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How To Rid Your House Of Sugar Ants

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Q Why Are Sugar Ants In My House

Get Rid Of Sugar Ants… in 3 days!

A: Every nest of ants sends out scouts looking for food and water. These scout ants explore every possible place within several hundred feet of their nest entrance and that always includes homes and buildings that are accessible through cracks and crevices. Older homes, therefore, are a bit more ant friendly than newer constructions. Even then, new construction isnt completely immune to ant invasions. Preventing ants from entering your home is tough, but it can be done. You need to look for and close every possible entry point, sealing them and then spreading TERRO® Ant Killer Plus outdoors, as needed. Keeping the inside of your home clean is also a big help. Avoid leaving food out, clean dirty dishes, empty trash daily and only eat in easy-to-clean areas. Mop, vacuum, and scrub regularly. Basically, you need to do everything you can to make your living space uninteresting to the legions of sugar ants exploring the area.

Seven Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Naturally And Prevent Them From Entering The House

Sugar ants and their colonies can be difficult to get rid of. However, there are several safe ways to eliminate them at home and prevent them from entering the house with the help of natural, nontoxic solutions that are easily available and that dont add chemicals or toxins to the home and environment. These methods can also be used to help get rid of other species of ants.

  • Eliminating their food source and habitat: Making sure no food sources are readily available for sugar ants can reduce the number of ants entering the house, which also increases the success rate of completely getting rid of ants with home remedies and preventing an ant problem before it starts. Food should be tightly sealed in containers. Food crumbs should be cleaned from the house, and garbage should be disposed everyday or every other day. Ants are also attracted to pet food hence, pet bowls should be removed and cleaned as soon as the pet has finished eating. Eliminating damp spots and rooted wood is also necessary, as they provide ants a good habitat to invade, nest, and live.
  • Combining glass cleaner and liquid detergent: Combination of glass cleaner with liquid detergent or dish soap can be sprayed directly on sugar ants or in the areas where they seem to commonly congregate or originate from. The areas may be wiped down after spraying, leaving a light residue to prevent them from entering. If the scent of glass cleaner is too strong for some, plain hand soap mixed with water may be used.
  • How To Seal Cracks To Prevent Ants

    No barrier is too difficult to overcome for ants foraging for food. They will find any crevices in the walls or gaps in the door and window frames.

    Seal cracks in the wall to prevent ants:

    • Use either a premixed caulk compound in an applicator or silicone sealant for a waterproof seal.
    • Fill the crevices and gaps thoroughly from top to bottom.
    • Wipe off excess compound with a damp paper towel to level the seal.

    Besides sealing the cracks, you need to adopt the best cleaning practices to keep the ants at bay. Otherwise, the ants will simply find another way to enter.

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    Break Down Their Pheromones

    The scents that ants leave for the other ants to follow are called pheromones. To break the pheromones, you need to sanitize your kitchen countertops and dining areas with a chemical formula.

    So, even if you spill the maple syrup on the floor, there is no way ants will be lured to your house. However, you need to wipe the dining table and kitchen with an all-purpose cleaner every night for this trick to work.

    Possible Health Risks Of Sugar Ants

    How To Kill Sugar Ants

    Most sugar ant species arent dangerous, but the pharaoh ant, in particular, can carry and transmit a host of bacteria and pathogens. Although not all pharaoh ants carry disease-causing bacteria, they transmit illnesses such as salmonella and streptococcus. Pharaoh ants also pose a greater risk in hospitals and other healthcare settingsincluding home careas they are known to contaminate the IVs and wounds of patients. In homes, they contaminate food, which is one of the ways they spread disease.

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    Keep Kitchen Sink Clean & Dry

    Keeping your kitchen sink clean and dry is an important way to prevent the sugar ants from coming. Sugar ants thrive from your dirty sink and the water that has washed away leftovers.

    If you are leaving dishes in the sink overnight, be sure you rinse them off. After doing dishes, youll want to wipe down the entire sink to be sure there are no sweets, moisture or food left behind.

    If you dont mind using bleach, it would help to pour some down the drain when you are done. This helps to keep the smell of rotting food from attracting any more pests into the kitchen.

    Home Remedies / Natural Products For Sugar Ants

    Home remedies are fast becoming a staple of the homeowners arsenal against ant invasions.

    Whether its because people are becoming more environmentally friendly, thriftier, or more aware that the chemicals arent good for Fido or the rugrats, we dont know.

    But one thing we can be sure of is that many people are saying theyve had good results with some simple homemade recipes and natural ways to get rid of sugar ants.

    Home remedies may be good all-rounders for everyone except for the ants and a cheaper alternative to pest control services.

    So, look at these commonly used homemade ant killers and give them a go yourself.

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    How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Step By Step Instructions

    The sooner you start the battle with sugar ants the better. The great thing is that there are many methods that can help you get rid of the insects. All you have to do is choose the one that you think would work best for your specific situation. Always carefully read the instructions before trying out any of the sugar ant killers mentioned in the following sections below.

    How To Get Rid Of And Kill Sugar Ants

    How to get rid of ants in your house

    September 18, 2014 By PestKilled Team

    The insects you might dread come springtime are sugar ants. They invade your kitchen cabinets and crawl all over your sweet treats grabbing bits of sugary goodness to take back to their little hillside borrow that leads deep into their nest. The sugar is then distributed to other ants and the queen ant to feed on so she can be nourished and produce more little sugar ants.

    However, when they are not invading homes, sugar ants help the ecosystem by consuming unwanted plants and dead animals.

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    Why Do Sugar Ants Smell Like Chemicals

    Sugar ants give off an odorous chemical when you squash them. The smell signals danger to the other ants and briefly attracts more of them as they investigate the cause. Their presence alone will not stink.

    Unlike fire ants, sugar ants do not have a stinger, and if you kill one of them, the other ants will not attack you.

    Why Are There Sugar Ants In My Bed

    A bedroom is not a common place for sugar ants, but they may have several reasons for coming. As we know, search for food is what basically leads them to your place, so if you better quit eating in bed. Another reason is the smell your sheets can keep smells which attract the insects. Wash bed sheets, blankets, and pillow cases as often as possible and use a bleacher-based washer.

    If you and your bed are tidy, the problem may lay in your building: old houses with lots of space in the walls and the floors seem like a comfortable place for ants to nest. Try to find and isolate every hole that may be an ant entering point to your bedroom.

    The other reason is the fusty air in the bedroom try and ventilate it more often or get an air conditioner to eliminate the house smells. And once a week wed advise you to wash your bedroom floor with vinegar.

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    Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

    Before you can start to get rid of sugar ants, you must first locate them, follow their trail and determine the point where they enter your home. This will help you to remediate the pest problem more effectively.

    Once you determine the ant trail and their entry point, then you must decide whether you need to deploy a natural or chemical method to get rid of the sugar ants. If you can, avoid using harsh chemicals to treat sugar ant infestation by trying home remedies such as:

    Tips To Stop Sugar Ants From Entering Your Home

    How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in the Kitchen

    You can use any of the above methods or a combination of them to get rid of sugar ants and prevent them from entering your home. Many of these methods are also useful for getting rid of fire ants as well as getting rid of ants in a car. However, if all the above methods fail, then you could opt for the last resort of calling a professional pest control service company that can evaluate the issue, remediate and help to eradicate the sugar ants completely.

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    Safe And Effective Treatment Is Available To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

    The staff at All Pest Control knows how to most safelyand effectivelytreat a sugar-ant infestation on your property. They will not just get rid of the sugar ants you see but target the colony through the application of a low-risk chemical that the ants will bring back to their colonies themselves.

    Learn How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Kitchen Using Natural Solutions And Common Household Products

    How to get rid of sugar ants in your house naturally. Natural ways to get rid of ants trails. It specifically very harmful to animals. Identifying your sugar ants in the field of entomology, there are no commonly recognized species of sugar ant

    Besides emitting a fresh fragrance and enhancing your mood, peppermint oil would help in warding off those pesky sugar ants. 5 home remedies / natural products for sugar ants. Boric acid is a toxic element to ants and helps get rid of ants from your house and garden.

    However, there are several safe ways to eliminate them at home and prevent them from entering the house with the help of natural, nontoxic solutions that are easily available and that dont add chemicals or. Some natural methods to get rid of sugar ants including sprinkling diatomaceous earth around your house or using a vinegar solution to get rid of the ant trail. Lemon juice is another natural home remedy to get rid of sugar ants for good.

    How to get rid of sugar ants in your house. Most natural products for sugar ants will only repel the ants temporarily, but there is the possibility of achieving eradication with a substance like borax. Eliminating sugar ants to get rid of sugar ants 1.) check where the ants are entering in the house.

    5.2 boric acid and sugar bait. How to get rid of sugar ants naturally. This seems like food but will kill the ants once consumed.

    11 Creative Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Sugar Ants Ants Ant Repellent

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    Pin On Ants

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    How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Like A Pro

    When summer beginsor dry season for most South East Asian countries, there is an army of tiny creatures that set up to attack and invade your house to hunt for their consumption, i.e., water and food. No worries, this is not a talk about a troop of aliens from the outer space, however.

    Theyre not as dangerous as you may have thought of as well. They are just sugar ants. All you need to know now is how to get rid of them from your house, like a pro.

    Home Remedies For Sugar Ants & How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Naturally

    How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Home

    There are plenty of home remedies that you can use to get rid of sugar ants. However, do bear in mind that these natural methods work only for initial ant infestations. If the ant infestation in your house is severe, then experts recommend using chemical methods or calling a professional. However, the combination of natural and chemical methods can be effective as well.

    When it comes to homemade remedies, they have to be used in the right concentrations and applied regularly. But the best part is that you can certainly find at least a couple of these remedies in your house right now!


    We all know that pepper has a very strong smell and it is practically unbearable for sugar ants. Of course, it would be difficult to use a lot of pepper, but you can certainly combine it with some other methods. For example, add a pinch of cayenne pepper to an essential oil and water mixture and spray the ants entry points.

    Coffee Grounds

    The chances are high that you have a lot of this substance left after you have had your morning coffee. It can stain a lot of surfaces, so use coffee grounds only outside of the house. The great news is that this easy recipe can help keep a wide range of pests away from your house.

    Bay Leaves

    Place a bay leaf in your pantry. As simple as that. It acts as a natural ant deterrent.

    Essential Oils

    Cucumber Peels


    Soap and Water

    Diatomaceous Earth


    Boiling Water


    Homemade Sugar Ant Traps

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    How To Store Honey To Prevent Ants

    Honey is another favorite for the sugar ants it is the premium sweet food for most ants.

    Most homeowners dont want to refrigerate honey to maintain its quality, making proper storage in the cabinet or countertop crucial.

    Keeping ants away from your honey requires care:

    • Store the honey in an air-tight container or jar.
    • Each time you take the honey out, wipe around the containers opening with a clean and damp cloth before securing the lid then wipe the containers wall and base thoroughly to remove any honey stain.
    • Place the jar on a paper towel.
    • Store it in a cool place away from sunlight.

    Final Notes How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

    Sugar ant is just a slang term for a huge variety of insects that can wreak havoc on your life in a short period. That is why it makes sense to have the correct information regarding these bothersome creatures. And hopefully, we have provided that here.

    It can be a challenging process to get rid of ants in your home, especially if there are a lot of them. Therefore, it is good to seek a pest control service or exterminator if you get stuck.

    It makes no difference whether you have black ants, brown ants, or sugar ants. A trained professional can help you deal with them every step of the way.

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    Sugar Ants Are Attracted To Ant Traps

    One of the first things you need to try when attempting to get rid of sugar ants is an ant trap. Often times, you can find these ant traps at your local hardware store.

    These products contain a bit of poison, which helps to snuff out the ant once they travel into the trap. When putting these traps around your home, be sure to keep them out of the reach of small children and pets.

    Before you buy a particular brand of ant trap, be sure to do some research to find out how effective they have been for other consumers. The traps specifically made for these types of ants will feature sugar or artificial sweeteners.

    Ways To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Naturally

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    Ants are among the most common insect pests you could find in your homes or gardens. Sugar ants often infest homes in search of food, especially sugary foods.

    Sugar ants are less malevolent as they dont bite like fire ants neither do they cause severe damage as carpenter ants. However, they are still a nuisance as they could infest and spoil foodstuffs such as cheese, bread, nuts, etc.

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    How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants In Bedroom

    Please, dont bring any food to your bedroom. If there is no food or moisture in the room, then the sugar ants will have no reason to invade it.

    Just to ensure that there will never be an ant problem in your bedroom, seal off any entryways, get rid of the ant trails , and use some essential oils. Keep the bedroom clean and regularly mop the floor or use a vacuum cleaner, in case you have carpets.

    Effective Diy Tips For Getting Rid Of Sugar Ants

    What can we do that wont cause the colony to bud? Using non-repellent products is key to getting rid of sugar ants in your home. When used properly, these products are not detectable by sugar ants or any other type of ant and will not cause budding. Once the application has been made, the ants will continue about their daily business completely unaware of the treatment.

    All those ants entering your home that come into contact with our non-repellent ant killer, will find their way back to the colony and spread it around. One other technique that may offer some success is baiting. Using ant baits that mimic food sources can be effective, but it often fails by itself for various reasons. The best pest control professionals out there will use non-repellent liquid applications in conjunction with strategically placed baits.

    Now that we know what kind of products to use, where can we get them? Finding and purchasing ant bait is relatively easy. Any of your big box stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and McLendons will have a few options for you to choose from. Rememberstay away from the repellent products that you will see on the shelf!

    The number one reason people and exterminators fail with bait is that they dont use enough. However, dont just use a big glob in one spot. Apply lots of small feeding stations in many different areas around where youve located the activity. If youre still not successful, dont waste tons more money on DIY products !

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