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Are There Sugar Free Marshmallows

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Why Make Homemade Marshmallows

How to make SUGAR FREE marshmallows!

Avoid food coloringAvoid corn syrupAvoid Sugar – Sugar is just a huge problem, according to TONS of info on the web these days. And if you have candida, like I do, then sugar is a complete no-no. Many of you are eating Sucanat, coconut sugar, honey, etc. All, in my opinion, are much better than white sugar. I plan to share more info on this soon.- Fun with kids – And—if you are off sugar and have ever bought sugar-free marshmallows, then you’ll save a TON of money with these. I just saw a measly 2.7 oz bag of sugar-free marshmallows for $1.99. Eek!!

We made these in August with some Grain-Free Graham Crackers and my Homemade Chocolate / Carob Chips and made our own sugar-free, grain-free S’mores. They were great! We shared them with a special visitor from Australia. She didn’t know what S’mores were, prior to coming to the US, but she does now :).

And if you do decide to use xylitol and roast these in a fire, they don’t really roast – but they do soften up. Just enough for S’mores :-). And if you use Sucanat, the marshmallows will of course be a brownish color.

About Stevia and these homemade marshmallows:

Stevia is super sweet so you only need a tad. I bought these scoops and use the 2nd smallest as “1 scoop,” or 1/32 of a teaspoon.

How To Use Sugar

These are the most popular ways to use marshmallow fluff or keto marshmallows.

  • Cut larger shapes and place them on sticks to make low-carb marshmallows lollipops. Dip in melted sugar-free chocolate chips.
  • Why not make some cookies and top them with sugar-free marshmallows as a special icing/frosting
  • Cut circles with a cookie cutter and place them in between cookies – think of it like upgraded keto s’mores. These taste so much better than graham crackers.
  • Roll in toasted coconut and serve with sugar-free coconut ice cream
  • Eat them by the handful!

Let me know your favorite way to enjoy this keto-friendly version of marshmallows in the comments below.

Low Carb Marshmallows You Wont Believe How Easy They Are To Make

Ok, these marshmallows dont have any carbs.

Made only with gelatin and allulose, the carbs come out to a big fat zero. Unflavoured gelatin has no carbs, and Allulose is net zero.

I get a lot of emails about Allulose because of the packaging label rules. Allulose is not metabolized by the body. Unlike sweeteners like xylitol or malitol , it does not spike blood sugar. It also doesnt have the same impact on the gut as some sweeteners do. If youve been eating a low-carb or keto diet for a while, you know what I am talking about.

With all that said, I dont give health advice. I recommend to everyone that if youre trying new sweeteners, find the one that is right for you and your personal dietary needs.

I like allulose because it doesnt spike my blood sugar and doesnt make me bloat out like I am 9 months pregnant with triplets, but I also really like it because of its similar properties to sugar. Oh and, it doesnt kick me out of ketosis either. So as a sweetener, its a win-win-win.

Back to my original point this recipe is SUPER easy, zero carbs, and I swear these marshmallows taste 95% like the real thing. I mean, I cant say 100% because sugar tastes like sugar, nothing tastes exactly like sugar, but I mean its so close! But I can tell you the texture is dead-on, its 100%.

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Sugar Free Marshmallows

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Sweeteners For This Recipe

Allulose. Thats the sweetener you need for the marshmallow recipe. Allulose shares many properties with real sugar. It thickens when heated, turns to syrup, caramelizes, and browns in almost the same way as pure sugar. Other sweeteners do not have the same properties.

For this recipe, we need to whip heated sticky syrup to get the fluff and volume that we need for these sugar free marshmallows. Many low-carb recipes use egg whites to achieve this, but traditional marshmallows do not have eggs in them, and you can tell the difference between gelatin and eggs in a marshmallow recipe right away. The air bubbles are tighter, the squish has a bit of resistance, and the marshmallows taste better .

So for this recipe, its allulose, or youre making a different recipe.

For rolling the keto marshmallows after cutting, you can use powdered erythritol monk fruit, or a blend. Toasted coconut works well too, and I have instructions for that for you down below.

Answers about Sweeteners, Low Carb Baking Tips, and General FAQ

For more detailed information about must-have baking tools and answers about sugar replacements, you can check out these FAQ pages.

We also have a handy sweetener replacementchart you can download for free!

Our FAQ Pages have answers to your biggest low carb baking questions including:

Substitutes for Xanthan Gum.

What Are Healthy Marshmallows Made Of

If youd like to make healthier marshmallows for your home, choose honey or maple syrup from corn syrup or make it with gelatin raised to high standards on pasture. Paleo-friendly, grain-free, andgluten-free, they serve well as beverages. With its unique blend of sweet and savory flavor, it is perfect to send to any holiday party or get in the mood.

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This Recipe Is For Anyone Asking Are Sugar Free Marshmallows A Thing


I must say, when it comes to sugar free alternatives, we have come a long way in recent years.This is because of new products that have popped up that seem to get easier to use.

Thanks to all of the newer products, we can make a sugar free marshmallow like this one.

These marshmallows are a lot like their sugared counterparts when it comes to taste and uses.However, keep in mind that since these marshmallows are not made with sugar, they may not react exactly the same when it comes to using them in recipes.

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Can You Roast Sugar

One word of caution, sugar-free keto marshmallows don’t behave like regular marshmallows.

Remember I told you that marshmallows are 58% sugar? So when they are heated, the sugar caramelizes, and they cook and collapse slightly when you are roasting them over an open fire.

However with sugar-free marshmallows, there is ZERO sugar so when they heat, they will simply collapse. So sugar-free marshmallows are really intended just to be eaten and enjoyed as they are.

The Perfect Low Carb Marshmallow Recipe

We love marshmallows, and who can resist a smore? When we switched to a sugar free lifestyle, they were missed!

That is, until we perfected this sugar free marshmallows recipe, made simply with gelatin, ZenSweet Monk Fruit Sweetener, vanilla and a tiny pinch of salt. The secret to the best marshmallows is whipping them into fluffy, airy perfection, and using the best tasting sugar free sweetener on the market, ZenSweet.

Once youve perfected making keto marshmallows, youll want to try these delicious Smores bars, or toast them over a fire and serve them with graham crackers and dark chocolate. They are also a big hit in a mug of hot cocoa!

Recipe video

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Low Carb Marshmallow Variations

Oh, now we get to the good bits. You can create ALL kinds of crazy variations for these marshmallows. Im going to drop a few of my favourite varieties, but the skys the limit here.

Toasted Coconut: Take 3 cups of unsweetened coconut and toast in a 350 F oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Add 2 Tbsp of your preferred powdered sweetener and blend it. Use this mixture to coat the marshmallows instead of the powdered sugar-free sweetener.

Strawberry: Add 1 tsp of strawberry emulsion to your marshmallows during the last minute of whipping. The strawberry emulsion has a BIG punch of flavor with no additional carbs.

Coffee: Substitute the water in the recipe with coffee!

Chocolate: Add 1 Tbsp of cocoa powder to the whipped marshmallow mixture.

Double chocolate: Make a batch of chocolate marshmallows. When they are cooled, dip them in Lilys melted dark chocolate. These make great treats on a stick.

These are just a few ideas. You can do all kinds of things with this keto marshmallow recipe. I will be testing all sorts of crazy stuff in the coming weeks to see how these marshmallows hold up when baked.

Other Recipe Tips And Tricks

Healthy Homemade Sugar Free Marshmallows
  • With an electric hand-mixer, it takes about 15 minutes for the mixture to whip up to peaks, so if you have a stand-mixer, I highly recommend using that.
  • For thicker marshmallows, use an 8×8 baking dish, for thinner marshmallows, use a 9×13 baking dish
  • These wont roast over the fire the same as regular marshmallows, but if you have a culinary blow torch, you can heat them until slightly melty when making smores.

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How Can They Be Good For You

Despite the side effects which are possible, in many cases the sugarless marshmallow is an overall better choice. The lower calorie count is a secondary benefit. Really the main attraction is the fact that they have significantly less impact on your blood sugar. While no one has tested the glycemic index of these fluffy balls specifically, we can assume this based on how the sugar alcohols themselves measure up.

Heres when they make the most sense:

  • Small amounts: Maybe its tiny pieces which are sprinkled atop a brownie or other dessert. Perhaps youre using them to make just one smore.
  • Youre accustomed to them: Not always, but a lot of people who consume them regularly adjust to the side effects and they eventually minimize or even go away entirely. If you eat sugar alcohols on a regular basis, then you probably have less to worry about.
  • Type 1 and 2 diabetics: These diseases are nothing to fool around with. Farting is temporary but the damage real sugar can do to your body is permanent. In addition to using alternative sweeteners like these, consider L carnosine benefits. Studies suggest the antioxidant carnosine might help reduce how much glycation takes place in the body.

Real sugars whether the white granular sand type, agave nectar, fructose, or any other they all cause inflammation and glycation in your body.

How To Serve Toasted

These homemade keto marshmallows can be enjoyed as is or toasted. Both versions are delicious!

To toast, I recommend using a kitchen torch. This is the best way to get that nice, deep golden color and crisp outer layer.

These sugar-free marshmallows have a lower melting point than traditional ones. So if you try to toast them over a fire, they may melt before they toast.

But a kitchen torch works perfectly to get them toasted and melty!

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How To Make Sugar Free Marshmallows

Sugar free marshmallows are taste both ‘sweet’ and lush.

Adding these marshmallows to hot chocolate or a favorite recipe, makes these sugar free marshmallows a favorite recipe idea!

That cereal treat is just one way that you can enjoy these marshmallows.However, these marshmallows are fine just the way they are.

To make this recipe you will need unsweetened unflavored gelatin. You can find a good selection of gelatin here.

Dairy Freeegglessfat Freegluten Freeketolow Carbpaleosugar Free

Keto marshmallows / Low carb sugar free marshmallows (AMAZING!!)

These Healthy Homemade Sugar Free Marshmallows have everything you could ever want in a marshmallow theyre light, theyre fluffy, theyre springy, theyre sweet, and theyre delicious! They just happen to be all natural, fat free, sugar free, low carb, eggless, and gluten free too!

Please please pleeeease dont laugh at me, but it took me thirteen trials to perfect these stupid Healthy Homemade Sugar Free Marshmallows

*rolls eyes*

I started from scratch and tried developing a brand new recipe. I omitted the vegetable glycerine and tried using granulated erythritol instead. The marshmallows looked really good as I spread them into the pan I was so excited to slice them! After they had set and I sliced them all up, I took a bite.

They were terrible.

Well, they actually tasted amazing but the granulated erythritol stayed granulated. The marshmallows were crunchy. Gross. I did some research and found out that cream of tartar could prevent this so I tried that in a couple more batches. Didnt work. Just my luck!

I then tried a couple batches using both vegetable glycerine and granulated erythritol. They turned out alright, but the marshmallows deflated and the erythritol always stayed granulated! Oh, my poor broken heart

I was fresh out of ideas. Or at least I was until I referred back to my original marshmallow recipe. I decided to use vegetable glycerine instead of the agave, use powdered erythritol, and add a bit of stevia.

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Homemade Sugar Free Marshmallows

This post may contain affiliate links, which helps keep this content free. Please read ourdisclosure for more info.

These are the best homemade sugar free marshmallows! The recipe is delicious, easy to make, AND Keto-Friendly!

Made with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, these sugar free marshmallows come together quickly and are the best keto treat without all the sugar!

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What Is A Sugar Free Marshmallow Made Of

The following is a nutrition summary: One serving size . The calorie count is 15 calories . In grams, there is a 0g content, a 0g content, and a 0g content. I also consume five grams of sugar every day. Sugar and sugar alcohols account for 62g, zero grams, and 5 grams, respectively. Protein . Ingredients: Water gelatin, natural colors, natural flavoring .

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Can You Freeze Sugar

Sugar-free marshmallows will freeze well, like most other foods, as long as you wrap them properly.

For your best results freeze them on a tray or cookie sheet covered with a piece of parchment paper, single layer. Once they are solid, then put them in an airtight container or freezer bag and freeze them for up to 2-3 months.

A good way to freeze your marshmallows is in ice cube trays. That way when you want to eat them just pop them out just like you would ice cubes. Its a brilliant idea!

To thaw out your keto marshmallows just take them out and they can thaw in the refrigerator or on the counter.

Here Are Some Tips For Making Homemade Marshmallows

I just mentioned that it is preferred that you use unsweetened unflavored gelatin that comes in packets. This is because it is already measured out for you.

Here are some more tips for making Sugar Free Marshmallows

  • This recipe calls for Vanilla Extract. However, you can change things up a bit by using another extract instead. Maple extract, mint extract, or banana extract are good examples of this.
  • White marshmallows are the standard color. But, you could add a few drops of food coloring to make your marshmallow look even prettier!
  • Storing marshmallow is a breeze! Simply wrap them well and refrigerate them. You can easily freeze them in an air tight container. Try an ice cube tray with a lid to keep the marshmallows in individual servings.
  • Since these marshmallows may melt faster than the usual ones, I suggest that you refrigerate or freeze them before using them in certain recipes. Campfire roasting would be one of those recipes.
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