of Xanthan Gum help dearly.

While using a Xanthan Gum, you have to bring the syrup again with cooking, as the Xanthan starts its thickening process only when cooked.

Just in case you do not have Xylitol in the house, Guar Gum is a great replacement.

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How To Use Keto Simple Syrup

Generally, this simple syrup can replace sugar syrup measure-for-measure in any drink recipe. As with any syrup, you might want to add a little more or less to drinks to adjust the sweetness to your taste. Use it as the base for homemade sodas, the sweetener for lemonade, or in any drink that calls for simple syrup, agave nectar, honey, or other liquid sweeteners.

Taste Smell & Consistency

These are a bit harder to discern from just looking at the product but reviews will often help. Many keto sugar free syrups often have a strange consistency or artificial chemical smell/taste. I try to avoid those where possible, always check the reviews and see if there is any mention of them. Sometimes it is just trial and error!

In addition, ive found that Chocolate flavoured syrups tend to have the most artificial smell and flavour. As such, I now avoid them and would recommend you do as well.

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Walden Farms Carb Free Pancake Syrup

Walden Farms is well known for their Zero carb products. For us, these products have always been a hit or miss. It is a bit goopy, and the flavor is not as typical of your traditional maple syrup. But if you are looking for a carb-free maple syrup this is your brand!

A bonus is they have many different syrup flavors. All with ZERO Net Carbs, including:

Fun Note: Their Pancake Syrup comes in single-serving packets for on the go!

Can You Use A Different Sweetener

Top UK sugar free syrup sauces for keto

Yes and no.

Monk Fruit Allulose Blend is the absolute best keto sweetener to use for simple syrup, for two very important reasons:

  • It dissolves like sugar. Most keto sweeteners, including erythritol and most brands of monk fruit, will not dissolve well.
  • It tastes like sugar. There is no aftertaste that you might find with some others.

If you want to try it with a different sweetener, another option that would dissolve well isallulose. Youd need more of it, about 1 1/3 cup.

If you still want to attempt to make this sugar-free simple syrup using an erythritol-based sweetener, start with a powdered version. It still does not dissolve as well, but better than granulated.

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Torani Sugar Free Hazelnut Syrup

There is something about hazelnut that is incredibly satisfying, and this sugar-free hazelnut syrup drizzled over your favorite dessert is a match made in heaven.

Its also thin enough to blend into hot or cold beverages easily. We recommend a hazelnut coffee protein shake to get your day started right.

Key Features:

  • Best sugar free hazelnut syrup
  • Sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium
  • No calories, carbs, fats, or, of course, sugar

Biggest Drawback: Were not sure why, exactly, but this syrup from Torani seems to be the most inconsistent in terms of flavor. It always tastes good, but the potency of the hazelnut flavor sometimes leans towards caramel or vanilla. When its right, its blissful and when its slightly different, its still pretty great.

Can You Have Sugar Free Ketchup On Keto

Yes, only when the ingredients line up. I have seen some such as Heinz sugar free ketchup that isnt the worst, but its sweetened with sucralose. Sucralose isnt as bad as maltitol but depending on the person it may not be ideal.

Here are a list of ingredients that you may find in sugar free ketchup. You may want to avoid these.

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The Best Sugar Free Syrup

Selecting the best sugar-free syrup is dependent on three factors. For me, these three factors make the perfect syrup. The first attribute is viscosity. If the syrup runs out of the bottle like water, that is a big turn off. Pancakes or waffles are not appetizing if the syrup runs off them like water?

The second attribute is taste. There are several flavors in the sugar-free syrup lineup. But for me, it needs to have one of two flavors. The first flavor is the most popular, maple flavor. The second flavor is a flavor that goes back to my childhood. The taste of butter added to the maple flavor. As a boy, I remember my mother making her pancakes up with tons of butter. I saw and copied my mothers method. The maple flavor should be pronounced.

The last attribute is how sweet the syrup is on my tongue. Some syrups are over the top and others fall short on the sweetness scale.

The 5 Best Keto Syrups

0 CARB Keto Maple Syrup Recipe…Almost 0 Calories too

Are you looking for the best keto syrup for your keto pancakes and waffles? Look no further. We’ve put together a list of the best keto syrups that we could find. These syrups will make you forget about the sugar-loaded syrup you are used to using. Get the experience of a real syrup without all of the guilt.

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Read The Ingredient List

The right macros cant make up for the wrong ingredients.

You should steer clear of syrups that contain these unhealthy additions:

  • Added sugars such as corn syrup or HFCS
  • Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, maltitol, etc.
  • Artificial flavors, colorings, and dyes
  • Chemical preservatives
  • Gluten
  • If you spot any of those ingredients or additives lurking on the low-carb syrup label, move on to the next choice.

    Finally, check the type of sweetener used in the syrup and consider how it may affect your body.

    When To Avoid Sugar

    I know I said sugar-free syrups are perfectly ok in moderation on a ketogenic diet, but there are times I would strongly recommend against them.

    If you’re the type of person triggered by sweet foods , then merely the taste of something sweet can often lead to cravings. So, if you lack a bit of self-control, it may be worth avoiding such syrups.

    Secondly, sometimes the ingredients in many of the syrups can cause digestive distress, gas, and/or bloating in specific individuals. If you find yourself with any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, it may be worth easing up on their use or getting rid of them completely.

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    What Are The Best Keto

    Now that Ive covered the basics its time to move on with all the sugar-free syrups that Ive picked.

    I made sure to only include satisfying products that wont kick you out of ketosis while taking into consideration the ingredients theyre made of.

    That being said, here are the best keto coffee syrups:

    Jordans brand offers a variety of sugar-free coffee syrups that you can use if youre on a keto diet.

    There are regular skinny syrups , which are sweetened with sucralose.

    Nevertheless, the brand recently came up with another product line targeted at people who follow a ketogenic diet.

    After all, there are many coffee lovers on a keto plan or on another low-carb regimen who want to sweeten their cup without adding up to their daily carbohydrate and sugar intake.

    The Keto Skinny Syrup product line consists of flavored coffee syrups, sweetened with 3 natural sweeteners erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit.

    Furthermore, Jordans Keto Syrups contain MCT oil, so if youre in ketosis, the syrup will give you an extra energy boost.

    If you want to find out more about MCT oil and why its often added to coffee drinks, check out this bulletproof coffee guide.

    Anyway, because of their keto-friendly ingredients, its safe to say that Jordans Keto Skinny Syrups are the best coffee syrups for those who follow a ketogenic diet.

    There different flavors, such as salted caramel, vanilla bean, mocha, and cinnamon dolce.

    Related Recipe:

    Best Canadian: Escuminac Pure Canadian Organic Maple Syrup Grade A

    Homemade Sugar
    • Pure syrup with no artificial ingredients

    • Comes in a beautiful jug

    • Expensive

    The extra-rare maple syrup is Escuminacs best-selling flavor, and its easy to see why. The organic maple syrup, which has a light delicate flavor that makes you want to drink it straight from the bottle, comes from a single forest and is harvested and bottled at a maple farm in Escuminac, Quebec. Its truly pure and never blended with any other maple syrup or any artificial ingredients.

    If you like darker maple syrup, Escuminac also offers Great Harvest, which is harvested in the same way but later in the year to give it a richer, more robust flavor.

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    Can I Make Homemade Syrup In The Microwave

    Honestly, the best way to make this syrup is on the stove. You can control the temperature better and remove it from the heat as soon as it reaches the perfect consistency without it burning.

    But, yes, it is possible to make this in the microwave.

    When you begin heating everything up, do it in 30-second intervals, stirring it really well in between each one. If you keep a close eye on it like this, you can make it in the microwave without it burning or boiling over.

    Why Make Homemade Sugar

    Genuine, 100% maple syrup is delicious, but laden with sugar. 14 grams of sugar in just one tablespoon! So that is definitely not an option, but finding a maple syrup substitute can be challenging, too. Most sugar-free maple syrup recipes dont even use actual maple!

    All the ones Ive bought have been quite disappointing flavor-wise, leaving you with a chemical aftertaste. And the ingredients in sugar-free syrup leave much to be desired, too. No one wants aspartame or sucralose if they can help it.

    If you miss maple syrup, this low carb syrup is the end of that. It uses real maple extract, so the flavor is authentic, not contrived.

    Erythritol provides a natural sweetness without the carbs or sugar, and the consistency is viscous and pourable, just like real maple syrup. You can adjust the thickness to your liking during the recipe process.

    This is going to be the best tasting sugar-free maple syrup youve ever had!

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    Sugar Free Candy On Keto

    on July 18, 2019

    We all have our vices. If yours is a sweet tooth, youre not alone. The average American consumes a jaw-dropping 22 pounds of candy per year.

    If youre looking to improve your life through the ketogenic diet, however, youre going to have to make a few adjustments to your candy consumption habits. Read on as we share a few of the guidelines for eating candy on the keto diet and how you can still satisfy your cravings without kicking your body out of ketosis.

    Candy On Keto Is A No

    Low carb sugar free maple syrup/keto sugar free maple/vanilla syrup

    First things first: lets talk about sugar. Its the ingredient that makes candy so addictive and it goes by several names, including sucrose, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup and more.

    No matter what you call them, all of the sugars found in your standard supermarket candy bars are essentially the same in terms of their relationship to the keto diet: theyre no-nos. These sugars are simple carbohydrates that, when consumed, hit the bloodstream like a freight train. Your body turns to them immediately for energy, which is exactly the opposite of what keto followers want to happen.

    On the ketogenic diet, the goal is to keep your body in a metabolic state known as ketosis. While in this state, the body relies primarily on fat for fuel rather than carbs. Following a ketogenic diet can lead to weight loss, improved cholesterol levels, a reduction of seizures and more. So, ketogenic dieters want to keep their carb consumption–and in turn, their consumption of traditional candy–to a minimum.

    If youre a sugar lover, dont lose hope yet, though, because sweet treats arent completely off the table on the keto diet. In fact, far from it. There are many tasty candies that are made without sugar that will satisfy your candy cravings and control carbs at the same time.

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