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Does Soy Milk Have Added Sugar

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Lactose intolerance is a common reason why many choose a lactose- or dairy-free alternative to traditional cows milk. Someone with lactose intolerance cannot properly digest lactosea naturally occurring sugar in dairydue to a deficiency in the enzyme lactase. Lactase deficiency can occur as a normal part of aging or in tandem with gastrointestinal conditions.

Others who tolerate lactose well may still opt for milk alternatives due to taste preferences, dietary goals, concerns for environmental sustainability, or misconceptions about dairy.

How comparable is the nutritional content of plant-based milk to cows milk?

The nutritional content of cows milk makes it a very unique beverage. Dairy is one of the only foods that contain all three macronutrientscarbohydrates, fat, and protein. Few milk alternatives match the nutrient-profile of cows milk.


Milk is a good source of complete proteins , while many non-dairy milks do not contain a significant amount of protein. However, soy milk and pea milk both contain comparable amounts of protein to cows milk.

Vitamins and Minerals

Dairy is known for being a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Many plant-based milk alternatives are fortified with these important micronutrients, but its important to check the nutrition fact label to make sure.



Aside from being a possible source of added sugar and typically lower in protein, vitamin D and calcium, milk alternatives are considered a nutritionally sound choice.

Is Soy Milk Good For You 7 Benefits Plus Disadvantages To Consider

If you’re lactose intolerant, concerned about the environment or you just aren’t into the taste of cow’s milk, you can reach for soy milk as a comparable alternative. Made from soybeans or soy flour, this pick is one of the more popular milk alternatives on the market.

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It generally has a longer shelf life than dairy milk and some types of packaged soy milk can be stored at room temperature for months, which helps eliminate waste caused by food spoilage.

There are many pros and cons of soy milk to consider. While it’s high in beneficial nutrients, some varieties come loaded with sugar, which can pose a health risk.

Consider these pros and cons of soy milk before you swap your go-to glass.

Soy Milk Nutrition Facts

There are so many types of soy milk on the market, and the number of calories and added sugar will differ by product. Always check the nutrient facts label on your brand of choice, as the nutrition facts can vary widely. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture , a 1 cup serving of plain, unsweetened soy milk contains the following:

  • Vitamin D : 453 international units

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Soy Milk Nutritional Benefits

How many calories in soy milk?

A full cup of soy milk served provides 100 calories if the soy milk is unsweetened. However, check the labeling carefully, sweetened soy milk such as chocolate soy milk may contain over 150 calories per cup. Or about two Oreo cookies or half a hand full of rice. Therefore sweetened soy milk may not be as healthy as you think.

Soy milk is full of protein

Also, a full cup of soy milk contains about 8 grams of carbohydrates and approximately 7 grams of protein. However, the number of carbohydrates, protein, and calories is comparable to regular cows milk. Also, soy milk contains 4 grams of fats and 0.5 grams of saturated fats. Are you lactose intolerant or vegetarian? Soy milk could provide a vegan alternative to traditional dairy milk. .

Soy milk may lower your cholesterol

Soy milk lacks cholesterol and is low in low saturated fat. Therefore soy milk could be a better choice if you have high cholesterol. A research study by Stanford School of Medicine showed that drinking soy milk could lower cholesterol in your body. However, like everything, drink soy milk in moderation. Because another study indicates consuming a large amount of soy products could disrupt the thyroid system. It sounds like the egg debate all over again.

Essential fatty acids

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Soy Milk: Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

Silk Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk

A complete guide to soy milk nutrition, health benefits and risks

One of the first plant-based milk alternatives on the market, soy milk helped millions of people to avoid dairy products back when veganism was in its infancy, and lactose intolerance was less understood. Now that there are so many more milk alternatives available, you may wonder how soy milk nutrition compares.

Indeed, many concerns have been raised about the safety of soy milk consumption. Over the years, it has been accused of disrupting hormonal health, harming people with thyroid conditions, or even causing several types of cancer. Its understandable then that you may think twice before putting a carton of soy milk into your shopping basket.

But does soy milk deserve such a bad reputation? And can it be a good substitute for those with milk allergy? Here, well have a closer look at its nutritional value and potential health benefits. And if youre keen to learn more about a plant-based diet and how it can benefit your health, check out our plant-based diet for beginners for more tips.

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Soy Milk Can Be Super Processed So Shop Smart

Soy milk can be part of a healthy diet, but Dr. Bhatia says itâs important to remember that not all sources of soy are nutritionally equivalent. âFermented soy such as miso, tempeh, and natto help balance the gut,â she says. âBut soy in highly processed foods lack the same nutritional value,â she says .

Examples of the most processed soy foods include soy burgers and bars. Dr. Bahtia says some soy milks can be highly processed too, which affects its nutrient density . Before buying, check that nutritional panel. If the amount of vitamins A, D, K, calcium, and protein are almost nil, that likely means thereâs a lot of fillers in thereand not even really all that much soy. The ingredients list should be minimal, and check that the milk is coming from whole beans, not the more processed soy protein or soy protein isolate.

Of course, soy isnât for everyone. âSome people are intolerant to soy, which can cause digestive issues,â Dr. Bhatia adds. Many people are also just straight-up allergic to soy, making eating any product with soy a complete non-starter.

But in general, Dr. Bhatia gives the green light for consuming soy milk regularly, up to three times a week. âGo for a good quality one and non-GMO if you can,â she says. Sometimes the oldies really are the goodies.

Now that youâve been schooled on soy, get the low-down on if starchy foods like rice and potatoes are healthy.

Helps Improve Heart Health

Soy milk is naturally rich in potassium. This mineral can help bring your blood pressure down to healthy levels, and this will ultimately place less strain on your heart. Also, studies show that soy milk can help reduce harmful LDL cholesterol, especially in those whose levels are high. Again, this has good implications for heart health.

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May Help Lower Cholesterol

Studies have shown that including soy foods in your diet may be able to lower your LDL cholesterol.

A study published in a 2016 issue of Nutrients found that consuming 25 grams of soy protein per day produced a modest 4% to 6% reduction in LDL levels, reduction of triglycerides by about 5%, and an increase of good cholesterol by about 1% to about 3%.

People with high cholesterol can see a greater reduction in LDL when 25 grams of soy protein is consumed. A single cup of soymilk provides about 610 grams of soy protein.

Thermal Treatment Of Soy Milk

Homemade Soy Milk using a Juicer Recipe

After the soaking and pulping processes, soy milk can be obtained by filtering the okara either before or after the heating treatment. Generally, firm tofu with higher gel strength and water holding capacity can be obtained from the heat-treated soy milk compared with the unheated soy milk . Soy milk is stabilized by the electrostatic repulsion among the solid portions consisted of soybean protein particles and oil bodies consisting of triacylglycerols , phospholipids, and oleosins at the ambient temperature. When raw soy milk is heated, protein particles, mainly the glycinin and -conglycinin, are gradually prone to denature to expose the hydrophobic groups. The structure of oil bodies also simultaneously changes to impact on the denaturation of proteins. Consequently, significant changes are founded in the particle composition of soy milk, which is closely influenced by the heat temperature and time. The specific introduction of the changes in particle formation and gelation of soy milk induced by heat can be found in the previous review .

G.M. Hendricks, M. Guo, in, 2014

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Healthy Soy Milks Do Not Contain Carrageenan

Carrageenan is a thickener manufactured from red algae seaweed and is widely used in processed foods.

Carrageenan is listed as a generally regarded as safe food additive by the FDA and WHO. However, there is growing research that links carrageenan to inflammatory conditions, including inflammatory bowl disease.

In late 2016, the National Organic Standards Board voted to prohibit the use of carrageenan in organic products. However, in 2018 the USDA decided to not implement the recommendation and carrageenan is still allowed in organic products.

Recommendation: Avoid any soymilk that contains carrageenan.

Pacific Foods Organic Original Ultra Soy Plant

Pacific Foods Organic Original Ultra Soy Plant-Based Beverage Ingredients: Water, organic soybeans, cane sugar, gellan gum, locust bean gum, natural flavor, vitamin B2, sea salt, tricalcium phosphate, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin B12, vitamin D2, vitamin E

Reasons to consider Pacific Foods Organic Original Ultra Soy Plant-Based Beverage:

  • Organic soybeans, so likely glyphosate free
  • Certified gluten free

Reasons to avoid Pacific Foods Organic Original Ultra Soy Plant-Based Beverage:

  • Each one cup serving contains 7 grams of added sugar
  • Thickened with highly processed gums

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By Whole Foods Market Organic Unsweetened Original Soymilk

365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Unsweetened Original Soymilk Ingredients: Organic soymilk , calcium carbonate, sea salt, organic natural flavor, gellan gum, organic locust bean gum, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2, vitamin B2, vitamin B12

Reasons to consider 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Unsweetened Original Soymilk:

  • Organic soybeans, so likely glyphosate free

Reasons why you may want to think twice about buying 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Unsweetened Original Soymilk:

  • Thickened with highly processed gums

Are Plant Milks Good For You

Pola Soy Milk

They can be, but in most cases, they should not be considered a nutritional substitute for dairy.

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Gone are the days when the most complicated choice you had to make in the milk section of the dairy aisle was reduced fat or whole. Now, youll find carton after carton of dairy-like beverages made from foods you never thought could be milked almonds, oats, rice, peas.

While cows milk is still the most popular according to retail sales, nondairy alternatives hit an estimated $2.95 billion last year, up 54 percent from five years earlier, according to the market research firm Mintel.

These plant-based alternatives are typically made by soaking the legume, nut, grain or other main ingredient and then pressing and straining the liquid, or milk. Many people prefer them because they want or need to avoid dairy, but some choose them because they believe they are healthier than cows milk. Some experts urge consumers to look beyond the hype and to examine the nutrition label, however, because some may not be as healthful as they seem.

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Is It Good For You Potential Benefits

Research has unearthed several potential soy milk benefits. For starters, soy contains specific compounds known as isoflavones, which are polyphenols that act as antioxidants in the body.

Isoflavones can reduce inflammation, which can be especially beneficial for the prevention of chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

One of the main benefits of soy milk for females, in particular, is also thanks to its content of isoflavones. This is because isoflavones can increase levels of estradiol, or estrogen, in the body.

According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo, soy isoflavone supplements were effective at reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes, which are a common symptom of menopause. Whats more, other research indicates that soy protein and phytoestrogens could help promote regular menstrual cycles in women and enhance fertility.

Soy products can also reduce several risk factors of heart disease and improve serum lipid levels. For instance, one study in the British Journal of Nutrition noted that soy consumption was effective at decreasing levels of total and bad LDL cholesterol, along with triglycerides.

Not only that, but it could also help increase levels of good HDL cholesterol, which helps prevent plaque buildup in the arteries.

Choosing A Healthy Soy Milk

Though recently surpassed in popularity by almond milk and oat milk, soy milk has been a popular plant-based beverage for decades in the US. While soy milk is a high protein plant-based milk alternative, is it really a healthy choice?

Whether labeled Soy Milk, Soymilk, Soy Plant-Based Beverage, or Soy Non-Dairy Beverage, there are many soy-based drink options available at local grocery stores and coffee shops.

Many soy-based beverages contain highly processed ingredients. This comprehensive guide details what to look for and what to avoid when choosing a healthy soymilk.

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Is Silk Soy Milk Good Or Bad For You

Silk is a company that produces plant-based alternatives to dairy products. It initially started out working with just soy, but now produces a wide range of products. Soy milk is considered to be a healthy beverage that is equivalent to animal-produced dairy products. It is also considered to be greener beverage than animal milk.

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Silk soy milk is available in eight different types. Only two types are unsweetened. Choosing unsweetened soy products is best for your health.

Which Is Healthier Almond Milk Or Coconut Milk

Lactose intolerant? Pros and cons of milk substitutes

Almond milk has considerably fewer calories than coconut milk. Coconut milk is much richer in calories 154-230 per 100 grams, depending on how thick the milk is. Thicker milk is higher in calories and fat.

Heavy cream is high in calories and coconut milk has 91% less calories than heavy cream heavy cream has 340 calories per 100 grams and coconut milk has 31 calories.

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How To Use Soy Milk

Soy milk is very versatile. It can be used as a substitute for regular milk or non-dairy types of milk like almond, oat, hemp, and rice. Since soy milk has a neutral flavor, it is often used in cooking pies, muffins, puddings, crepes, and pancakes. Soy milk also tastes good in omelets, soups, fish, and meat stews and can be added to smoothies, tea, and coffee.

Soy milk can also be used to make sauces, for example, béchamel sauce, or added to cereal in the morning. Soy milk also tastes great in curries, ice cream, yogurts, and hot chocolate drinks!

Including soy milk in your diet is easy. Soy milk goes well with cereal, nuts, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and even fish and meat dishes! Thanks to its slightly sweet and nutty flavor, soy milk can be added to smoothies, tea, coffee, cocoa, and hot chocolate. You can drink soy milk cold, warm or hot. Cold soy milk has a refreshing flavor on hot summer days, while hot soy milk will give you a feeling of warmth and coziness on a cold winter night.

Can I add honey to soy milk? Yes! Soy milk naturally has a sweet, almond-like flavor, and adding honey to your soy milk will enhance that flavor, even more, giving you a sweeter drink. Add half a teaspoon per one cup of soy milk to give it a bit of sweetness and caramel notes.

Soy milk is a great source of protein, calcium, iron, and other important minerals. Its also a great source of fiber, and vitamin E. Soy milk contains about 10 grams of protein per 8 ounces serving.

What Is A Barista Blend Soy Milk

Barista Blend soy milks are formulated to create an attractive foam on a cappuccino or latte. Barista beverages tend to contain more fat and have minor formulation differences that help the plant-based beverage perform well in coffee drinks.

Just like any store-bought product, it is best to read the ingredients on something you are going to eat or drink. You can always ask to see the soymilk carton before ordering your favorite coffee beverage.

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How To Avoid Milk With Added Sugar

Whether you choose dairy or nondairy milk, you should aim for unsweetened varieties to minimize your intake of added sugar.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration is redesigning food labels to explicitly call out the grams of added sugar making it easier to identify which milks to buy or avoid .

This rule will go into effect in January 2020 for large food manufacturers and January 2021 for smaller companies .

Outside of the United States, nutrition labels may vary in detail and should be read carefully. If you see any form of sugar on the ingredient list, that means its added.

  • corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup
  • brown rice syrup

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