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What Does Sugar Bear Hair Do To Your Hair

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But How Can They Get Away With These Claims

SugarBear Hair Vitamins | DO THEY REALLY WORK?!

Well, first of all, it says right on the website:

The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The views and nutritional advice expressed by SugarBearHair are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition, see your physician of choice. Individual results may vary.

The reality is that the supplement world is kinda the Wild West. In fact, supplement companies can often say almost whatever they want about a product. For example, an FDA rep said this about hair vitamins:

Since hair growth is a natural human function, you can make the claim the supplement promotes hair growth, but you cannot include a claim about any treatment, such as the product can be used to treat alopecia .

To sum that up, you can make any supplement you want, claim it will do amazing things with no evidence to back that up as long as it does not treat a specific condition. Let that sink in.

The Vitamins Work Best Taken For A Minimum Of 3 Months But Best Results Are Over 6 Months

I dont see any clinical research that would substantiate these claims about how long it takes to see results. While there is a statistic on their website stating that 94% of customers see results after 3 months, we dont know how many people thats based on, their research methods, or anything else about this stat.

Second, that also means a lot of dough. A months worth of gummies will ring you in at $30 per bottle. Which means were looking at $90 for 3 months of use and $180 for 6 months to MAYBE see some kind of hair results. For a lot of people, thats a lot of money to spend on a product thats debatably totally useless .

Sugarbear Sleep Vitamins 5 Day Supply

SugarBear Sleep Vitamins 5 Day Supply

Sometimes, our restless minds keep us from getting the rest we need. But, these scientifically formulated Sleep Vitamins might be your solution to tossing and turning.

Designed to improve your sleep, they also have a sweet berry flavorwith no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

This five-day supply contains 10 gummies, and the brand recommends that only 2 be taken per night, a total of 15 calories.

A mixture of melatonin, magnesium, their signature Rest Well Blend, and more work together to provide the best chance at restful sleep. Is SugarBearHair worth the money? For these benefits, we think so!

This five-night supply is perfect to test the vitamins to see if they work for you at $10 a bottle. Dont worry, this product is vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

SugarBearHair Vitamins 1- Month

SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins are the brands most iconic product. These delicious gummies are an easy way to ensure your hair is getting what it needs. Taking just 2 a day provides the essential vitamins and minerals needed to help hair health.

These innovative vegan and cruelty-free gummies combine Biotin, Folic Acid, and Vitamin D to promote long and healthy hair growth. Plus, theyre formulated without hormones, gelatin, dairy, or gluten, so theyll be gentle on the stomach.

Each blue bottle is $30. If you dont want to worry about running out, order a recurring subscription that ships every 30 days.

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Who Should Take Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins

Sugear Bear Hair Reviews 2019: Does It Work?
  • Anyone with thin hair or bald patches should give it a try
  • If your hair is growing slowly
  • Anyone looking to speed up hair growth after chemo
  • People suffering from alopecia
  • Both men and women can take Sugar Bear Hair gummies
  • SugarBearHair is a dietary supplement. Therefore it is safe for almost everyone. See exceptions below

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Get Sugar Bear Hair Today

Sugar Bear Hair is a company that takes pride in offering safe and effective ingredients to customers to grow their hair. The greatest thing about using these hair supplements is you really do see a change in the condition of your hair.

It will be worth the money you spend. Other hair supplements are lackluster in comparison. Get the product for yourself to see a difference.

Is Sugar Bear Hair Fda Approved

While the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated SugarBearHair products, the ingredients used in their suite of vitamin products have been shown to help promote overall good health in a wide variety of clinically based studies.

SugarBearHair products are not designed to prevent, cure, or diagnose any health-related issue or disease.

Please speak with your certified health professional before taking SugarBearHair products.

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How About Sweetbunnyhare Vitamines

Its a logical question some of you guys asked me: Have I tried SweetBunnyHare vitamines?

Yes, I did try these too, but I found they worked less for me than SugarBearHair. If youre vegan I think you could give them a try, Im definitely not saying they dont work. But if youre not, Id go for the blue vitamin animals. Theyre slightly more expensive, but if you check some different shops for the lowest price its only 2 or 3 euro more a month and I think its worth it.

If you have any other questions about these SugarBearHair vitamines or other hair-related question, feel free to drop a comment below this blogpost and I will do my best to answer you as best I can!

What Vitamins Do The Kardashians Take

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins Review: DOES IT WORK?!

4.2/5Kardashianvitaminvitaminanswer here

SHOP NOW ON POOSHOne serving of two scoops yields 10 grams of collagen peptides, 120 mg of hyaluronic acid, and a slew of amino acids. The collagen powder acts as a beauty supplement to help keep your skin hydrated from the inside out and sustain its natural glow.

Also Know, does Sugar Bear hair make your hair grow faster? Filled With Essential NutrientsThe vitamins in Sugar Bear not only help your hair grow, but they also improve your overall health. Vitamin A helps improve the health of your scalp and hair by increasing blood flow.

Also to know is, do Sugar Bear hair vitamins actually work?

SugarBearHair claims you only need to swallow two of its gummy bears per day to “meet your hair goals,” but unfortunately there’s no guarantee they’ll do much. Since an underlying condition can cause vitamin deficiencies, talk to your doctor if you’re really concerned.

Does Sugar Bear hair have lead?

Labdoor also found the blue gummy bears had relatively highlead levels. The tests found 0.075 ppm of lead in a serving size of two vitamins, which is below the federally recommended maximum level of 0.1 ppm in candy consumed by small children. These are vitamins and minerals.

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Here Are The Test Results From Labdoor

Labdoor also found the blue gummy bears had relatively high lead levels. The tests found 0.075 ppm of lead in a serving size of two vitamins, which is below the federally recommended maximum level of 0.1 ppm in candy consumed by small children. But while the company recommends eating two of its vitamin chews per day, Labdoor says its test results show that eating just one more than the recommended dosage would cause users to exceed Californias Maximum Allowable Dose Levels.

Those levels, referring to individual dosages contained in products, are far below what researchers estimate is the overall average daily intake of lead, a naturally occurring element that is present in trace amounts in water and throughout the food system. The FDA has estimated adult women can tolerate a total intake of 75 micrograms of lead per day for young children it estimates the limit at less than a tenth of that.

California limits individual dosages in a product to 0.5 micrograms, and Labdoors results found two SugarBearHair gummies contained 0.38 micrograms, with a third tipping the dosage over the California limit.

Levels of heavy metals and other contaminants are not going to be reported on labels, he said.

Duffy MacKay, senior vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs with the supplement industry group Center for Responsible Nutrition, told BuzzFeed News that its common to see discrepancies between a label and the actual content of a supplement.

So What Does This All Mean

So with all that said, do Sugar Bear Hair vitamins work? Well, heres the truth.

Companies like Sugar Bear rely on small truths or bits of research and then extrapolate this to make major claims about the human body like growing beautiful thick air.

Not to mention, 99.99999% of this alleged evidence is very clearly correlation based, and not causation. Most of the significant benefits we see in the literature when it comes to taking supplemental vitamins happen when correcting a deficiency. But if youre eating a varied diet, its very possible that the top up in a supplement will do little for the cause.

So- imma say it again for the people in the back, if youre not deficient in these vitamins, you likely dont need to take more of these vitamins.

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Ok Ok: We Finally Tried Sugar Bear Hair

Sugar Bear Hair launched their revolutionary hair vitamins in 2015, and almost instantly, Instagram was awash in a tsunami of Influencers with long, luxurious, beautiful hair holding up these now iconic little blue gummy bears.

This was spearheaded by the Kardashians, of course, who were recruited by SugarBear to bring these gummies to the masses.

At the time, we kind of watched from the sidelines in amusement, secure in our own reasonably luxurious mane.

I Tried: Sugarbear Hair Vitamins & Olaplex


About two years ago, I decided to take the dive and do an icy silver pixie cut. I loved it, truly. But I am constantly trying to change up my style, and unfortunately with hair, its not so easy to bounce back and forth from 12 inches of long locks, to 2″ messy spikes and a completely shaved undercut. . With my recent move to Salt Lake City 6 months ago, I decided it was time to finally commit to growing my hair back. I would endure the awkward mullet, the baby 1″ point tail, half of my head being uneven due to the undercut, the whole journey of growing a pixie, in my opinion, was NOT glamorous. Not to mention the breakage I had from damage that was preventing strength in my hair follicles. Cue my saviors: Sugarbear Hair Vitamins and Olaplex.

This is my pixie at its shortest, circa summer 2016 .

I’m not even kidding, these products are SO worth the hype. I’ve been struggling with hair growth and texture for months now, and these are the only things that have come to my rescue and made the process of growing my damaged hair back a little less painful. Within 1 month, I saw results. My hair is stronger, shinier, and thicker.

Here are my Sugarbear growth results in my first month, both air dried hair, same day wash with my natural texture and wave.

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Do Biotin Supplements Actually Do Anything

There is actually no significant clinical evidence that biotin improves hair, skin, or nail health in people who do not have a biotin deficiency.

Biotin deficiencies are very rare and usually genetic, and if youre not actually deficient in biotin, its unlikely that taking more will actually do anything.

There are only two case studies regarding biotins effect on hair, and both were with regards to children with uncombable hair syndrome.1 2

There was one study that found some small but clinically insignificant improvement in nail strength in women who supplemented with biotin.3

And one self-reported case study that found that about 20% of people who used biotin supplements reported improvements in their hair or nails.4

Thats not zero percent, so it is certainly possible that biotin supplements can help improve hair in a small amount of people. But the question is, did these people already have a biotin deficiency, and thats why they benefitted from supplements? Unfortunately, its unclear from this study.

Basically, the upshot is theres no real clinical evidence one way or another regarding biotin supplementation: the studies just havent been done!

This is pretty surprising, given how hard biotin is pushed as a beauty supplement, right??

But unfortunately, thats how it goes in the supplement world sometimes!

Longer And Stronger Hair With Gummy Bears

Ive always wanted to try Sugarbearhair vitamins, so I was more than happy to receive one months worth of sweet gummy bears to see if they would work. Now Ive finished my jar and I took before and after photos to show you the results.

Do Sugarbearhair vitamins really work? How?

To give you the quick answer yes. Eating biotin in my experience is pretty foolproof way to make your hair grow longer and stronger. It usually helps your lashes and nails as well. Ive eaten biotin before, so I expected to see some results from these gummy bears as well.

I feel like one month was enough. Now that I think of it, I think its the perfect time. The other vitamins Ive eaten before have lasted for two or three months, and for me that was too long. I could definitely see hair growth then, but possibly in some places, I would prefer not have that. One month was a good time for me to get some volume in my hair, but not have unwanted hair growth in other places of my body. Obviously this is personal, and maybe someone else needs to eat these two months before seeing any results.

How are Sugarbearhair vitamins better than some other vitamins?

Ill admit there are more affordable options out there for vitamins containing biotin.

Swallowing pills and vitamins is not my favorite thing and I dont remember to take them daily. However when I was eating *Sugarbearhair vitamins, not once did I forget to take them.

Okay, if you know me at all, Ill eat something sweet anyway

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Sugar Bear Hair Doesn’t Really Reduce Hair Loss

Are SugarBear pills effective for quick hair growth? Based on our reading a paper from Google Scholar, the answer is almost 100% NO and in fact, too much of SugarBearHair gummies might accelerate hair loss. Yes, it is harmful to your hair to eat too many vitamins even though we know that they are coated with sugar.

Sugar Bear Hair May Not Be A Good Fit For You If The Following Statements Describe You:

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins Review: DOES IT WORK?! (Part 2)

I dont want my hair to grow longer nor stronger. I have no interest in improving or maintaining the health of my hair.

I am already taking a vitamin supplement that is similar in its content as Sugar Bear Hair vitamins.

I am bald and I plan on using Sugar Bear Hair to regrow my hair.

I am sensitive to Biotin.

I eat a highly nutritious diet loaded with the same minerals and vitamins like in the Sugar Bear Hair supplement formula.

I am pregnant.

I have a medical condition.

I am a man. Can I still take the supplement?

I may be sensitive or allergic to some of the ingredients Sugar Bear Hair contains.

My age is under 13 years. Can I still take Sugar Bears?

I am on a strict sugar-free diet.

Forewarning: Sugar Bear Hair is solely a nutritional hair supplement and its function is to retrieve your metabolism in areas where you lack in nutrition. Please do not expect Sugar Bear Hair to deliver magical results, especially if you are not following a healthy meal plan, you do not exercise on a regular basis or you have bad sleeping habits.

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Can You Take Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins While Pregnant

While SugarBearHair products are free of any side effects, and no ingredients in SugarBearHair products are known to cause problems during pregnancy, it is always recommended to speak to your health care professional if you are pregnant, nursing, or expecting to become pregnant before consuming any new supplements, including those offered by SugarBearHair.

How To Promote Hair Growth

Now, consuming Sugar Bear vitamins every day should make you feel healthier in general while also stimulating hair growth. While taking them, ensure that you uphold measures that do not harm your hair. For instance:

  • Reduce wash time and heat usage
  • Where possible, reduce the usage of a flat iron and blow dryer
  • Use shampoos without parabens or excessive chemicals
  • Reduce the number of treatments such as perms, curls, and coloring

Simply put, you need to create a routine and lifestyle that will not damage hair. Keeping things natural and minimal is a good way to proceed for thin and balding hair.

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Sugar Bear Hair vitamins have been around for some time now. It is a tried and tested blend of everyday natural ingredients that are essential for our body, skin, nails, and of course our hair.

There are plenty of hair growth treatments out there that we have reviewed which work, and Sugar Bear gummies are one of them. Though it may be slightly more expensive than others, it works well its vitamin-based ingredients unlock and improve a plethora of other areas which competitors dont.

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