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What Brand Of Yogurt Has The Least Amount Of Sugar

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Cant Get Enough Of Greek Yogurts Thick Texture And High Protein

Everything You Need To Know About Buying Yogurt – Greek, Organic, Grassfed, & More

Say hello to Icelandic skyr .

Similar to yogurt, skyr is a cultured dairy product born in Iceland, says Icelandic Provisions. The original cultures we use to make our skyr impart a rich, creamy flavor, whereas yogurt cultures may provide a sour, tart taste.

Indeed. Our testers raved about the companys skyr, which comes in fruit-forward, tongue-twisting flavors like Blueberry Bilberry, Cherry Black Currant, and Strawberry Lingonberry.

Every Provision flavor has 15 grams of protein and 15 percent of a days calcium for a mere 130 calories, 1 gram of saturated fat, and 2½ teaspoons of sugar per 5.3 oz. tub.

Those numbers are nearly identical to fellow Icelandic skyr Siggis 2%, which is a tad more tart.

The information in this post first appeared in the November 2018 issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter.

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Can I Have Yogurt On Keto

A;keto diet;is a low-carb diet, usually consisting of 20-50g of carbs per day. To stay within this strict carb count, you need to avoid foods high in added sugar and carbs.

Many conventional yogurt brands contain too much sugar to be enjoyed on a keto diet, especially when topped with granola. While we can solve the high sugar granola problem with our Keto Granola, switching from a low fat greek yogurt may be a little more difficult.

Some standard household yogurt names and their per serving carb counts are:

  • Go-Gurt ; 23g carbs Talk about an overload of sugar for your little ones!

Best Kids Yogurt Brands

by | March 26, 2021 | Best Healthy Foods, HEALTHY EATING |

Whether youre;serving it for breakfast, adding it to your kids lunch boxes, or looking for distance learning or;school snacks, yogurt can be a healthy, delicious way to get key nutrients like calcium in their diets. Yet finding the best kids yogurt brands can be a real challenge.;

In the U.S., the yogurt market is boomingworth an estimated $38.7 billion

so if it seems the options are endless, its not your imagination.

Depending on the type, yogurt can be a good source of protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B12, and rich in gut-friendly,;immune-boosting probiotics.

Yet between plain, Greek, Skyr, French and dairy-free, fruit-flavored and with sweet, crunchy mix-ins, trying to figure out;how to choose a healthy kids yogurt;can make your head spin.;

Whats more, most types of yogurt are high in sugar, and surprisingly, organic and kids yogurts are some of the worst offenders.;

In fact, according to a 2018;study;in the journal;BMJ Open, fewer than 9% of yogurts and only 2% of kids yogurts were considered low sugar, or less than 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

The American Heart Association;recommends kids under 2 shouldnt have any added sugars in their diets while those between 2 and 18 should have no more than 25 grams, or 6 teaspoons, of added sugar a day.

Yet;studies show;kids are getting an average of 80 grams of added sugars a day.;

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Culina Organic Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt Alternative Blueberry Lavender

Net carbs: 9 g

Review score: 4 stars

This is the best non-dairy yogurt Ive tried so far. Its a very thick almost grainy yogurt, but it has a good yogurt flavor and I wasnt in doubt that I was enjoying a blueberry yogurt. You can even see the blueberry seeds at the bottom of the glass jar.

Yep, you read that right, the yogurt comes in a cute little glass jar which makes it a little harder to mix, as the glass is fairly narrow, but also means that you can easily close the lid and put it back in the fridge if you dont want to eat it all. And since its a very high-calorie yogurt , you might only want to eat parts for it in a single serving.

Its a coconut-based yogurt and its sweetened with maple syrup, which unfortunately is fairly high glycemic, so youll get 9 grams of sugar if you eat the whole portion. Nothing wrong with that, but you will most likely see a blood sugar impact, potentially delayed as a serving also has 19 grams of fat.

Another thing to consider is that the protein content is very low so this is not an optimal snack if youre looking to boost your protein intake.

First Of All Yes Yogurt Contains Carbs

Sugar in Yogurt: How to Spot Hidden Sugars

A little Yogurt 101 for you: Yogurt is made by adding bacteria to milk, which naturally contains a type of sugar called lactose, explains dietitian Scott Keatley, RD, of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy.

That’s why a glass of whole milk contains about 11 grams of sugar .

When you add bacteria to milk, though, it converts that lactose into lactic acid. Acids tend to have bitter tastes, which is why plain yogurt doesn’t fly off store shelves, says Keatley.

Though the bacteria will eat up all of milk’s lactose until there’s no sugar left at all, they’ll die when their sugary food runs out. “So, to keep ‘live cultures’ in yogurts, manufacturers do not allow the bacteria to feast forever and move the yogurt to cool temperatures to ‘stun’ them until you’re ready to eat up, Keatley explains.

You know the liquidy part of yogurt? It contains most of the remaining lactose, says Keatley.

The final result: Though yogurts don’t contain as much carbs and sugar as milk, they still contain some.

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Ingredients For Low Carb Yogurt

At the beginning of my low carb journey, I used to eat sour cream topped with salty peanuts. Its still one of my favorite and weirdest combo, but so good at killing cravings. So thats when I had to come up with some kind of yogurt recipe. Here are the ingredients youll need:

  • 2 cups sour cream
  • 4 tbsp heavy whipping cream
  • 3 tsp;low carb sweetener of choice
  • vanilla extract or your favorite flavoring

My yogurt version has only 4 grams of carbs for 1/2 cup. Thats a pretty awesome way to cut some carbs.

Yq By Yoplait Plain Yogurt

Finally, one other low-sugar option is YQ by Yoplait Plain Yogurt coming in at just 1g of sugar and 2g of net carbs! I havent had the chance to give this one a try yet, but plan to soon! Yoplait does have other flavors of the YQ yogurt, however, they are sadly not keto-friendly so be sure and stick with the plain version.

YQ by Yoplait Plain Yogurt Serving Size 5.3oz | 100 Calories | 3g Fat | 2g Total Carbs | 0g Fiber | 1g Sugar | 17g Protein | 2g Total Carbs

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Want To Make Your Own Keto Yogurt

Our fabulous recipe creator, Lina, whipped up an Instant Pot recipe for homemade Greek yogurt over on our sister site Hip2Save. To make a low-carb version of this yogurt, we suggest swapping the regular creamer for a keto-friendly creamer and using monk fruit or Swerve to sweeten the yogurt if desired.

Hip Tip:We love Lakanto Monk Fruit, and you can save 10% off your purchase when you use our promo code HIP2KETO;at checkout on;Lakantos website.

Choose A Healthy Yogurt

How to Choose the Healthiest Yogurt

The type of yogurt that’s best for you will depend on your health goals, daily calorie intake and any health conditions that limit your diet such as diabetes or high cholesterol. Harvard Health Publishing says you should opt for a high-protein yogurt with as little sweetener as possible. Common yogurt sweeteners include sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice concentrate and honey.

Another thing to look for in low-carb yogurt is added ingredients that can make you feel bloated or cause other digestive issues like diarrhea. Some brands add thickening agents to improve the texture of the yogurt, but these can upset your stomach. If you get a stomachache after eating yogurt, check the ingredients to identify any thickeners that might not agree with you.

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Wallaby Organic No Sugar Added Aussie Greek Yogurt Strawberry Rose

PER 5.3 OZ: 120 calories, 5 g fat , 50 mg sodium, 9 g carbs , 11 g protein

As the name states, there’s no added sugar here. “The sweet taste of this product comes from natural fruit sugars , i.e. it’s naturally sweet,” says Norton. “It also contains live and active cultures another praiseworthy feature that can help with gut health.”

$1.25 at Whole Foods via Amazon

Icelandic Provisions Plain Traditional Skyr Yogurt

If youre craving a snack or even dessert that feels more like a bowl of ice cream than a cup of yogurt, consider opting for Icelandic yogurt. This type of yogurt is creamier than even the creamiest Greek varieties, which has helped make Icelandic Provisions a popular choice for yogurt eaters with the plain version boasting 4.8 stars out of 5 on Instacart. Heres why youll want to make the splurge: One serving contains only 9 grams of sugar, 120 calories, and 2.5 grams of fat. Compare that to vanilla ice cream, which typically contains about 22 grams of sugar, 215 calories, and 10 grams of fat. Whats more, this yogurt boasts 26 grams of protein and live and active cultures. Its safe to say you wont miss ice cream or fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt if youre eating this brand. Try buying Skyr in bulk from Walmart so you are sure to have plenty on hand.

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Carbs And Sugars In Yogurt

You can easily tell how many carbs or sugars are in a store-bought yogurt by reading the nutrition label. If you look for the listing of “total carbohydrate” under serving size, you’ll see how many grams of carbs are in one serving of the yogurt.

Beneath “total carbohydrate” you’ll see a listing for “dietary fiber” and “sugars.” Both counts are already included in the total carbohydrates, but the additional information allows you to see how much of the carbs in a product are due to fiber or sugar.

One issue is that the sugar labeling doesn’t specify whether the sugars are natural, such as lactose, the sugar that naturally occurs in milk, or added sugars that are used as sweeteners.

The FDA recommends that a maximum of 10 percent of daily calories should come from added sugars, but it’s hard to calculate how much added sugar you’re eating when there’s no differentiation between added sugar and naturally occurring sugar.

Noosa Tart Cherry Yoghurt

I have been on a search for a yogurt that is dairy free ...

The first thing to remember about this noosa yoghurt is that it is a larger serving size than most of the other yogurts here. That being said, noosa yoghurt is delicious because it’s made with full-fat milk and a lot of sugar. Yes, it does have a lot of calcium because of that, but it’s so high in calories and carbs you’re better off not eating this very often.

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Best No Fat Greek Yogurt Organic Meadow

  • Per serving : 120 calories, 0 g fat , 85 mg sodium, 6 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 5 g sugar, 18 g protein
  • Probiotic strains: 1 Billion+ Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus

Organic meadows nonfat plain Greek yogurt contains only 2 ingredients- organic skim milk, and active bacterial cultures.

It provides more than 1 billion live probiotic cultures per serving, is an excellent source of calcium, and is high in protein. Since it is plain, it is very low in sugar, making it a very healthy option for breakfast or a snack.

Siggis Nonfat Vanilla Icelandic Style Greek Yogurt

If youre looking for Icelandic-style yogurt with a bit of flavor, opt for Siggis vanilla yogurt. At 110 calories and 9 grams of total sugars, it wont break your daily nutritional limit bank. The strained, non-GMO yogurt also boasts 16 grams of protein and no high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. The live and active cultures will help your gut, but a cup of Siggis is also great for bone health. The creamy yogurt accounts for 15 percent of your daily calcium needs. All these health benefits, plus a rich taste, have helped this yogurt earn a 4.6-star rating out of five from more than 215 Target reviewers.; ; ;

Even options from the best low-sugar yogurt brands may still taste a tad bland if you have a sweet tooth. There are ways to satisfy your cravings while keeping your added sugar intake in check. Instead of buying fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt, add in some fresh berries. Fruit provides fiber, which breaks down more slowly than high-sugar add-ons, aiding in digestion and keeping you satiated. Want something crunchy, like granola? Reach for nuts, like walnuts and almonds, which dont come with the high levels of sugar found in granola. Bonus: They boast omega-3 fatty acids and some protein, so youll feel fuller longer, help improve your heart health, and maybe even get a natural, healthy glow.

Editors’ Recommendations

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Danone Oykos Strawberry Yogurts

Salt:;0.13gPrice: £2.00 for 4 pots x 110g at Tesco

Verdict: Despite their fruit content, Danone arent the healthiest yogurts out there. Plus theyre not too friendly on the purse either. Save these for a once-in-a-while dessert, rather than a between-meal snack.

Dr Sana Khan says, These do contain quite a bit of sugar. There is a protein content and fat content combined, then this should not cause an insulin surge and therefore from a diet perspective, it isnt the worst choice in terms of blood sugar balance. However, the sugars and fat present are far from ideal. The fruit aspect may falsify this being a healthy option.

The Benefits Of Yogurt

The HEALTHIEST Yogurt To Buy In 2020…Including Dairy Free

Probiotic yogurt benefits are quite far-reaching, but its important to find the right type of yogurt, and not just go with any old yogurt product.

When we talk about probiotic yogurt, were talking about yogurts which have live cultures within them, which are sometimes called active on packaging.

Any yogurts which do not have this on the outside, or which are laden with sugars, additives, and are bright colours, arent going to be that beneficial for your gut, or any other part of your health for that matter.

Stick to the most natural type of yogurt you can, and youll reap many of the benefits overall.

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Which Greek Yogurt Has The Least Amount Of Sugar

The 15 healthiest Greek yogurt brands.

  • Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt.
  • Chobani Non-Fat, Plain.
  • Wallaby Organic Aussie Greek Low-Fat Plain.
  • Maple Hill Creamery Greek Yogurt.
  • Powerful Yogurt.
  • Stonyfield Organic Greek Whole Milk Plain.
  • Dannon Oikos Greek Nonfat Yogurt Plain.
  • Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Greek Nonfat Yogurt, Plain.
  • Likewise, which brand of yogurt is the healthiest? While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are a few types of yogurt that are healthy choices.

    • Stonyfield Organic. Stonyfield Organic is a good brand to choose if you like to buy organic.
    • Dannon All Natural. Dannon’s All Natural line of yogurts is a good example of healthy yogurt.
    • Fage Total Plain.

    Furthermore, what kind of yogurt has no sugar?

    • The Low-Sugar Options: Siggi’s Triple Cream and Icelandic Provisions.
    • The Dairy Alternatives: Forager and Kite Hill.
    • The Sweet Life: Wallaby Organic Low-Fat Aussie Greek Yogurt.
    • The OG Greek Yogurt: Chobani.
    • The Decadent Traditionalist: Brown Cow.

    Is Greek yogurt fattening?

    Despite its protein content, eating Greek yogurt alone is unlikely to make a person burn more calories. But eating Greek yogurt, as part of a balanced diet that includes enough protein, fibrous carbohydrates, and healthful fats may aid weight loss and boost metabolism.

    Steer Clear Of Flavored Varieties

    In general, Greek yogurt is the best choice in terms of protein and carbs. Flavored yogurt, on the other hand, has no place in a healthy diet. Loaded with sugar and food additives, it’s nothing but junk food in disguise. Most brands contain Red #40, Blue #1 and other synthetic dyes that affect brain function, alter the gut flora and promote tumor growth.

    Flavored yogurt tastes so great for a reason. It’s often made with high fructose corn syrup, neosugar, antifoaming chemicals and other potentially toxic ingredients that enhance its flavor. High fructose corn syrup, for instance, is just as unhealthy as sugar. This sweetener has been linked to obesity, metabolic disorders, Type II diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

    Because this type of yogurt is higher carbs, it also delivers more calories per serving. Some varieties are just as high in calories as ice cream or cake. If you care about flavor, add fruit, stevia or raw honey to plain or Greek yogurt. However, beware that its sugar content will increase.


    Beside sugar, flavored yogurt may contain high fructose corn syrup, synthetic dyes and other chemicals than affect health and well-being. Some varieties are just as high in sugar and calories as a chocolate bar.


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