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What Is The Best Substitute Sugar For Diabetics

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Brown Sugar Substitute Recipe

Whats The Best Sugar Substitute for Diabetics? – by Dr Sam Robbins


Have you ever settled on a recipe only to find you were out of brown sugar? Or maybe you follow a low carb ketogenic diet like me and need a sugar-free brown sugar substitute for your low carb baking? Either way, you can make your own brown sugar or sugar-free brown sugar substitute in minutes.

I dont know about you, but I love using brown sugar in my baked goods, especially my low carb zucchini bread. The warm flavor tastes great in cookies and treats like keto maple walnut scones.


Breaking It Down: Types Of Sugar

For the chemistry buffs, heres a quick bit of context: Sugars are also known as simple carbohydrates. They digest quickly, releasing sugars into your bloodstream.

Each type of sugar has its own set of problems:

  • Glucose is the most rapidly metabolized by the body and can send your blood sugar levels skyrocketing. It has a glycemic index score of 100 .
  • Fructose has no impact on insulin production or blood glucose levels. It also has a relatively low glycemic index score. But it must be metabolized by the liver and is associated with elevated levels of triglycerides, metabolic syndrome, and weight gain.
  • Sucrose is crystalized white sugar, from the cane sugar plant, and it consists of 50% glucose and 50% fructose.

One Last Thing About Using Sugar Substitutes When Managing Type 2 Diabetes

As you can see, there are many artificial sweeteners to help you reach your blood sugar goals. Just remember that maintaining them will be easier if you practice moderation and dont allow sweet-tasting food and beverages to lead you to overconsume them. A major goal should be to reduce all types of sweeteners in your diet, including sugar substitutes, so that you become accustomed to the naturally sweet taste of food, says Grieger. Then trust your body to tell you when enough is enough.

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Safe Sugar Substitutes For Diabetics

Monk fruit extract

Monk fruit naturally contains mogrosides, a type of antioxidant responsible for the sweet taste of this treat. Researchers have found a way to extract this antioxidant to produce a sugar-free sweetener that does not contain calories and does not affect blood sugar levels.


To make stevia sweetener, manufacturers collect the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant and process them into fine crystals. Stevia is low in calories and retains its flavor when heated, making it an ideal sweetener for baking or hot drinks.


Erythritol is a sugar alcohol derived from the fermentation of cornstarch or wheat. It has very few calories and has no impact on blood sugar. While erythritol is less likely than others to do so, sugar alcohols can upset your stomach. Start with small amounts and discontinue use if it causes any discomfort. With that said, it is safe even in relatively large quantities.

Fresh fruit

Did you know that you can find the most natural sweetener in the aisle? Fresh fruit can be a great addition to your recipes, as fruits contain fiber that helps slow down sugar absorption and thus reduce the impact on your blood sugar levels. Try using mashed bananas, unsweetened applesauce or date paste in your next recipe.

“Most people with diabetes do not need to reduce the amount of fruit they eat,” says Dr. Ho. “However, dried fruits and fruit juices can be high in sugar and should therefore be better limited or avoided.”

What To Look For When Buying The Best Sugar Substitute For Diabetics

Best sugar substitutes for diabetics

Buying a sugar substitute for diabetics can be difficult, especially when there are so many options besides bad buying habits and you’re also unsure which one is best for your needs. It’s essential to do your research first before purchasing any new products. There are some things that everyone should look for, such as price and how the product will fit into their lifestyle.

If you’re looking for the best product quality and lowest price of the best sugar substitute for diabetics through 2018, 2019, and 2020 but don’t know what to do next, this article will help. It’ll give you a list of all the factors that make one product better than another and how to find them. This article will also show you how to use these factors as your checklist when purchasing sugar substitute for diabetics to select the right product every time.

1. Quality of the best sugar substitute for diabetics

Quality is a marketing strategy that doesnt just stop with the inventor. Product quality also plays a decision making in the customer using process and purchasing decisions. Understanding how it should be used carefully will ensure all customers have results to show for.

When customers use from companies that incorporate quality into every aspect of production, they reap the benefits of using quality materials that yield superior performance levels.

The best way to get the best deal is by knowing how different companies measure their products’ quality standards.

5. Competitor Comparison

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Sugar Made Healthy Whey Low Natural Sweetener

Whey Low is all-natural. Splenda is partly artificial. Whey Low is a patented blend of natural sugars. Splenda contains a chlorinated organic chemical. Whey Low tastes exactly like sugar… Guaranteed . Splenda does not back such a guarantee. Whey Low is perfect for baking, just like sugar. Splenda requires special recipes for baking. Whey Low Granular has 5 Calories per 5 gram tsp. Splenda Sugar Blend for Baking has 20 Calories per 5 gram tsp. Whey Low replaces sugar one-for-one. Splenda Sugar Blend replaces sugar one-for-two. For more information, search Google for “Whey Low” testimonials and Splenda testimonials. For the Diabetic, the Weight-watcher, and the Health-conscious. In your diet, Whey Low helps you achieve & maintain a healthy & attractive body image. Caloric value of 1 Calorie/gram supports low-calorie diets. Effective carbohydrate content of 1 gram/teaspoon supports low-carbohydrate diets. Natural sugars in Whey Low inhibit absorption of dietary carbohydrates such as starch and sucrose. Low calorie and net impact carbohydrate values important to type 1 and type 2 diabetics, health-conscious, overweight, and obese individualsContinue reading > >

What Amount Of Sweetener Is Safe To Eat

As part of the approval process for each non-nutritive sweetener, an Acceptable Daily Intake level is set. The ADI is the estimated amount per kilogram of body weight that a person can consume, on average, every day, over a lifetime without risk. ADIs are set 100 times less than the smallest amount that may cause health concerns, so its extremely difficult for most people to reach the ADI. With these checks, the current levels of intake of artificial sweeteners in the UK are safe, although people with phenylketonuria are advised to avoid sweeteners containing aspartame.

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How To Get Started

The single best tip is go slowly. If you are used to a diet high in sugar you will find it hard to cut it out all at once, making it more likely you will cave and soon be reaching for that chocolate. Start by identifying where you consume the most sugar is it soft drinks, in hot drinks, sugary snacks or a nightly dessert? Then, cut out just one of these things at a time until your diet is 100% sugar free. Depending on your level of consumption, give yourself one to two months to achieve this.

No Sugar How To Break Your Habit

The Best Sugar Substitute for Diabetics & Prediabetics (Sugar Alternative for Diabetics)

No sugar or sugar substitute is healthy in excess.

Thats true whether its in soda, sweet tea, fruit drinks, packs of sugar or sugar substitute for coffee or tea, or artificially sweetened flavor packets for water, Taylor says. Drink plain water! At the very least, drink unflavored tea, coffee, bubbly water or water with fruit infused in it.

How can you break your habit? Use a true measuring spoon to gauge how much added sugar youre using daily.

Challenge yourself your foods and beverages dont always need to taste sweet, Taylor notes.

Try decreasing the sweetener in your coffee or tea by 1 teaspoon per week and start diluting juices by mixing half your usual portion with water to retain some of the sweetness. While at the grocery store, start a habit of reading labels. Much of the sugar in the American diet is found in processed and sweetened pre-made food and beverages.

That way, you wont have to quit cold turkey.

Our goal isnt to get added sugar intake down to zero because that isnt realistic, Taylor says. Americans need to work hard to drastically reduce sugar intake to support healthy weights and decrease our risk for chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

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Sugars Sugar Substitutes And Sweeteners: Natural And Artificial

If youre living with diabetes, or even if youre not, you might think sweet foods are a barrier to your healthy, balanced diet. As a general rule, everyone should be eating less sugar but sometimes, only something sweet will do.

If want to lose weight, or youre trying to keep your blood glucose levels stable, you may want to know whether artificial sweeteners could help. If you browse around your local supermarket, youll see a huge range of sweeteners on offer, so it can be baffling to know which, if any, to go for.

Why Trust Verywell Fit

A personal note on my recommendations written above. As a dietitian, I am not always comfortable recommending sugar substitutes. I frequently recommend natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup, but understand that these higher-carbohydrate, higher-calorie options may not work for all individuals. After spending time reviewing the most current clinical research and looking at multiple products, however, I came up with a list of products that I would recommend to someone looking to use a sugar substitute.

Note that the USDA 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines recommend that added sugars be limited to less than 10 percent of calories per day. I believe the sugar substitutes in the round-up are made by trusted brands are composed of high-quality ingredients. Eliza Savage, MS, RD, CDN

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Natural And Artificial Sweeteners

It can be confusing to group together sweeteners as the terminologies are open to interpretation. For instance, some products from the stevia plant are marketed as natural, even though theyre processed and refined. Yet, some of the other products marketed as artificial sweeteners may be derived from naturally occurring substances. For example, sucralose, which is used in Splenda, is derived from sugar . Whatever the name, grouping or terminology, its important to ask what is in the particular sweetener and whether the sweetener or product has carbohydrate or calories, and how that fits into your individual goals for healthy eating.

What Makes Sugar So Addicting

healthy sweeteners natural sugar substitutes Best sugar ...

Sugar, and its many derivatives, actually trigger the release of opioids and dopamine in the body – the neurotransmitters that trigger the reward circuit, andaddiction. Regardless of the trigger, the chemical reward we experience is the high that feeling of euphoria that were so naturally inclined to want more of. The addictive quality of sugar compared to prescription drugs has been the cause of much debate, however, the easily accessible sugar fix impacts our biochemistry in much the same ways. Like amphetamines and alcohol, too much added sugar can actually change the wiring in the brain and lead to withdrawal symptoms, cravings and binging.

So why does sugar cause so much harm? To start, refined sugars , sugar alcohols, and sugar substitutes were absent from the human diet for much of human history meaning we have not evolved to tolerate sugar in the amounts that many Americans are consuming them today. While there are many biological commonalities between sweetened diets and drugs of abuse, the addictive nature of sugar was largely unknown, which is why one study aimed to find out just how troublesome this substance may be

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Types Of Sugar Substitutes

Here are the main types of sugar substitutes along with their pros and cons:

Artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and sucralose , are used to sweeten drinks and other foods without adding calories. Theyre useful for those who may want to avoid added calories but who still want to enjoy sweet beverages and treats. Theres some evidence, however, that artificial sweeteners may have unintended effects on our bodys processes, including hormone production. Some artificial sweeteners may also cause digestive issues in specific individuals.

Artificial sweeteners typically have zero or very limited calories and also tend to be extremely sweet, much sweeter than sugar, so less is required to sweeten foods. Most artificial sweeteners are a poor choice for baking, however, despite being ultra sweet.

Sugar alcohols, such as xylitol and erythritol, have fewer calories than sugar and occur naturally in fruits and vegetables. Theyre often used to sweeten processed foods, and research shows that certain sugar alcohols actually improve dental health. The downside? Sugar alcohols may lead to gastrointestinal distress if consumed in large quantities.

Best Stevia: Sweet Leaf Sweetleaf Organic Stevia Sweetener

Research suggests that blackstrap molasses contains the highest amounts of antioxidants among sweeteners, including maple syrup and honey. This dark, bitter substance is what remains after all the sugar has been extracted from raw sugar cane. The intense flavor can overpower recipes, so it’s best to use the bittersweet, sticky liquid in small amounts.

Wholesome Sweetener’s full-bodied USDA Organic Molasses adds a natural caramel color and flavor to your favorite recipes, including gingerbread, bran muffins, marinades, and BBQ sauces. With 60 calories and 14g carbohydrates per 1 tablespoon serving, Wholesome’s Grade-A, unsulphured molasses is not low calorie or low-carb however, it does contain 10 percent of your daily value of calcium and 20 percent of your daily iron needs. For this reason, molasses is a top sweetener for vegans.

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Allulose A New Artificial Sweetener Thats No Longer Considered An Added Sugar

Allulose is an extremely low-calorie sweetener that occurs naturally in small amounts in wheat, raisins, dried figs, brown sugar, and molasses, according to the FDA. Marketed under the brand name Dolcia Prima , it has 90 percent fewer calories than sucrose, while being 70 percent as sweet.

You can find Dolcia Prima in Magic Spoon Cereal, which is sold online and expect to see it soon in beverages, desserts, candy, yogurt, and other treats. Thats because allulose got a big boost from the FDA in April 2019, when the agency declared it can be excluded from the total and added sugars listed on nutrition labels going forward.

The latest data suggests that allulose is different from other sugars in that it is not metabolized by the human body in the same way as table sugar, says Susan Mayne, PhD, director of FDAs Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. It has fewer calories, produces only negligible increases in blood glucose or insulin levels, and does not promote dental decay.

Under the revised guidance, manufacturers can use a caloric value of 0.4 calories per gram to calculate the total number of calories per serving of allulose, instead of the previous 4 calories per gram. The sweetener still must be included in the total carbohydrates listed, though. While allulose isnt on the list of FDA-approved sweeteners, the agency hasnt questioned notices submitted by manufacturers that the sweetener is generally recognized as safe.

Why Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For Diabetes

Date Sugar Review| Best Sugar Substitute For diabetics & Weight loss.

Some artificial sweeteners say sugar-free or diabetic-friendly, but research suggests these sugars actually have the opposite of effect. Your body responds to artificial sweeteners differently than regular sugar. Artificial sugar can interfere with your bodys learned taste. This can confuse your brain, which will send signals telling you to eat more, especially sweet foods.

The truth about aspartame side effects »

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Natural Sweetener That Won’t Affect Blood Sugar

In its raw form, stevia will not affect your blood sugar levels. But you have to double-check the label to make sure the manufacturer hasn’t added anything else such as fillers or flavors.Stevia is great for people with diabetes and it will not raise blood sugar levels. This is why it’s many diabetics sweetener of choice.In short, stevia is a 100% natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. In its purest form, Stevia is about 300 times sweeter than sugar. For a more in-depth description of what stevia is and where it comes from, check out our article titled What is Stevia?.

Rising Demand For Healthy Sugar Substitutes

It should be no secret that artificial sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup are detrimental to our health.When you look at the insidious damage that they have had on health it’s shocking to think that they could ever be approved as being safe for human consumption.It’s one of the reasons why some cities and countries around the world have passed soda taxes and have removed vending machines from schools, hospitals, and other public spaces.This subject is highly politicized and not taken lightly by the Big CPG companies that need to keep their share of your wallet to keep their shareholders happy.That’s why they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying against legislation reform that require taxes on sugary beverages and foods.But, when you look at obesity rates and other chronic health conditions that are preventable through dietary and lifestyle behaviors it’s hard not to argue that every one of these products should come with a warning label like those of alcohol and tobacco.Change is slow, but it is happening.But, the biggest catalyst for change has been led by consumer education and demand for better ingredients.As the cheaper option, artificial sweeteners are the preferred option for big businesses.But, in addition to just being more expensive, the question remains whether they are actually better for you.Let’s find out!

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