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How To Lower Blood Sugar Home Remedy

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Eat More Sweet Potatoes


Generally speaking, the sweeter the food, the higher its sugar content.

Because of this, people often assume that sweet potatoes are off-limits and off the menu if theyre at risk of diabetes or if they suffer from high blood sugar levels.

It turns out, though, that sweet potatoes are actually a wonderful example of great home remedies.

Sweet potatoes have a low G.I, despite having a distinctly sweet taste.

Sweet potatoes are a great source of carbs, but they actually have a lower Glycaemic Index than regular white potatoes.

On top of that, theyre also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants, and essential trace minerals needed for optimal health and wellness.

What Is The A1c Test

The A1C test is a simple blood test that measures your average blood sugar levels over the past 2 or 3 months. The test is done at a lab or your doctors office in addition tonot instead ofregular blood sugar testing you do yourself.

A1C testing is part of the ABCs of diabetesimportant steps you can take to prevent or delay health complications down the road:

The A1C goal for most adults with diabetes is between 7% and 8%, but your goal may be different depending on your age, other health conditions, medicines youre taking, and other factors. Work with your doctor to establish a personal A1C goal for you.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hyperglycemia

The signs and symptoms include the following:

  • High blood sugar
  • High levels of sugar in the urine
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst

Part of managing your diabetes is checking your blood sugar often. Ask your doctor how often you should check and what your blood sugar levels should be. Checking your blood and then treating high blood sugar early will help you avoid problems associated with hyperglycemia.

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Indian Gooseberry Or Amla

Indian gooseberry or amla is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and helps your pancreas to produce optimum so that your blood glucose levels remain balanced.

How to use:

  • Discard the seeds and grind 2-3 amlas into fine paste and squeeze out its juice. Mix this juice in cup of water and drink it every morning n empty stomach.
  • Mix a cup of bitter gourd juice and 1 tbsp. of amla juice and drink it daily.
  • Consume raw amla every day

    Blood Glucose Levels For People With Diabetes

    Lowering Blood Sugar: natural home remedies for low blood ...

    Individuals with diabetes must keep tabs on their blood sugar levels in order to prevent complications. Based on large studies, keeping the blood sugar within the normal range can prevent the progression or development of complications.

    With safety and prevention of low blood sugars in mind, it is recommended that individuals with diabetes maintain:

    • A fasting blood sugar level of 80 to 130 mg/dL
    • A 2-hour past mealtime blood sugar level below 180 mg/dL

    Exceeding the 180 mark can lead to an accumulation of sugar in the blood and is known as hyperglycemia, while a sudden drop in your blood sugar level below the 70 mark is dangerous and is known as hypoglycemia.

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    Understand The Risks Of A Keto Diet For Diabetes

    Ketogenic diets can lower blood sugar better than conventional diets . But these diets only treat the symptom, high blood sugar.

    Not only do these diets not treat the disease, carbohydrate intolerance, but they can also make it much worse.

    If you eat mostly fat, your blood sugars will stay low. But your carbohydrate intolerance can get worse on a ketogenic diet within two days .

    One week on an 80% fat diet can quintuple your blood sugar spike in response to the same amount of carbs compared to a week on a low-fat diet. But even one day can increase your carb intolerance .

    One meal high in saturated fat can make your carbohydrate intolerance worse in four hours . A high-fat meal the night before can affect the results of your diabetes test .

    You cant avoid eating carbs forever and your carbohydrate intolerance only gets worse. And when you do eat carbs, the consequences could be far more dangerous.

    Carbs arent the problem, the problem is carb intolerance. Diabetics have reversed their diabetes in weeks while eating more than 300 grams of carbs a day .

    Warning Signs Of Diabetes

    Afraid that you are seeing some warning signs of diabetes? Well, if you are seeing any of the symptoms, you must consult a doctor to confirm. And even if you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is important for you to know that this is a common and manageable disease. If you manage your diabetes properly, keep your sugar levels under control, adhere to a diabetic diet, you can lead a healthful life. Learning how to control diabetes, using more naturopathy treatments, home remedies and Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes- all of these can help you manage your diabetes in a more natural way.

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    High Blood Sugar Causes

    Sometimes the cause of a blood sugar spike is clear . But other times, the cause is a little more mysterious.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, losing sleep, skipping breakfast, not drinking enough water, or drinking coffee can cause blood sugar instability.

    Even weirder, sometimes a sunburn can cause a spike! The pain of a burn causes stress, and high levels of stress can mess up your blood sugar. So bust out the sunscreen for the sake of your pancreas!

    Other causes include eating high-sugar/high-carb foods, drinking alcohol, getting sick, and changing medication. A diet low in fiber and high in refined carbs or sugars and a sedentary lifestyle also make high blood sugar more likely.

    So, what can you do when your blood sugar gets too high? Here are some natural ways to get your sugar back into a safe zone.

    What Causes Blood Sugar To Be High


    Many things can cause high blood sugar , including being sick, being stressed, eating more than planned, and not giving yourself enough insulin. Over time, high blood sugar can lead to long-term, serious health problems. Symptoms of high blood sugar include:

    • Feeling very tired.
    • Having blurry vision.
    • Needing to urinate more often.

    If you get sick, your blood sugar can be hard to manage. You may not be able to eat or drink as much as usual, which can affect blood sugar levels. If youre ill and your blood sugar is 240 mg/dL or above, use an over-the-counter ketone test kit to check your urine for ketones and call your doctor if your ketones are high. High ketones can be an early sign of diabetic ketoacidosis, which is a medical emergency and needs to be treated immediately.

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    High Blood Sugar Home Remedy 5 Ladyfinger

    Okra popularly known as bhindi or ladyfinger is a great source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It is a low-calorie and low glycemic index diet. People who continuously think of how to reduce sugar level naturally Okra is a perfect food item for them.

    Myricetin present in Okra helps in increasing cellular absorption of blood glucose. The green peel and the seeds of the plant help in lowering down the blood sugar by slowing down the sugar absorption from the intestines. Thus, it helps in reducing blood sugar levels.

    Needed ingredients

    • Use the peeled skin for making curry.


    High blood sugar levels can be controlled with Jamun seeds, curry leaves, ladyfinger, Amla, etc. Test your blood sugar levels after every meal.

    The 10 Best Foods To Control Diabetes And Lower Blood Sugar

    If you have diabetes, you know how difficult it can be to manage your diet and control your blood sugar levels. Certain foods cause massive spikes while others actually lower blood sugar, but many people go through years of trial and error before they find out what works for them. Luckily, thanks to years of scientific findings, weve been able to determine what foods are better than others. In this article, well discuss the 10 best foods to control diabetes and lower blood sugar.

    To get the most out of your food, consider diabetic meal planning. Planning and preparing meals ahead of time will reduce the likelihood of snacking or unhealthy eating and will help you save time and energy throughout the week.

  • Non-Starchy Vegetables

    Non-starchy vegetables are one of the best foods you can eat as a diabetic. Not only will they fill you up, but theyre full of essential vitamins and minerals that help regulate your blood sugar. Since theyre a whole food with trace amounts of sugar and high levels of fiber, you can eat as many non-starchy vegetables as you want without having to worry about high blood sugar spikes. To get the most out of your non-starchy vegetables, choose fresh, canned, or frozen vegetables that have no added salt or sauce.1 Some examples of non-starchy vegetables include the following:2

  • Artichokes
  • Strawberries
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    Ways To Manage Diabetes

    Following are the two essential changes you can make to beat diabetes at home.

    Exercising regularly

    Balanced Diet

    One of the most effective home remedies for diabetes is to have a balanced diet. Here is a comprehensive list of the food items that you should consider including in your diabetes diet.

    What Can Cause Low Blood Sugar Levels

    Diabetes Controlling: home remedies of lower blood sugar

    Some things that can make low blood sugar levels more likely are:

    • skipping meals and snacks
    • not eating enough food during a meal or snack
    • exercising longer or harder than usual without eating some extra food
    • getting too much insulin
    • not timing the insulin doses properly with meals, snacks, and exercise

    Also, some things may increase how quickly insulin gets absorbed into the bloodstream and can make hypoglycemia more likely. These include:

    • taking a hot shower or bath right after having an insulin injection increases blood flow through the blood vessels in the skin, which can make the insulin be absorbed more quickly than usual
    • injecting the shot into a muscle instead of the fatty layer under the skin
    • injecting the insulin into a part of the body used a lot in a particular sport .

    All of these situations increase the chances that a person may get hypoglycemia.

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    Take The Recommended Supplements

    a. Chromium

    Chromium is an element required by the body in very small amounts and is required for the metabolism of various biomolecules, including carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.

    Chromium deficiency was found in 31.5% of the participants in a 2014 study that included 108 individuals diagnosed with prediabetes. Chromium deficiency may be present in diabetes patients.

    Studies looking at the effects of chromium have conflicting results, and this warrants a more detailed evaluation of patient populations that may benefit from this mineral.

    A 2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics highlighted that supplementing chromium to patients with diabetes led to significant improvements in the levels of blood sugar, fasting blood glucose, HbA1c, good cholesterol, and triglycerides.

    However, an earlier study in 2010 demonstrated that chromium supplementation did not have a role in improving either blood glucose levels or insulin function.

    Chromium can be found in supplement form but should be taken with caution and never in excessive amount. Do not take it if you have liver or kidney disease.

    Chromium can be added to your diet by consuming broccoli, barley, oats, green beans, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and black pepper.

    b. Magnesium

    Magnesium is a mineral abundantly present in the body cells and is essentially present as an electrolyte.

    What Should I Do If My Glucose Levels Are Too High

    You should establish a treatment plan with your doctor. You may be able to manage your glucose levels through diet and other lifestyle changes, like weight loss. Exercise can also help lower your glucose levels.

    Medications may be added to your treatment if needed. Most people with type 2 diabetes will start on metformin as their first medication. There are many different types of diabetes medications that act in different ways.

    Injecting insulin is one way to quickly reduce your glucose levels. Your doctor may prescribe insulin if you need help managing your glucose levels. Your doctor will determine your dosage and go over with you how to inject it, and when.

    Let your doctor know if your glucose levels are consistently high. This could mean you need to take regular medication or make other changes to your diabetes treatment plan. Working with your doctor to get your glucose levels under control is important. Consistently high levels can lead to serious complications, like diabetic neuropathy or kidney failure.

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    Tips To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

    Experts agree that individuals living with type 2 diabetes can improve their symptoms with a few simple lifestyle tweaks.

    Its the Holy Grail for people with diabetes: Checking your blood sugar and seeing the numbers right in line. Can lifestyle changes help? Yes, says Jill Weisenberger, RDN, a diabetes nutrition expert based in Newport News, Virginia.

    If you have diabetes, lowering blood sugar isnt just a short-term goal according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , it helps prevent or delay diabetes complications, including heart, kidney, eye, and nerve diseases. It can change the course of the disease entirely.

    It’s 100 percent important that try and lower their blood sugars through dietary approaches first, says Jessica Crandall Snyder, RD, CDCES, with Vital RD in Denver. For some people, it not only can be preventive, but it can also help with reversal of the actual disease.

    Crandall Snyder says making a few key lifestyle changes can sometimes eliminate the need for medication. Poking yourself with insulin isn’t fun, she says. Diabetes is a progressive disease, and you really have to figure out how to take control.

    Here are 10 ways to do it, no prescriptions required.

    Reduce Your Sugar Intake

    Home Remedies to Control Blood Sugar

    The average American consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugar per day. That translates to around 350 calories .

    While some of this is added as table sugar, most of it comes from processed and prepared foods, such as candy, cookies and sodas.

    You have no nutritional need for added sugar like sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup. They are, in effect, just empty calories.

    Your body breaks these simple sugars down very easily, causing an almost immediate spike in blood sugar.

    Studies show that consuming sugars is associated with developing insulin resistance.

    This is when the cells fail to respond as they should to the release of insulin, resulting in the body not being able to control blood sugar effectively .

    In 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration changed the way foods have to be labeled in the US. Foods now have to display the amount of added sugars they contain in grams and as a percentage of the recommended daily maximum intake.

    An alternative option to giving up sugar entirely is to replace it with sugar substitutes.


    Sugar is effectively empty calories. It causes an immediate blood sugar spike and high intake is associated with insulin resistance.

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    Get A Handle On Stress

    When youre stressed out, your blood sugar tends to rise, Crandall Snyder says. According to the Diabetes Teaching Center at the University of California in San Francisco, when youre stressed, insulin levels fall, certain hormones rise, and more glucose is released from the liver, which ends up in the blood stream and can cause disruptions for up to eight hours.

    How can you burn off tension? Yoga and meditation can help people lower their blood sugar levels, Weisenberger says. A December 2014 study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science involving 27 nursing students and found a combination of yoga and meditation practiced for one hour once a week led to reduced levels of stress and lower blood glucose levels after 12 weeks.

    Crandall Snyder also suggests taking a few deep breaths, going for a walk, playing with your dog for a few minutes, or listening to a fun song. Basically whatever you can do to distract yourself for a few minutes and just lower your breathing rate will help, she says. Indeed, the CDC notes that less water in your body is liked with a higher blood sugar concentration.

    Manage Your Carb Intake

    Your body breaks carbs down into sugars , and then insulin helps your body use and store sugar for energy.

    When you eat too many carbs or have insulin-function problems, this process fails, and blood glucose levels can rise.

    However, there are several things you can do about this.

    The American Diabetes Association recommends managing carb intake by counting carbs and being aware of how many you need .

    Some studies find that these methods can also help you plan your meals appropriately, further improving blood sugar management (

    The recommended daily intake of fiber is about 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. Thats about 14 grams for every 1,000 calories .


    Eating plenty of fiber can help with blood sugar management. Soluble dietary fiber is the most effective.

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    Spice Up Your Life With Turmeric

    Turmeric has over 300 phytochemicals, and each component works in synergy.

    Curcumin is a powerful phytochemical found in turmeric. Curcumin can help improve your insulin function by reducing fat levels in your blood. Excess fat in your blood builds up in your muscle cells interferes with insulin signaling.

    Curcumin can help prevent diabetes and reverse symptoms by improving insulin function.

    For example:

    One study tested 240 prediabetic patients. Patients were randomly selected to either receive curcumin supplements or a placebo.

    In nine months, 16% of patients in the placebo group developed type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile. no one in the curcumin group developed type two diabetes.

    The curcumin group had improvement in the following:

    • Beta-cell function

    What blood sugar remedy doesnt work?

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