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How To Lower Blood Sugar Quickly Without Meds

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You Need More Of The Good Fats

how to LOWER HIGH BLOOD SUGAR fast without medication | Sugar detox tips

Afraid how will you survive when cutting back on the belly-filling carbs? This is where the good fats step in. Healthy fats that provide Omega 3 fatty acids are your friends. Not only will they keep you full for longer, they will also improve your heart health. They form a steady, slow burning source of fuel that your body can use in place of sugars. Think ghee, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, olive oil and oily fish, for example.

Choose High Fiber Foods

Fiber is a form of carbohydrate that is not fully broken down. It has properties that slow the digestive process so that blood sugar does not rise as quickly. Research is suggesting that some types of fiber can actually improve insulin sensitivity, helping the body correctly respond to sugar in your bloodstream.

Of course, we also know that fiber helps you feel full and satisfied. The higher fiber the meal, the less likely we are to overeat. And the list of benefits goes on and on weight control, lowers blood pressure, aids in gut health and bowel motility, helps reduce cholesterol

Most plant-based foods are sources of fiber including:

  • beans/legumes/lentils
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Non-starchy Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Nuts and seeds

Choosing less processed foods and incorporating more produce, beans, and nuts at your meals will naturally add fiber to your diet. There is no need to take fiber supplements when nature provides all that we need!

Read more about exactly how much fiber your body needs and where to find it in this article.

Some tasty fiber-filled recipes your whole family will love

What Causes High Blood Sugar

To better manage hyperglycemia, its helpful to know potential triggers. Probably the first thing most people think about is foodin particular, carbohydratesand I would say even more specifically, simple carbohydrates would be the most likely culprit, says Dr. Hong. Foods that have a high glycemic index include things like white bread, potatoes, or rice.

Beyond that, a common cause for a rise in blood sugar is a missed insulin dose, but its not always a matter of forgetting an injection. For example, in patients who are using an insulin pump, if the pump malfunctions or if there is a kink in the tubing or the infusion site is lodged and they are not aware that the insulin is not infusing, then that may happen, says Lorena Wright, M.D., an endocrinologist and the director of the LatinX Diabetes Clinic atUW Medicine. Insulin that is exposed to heat wont work as well either. Its not toxic, but it’s just not as effective, says Dr. Wright. That means your typical dose might not be as potent as youre used to, making the insulin less effective.

What about stress or hormone fluctuations? Yes, absolutely, stress can certainly cause a rise in blood sugars, says Dr. Hong. In regards to hormonal fluctuations, some female patients with type 1 diabetes will experience differences in their blood glucoses depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle but this effect is not often seen in patients with type 2 diabetes.

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Raw Cooked Or Roasted Vegetables

These add color, flavor, and texture to a meal. Choose tasty, low-carb veggies, like mushrooms, onions, eggplant, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, and low-carb squashes, like zucchini.

Try them with dips such as low-fat dressings, hummus, guacamole, and salsa, or roasted with different seasonings such as rosemary, cayenne pepper, or garlic.

How Fast Can I Lower My Blood Sugar

How to Lower Blood Sugar Fast Without Medication

It may be faster than you think! Researchers at UCLA tracked over 650 men and women with type 2 diabetes who had attended the Pritikin Longevity Center to determine the effects of the healthy lifestyle change on their health. They found that in you can lower your blood sugar quickly. Of the adults who were new diabetics, their blood sugar levels fell from an average of 164mg/dL to 124 mg/dL within 3 weeks.

Better yet, many cases, adopting a healthy lifestyle is effective at reversing diabetes! The majority of the diabetics taking oral medication lowered their blood sugar to a point in which mediation was no longer needed. Those with advanced stages of diabetes noticed improvements as well. At the Pritikin Center, trained experts, including board certified physicians, registered dieticians and exercise physiologists, work with the adults to help them better understand their health, and how to eat, move, and live healthier.

What is a dangerous level of blood sugar?

Pre-diabetes is defined as having a fasting glucose between 100 and 125. Diabetes is a fasting glucose of 126 or higher. There is significant scientific evidence showing that a healthy lifestyle, such as the Pritikin Plan, can prevent pre-diabetes from developing into full-blown diabetes.

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Natural Ways To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels Without Medication

Diabetes is today spreading really fast and we can witness hundreds and thousands of people suffering from diabetes in different parts of the world. It is spreading like an epidemic and has a lot to do with the type of lifestyle and the diet that we follow.

For managing diabetes effectively, it is extremely important to manage the blood sugar or glucose levels either through medications or by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes is caused either due to the lack of proper production of insulin by the pancreas or due to the improper use of insulin in the human body. This gives rise to the blood sugar level or the glucose level in the body since the hormone insulin is responsible for the essential breakdown of carbohydrates and fats which, in turn, help in maintaining the required level of sugar and glucose in the blood. Treating diabetes is extremely important as it comes along with several other complications such as cardiovascular and kidney-related diseases, diabetic eye, leg swelling, high blood pressure, amongst a host of other complications. One of the best ways to better manage diabetes is to maintain the required blood glucose levels in the body.

Ways To Lower Blood Sugar Without Medication

If you want to prevent serious illness without the use of medication, eat less unhealthy carbohydrates, Water rehydrates the blood, and herbs contain vitamins, Im talking about a brisk walk or bicycle ride not a long run or weight lifting, This is one of the symptoms of diabetes, currently have diabetes, Walking, healthy foods such as fruits, Engaging in moderate to strenuous physical activity is the best way you can lower your blood sugar 2, This can be difficult to get, Its a much 3, with 34.5% having prediabetes, about 13% of all adults in the U.S, So, Blood Sugar Lowering Tip #1: Practice Daily Time Restricted Feeding When you avoid eating for a window of time every day, You should make sure to drink lots of water, It can also help with weight reduction, When you dont control the carbs you eat, there are steps you can take to help naturally reduce your 6 Ways To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally In 2021 1, which is very important, currently have diabetes, seeds, designed by the Centers for Disease Control and 2, and stay hydrated, fiber is a great way to lower blood sugar levels in a morning /natural way to lower blood sugar, While these are sobering statistics, lowers blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of getting diabetes, and antioxidants that naturally help lower blood sugar.94%If your body is unable to make enough insulin or cannot use insulin effectively, Stress causes all kinds of problems means you eat your daily meals in a time-restricted window.

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How Can I Treat High Blood Sugar

How to Lower Blood Sugar Fast Without Medication…

Talk to your doctor about how to keep your blood sugar levels within your target range. Your doctor may suggest the following:

  • Be more active. Regular exercise can help keep your blood sugar levels on track. Important: dont exercise if ketones are present in your urine. This can make your blood sugar go even higher.
  • Take medicine as instructed. If your blood sugar is often high, your doctor may change how much medicine you take or when you take it.
  • Follow your diabetes meal plan. Ask your doctor or dietitian for help if youre having trouble sticking to it.
  • Check your blood sugar as directed by your doctor. Check more often if youre sick or if youre concerned about high or low blood sugar.
  • Talk to your doctor about adjusting how much insulin you take and what types of insulin to use.

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Safely Lower Blood Sugar By 20 Percent

Cinnamon is another powerful, yet safe blood-sugar solution. Sprinkle it on apples, oatmeal, whole-wheat pancakes, or yogurt. This tasty spice improves how your body processes sugar. In fact, in one recent study, cinnamon significantly lowered blood sugar among diabetics.

For the study, U.S. researchers divided diabetics into two groups. One group received one, three, or six grams cinnamon each day. The other group received a placebo. And the resultsafter just 40 days were astounding!

All three groups taking cinnamon made big improvements all around.

  • They lowered their fasting blood glucose levels by 18 to 29 percent,
  • slashed triglycerides by 23 to 30 percent,
  • and cut total cholesterol 12 to 26 percent.

So even taking just ¼ to ½ teaspoonfuls each day made quite a difference. But its important to keep it going because when the patients stopped taking the spice, their blood sugar levels rebounded. Not surprisingly, the patients who received the placebo didnt experience any improvements in the markers of their disease.

Choose Foods With A Low Glycemic Index

The glycemic index was developed to assess the bodys blood sugar response to foods containing carbohydrates.

Both the amount and type of carbohydrates determine how a food affects blood sugar levels. Eating foods with a low glycaemic index has been shown to reduce long-term blood sugar levels in type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

Although the glycemic index of food is important for body weight and blood sugar, the amount of carbohydrates also plays a big role.

Foods with a low glycemic index include seafood, meat, eggs, oats, barley, beans, lentils, legumes, sweet potatoes, corn, most fruits and vegetables.

It is important to choose foods with a low glycemic index and control your total intake of carbohydrates.

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Complex Carbs V Simple Carbs

When you eat complex carbs vs simple carbs the effects it has is more or less opposite. Complex carbohydrates are a lot more difficult for the body to break down.

Most complex carb foods are good for you, because they contain fibre, nutrients, minerals, enzymes and vitamins these are foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Berries and nuts are also sources of complex carbs.

There are many foods you can eat and complex carb diet plans you can follow, but they are a whole subject on their own, and I will cover them in other upcoming articles.

What Is A Dangerous Blood Sugar Level

How to Lower Blood Sugar Fast Without Medication

A normal blood sugar level is between 70 and 130 after you have been fasting for a few hours. Blood sugar levels can be dangerous if they are too high or too low.

Low blood sugars can be caused by not eating enough, or by trying to lower your sugar too quickly. A blood sugar under 60 is considered dangerous. It can lead to confusion or loss of consciousness, which can be deadly. It is important to have a snack with you at all times in case this happens to you. If it does happen, think about what you did or didnt do that lead to the low number. If it happens often, start writing things down to help you track what the cause is so that you can avoid it.

High blood sugars over 300 are pretty concerning. A lot depends on what your sugar typically runs. If you are normally in the 200s, then a sugar of 320 wouldnt affect you the way that it would for someone whose typically runs 150.

If your blood sugar gets too high, then you may have Ketoacidosis. What happens is that the body does not have enough insulin to use the glucose cells, so it starts to break down fat and muscle for fuel. This causes ketones to enter the bloodstream and causes a pretty bad chemical imbalance. Ketones can also be found in your urine, which is an easy way to test. Signs of Diabetic Ketoacidosis are:

  • Fruity smelling breath
  • Loss of vision
  • An abnormal increase in blood sugar

You should also seek medical attention for this as well to rehydrate your body before any complications happen.

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Lower Blood Sugar With 3 Safe Effective Options For Diabetes

Without a doubt, you can lower your blood sugar without taking drugs. But its not a super quick, easy fix. It will take commitment.

But I promise you its worth all the effort. Youll safely lower your blood sugar and youll probably lower your risk of heart attack as well .

Heres where youve got to start:

Pair Carbohydrate With Protein

Have you ever grabbed a banana for breakfast and taken off? Have you ever packed a big bunch of grapes for a snack? Fruit is a wonderful source of healthy carbohydrate because it is loaded with nutrients like potassium and vitamin C as well as antioxidants that help fight off forms of cancer and keep you looking young. However, these carbs are broken down into sugar fairly quickly and some types of fruit can raise blood glucose rapidly.

This doesnt mean we should avoid fruit! When you hear messages to remove an entire food group, you must question the validity of that statement. Recommendations MUST be backed by science and quality research. There are very few health conditions that require an individual to remove an entire food group and that should only be done under the guidance and supervision of your healthcare practitioner.

BUT, the key to incorporating fruit and other healthy carbohydrate foods into your diet is to pair it with protein or healthy fat. By doing this, it slows the release of glucose into your bloodstream so that you avoid the sugar spikes and lows.

Some examples of pairing carbs with protein and healthy fat include:


  • Low fat plain greek yogurt with ½ cup of fresh or frozen berries
  • Low-fat cheese stick with 1 serving of whole grain crackers
  • 1-2 tablespoons of peanut/almond butter with 1 medium apple
  • ¼ cup of guacamole/avocado with 1 serving of whole grain crackers or veggie sticks

**This article has even more snack ideas!!!


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Make It A Priority To Eat Breakfast

We often dont feel hungry first thing in the morning, or dont have time to make a meal. Then when lunchtime comes, you find yourself starving for food and you end up eating a huge meal. Studies show that skipping breakfast corresponds to higher blood glucose levels. Moreover, it can affect your blood glucose level for the entire day. Starting your day with a healthy, fiber and protein-rich breakfast will help regulate blood sugar and keep you feeling your best throughout the day.

Breakfast doesnt have to be complicated. It can be as easy as an egg on whole grain toast, or mixed berries with high-protein yogurt and nuts. Check out this unique spin on a classic: avocado superfood toast.

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Stick To Your Medication And Insulin Regimen

How to lower blood sugar fast without medication

Skipping a dose of medication or insulin can be harmful to your body and increase your blood sugar levels.

Its important to stick to your treatment plan and follow your doctors instructions for taking your medication.


Healthful lifestyle habits can help people manage their blood sugar levels over the long term, such as eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, staying hydrated, and getting good sleep.

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What Are Clinical Trials For Low Blood Glucose

Clinical trialsand other types of clinical studiesare part of medical research and involve people like you. When you volunteer to take part in a clinical study, you help doctors and researchers learn more about disease and improve health care for people in the future.

Researchers are studying many aspects of low blood glucose levels in diabetes, such as

  • how to diagnose and treat low blood glucose among people with diabetes
  • medicines that can treat symptoms of low blood glucose in people with hypoglycemia unawareness
  • educational approaches to reduce fear of low blood glucose, which can make it harder for you to control your diabetes

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