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How Much Sugar In An Old Fashioned

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How To Make An Old

How I Make an Old Fashioned | the ONE cocktail you must know

How old is the Old-Fashioned?

This whisky cocktail is one of the most famous around. It was given its name in the 1880s when it was named an IBA Official Cocktail, but its history is a lot earlier than that.

In 1806 when a reader of The Balance and Columbian Repository asked the Editor for a definition of the word cocktail, it was described as spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters all the ingredients of an Old-Fashioned. But at the time he referred to it as a bittered sling.

Why is it called an Old-Fashioned?

The name supposedly came from the way people ordered their drinks at the bar. Its namesake apparently came from people asking for their drink to be made the old-fashioned way, using a brown spirit, sugar, water and bitters.

What whisky is best for an Old-Fashioned?

An Old-Fashioned is traditionally made with rye or bourbon, but some like to use Scotch, too.

What is the difference between a Manhattan and an Old-Fashioned?

The main difference between the two cocktails, is the ingredient used to sweeten them. An Old-Fashioned uses simple syrup, a syrup made by cooking equal parts sugar and water together, or a sugar cube, while a Manhattan uses sweet red vermouth.

Do you put a cherry in an Old-Fashioned?

You can do! No one is stopping you add a cherry, and many do. However, we love a good orange peel.

sugar cube, or 1 tsp sugar syrup

Orange peel, to garnish

S For The Perfect Old Fashioned Cocktail

The Old Fashioned cocktail is as iconic as it is delicious. Deceptively simple, an Old Fashioned is made up of only whiskey, sugar and bitters about as stripped down as a cocktail can be. But as with many areas of life, simple does not necessarily mean easy . With only 3 ingredients to work with, making a great Old Fashioned depends on really understanding each ingredients purpose and using it correctly. Since we take our Old Fashioneds pretty seriously here at Cocktail Crate, we thought wed share the tips we keep in mind every time we mix one up as well as our go-to recipes.

Simple Syrup Vs Sugar Cube

When making an Old Fashioned, many people add a sugar cube to the bottom of a rocks glass and muddle it with bitters before adding whiskey. But simple syrup also gets the job done, and its an ingredient that youre more likely to have in the house. I prefer syrups over sugar cubes, Christopher says. While I love and appreciate an Old Fashioned made with cubes, they tend to not have full dilution. This means the sugar content can increase over time, and youre often left with undissolved sugar at the bottom of your glass. I use a double strength demerara syrup because it limits the amount of dilution.

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Build Your Best Old Fashioned

April 14, 2021 | Sam Stone

For centuries, the Old Fashioned has remained a staple at bars around the world. It is literally the definitive cocktail, says Sam Treadway, owner of Backbar in Somerville, Massachusetts. Once upon a time, the word cocktail meant specifically this one drink. As trendy, newer cocktails were invented, it became known as the Old Fashioned cocktail.

Will Benedetto, opening beverage director and bar consultant at The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club in Nashville, says the Old Fashioned is highly versatile with whiskeyand beyond. Any spiritany worth drinkingcan be made into an enlightening Old Fashioned, he says.

Its doubtful that the elaborate craft cocktails of today will be remembered in a century. But owing to its short list of common ingredients and simplicity, the Old Fashioned endures.

What Makes It Old

Natural Old Fashioned Brown Sugar Lantic 1 kg delivery

Back in the early 1800s, the very first known recipe for a cocktail was essentially a spirit with sugar, bitters and water. As the general concept of the cocktail gained popularity, modifications were created by adding different liqueurs. This was considered fancy and an indication of wealth as not everyone could afford the expensive elaborations.

This led many traditional cocktail drinkers to request the old-fashioned whiskey cocktail. The name has stuck ever since.

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Low Calorie Old Fashioned Secret Ingredient

I was able to cut the calories by swapping out the sugar, or simple syrup. With an all natural, zero calorie simple syrup.

First off, I want you to know that I found this amazing, all natural ingredient all on my own. I am approached often to peddle ingredients Thats not the case here.

Im usually wary of zero calorie sweeteners and I want to stress, this should still be enjoyed in moderation. More sweets mean more craving for carbs And often thats where people gain weight.

Try this secret ingredient for my skinny old fashion recipe. You can click on the photo to add to your Amazon cart.

If you want to make this cocktail old fashioned recipe, you can use regular simple syrup! Just add 50 calories to the recipe card below

The Best Sugar For An Old Fashioned

Jaron*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure to learn more.

One of the most classic cocktails of all timethe Old Fashionedis a simple, yet timeless, drink which relies on 3 pillar ingredients: whiskey, bitters, and sugar.

Not all sugar is created equal, and choosing the right kind is key to making the best cocktail possible.

Different types of sugars will alter the final outcome of your drink, so being aware of the differences that exist in distinct types of sugar will better help you to make the right decision when it comes to choosing one for your Old Fashioned.

So, what is the best sugar for an Old Fashioned? Brown demerara sugar cubes are the best for an Old Fashioned.Most mixologists agree that the classic recipe calls for brown demerara sugar cubes. Sugar cubes are already measured and will allow for the perfect ratios to whiskey and bitters every time.

If you read on, youll discover the 5 best sugars for an Old Fashioned. Well outline the differences that each type of sugar will create in your cocktail, along with answering some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to making an Old Fashioned.

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Making It Your Own Without Ruining It

Theres nothing wrong with making a nouveau version of your favorite classic drink. But the Old Fashioned is pretty perfect in its simplicity, so youre walking a thin line when you start to alter the recipe. Christopher thinks theres nothing wrong with a little experimentation, though, so long as the changes arent too drastic. Playing with the bitters and syrups will allow subtle flavor changes while still remaining true to the Old Fashioned, he says. Approaching fall, I like to make a nice toasted pecan demerara syrup and pair that with chicory pecan bitters.

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What Whisky To Use

What is an Old Fashioned and where does it come from? | How to Drink

As with the rest of its ingredients, the whisky used in an Old Fashioned can be switched up. Its traditionally made with rye or bourbon, and if using bourbon, Mitchell recommends bottled in bond bourbon for a cocktail with a little more bite. While Treadway points out that scotch works well in the cocktail, he cautions that it can be just a little aggressive on the smoke, so you need to choose accordingly.

Heres a list of whiskies in a variety of styles and prices.

$40 & UNDER

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Variations On The Old Fashioned

And thats it: how to make a perfect Old Fashioned recipe! Once youve made it a few times, you may want to mix it up a bit. Here are Old Fashioned variations we love:

Keywords: Old Fashioned, Bourbon Old Fashioned

How To Screw Up An Old Fashioned

In a cocktail with very few elements, one piece out of place can throw off the balance and whole flavor of the cocktail. Much depends on the choice of whiskey. Whatever whiskey you choose, make sure both the bitters, the simple syrup and garnish all work well together.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to figure this out would be experimentation where you change just one element in a series of cocktails and see which one suits you and your guests palates the best.

Im a purist at heart, so here are my 3 no-nos for an old fashioned:

#1: Adding Soda

Put down the soda, the seltzer, the lemon-lime soda. Just set it down and back away.

The beauty of well-crafted old fashioned is not only the way that it tastes on the first sip, but the way it mellows as the large chunk of ice dilutes in it. Adding soda to the cocktail might make the first sips very palatable for some, but the cocktail quickly becomes watered down and muted in flavor.We want to taste the whiskey in the old fashioned. Its why were here, after all.

#2: Using the Wrong Ice

In the original descriptions of the whiskey cocktail, it often mentioned that it required one large lump of ice. Today youre as likely to get one large cube as you are a glass full of smaller ice cubes. Even at home, making the cocktail for an evening cocktail, its easy to reach for refrigerator ice.But, using large cubes in your old fashioned does a few things.

#3: Muddling

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Key Elements Of An Old Fashioned & How To Hack Them

1. Sugar: The Old Fashioned is traditionally made with either granulated white sugar or a sugar cube. Superfine bar sugar is fast-dissolving and eliminates the potential for a crunchy cocktail, as does simple syrup.

If youre avoiding white sugar, try anothersweetener. Theres a lot of variety in the world of cocktail sweeteners. Here are equivalencies for some common household sweeteners, although you can always adjust to suit your personal sweet tooth.

2. Bitters: Bitters are an integral part of holding the drink together. Its almost like adding salt and pepper to a food dish, Treadway says, adding that the bitters can make the other flavors in the cocktail taste even better.

No bitters? Dont skip, replace. An Old Fashioned without bitters lacks intrigue and balance. Treadway says you can achieve a good approximation with the tannins of black tea and bitter citrus peel. Simply steep one strong black tea bag in ½ cup of hot water for 5-10 minutes. Remove the tea bag and add ¼ cup sugar to the hot tea. Stir until dissolved. Use this simple syrup as your sweetener, muddling it with several citrus peels, for a balanced cocktail.

3. Garnish: If you must maraschino, limit it to a single cherry. And aim to add an orange or lemon twist, which lend a blast of citrus oil and aromatics when you first sip the drink, according to Treadway.

What Else Goes Into An Old Fashioned


Aside from whiskey, bitters, and sugar, most versions of an Old Fashioned are made with some sort of fruit, normally an orange peel.

However, a lemon peel can be subsisted, and some drinkers even choose to include a maraschino cherry as a garnish.

A splash of water is especially important if youre using a sugar cube, which will help with dissolving the sugar, and some people even use soda water if you have it on hand .

Just be sure not to overdo it.

An Old Fashioned is served on the rocks, so the melting ice will dilute the drink over time. The bigger the ice cubes, the bettera larger surface area means a slower melting time.

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Why Dont You Shake A Martini

For a martini, there is no citrus in the mix, and both the gin and the vermouth intermingle well when you stir. Shaking not only mixes ingredients, it also dilutes and aerates it. A shaken martini gets diluted too fast and gets too much air mixed into it. The result is a slightly frothy and watered down drink.

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Gilway Demerara Sugar Cubes

Gilway raw demerara sugar cubes sure make a great Old Fashioned.

Similar to the Roland Rough Cut cubes, they are made of pure cane sugar, offering an understated sweetness to your cocktail.

In contrast to the Roland cubes, they arent rough cut, meaning that youll get a more exact measurement each time.

This also means that they are more compact, so you may have to spend more time breaking them down with the bitters and a splash of water so that they fully dissolve.

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If You Like This Try These

The Old Fashioned is one of six root cocktails upon which all mixology is built, according to the Cocktail Codex, a book from the legendary Death & Co bar team. That doesn’t mean you can’t get funky with it. “The beauty of the Old-Fashioned is that nearly any spirit can be used as the core as long as the other ingredients support and accent that spirit,” the team says. Swap your bourbon or rye for rum or mezcalor both, like this recipe calls for. Gin is another option. For those less inclined to live on the edge, an Irish whiskey Old Fashioned could do the trick.

The Composition Of The Old Fashioned Cocktail

Old Fashioned Cocktail

The classic old fashioned cocktail recipe includes:

Bourbon, a type of whiskey produced in the United States from corn and other grains. The characteristics of bourbon are its golden color, the smell of oak, smoky aroma, vanilla, herbs, nuts and a strength of 40% or more. Certainly, many people do not prepare the Old Fashioned cocktail with bourbon but with whiskey, considering that its taste is more noble.

Bitter is a strong alcoholic drink , infused with a variety of herbs, roots and fruits.

Sugar, to slightly soften the strength of the drink.

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Follow The Historical Advice On Ice

Within Wondrich’s old-fashioned notes is a fascinating section about the proper ice to use in this drink. It turns out that ice balls and 2-inch cubes are nothing new they just got lost in the American bar until a relatively recent revival. The large cube’s reference dates to 1899, when “…mixologically ambitious saloons preferred to refrigerate their old-fashioned with ice cut into ‘perfect cubes about two inches on a side.'”

It follows the same theory used to chill and slightly dilute straight whiskey. Those fancy ice machines that are so convenient today and produce tiny, fast-melting “cubes” ruined it for many years. If you are an old-fashioned devotee and have not made the switch to 2-inch ice, it’s the last step in perfecting this drink.

Ice For An Old Fashioned

Ice serves a basic purpose a way to make a cold drink. But it also has the ability to elevate a drink to bar-style quality. You have a few options with your ice, but we have a preferred one for an Old Fashioned. Heres what we tested:

  • Use your standard ice cube to make the drink/fill the glass
  • Use small square cubes
  • Use large square cubes
  • Our favorite: Use clear square cubes

A quick note on clear ice cubes. They melt slower and keep your drink cooler. Making clear ice cubes isnt as easy as it sounds. Some of it comes down to the purity of the water, but the real trick to making clear ice at home is slowly chilling the water.

We tested multiple makers to do this at home and by far our favorite was the True Cubes ice mold.

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Oatmeal And Diabetes: The Dos And Donts


Diabetes is a metabolic condition that affects how the body either produces or uses insulin. This makes it difficult to maintain blood sugar in a healthy range, which is crucial for the health of those with diabetes.

When managing blood sugar, its important to control the amount of carbohydrates eaten in one sitting, since carbs directly affect blood sugar.

Its also important to choose nutrient-rich, high-fiber carbohydrates over refined and processed carbs with added sugar. Carb intake targets should be determined on an individual basis with the help of your healthcare provider.

This means that what you eat matters a great deal. Eating foods that are high in fiber and nutrients but low in unhealthy fat and sugar can help maintain a healthy blood sugar level, as well as improve your overall health.

Oatmeal offers a host of health benefits and can be a great go-to food for those with diabetes, as long as the portion is controlled. One cup of cooked oatmeal contains approximately 30 grams of carbs, which can fit into a healthy meal plan for people with diabetes.

What Is Earl Grey Tea

Feeling thirsty? Quench your thirst with an Old Fashioned!â?£ INGREDIENTS ...

Earl Grey tea has a distinctive flavor, and while you may know it comes from bergamot oil, you may not know that its origin is the rind of a bergamot orange, a type usually grown in Italy. The tea is a form of black tea and its said that it was originally added to tea shipped in from China that was poorer in quality.

I love the distinctive floral flavor of Earl Grey tea, that aroma takes me back to my morning tea in college . Its a fragrance thats distinct from other citrus oils, and one that is now synonymous with the tea.

So where did the name come from? Its named after the Earl of Grey, British Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834, a career politician/aristocrat, but theres no consensus as to why. Originally it was thought he created or bought the recipe and popularized it. Another theory was that he was given the tea for saving the life of a Chinese diplomat. Again, only rumor.

Well never know the origins of the story, but its likely it became popular in London through the entertaining savvy of his wife, Lady Grey.

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